Wild Heart

The Benefactor (1)

In a swift moment, Malia was left behind and I hurriedly cycled home. Stiles was held back for a while to answer a call from Scott. As I have said, Scott does need his best friend. In whatever circumstances, Stiles will always be his key contact. Due to my lack of concern for my safety, Stiles arrived at the house at the same time as I did. I placed the bicycle aside, walking next to Stiles towards the door. I make a move forward to enter the house when Stiles did the same and we're both stuck at the doorway.

"Ladies first, sorry."

I rolled my eyes hearing so after he moved back. How did Malia ends up with him? I am beyond skeptical of that. I muttered 'dofus' before running up the stairs towards Scott's room. He's keeping the person with him, I'm sure. His bedroom door is close so I charged in, readily, with Stiles behind me – exactly 11 seconds later. Scott's expression illustrates astonishment, panic and disoriented. He is frightened to death because of my presence. Regardless of my power, I'll still be here due to the noise coming from his bathroom – which is also closed.

While my glance turns towards his bathroom door, I could sense the two best friends – again – communicating with facial expressions. I absolutely respect their friendship only because I don't think I'd ever have a friendship like theirs. I don't even think I'd ever have anything close to that.

Pushing that aside, I'm determined to find out who exactly is kept hostage by – unfortunately – my twin.

"You can't go," Scott instantly stopped me by holding onto my shoulder. "There's something you,"

"Trust me if you really think you can hide the fact that you're a werewolf and that you just bit some human that's trapped in there, you're so wrong McCall. Now get your claws off me or I'll kick your nuts."

Scott was even more stunned than he was before. Stiles too watch me with his jaw drop and I honestly believe that these two have no idea what I'm capable of. Indeed, they have been underestimating me all these time even though they're intimidated of my attendance here. Annoyed, I push off Scott's hand and enter the bathroom. I'm quite delirious of who could have been the victim – Scott's victim. My heartbeat continues to race as I prepare myself by gripping on the shower curtain. The two stay in position, whispering to each other – not so silently. After taking a couple of deep breaths, I then pull the shower curtains and my heart skips a beat.


I demand for an answer after seeing Liam trapped in the bathtub. He's being wrapped with duct tape and God knows how long has he been in there but I'm not letting them hold him hostage any longer. From earlier today, these two never stopped. They cost him an injury then Scott, an Alpha werewolf, bit him which could either change him or kill him. My mind is ruffled with a lot more to deal with now that there's a possibility of him dying – regardless him turning into a werewolf or not.

"I bit him." Scott blurted out. "But it was to save him. He was almost falling,"

"Off the roof, I get it but that doesn't mean you get to sink your teeth into his skin."

I continue to argue back the consequences of Scott's actions. He however is doing nothing to defend himself. Instead he was in a deeper confusion of how I'm able to figure everything out. Refusing to explain or say a word in regards of my abilities, I persist on making him feel guilty – with words to manipulate with his mind.

While me and Scott continue to debate on the past incident, Stiles is busy trying to lift Liam. I've instructed him to let the boy out while me and Scott settles on whatever that he have done. A loud thud soon makes us both turn to the bathroom. Stiles with both hands up while Liam is on the floor.

"A little help here?"

Both Scott and I sigh before he moves along to help his best friend. I grab a chair then place it just in front of his bedroom door. This way there's a lesser chance of my plan failing. Plus these two guys are idiots anyway. My gaze turn to them, struggling to get Liam up and when they do they're discussing again – in whispers behind Liam's back. Definitely idiots, I confirmed. The boy may be trapped with duct tape all over him but he's surely not deaf – and neither am I. There's no chance in hell they would be able to expect what I have in mind.

With arms crossed, I stand in between the two. My eyes met Liam's, looking into his blue eyes. A rush of thoughts enters my mind shortly. The connection broke as soon as the two idiots talk again – out loud this time. I stay silent, listening to their next step. No matter what, it will never be their call to decide. After their discussion which is mainly concerning of who sucks more at coming up with plans, they instruct each other to remove the tape from Liam's mouth which I choose to do instead.

These idiots apparently have no idea what to do right now or at the next minute. Well, it actually helps to put my plan into motion easier but to deal with their idiocy though is so frustrating. I could just grab both heads and knock them to each other and let Liam run off just like that. How have they survived previous obstacles before I even came here, it piques my curiosity.

"Okay Liam, I know you have seen a lot of confusing things tonight and more confusing things are going to happen because of the confusing things that happened tonight. Do you understand?"

While the other two guys in the room failed to capture Stiles' meaning, I understand him perfectly. Or it could also be because I have read his mind but regardless, he is right despite communicating in a very complex manner especially in a situation like this. Scott's expression shows slight confusion but Liam remains as he is – frightened although he isn't showing it obviously.

After another short interval for the best friends to figure out the right things to say, Scott finally steps in. He should have done so instead of Stiles but God knows what's scaring him more than it should scare Liam. Technically, he's the 15 year old who have been bitten then kidnapped to be hold at a junior's bathtub and now facing two other juniors which is me and Stiles.

"Liam, what happened to you, what I did to you, which I had to do in order to save you, it's going to change you."

"Well unless it kills you." I nudged Stiles in the ribs immediately. "Shouldn't have said that."

Stiles clutch onto his ribs the next second and with that cue alone, I initiate my plan. Both of my fists clenched and I look intently at Liam's eyes. He begins to cry and both of them share another argument.

"You two, untie him NOW."

It takes them a second to process my instruction but they do so anyway. Liam is crying and they are literally going nuts right now. They're not experienced in this kind of situations and Scott especially is freaking out because if Liam were to die, as Stiles has mentioned, it will be on him.

After being untied, Liam stands up and I move away from the two guys. I know exactly what his next call is and smirk at the thought of it. The both of them deserve it, in my opinion. Out of the sudden, while the two are apologizing, he grabs the wooden chair only to whack Scott with it. I watch the entire scene, winking at Liam before he manages to flee from Scott's room.

I stay behind as the two persist to chase after Liam. Hearing the loud bumps and shouts, I release a sigh before following suit. With arms crossed, I stand at the stairway as the two guys stare out of the open door. Liam? He's gone.

"Guess what? Both of your plans sucked."

I spat before heading into my room after being glared by the both of them. Whatever they want to do next is none of my business unless they're going to hurt Liam in any possible way or kill him – with the bite. For now, I'll leave them alone.

He doesn't seem to be in a normal state of mind. Liam seems distracted mentally and anxious too, although nothing is troubling him physically. His injured ankle has miraculously healed and the bite that Scott has marked on him is gone. Taking an intent look at his arm, without a bandage, I feel nothing. His skin looks unblemished with no scars or bruises showing. That seems to be one of the reasons that are bothering him mentally too. Liam feels different after the previous night and his encounter with both Scott and Stiles. As I continue to watch him since his arrival to school, I sense that he's doing well which means that he isn't dying, I personally believe. He couldn't be dying.

It may sounds good that Liam Dunbar isn't going to die but someone else might because tonight is the full moon and he will transformed into a werewolf – a Beta werewolf of Scott McCall. I cringe at the thought of that but nevertheless worries about Liam and his safety. It is certain that he wouldn't be able to control himself tonight without the help of the Alpha.

While in deep thoughts, I haven't been watching my way and knock into someone resulting in my file to drop to the floor. Rolling my eyes then sighing, I bend down to reach for my file before meeting eye to eye with the 15 year old that I have been observing and thinking about all day. I feel as though I should say something but out of a sudden, my throat runs dry as my olive green eyes meet his pair of blue orbs. He shows a smile which easily softens the situation and hands me back my file after we both stand up.

"Thanks." I uttered, looking away from his eyes.

"No problem." He paused. "Thanks too, for the other night."

I shrug my shoulders, beginning to look at his face at least. Liam looks pretty decent to me. There isn't any sign of irritation towards me in spite of everything that Scott has done to him. Perhaps he didn't know me well enough or that I'm related to Scott McCall. My sights then land at his injured ankle which evidently seems better ever since the lacrosse tryout.

"Your leg's okay?" He nodded in response. "So you wouldn't have any problem to go out with me tonight."


As simple as that, Liam caught the bait. I wasn't even fishing but he seems to be an easy one. At the instant when he handed me back my file, I felt a different energy when our skin made contact. He's certainly a werewolf. In that moment, I plotted a plan which would involve of course, Scott and his friends. I'm only doing this for the sake of Liam and the people of Beacon Hills. I don't need him to be murdering anyone at the age of 15 because the transformation alone into a werewolf is enough of a life changing experience.

Now though is for me to inform Scott and Stiles of the plan.

"You did what?" Scott responded first.

"If I have to repeat myself, I'm going to punch you in the face."

Stiles then pull Scott slightly away from me. I've texted Stiles earlier to meet me outside school for a while, with Scott, before class starts. As much as I hate to see both of their faces for another second, I need to inform them of the plan. It's my plan this time and it won't suck unlike theirs unless they screw it up.

"All we need now is a place." Stiles continued, seemingly agreeing with the plan. "Which we already have."

"I know you do. I'll see you tonight at Lydia's lake house."

Just as soon as I turn my back to them, I heard Scott smacking Stiles' arm. As predicted, he's worried and distrustful of me. In compared to Stiles, who clearly have a great amount of trust in me, which is actually pleasantly surprising. He's not even related to me. In fact, I absolutely hate him. If there's any way alone I could torture Stiles, I would but at times, his wittiness gets so infuriating which ultimately pressurize me to want to give up. However, trust alone is insufficient for him to get to my good side. I don't even believe I have a good side but we can see about that soon, or maybe tonight.

I'm hearing more whispers before I eventually take a step entering the school hallway. Whatever Scott has to say, he doesn't have to say it to my face. I have it all figured out within 3 seconds once I'm done telling my plan. He have trust issues, I get it. Just as similar as to how I find it extremely hard to ever put my faith in my very own twin. It's not exactly easy to have faith in someone who has forgotten about you even though you grew up together at an early age. Hell, we even share the same womb for 9 freaking months. We may not spend our childhood together forever but for some parts, yes.

"Hey Scott." I turn back to look at them. "Looks like you'll just have to trust me then."

I wink at my older twin before entering the school hallway to make my way to class. The two seem dumbstruck and I left them to be so. Scott is obviously still dealing with his issues of trusting me while Stiles have no idea what I have planned for tonight but is hopeful enough to think that I'll not cause any trouble. Frankly, Scott deserves this paranoia. He might as well go crazy just to know the reason why I'm even trying to help, I'd be more than happy to see that.

Afterward, Scott gathers the rest at the parking lot. They get together just beside a school bus and starts discussing about tonight's event. They are all conversing of Liam and how exactly they are plotting to keep him secure, at least for him to not hurt anyone – or kill them. As usual, Lydia's lake house will be used to keep Malia as well as Liam to shift during the full moon.

"We're going to use the boathouse for Liam. It's got support beams and we can chain him to one of them." Scott justified.

"But how do we get him out to the lake house if he doesn't trust us?"

Kira's uncertainty makes Stiles smile, looking at Scott. He believes in Lyssa more that Scott does which is a fact. It doesn't matter whether he does trust his sister or not because they will still be putting Lyssa's plan into motion. Firstly because he thinks it's a good plan and second because she won't take no as an answer. Well, even if anyone were to try, which Stiles dare not to because he have gotten a punch before, it will just be a waste of time because it seems like Lyssa is a brat who actually knows what she wants and will do anything to get it.

"We got that covered." Both Scott and Stiles answered in chorus.


Malia questioned them, out of curiosity. Kira is right, he don't trust them especially after what had happened the other night from what she heard from Stiles. There's no way the boy will want to be anywhere near either Scott or Stiles. Similar to Malia, Lydia and Kira waits for either of them to further elaborate on how in the world they managed to get it covered.

"Lyssa asked him out." Stiles simply replied.

"My sister." Scott adds on. "She plans to bring him over to the lake house, telling him there's a party there."

"And he agreed."

Lydia concluded. Somehow by the sound of her name and her plan, Lydia feels agreeable too. It's just to keep Liam from hurting anyone and with Scott's presence there, she certainly don't have any issues with it. Looking at Kira, she seems to find it acceptable too with the idea. The girls nodded to each other before Lydia eventually look up again to Scott with a smile.

"Great, then invite her."

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