Wild Heart

Post-The Benefactor

My sight lands on the couple, Violet and Garrett. They are one of the ones that are more to come. I only realized this after smiling to Garrett at the party in the kitchen before he walked out. Demarco? He's the werewolf; he's the victim of the night. I turn to face my locker as they walk past me. I sure do need to keep a low radar if I'm not planning to expose myself. Those two are the orphans and they have their ways of killing their victims. After what I've seen Violet did to Demarco, I know best than to get near her – unless I have a death wish.


I turn to face Scott, scurrying to me, in rage. He does have some nerve to come up to me shouting and disturbing my train of thoughts. Before the party even ends, I have gone home straight and also leaving them behind. There's no way I could stay any longer after witnessing someone's head being cut off literally. That's unquestionably a gruesome memory that will remain in tack to my mind.

"What are you doing back here in Beacon Hills?"

Both of my eyebrows are raised, astonished to hear his question. Frankly, this happens to be the second time Scott have confronted me about my arrival. What surpises me this time though, Scott actually thought that I'd reveal it all right here. In a middle of the school hallway where students are swarming either making their way to their lockers or running late for their next class.

"Do you really want to know Scott?" I close my locker with a slam. "Do you really?"


He grips on my right wrist forcefully. I reacted lightly to his strength – since I'd already know his Alpha status – and starts to feel my heartbeat racing. I am fuming, that's certainly true at this point of time. No one dares to lay a finger on me, not even dad who have taken care of me since I was young. I let him release his anger for a while before,

"Scott! Let go."

Stiles arrive in time to make Scott releases his hold on me. I take two steps back away from both males, obviously angrier than I ever am since my arrival. Dad barely let a pinch or a paper cut hurt me and now, a long lost twin brother of mine just clutched my wrist which left a slight mark. He may be older or an Alpha werewolf but he surely don't have a damn right to even touch me.

"WHY ARE YOU DEFENDING HER?! She hates your guts man."

"I do Stiles but you're never alone." I answered on Stiles' behalf with crossed arms.


Scott's eyes evidently glow in red as I look into his eyes. Stiles who stands between us then calls on me, urging for me to do as Scott says. Of course, I already read his mind. He fears Scott might turn right there and exposes himself plus even kills me. Stiles actually worries about me getting hurt. As much as that shocks me, I push the thought aside.

What's important right now is I come up to finally respond to Scott's question. He really does want to know because of his suspicions on my ability. I can read minds in a snap of a finger which he finds odd and alarming. I cause him and his dearly friends fear and intimidation something which no werewolf, especially an Alpha, should feel to a human.

I'm nothing like their friend, Lydia. She's immune, a banshee while I'm so much more. I'm better than her in every way which I will proudly admit to every single one of these people who keeps on bugging me of my return.

"I'm here, miserably and undeniably in hatred of Beacon Hills, because of you and your mum. Don't think for a second that I even want or begged to return here because trust me, I'd rather be in hell. At least there's no you or your mum there and I can live without having to make peace with anyone who abandoned me years ago while I was a child growing up with only a dad. For the record, I don't need you or your friend here to protect me or help me out in anything at all because believe me, you'll be the one who's going to need my help. Lastly Scott, even in my human form, I'd not hesitate to kill you so don't you ever dare to touch me again."

I spat at his face before stomping off to class. If he thinks he's the angry one right now, he's dead wrong. I'm the most annoyed between us or anyone in Beacon Hills because I don't even belong here in the first place. There are so many reasons for my return but I'm sure, no one will be able to match the pieces and state all of it.

As I take me seat in class, I take deep breaths to calm myself down. The last thing I'd need is to get into another fight with anyone else today.

Both males stand there for a while, in silence after Al's retreat. They're both speechless to hear what she just said. She did tried to help them on the full moon but at the end of the night, she was gone without anyone's consent. Nobody realized it before Stiles asked for her while the rest of them were concern of Lydia and the dead pool list that she have uncovered.

"Hey Scott," He hold his breath. "Lyssa may not be in the list but I don't think she's like me either."

Scott silently agrees with his friend before walking off. Stiles stays in position, watching as the siblings disappear from the distant. Sighing, he makes his way to his next class.

Scott arrives home, almost surprise to see his mum home. Usually at this point of time, she'll be working till late night. This rarely happens so he predicts something is going on. Something which let her have her means off taking the day off.

"Good, you're home. How's school?" Scott's eyebrows furrows immediately.

"School is school. It's as usual."

This is getting even more suspicious in Scott's mind. He knows his mum too well. She wants to mention about something else, or as a matter of fact, someone else. It has to be about Al. He's not sure if his mum has has the time to converse with her yet but Scott frankly doesn't want her to see that happening soon. She's mean and menacing. If she dares to say what she says to Scott, obviously she'd do anything to his mum too. His mum is their mum, how can she despise her so much?

Is it because of the same reason as to of why he hates Rafe too in the past?

"Have you been helping your sister settle down in school?"

"I don't think she'd be needing any help mum." Scott snorted, recalling Al's words earlier that day.

"Isn't she beautiful? She's all grown up now and I,"

His mum apparently can't stop gushing about her sister. Scott doesn't hate her but to hear all of that? He has no idea how to respond. Stiles will most probably have something to say. In fact, he will obviously have something to say. Ever since the first day, his best friend has been love struck to his twin sister's beauty. Yes, she's beautiful and why would Scott ever admit that? It's still weird to suddenly remember about a long lost twin sister that has been gone throughout his childhood and return when they're both teenagers.

To even think about Stiles making a move on Al, it only makes it all weirder. Come on, Stiles and his twin sister? Shouldn't he be a big brother to question his best friend's motives and warn him should he ever hurt Al or make a move on her, he'll kick his butt? This though isn't the case at all. Al seems to have it all under control – all alone. She can hurt and scare anyone with her words and Al's a fighter. She won't easily back down from a battle which makes him less worried of her well being in Beacon Hills.

"We will be having dinner together with her later on."


After a minute of not listening to his mum, that was the last sentence which she uttered. He couldn't believe this. Al is going to come home and destroy them, in her mind. Scott can even sense her hatred from a mile away. The girl sure does despise everyone here a lot, except for her dad.

"But mum,"

"You go get ready and help me out down here. Hurry!"

Melissa shouted to her son who ran up to his room instantly. A dinner with her own daughter, finally, it wouldn't hurt anyone right? It's just dinner and Melissa wants to spend some time to get to know her – with Scott. When she first saw Al, she looks beautiful – almost too good to be the truth which is that Al is her child and Rafe. She doesn't hate him for taking Al with him because it's not worth of her time. She'd rather let bygones be bygones and mend all the time that she have missed with her other child. A tear drops to her cheek as Melissa thinks of seeing Al again, after all these years of absence.

Scott heaves a sigh just as soon as he heard the door close. So now he's left to be all alone with Al for dinner. This is going to be fun, he thought as his eyes turn to the money his mum have left for them. She have yet to finish preparing dinner and now she have to be back at the hospital to take another shift. Sighing again, Scott have ordered some pizza and waits for Al's return.

He realized she's always leave to go for a run every single night without fail. That's something which Scott never tried before but he hopes that Al stays safe. First of all, she knows about him being an Alpha werewolf which also means she knows about the supernatural in Beacon Hills. Second, the girl sure does have some balls. Who is he kidding? Al is badass to everyone except for their dad. He seems to be the only person that she respects and treats nicely here but also not forgetting Liam. Now that's the weird thing right there, Scott wonders why she seems to be so protective of Liam when she don't even know him for long.

As he sits on his bed, with books open in front of him, it's Al whom he can't stop thinking about. There's just so many questions, so many things he wants to know from Al and about her yet she's not opening up. She hates him and their mum so much but can't they talk it out? They are still siblings, related by blood.

Just before he tries to focus back on his school work, Scott's ears picked up the sound of the front door opening. Finally she's home, he thought. Scott gets out of bed, waiting for Al to throw her next bitch fit.

I ran up the stairs after a quick run through the woods. I decided to get out at an early timing just so to keep myself clear of anyone's way. It was a little darker by the time I exit the woods and get back home. Beacon Hills is definitely a town which I want to get out off, fast.

Standing at my bedroom down, I remain frozen for a minute. A post 'it note pasted on my door. That's a nice way for a "mum" to tell her "daughter" that she have to cancel the dinner plans which she have made her ex-husband plead me to join them. This is ridiculous; she's being ridiculous if she thinks that I'd care to join them for the sake of her and her son. All of dad's pleading and promises will not remain for nothing though because I'll have to sit through dinner with Scott McCall.

Infuriated, I tear the note away from the door and crush it in my fist. She basically has no time for me or her son since I arrived and expects me to address her as my "mum" when the longest time we spent together was when I'm too lazy to run up to my room and slam the door.

"I ordered pizza." Scott appears at the hallway."Oh, thanks for the reminder. I need to order someone to get me the hell out of here."

I retorted before slamming the door. There's only so much a girl can take while she's all alone to face the person that she hates most. To cool myself down at that instant, I strip down from my clothes before entering the shower.

Dressed in a sweatshirt and pajamas shorts, I walk down the stairs before joining Scott on the dining table. He's actually waiting for me to join him for dinner? That's pretentious. Sitting across him, I glance at the boxes of pizza before looking at him.

"What?" I glared at him as he swallowed hard.

"Are you vegetarian? I ordered pepperoni and,"

"Just because you and your mum eat meat I don't have to dedicate myself to be a vegetarian. I don't hate you that much. Oh wait, I do."

Rolling my eyes followed by my outburst comeback, I then grab a plate and two slices of pizza. Scott follow suit afterwards as silence arouse in the house. I take my time chewing and swallowing dinner for tonight, trying very hard to not be distracted by how weird Scott could be just by sitting in front of me and eating.

"So, how do you find Beacon Hills so far?" He breaks the silence.

"Older and overpopulated with absurd human beings."

Silence fills the room again as he makes an effort to find the right words to say next. I eyed him carefully, warning him with a murderous glare. Scott better choose his words wisely before I keep up with the truth while adding in a fragment of cruelness, of course. I dare not take a peek in his mind because I'm rather taking pleasure in seeing him like this. He's lost for words, confused, stressed out and clearly intimidated.

"Why come back here then? Dad's order?"

I take the last bite of the second slice of pizza before wiping my mouth with tissue. Scott pauses from eating and look up to me, expecting me to answer his previous question. To start off, I take an initiative to smile before it fades off and I slam the plate to the table.

"If you're planning to dig out any piece of information by conversing with me, don't waste your breath. I see right through you McCall."

Leaving him and the shattered plate downstairs, I walk up to my room and slam the door as I always have. He didn't even apologize for the incident in school yet he has the cheek to continue with his piteous investigation with his best friend. Is this how it feels like to be reconnected with a brother who also happens to be a true Alpha werewolf? If it is so I can't wait any longer till I could step out of this town for good.

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