Wild Heart

IED (1)

After a long day in school, I've decided to skip running and stay in to read a book. Plus it's too dark outside and god knows what else could happen out there. The house is empty and quiet as usual. Melissa's working as she has always been and Scott, I don't even bother anymore. With a blanket covering my bottom half, I continue reading 'Emma' by Jane Austen from where I left off.

"AL!" I straightened my back, closing my book. "AL LYSSA!"

My eyes widen immediately when Scott barged into my room. He looks even mad than usual, I noticed. His fists are clenched and he stands just inches away from my bed and I get out from my bed, unafraid to meet him eye to eye.

"The killings. You're involved in it aren't you?" I scoffed.

"Answer me!"

"If you expect a confirmation, you're going to have to do better than that because there's no way in hell I'm telling you anything."

I snarl to his face, my rage ignited. For the second time, he dares to confront for all the wrong reasons. Now I know where he has been for the past hours. He has been with Stiles and the Sheriff discussing deliberately of the dead pool list which Lydia have discovered the other night during the party. Unfortunately, to end the discussion, Scott has chosen to accuse me responsible for the killings of Demarco and Carrie.

"STOP DENYING IT! All of a sudden you return to Beacon Hills, with you knowing everything about everyone, you trying to help us, your sudden disappearance at the party and it all started when you came here."

Taking deep breaths, both of my fists are clenched. If I was mad before, my mind is an erupting volcano at this moment. I can't just let him crossed me. Nobody ever crossed me especially for something which I didn't do.

"I'm not denying anything. You're just mad right now because Lydia cracked the code for a dead pool list with your ex-girlfriend's name and that you're on it. And believe me, you'd be the first on the list that I'd kill and it's not just for the money. Get out from my room NOW!"

I yelled, unable to keep my emotions bottled any longer. Scott is just finding a reason, a flaw to stain my name which remains as a question to everyone. Despite my rage, I know that Stiles is right outside my room. He is avoiding from entering the room heated with tension within less than 5 minutes. As I demanded, Scott walks out from my room quietly. He shuts the door tightly on his way out and I release a sigh of frustration.

I'm so done with the day and just when I'm about to tuck myself in bed to have a good rest, Scott happens. Just yesterday he confronted me, leaving a mark on my wrist but apparently the broken pieces of the plate isn't enough to make myself clear to Scott. This is how I have to live in Beacon Hills? If it is, reasons to leave this crazy town have an additional entry.

Unable to resist the urge for long, I snatch a small table lamp and toss it against the wall.

The next day in school, Stiles continually try to convince Scott of Lyssa's innocence. After discussing about the dead pool list with his dad, Scott have gone completely frenzied and lashed out at his sister. From what they find out, Lyssa was the one to pay for the keg which means she is linked to the death of Demarco, meaning she could be the one to plot his arrival to the party. While Stiles remain uncertain of Lyssa's involvement, Scott seems to be so sure of it.

"What if she's innocent?" Stiles demanded. "It couldn't be her."

"Didn't you hear what she said the other day and last night?"

Scott hissed before passing his best friend's shoulder. Stiles exhale deeply, trying to calm down. No matter what, he's positive that Lyssa isn't part of the killings. She just so happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

About what she said last night, Stiles know that was a dry sarcasm. He could sense straightaway that she was dissatisfied and beyond unhappy to be accused out of the blue. Lyssa may be a lot of things, scary, fierce and daring but she's certainly not a killer – that's something that Stiles would bet on.

I'm on my way to class when someone joins me, walking by my side. My eyebrows furrow as I turn to face Kira, Scott's girlfriend. What would she want to do right here? She's beaming while I'm honestly waiting for her to explain herself. For example,

"What do you want?" I stop in my tracks, cutting to the chase.

"Hi, I'm Kira!" She holds out her hand, expecting a handshake. "You're Al and I'm,"

"I'm Al, you're Kira. I get it but now what do you want?"

After what has happened between Scott and I recently, I am in no mood to communicate in any kind of way to anyone in Scott's pack. I'm tired and annoyed for the fact that he is accusing me of being a murderer. Never in my life have I ever planned or dream of becoming one. Unless we're talking about Scott right now, I'll change my mind right away. There's nothing to hold me back now from loathing him for life. Not even the fact that we are twins and we share the same blood in our veins.

"I was just thinking, do you want to join us for lunch maybe?"

"Take maybe as a hell no Yukimura."

I snapped before walking ahead of her. It's not my intention to be rude to her but I can barely restraint my anger after what Scott have accused me of. Plus dad have always said, the truth is always better than the littlest white lie. I also don't see the point of keeping my emotions bottled up when I could release it to whoever Kira is. She's not even a friend of mine and I'm planning to keep her that way.

Without friends, at least, there's one less thing for me to be worried about. I don't have to care for anyone else but me. Well, it's basically as similar as to how I've live my life for the past years. That shouldn't be a problem at all, I figured.

I take my usual seat at the bleachers, which is empty at this timing as it always does. It's how I like it. Silence is always better when I'm on my own. I could just think through about life and go over the things I've done whether it's right or wrong. It's during this time that I get to put my mind at ease instead of practicing yoga when I'll get easily frustrated when I fail to into the precise position. This is what I have been doing since I become the new kid in San Francisco. While dad defines it as moping around, I personally consider it to be a time taken to judge myself before others. However, things change and people change. In the end, I've chosen to judge both.

Taking out an apple from the paper bag, I take a bite of it as I stare at the green field. There's going to be a lacrosse match. As much as I'd love to come to see Liam play, I'd rather not. Firstly, I'm not even interested in the sport. Second is because the captain of the team is a total jackass.

"You're surprisingly on your own." Stiles steps out from the shadows.

"Not anymore with your presence."

Stiles said nothing until he makes his way to sit next to me. We stay unspoken for a close of two minutes before I take my last bite of the red apple and tossed it back into the bag before I turn to give him my undivided attention. It's better than staying silent for the rest of the time the both of us are here. Although in my defence, I was here first and he invaded my personal time.

"What?" Initiating the conversation, I questioned. "You expect me to thank you for defending me?"

The corner of his lips curled up. Stiles has yet to give up in finding out of my motives of being here but it is most definitely not on top of the list. Instead he'd want to know more of how I'm such a 'know-it-all' when I've only been here in a short period of time. He must have been prompted by the allegations too, I assume.

Raising my eyebrows, I'm waiting for his response of any kind. He could react with an abrupt intellectual remark or even with one of the trillion expressions he makes, I don't even mind – just as long as he talks. My tolerance is running thin, the longer the deafening silence lasts.

"I really don't." He blurted out. "I know you're innocent. It's just, I'm thinking, what are you? A mind reader or,"

He pauses mid-sentence in time to finally look up and into my eyes. It stays that way for more than a second, I'm sure. As I gaze into his pair of brown eyes, I then see more of Stiles life here in Beacon Hills. His iris suddenly becomes reveals visuals of the crucial moments of his existence while I'm away. In the earliest memory, I also learn of the time when he conveyed to me the message. The one which sparked my hatred for Melissa.

"I don't know."

The answer I produced ends up as a whisper before the bell rings to break both of us from the trance we're in. The bell have also been the one to prevent him from leaning in for a kiss. God knows what Stiles find so captivating to look right into my olive green eyes but I know I haven't just been looking into his. I've learn more of Stiles, Lydia and last of all Scott McCall.

"Why don't you trust him?" Stiles moves slightly. "He could be right."

"He isn't!" He responded hastily. "Lyssa, I know you. It may have been years but I still know who you are."

Taking hold of the paper bag and my bag, I then stand up from my seat. As much as I'd love to stay and chat with a so-called long lost friend, I'm not interested in doing so – not right now. Just by talking to him at the moment, I'm having a mixed of emotions which I hadn't have in a while and overwhelmed is one of it.

"Good because I'm not like Peter or Kate. I don't want to hurt anyone, that's all you have to know."

Without saying goodbyes, I walk back into the building. I know there's no possible way of stopping Stiles from getting to know of whatever I am. I've told him before that I purely hate him, although not as much as I do towards Scott or Melissa. Stiles is the only one who don't beat around the bush but yet he still does remain sensitive to how I feel.

I have to admit that I do miss having a friend around. A friend like Stiles who cares for me like he does years ago. In the past, I thought there isn't any chance of him falling in love with me. However, the tables have turned. Instead here I am thinking that there's no chance of me falling in love with someone as genuine as he is.

From the very first time he saw Lyssa again, Stiles knows she's definitely something. He even sees her as a threat just because of how confident and evidently aggressive she portrays herself to people when they first met after her return. There's a reason why he wants to know her motives of being back in Beacon Hills and he roughly got his answer. She's not like Kate or Peter, that's for sure. Her intentions are unlike theirs, which fades away his concerns of another homicidal killer invading the town immediately.

Lyssa may not be able to trust him but Stiles knows exactly why. She's hard to get through for a reason and he caused it at his own accord. Shaking his head, Stiles recalls back the times she came over to his house. She wouldn't directly tell the answer but nevertheless she gives the answer.

There's just something about her that intrigues him besides the fact that she isn't fully human. He wants to know more of her but she keeps on running away. Maybe that's why she's seen stealthy and without a doubt, because of that anything that's been happening here Scott blame it on her. Stiles knows Lyssa don't deserve it but who is he to interfere in a sibling's broken relationship? The least he can do is to earn her trust, again.

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