Wild Heart

The Benefactor (2)

Not that Mason intends to observe his best friend 24/7 but Liam have been smiling. It isn't a typical smile either. It's a grin which has a factor to the reason that he was late for class earlier. He didn't even rush instead he strolls into class, with the same grin. This could only means one thing. A thing such as,

"Did you do it before class?" It cuts Liam's thoughts instantly. "Is that why you have been smiling like an idiot?"

"What? NO!"

After yelping the truth, which sounds a lot more of in denial, Mason shakes his head. He couldn't believe his friend is smitten over a girl. It's delightful to think that at least he didn't take long to find someone to be attracted with. Unlike Liam, the number of people that he's attracted to is a certainly not a zero and he isn't the new kid. Nevertheless, it doesn't even change the fact that he's gay.

"I met a girl." Liam grins again. "She asked me out."

"You're serious right now?" In surprised, Mason nudged his best friend. "LUCKY GUY!"

The two freshmen discontinue conversing about Al and move on to their next class. Hopefully this time, he will at least pay attention in class half of the time. Liam can't continuously be love-struck over a girl like her as much as he wants too. It almost seems silly especially knowing that she's a junior – just like Scott and Stiles. He hasn't been in a relationship before either but a couple of dates, of course. However, those girls that he went out with are his age. As for Al, she's different. It isn't just about her how she's taller than he is or how perfect her dark red-brown locks matches with her fair skin.

She's the only one to who is brave enough to ask him out. Plus she's kinda hot, so why not?

Walking back home have given me some time to reflect back what I've done today. I literally asked a freshman out. It isn't a real date as he thought it would be but I did it. This time, although bold, I have jitters. The way he looked at me, it expresses captivation while I try to keep up with the pace of my heartbeat. Seeing just how his eyes shine and the wide grin which appeared almost immediately after I popped the question. Although to think about it, it wasn't even a question. It was a statement which sounds good to him.

As I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling, I think of the way I could talk to Liam. Each time I take a look at him, I'm tongue-tied and flustered with a mix of emotions. I'm not even sure if I will be able to resist staying out of violence tonight. Sighing, I recall clearly of my previous date.

It may not be the root of my unsettled anger issues but it does cause a spark to it. That night happened to be the first nights which I have acted violently in public. I actually caused a ruckus or better known as "public disturbance" to the lawful authorities back in San Francisco. In my defense, I was publicly humiliated in front of the entire student body of my previous high school. Growing up with an alcoholic dad and to suddenly have your mum gone, it does make me a tough cookie.

Seeing the sight of Wesley shove his tongue down the bitch's throat, I couldn't simply stay frozen. He was my boyfriend for 5 months and if all the time we spent together meant nothing to him, he have been such a colossal waste of my time.

With a smile, I remembered, jumping down from the stage with my combat boots and walking straight head to head with Delilah. She may have a tiara, a multi-tiered birthday cake, Wesley's disgusting tongue down her throat and the entire school to laugh along with her tonight but the satisfaction ends right when she stopped laughing. Fearlessly, I seize the tiara from her head and crushed it simply with multiple stomps. Next, I aimed her birthday cake which I pulled the tablecloth and watched smugly as the cake crashed down on the birthday girl – also known as man-eater – and her 72nd prey since she enters high school. If that wasn't enough, I actually got involved in a fight with Wesley once he tried to stop me from leaving the restaurant.

Well, that's one of the times when I was fetched by my dad after being caught by a police. I was never sorry for my actions though. It was called for particularly when someone humiliated me in front of people who would care less if she were to be dead, a day after she turned 16. Delilah still lives though and made endless attempt to terrorize me for being caught by the police and being a freak with anger issues.

From that, it led to more brawls and uncontrollable anger which I seem to be struggling with up till up from bed, I quit the flashback of the beginning of more high school nightmares to come. I need to move on, I'm here now in Beacon Hills and there's nothing I can do about it but endure and wait. This won't last forever. Nothing ever lasts forever, not even the love of the mother who gave me to you, I thought. Sighing, I open my closet and scan through it before taking out a tribal printed romper in navy and burgundy. This is it, the one that I wore to the night out with Wesley.

"One last time."

I promised myself as I take a good look at the open-shoulder with short sleeves clothing. After tonight, I'd throw this romper away and also the memory of Wesley. Tonight is going to be different. I won't be the crazy girl who turned into a raging beast who hurts people. Instead, I might even be the one to get hurt tonight.

Something has been bothering her mind since she first saw Al, at Stiles house. The girl is one hell of an overbearing bitch and thank goodness she hadn't known anything about the supernatural at that moment or Malia would have ripped her throat out. Her saving grace was Stiles. He was the one to hold her back and make her leave the room as well as leaving Al untouched.

At the same time though Malia's curiosity got the best of her. She went down only to go back up with the intention to eavesdrop. That was the plan until she realized, she can't hear a thing.

"Hey Stiles." He turned to look at her. "What were you and Al talking about the other night?"

"Nothing. Nothing much."

His face tensed and she could hear how his heartbeat went high in a matter of seconds. Why would Stiles lie to her? Malia furrow her eyebrows, knowing exactly that he knows what she knows. There is something going on between these two that Stiles refuse to tell and Malia can't figure out.

"Are you cheating on me?"


Now that Malia got the truth about that, she feels a little calmer but more suspicious. Although she seems to agree that Al can join them, Malia only hopes that Al better not cross the line tonight with her. It's the full moon and the last thing she wants to do is kill someone. However for Al's case, she's able to reconsider.

"Why'd you ask?"

"I can't hear you or her, or anything at all the other night."

Skipping the part when Stiles would actually be questioning his girlfriend, he starts to think. How could Malia not hear them? She's a werecoyote for goodness sake, if she can hear and smell someone better than any human, what's stopping her from listening to what he and Al was talking about that night? Although relieved that she didn't heard a thing, he is still dumbfounded. Stiles is absolutely sure Malia couldn't have gotten deaf for a minute there, he's also a human with nothing up his sleeves or could it be Al?

"You know what, I don't know either."

Stiles answered her as his mind continues to think about it, about Al. Since her arrival, she has shown a fearless attitude which frightened him slightly. Could it be because she's a werewolf too? If that's so, maybe they will all get to see it tonight. It's the full moon and she couldn't possibly stop herself from showing any signs from it then he'll get to see her in her true form with the rest.

After fetching Liam at his house in a white Lexus IS, which dad have left behind, I drive quietly towards Lydia's lake house. The radio was off and silence is definitely deafening in the car at the moment. Even with my eyes on the road, I could hear and feel Liam right beside me, squirming in his seat. It's either the full moon is really distracting him or the awkward silence is seriously bothering him.

"You're okay there?" I asked, taking a second to look at him.

"I'm fine, I guess."

"Well, if you want to talk about how you have outdone yourself at try-outs, I'd love to hear that over the silence."

Liam chuckles, seemingly loosening up after I've come up with a subject for us to talk about. At least there's more to talk about other than all about him. I care enough to share some inputs of how the rest of the players are not up to par to his level – including Scott and Stiles. We continue to move along the subject of sports and how we have been keeping ourselves fit. It was all fun and jokes till I mentioned about taking kickboxing classes at a young age.

"Kickboxing huh? Is it to keep you fit or just so you can actually kick someone's butt if they mess with you?"

His question caught me off guard and leaves me wordless. This is only because both of the options he stated are the reasons why I actually continue to attend the classes. Originally, dad wanted me to learn the art of self-defence. It was all about defence at first until I realize that the sport actually helps to vent my anger. All the rage that I have kept to myself since I've been away from Beacon Hills was released through kickboxing.

"A little bit of both." I replied, smiling to him. "And to vent my anger. I guess for you, its lacrosse?"

"Spot on, and also because I'm good at it." Liam chuckles along with me. "You're pretty nice after all."

I can tell him for sure that it wasn't a wild guess if I'm ready for him to expose myself. By some means, I feel that Liam and I will get along fairly well. It's not just the fact that we both have anger issues but also because of something else. We instantly clicked and frankly, that don't happens a lot in my life. People would call me a lot of things and 'nice' is certainly not the word that many would categorized me as. With Liam though, it's completely different. He sees me as a normal person despite whatever that makes me stands out in an odd manner.

"And we're here."

Smiling to him, I get out of the car after parking it beside Stiles' jeep. Scott's bike is also seen nearby as I wait for Liam to leave the car. I then notice him texting someone but shrug it off just as soon as he start asking questions. I manage to dodge it while holding onto his hand and pulling him into the house.

We enter the house, with Liam in front and I close the door instantly once he realized it was a scam. I remain silent when he turns to look at me, not willing to apologize because it's for his own good. It's his first full moon and judging by the stories he shared with me earlier on, he needs help tonight.

"What the hell is this?" He questioned."Think of it like an intervention. You have a problem Liam."

Stiles responded among others. As much as I want to answer the question, I'd rather let Scott and the rest of his pack to deal with Liam now. I've done my part which is to bring him to the lake house and here we are now. Each one of us looks at Liam, the one standing in the centre – and he literally is at the centre of our attention for tonight.

"And we're the only ones that can help." Scott added.

They proceeded to introduce themselves as who they are based on supernatural creatures. I watch on carefully and focus on reading his mind. Clearly, he's angry and confused and really trying his hardest to process everything in a very limited time and it's during the full moon. I may not know how hard it is but I'm sure that being in his shoes is even harder than just watching him – as what I've seen from Scott's past experience.

"Werewolf? Werecoyote? Banshee? Fox?"

"Kitsune, but fox works." Kira explained.

"And what are you?"

Liam directed to Stiles, the only one besides me who have yet to clear his current title as a being. Honestly, I'm quite curious as to how Stiles will describe himself. I know how he was greatly affected by his experience of being possessed by a Nogitsune. Going down Stiles' memory lane in secrecy is quite a lot to take in by itself.

"Uh, for a little while I was possessed by an evil spirit. It's very evil." Predictable, I thought.

"What are you now?"


The 15 year old then turn to face me. I'm still positioned near the door, just in case he plans to flee. As much as the conversations we have in the car are enjoyable and may have let us bond a little, I'm still quite suspicious of a newly bitten young werewolf.

"What about you, Al?"

"I'm just Scott's twin sister."

I gave him was short and simple explanation. I wouldn't want to let the cat out of the bag far too soon. None of these people are my friends, let alone acquaintances. I don't know any of them nor do I have an instinct to trust them with anything at all. It's only for tonight and for the sake of Liam, I'm willing to work together with them. Plus it's my plan that they're following, I don't mind that at all.

He continue to ask about regarding the chains and the glowing of eyes. Scott's the one to continue filling him in about the full moon too. As seconds goes by, I realize that the more Scott tries to keep Liam relax or less angrier, I could feel his anger rising just as fast as his heartbeat.

"I feel like I'm surrounded by a bunch of psychotic nutjobs. You guys are out of your freaking minds."

All of it happened too fast that the next thing I know, Liam begins shouting and covering his ears due to the deafening noise which only he happens to hear. Soon, the rest of us start to hear cars driving into Lydia's lake house. Sighing, I know exactly now who he have texted earlier on – Mason. Liam then drops to the floor, transforming while Lydia tried to draw nearer to him fearing he would damage the floor. To prevent Liam from hurting her, I pull Lydia away before telling Scott and Kira to carry him away. As soon as the three left to the boat house, Stiles left with Malia, who seems to be overwhelmed of the current situation and starting to turn too. Lydia and I are left behind to attend to the party and we turn to look at each other, sighing.

"Ready when you are."

I shook my head in response before opening the door with Lydia beside me.

"Looks like somebody's not having fun at her party."

I enter the kitchen, noting Lydia's anxiety since the door opened for nearly the entire freshman class. I'd probably enjoy a little if they're not all freshman. However, right now, I'm not even enjoying anything since all I'm seeing is Lydia pacing back and forth and her mind full of unusual thoughts. That's when I decide to put my drink aside and join her in here.

"How can I be okay? No one is supposed to be here except us."

"Right..." I responded to her sneer.

At the corner of my eye, I notice another freshman entering the kitchen. A friend of Liam's from what I've known – or mainly seen. Saying no more, I stand by Lydia's side and place a hand on her shoulder.

"It'll be fine. Trust me, the house will spotless by the time this ends."

I show a small smile to Lydia, who is looking at me skeptically. Is there anything wrong with me trying to be nice? As a matter of fact, among the rest, I feel most comfortable talking to Lydia. It feels as if we have a link with each other and I believe it's most likely due to our abilities. A banshee and a girl with telepathy powers? I don't even know what to call myself.

Feeling assured after a while, Lydia calm down and we start to small talk. We express our disinterest in freshman guys and any guys for that matter. For Lydia's case, I've seen her pain when she saw Aiden died. I have to agree, she have lose more than simply a guy that she's fond of that night. Lydia also lose a best friend but I shall not look into the past more than I should. A banshee may not be able to read minds but there might be a possibility of her sensing my thoughts just as how I feel that we are link.

Just when Lydia has some spare time to unwind from her anxiety, a mature man approaches us to deliver a keg of beer. My eyebrows raise and I turn to look at Lydia the next moment. The both of us share a baffled look with each other before Lydia disclaims her order.

"Let me see it."

I snatches the bill from the man's hand, reading it thoroughly. Lydia does the same, coming up close just beside me. Apparently, we still have to pay for it even though we didn't order it and just because Lydia is the host of the party.

"An extra 100 bucks?"

Rolling my eyes, I check the bill once more to make sure he's charging us the correct amount. Being under the legal age is what costs us $100, he enlightens us. My fist clench to think of the idiot who ordered this, I'd punch that person in the face no matter who they are. They must be a freshman anyway unless it was one of us, which I highly doubt.

While I'm busy with the numbers, Lydia has started to panic again and this time her attention is directed to Garrett, Liam's friend. She snatch away the bottle of wine from his hold and left the kitchen, panicking.

Great, now I'm left with the bill. Sighing, I then pull out some cash from my pocket and paid Demarco the exact amount. He left soon after and so did Garrett after we exchange smiles.

While everyone is busy with whatever they are doing, I'm stuck at the party. It almost feels like I'm the chaperon of the party. With Lydia gone, I'm left to watch over everything until my instincts tells me otherwise. It's almost as if something is calling me to leave the house. Despite my hesitations, I decide to go for it. It'd just be for a short while and what could possibly happen except for me witnessing the death of Demarco after Violet beheaded him just by using a wire which glows.

After Violet's gone from the scene, I walk over to have a closer look. With a hand to cover my mouth, I take a last look of Demarco's dead body before running to my car and driving away in that instant.

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