Wild Heart

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I have been in my room since I came back. I've heard all about the Wendingo's. There's only one left and he'll be next, I'm sure. Ever since I shower, I've tried to focus on assignments. Keyword, tried. It's so hard though. It's especially hard when my mind is ruffled with Liam then the Wendingo's. The beginning of the end is here.

"How did you know?"

Dad questioned when I opened the door at the same time as he was about to knock on it. Shrugging my shoulders, I then take a seat back at my desk. It's in a mess but it's nothing in comparison to my current state of mind. I open the door because dad's the only one left in the house with me. We're both alone while Melissa's working and Scott is still at the hospital, I heard. He's waiting for Liam who is still under his step dad's care. I'm still hoping for him to be alright – fingers crossed.

"You're going to work soon?"

"Yes and I won't be back for a few days."

If I wasn't smiling before this, I'm pretty sure a frown is showing on my face right now. There's no way in hell this could be true. If dad's going back to San Francisco and leaving me here, I won't settled with his decision. This is extremely unfair.

"You can't be serious. Where are you going?"

"It's for work purposes honey. Melissa and Scott will take care of you, they will."

Before I could open my mouth to respond, I take a deep breath. Stop being selfish, I remind myself. Dad is working really hard and has always been doing so as a single parent for years. He don't deserve to deal with tantrums of an ungrateful child. For the sake of dad, I'll give it a try to learn to keep my anger in check.

I quietly crushed a piece of paper under the desk, unseen by him. He doesn't have to know or observe how I'm struggling to maintain my composure. It's quite a torment to stop yourself from being the way you are in front of someone who have been your sole guardian all your life, trust me. Thinking back of the times when dad had been there for me, understand me when no one else does, my heartbeat slows down. I'm calmer now that I've pushed the negative thoughts from my mind and give it a try to hear dad's persuasion.

"Al, I'll be back okay? I promise."

"Just come back soon."

I move forward to give him a hug. It seems that he'll be leaving sooner than I thought and I'll be home alone after his departure. While being in his arms, I have already started thinking of a to-do list. The ones on top of the list consists of everything that I have to do during his absence. First of all which is to pay a visit to the Sheriff's son, Stiles.

Being home alone, with nothing else to do other than to live miserably, has unfortunately make me drawn to the options that's available on desperate measures. Five minutes after dad exit the house, I studied. I did my revision and I'm most definitely ahead of whatever that's being taught in History currently. After an hour of that, I packed everything and get myself ready for school which will start in another 13 hours. While some people are rushing for time to pause for a little while, I'm busy strolling all alone – dreading the slowness of time.

It's especially terrible when I took a delayed tour of my own in the house. The house which is empty of reminiscence. There aren't any memories left in the residential of Melissa and Scott McCall of us. Not even a small picture of me or dad is displayed in this house. It's no longer a wonder why Scott have forgotten all about me. This atmosphere itself is constructed to erase us completely from their lives. The only way anyone would even believe we're related is by our last name. Well, that's a little something from nothing – which I'd like more.

Rolling my eyes, I walk passed Scott's room and make my way down once again with the house key in hand. By the time the clock strikes 7, I'm ready to leave the house. Similar to Scott, Stiles is quite daunted with my presence. If Scott doesn't want to meet me at all, I'm certain that Stiles wouldn't want to either. They're best friends plus Stiles is human and sarcasm happens to be his only defense. I chuckled at the confession which I've picked up before taking Scott's bicycle – I assumed – towards Stiles' house. It didn't take long, only about 15 to 23 minutes since I'd rather take my time.

I don't see the point in rushing. Right here, right now, I don't know whether to feel neglected or free. In San Francisco, while dad's gone for work, I actually feel relieved. He's doing something responsible and not out – or at home – getting drunk. However, in Beacon Hills, it feels different. I'm already feeling a little abandoned whenever I'm being left by him. While dad and Scott are patching things up, I feel as though out of place. I don't feel like I blend in here, or ever will belong here.

I have no friends or practically anyone at all except for dad. He's the sole main reason that I'm still here. I'm still breathing, trying to live. I don't know what else can I do to make me feel alive but I'm trying. I fought, I hated, and I loved. I did all of that but nothing is making a metamorphosis in my life. Is it the people that I either fought with, loved or hated that could be a factor to change my life? I don't know but I'm willing to find out.

"Get out."

I invited myself into his house, sneaking in with the use of bobby pins. If Stiles were to ever press charges, I know exactly what to do – or say – to prevent it from happening. I could hear from right outside the house, he and Malia are in his room "studying". Of course, gladly to intrude the lovey-dovey moments, I barged into his room and shooed Malia out.

A point that I've made, if Stiles isn't coming to me, I'll come to him.

"You can't tell me what to do."

"Well I just did sweetie and if you have any problems with me, go solve the equation on that paper because I bet that you're clueless on whatever that's written on it while I can complete that within 15 seconds."

As I stand still at Stiles doorway, Malia's wrist was grasped by Stiles. I could hear her heartbeat racing. She's infuriated and I don't care. It's not my fault that she's not any closer to the intelligence that her boyfriend possesses. In fact, I'll admit that Stiles have nothing against me education wise or anything related to the supernatural. I know precisely everything I want and need to know. He whispers soothing words to her silently while I keep my gaze on Malia, with a satisfied grin.

Once Stiles releases her, Malia left the room – never changing her sight. Her eyes almost glowed blue in colour but it never did. It's better for her not to since I wouldn't want to be openly involved in the supernatural world as of yet.

"So," I closes the door shut and lock it. "Since you're never going to come anyway, I decided to invite myself."

I announced cheerfully then sit on his bed. While Stiles is still figuring what to say next, I take a peek on whatever that they were "studying". Mathematics... I realized but notice another thing which amazed me. It involves letters, numbers and symbols which could only means one thing – codes.

"You're going to tell me why you're here?"

My gaze turns back to Stiles before I could study the codes even further. I seem to understand and even recognize it but I need more time. However with Stiles in front of me right now, time is very limited unless I'm prepared to blow my cover – right now. With a stern expression, I nod my head before standing up to head towards the notice board.

"I came back not because I want to be here."

"That's pretty obvious isn't it?" He responded.

"Good because it also means that you're not clever enough to know that you're the reason that I'm here."

Stiles instantly point at himself once I turn to face him, after completing my sentence. He may think this is some kind of practical joke that I'm playing with him but hell no. This is reality and the fact that my return was mainly because of him and his dad, it's definitely something that I'll never live through with every single day I'm here.

"You're not kidding aren't you?"

"I hope your dad has already thought of a funny way to tell you that he's out of job." Stiles' eyes widened immediately. "Of course, if it wasn't for my dad."

He remains quiet for a minute before coming to stand in front of me. I cross my arms and stand uprightly, wanting to appear taller than the pale skin male – with a visible bruise from my punch earlier just beside his lip. It looks pretty bad but I'm certain that it will also stop him from ever trying to pull off the same tactic that he did before. I know him in the past, I know him better right now. He's in desperation of an explanation. All because of his slight dislike of my dad, who also happens to be the one to save his dad, the Sheriff, from being fired. Stiles finally calm down and stand still, expecting me to carry on.

"Care to elaborate?"

"No thanks actually. You can do that with your dad, so yeah."

I replied gleefully, taking in the joy of messing with Stiles. It's never challenging to make this guy crack under pressure around me. It's plain simple as if learning ABC all over again and I'm the one who have taken her PSAT while I was a freshman. With a smile plastered on my face, I walk past Stiles – who is still anxious – to make my way out of the room. I'm done with this one, another one to go.

"Look Lyssa, I'm sorry." He voiced out with my back facing him. "I shouldn't have told you about it."

"It's a little too late now, don't you think? And don't you dare say a single word to anyone about this."

"Including why you're here?"

Stiles interjected before I could say anything more. Taking a deep breath, I don't think Stiles have yet to understand the whole reason I'm here. The one I told him about was only partial of it.

"Yes or I'll tell Scott everything about whatever he don't know."

Once again, I plan to leave his room but I pause for a moment when my hand touch the knob. Voices pitched in my mind on the spur of the moment but it was tolerable. I have learnt to control it unconsciously and within a close second, I realize something. Something happened in the hospital, it involves blood. Someone died, he was murdered. There's more than a person's blood though. I'm sensing bloods dripping from two different individuals and one of them may be dying.

"Scott needs you now Stiles."

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