Wild Heart

Orphaned (1)

Changed in my sleeveless designed black hoodie and a cuffed denim cutoffs, I get out of my car and spotted vehicles from the police department. Was I too late? My heartbeat races as my mind once again flicks to Liam. He's a werewolf now, he could be on the list. It's a deadpool list and it includes every supernatural creatures within the county. I can't merely stay put after comprehending this information alone. For some wacky reason, I feel the need to prevent him from getting hurt.

He's only 15.

There's something about him that makes me want something more with him. Despite knowing that it isn't right for me, I still can't seem shake off the feeling. For once, I could actually confide to someone who truly understands the struggle that I have been facing. All these while, I don't even bother interacting with people because I'd know for sure, that they don't care and they can only sympathize. That's one of the things that I hate most, being sympathized.

With Liam, he empathized. Just like dad said, to understand and to be understood is the most beautiful quality in friendship. Is this it? Is it going to be just friendship between me and Liam? As much as I'd want more, I can't – for the sake of Liam's own survival as a werewolf.

Pushing the thoughts of my mixed feelings aside, I make my way towards the lacrosse locker room. The hallway is completely crowded with the team and just when I turn around the corner, I spot dad talking to Scott. He's trying to assure dad that he's fine and so forth. Dad bothers to head straight to Beacon Hills High to check up on his son instead of going back to the temporary place that we're living to see me. In my head, I'm just dying to tell him that Scott is undeserving of his attention since he's an Alpha werewolf. I'm supposed to be the one whom he cares about, just like before – when Scott is missing from our lives.

With clenched fists, I turn around to face Liam. He's in his black t-shirt and of course, looking for Scott. Seems like everyone needs the one and only, Scott McCall in their life.

"Hey." He spoke first. "I thought you were busy."

"I wanted to meet my dad but apparently he's busy too."

I take a glance over my shoulder, trying to distract myself from the father and son bonding session. It's a little too late for that isn't it? Looking away, I face Liam again who looks concern. It's not only his look though, I could literally feel his anxiety intensifying.

"You're okay?"

"I'm fine. You should be careful of Garrett and Violet." He nodded. "And you don't have to worry about it."

After comforting him that he'll be fine, I walk off immediately from the premises. They have taken Violet away and before dad could see me here I need to leave. Clearly he doesn't want to see me unless he has some time to spare. At this timing with the assassinations going on, I don't think so.

Liam remains baffled of what Al meant. How did she know what he has been fretting about? It's his first game and he's already starting to worry for his survival. With the Sheriff and Agent McCall now gone, Liam shows himself to Scott. He informs the Alpha that Kira have left and regarding the 2nd part of the dead pool. Lydia has cracked the code with Malia and everyone in Beacon Hills is on it, from what he knows.

"Everyone's on it."

"You're not." Scott stated but was quickly interrupted.

"Not yet. There's still another third right?"

Scott stays silent, almost side-tracked. He can't possibly respond to the question which he's not highly confident of. As Scott has thought before, there's a chance of Liam being in the 3rd dead pool list. He can't go on to convince him otherwise because he may be right. Liam may possibly be on it, just like the rest of them.

Liam then notices Scott eavesdropping to his dad's interrogation with Violet. She persists to dodge his questions. Agent McCall then reveals his knowledge of her identity as one half of the orphans. The Sheriff then plans to conduct a search in the lacrosse locker room to which Scott devises his own plan with the aid of his Beta werewolf.

I'm the first one to be home while everyone else is busy with their own errands. Be it investigating the on-goings assassinations, defeating anyone who tries to kill him for the sake of staying alive and also the one takes care of patients who enters the hospital due to some bizarre "accident". Dad will most likely be working on the investigation till late night before coming home.

As for Scott, I have no idea what he's up to this time until I heard him came home by the front door. Before he could close the door to his room, I stop him by pushing it open. Scott then releases the duffel bag down to the floor and our glances turns to it.

"It's not what you think it is." He started.

"I know exactly what it is. It's a bag full of money from Garrett's locker from which HE used to KILL the victims and you lied to Liam about it."

Before Scott could say another word, I left him to slam the door of my bedroom and go to bed. I want this nightmare to be over. It's even worse than growing up without half of my family, a mother figure and an older sibling. At least over the years I have gotten used to it, the pain has been numbed. As for this, an existing nightmare in Beacon Hills, I can't deal with this every day for the rest of my life.

Just when he thought he couldn't feel any remorseful for what he did to Al, Scott does. In the end, both his best friend and his Beta found the evidence to verify who the killers are. It's not just one, it's the orphans and Al wasn't involved in any of it. Stiles is right, she's not guilty and genuinely tried to help.

Another thing that Stiles is right about, Al isn't like him. She's not just a human. If she is, how could she knows everything? It's strange as to how she knows almost everything about everyone when she hadn't been here for years. It scares him since his own twin knows a lot more than he thought but now that she has even more reasons to hate him, Scott is more terrified. He fears that he'll lose the only sibling that he ever have and never regarded since she arrives here. At the end of all of it, he only have himself to blame.

I'm supposed to wake up in the morning, have a decent shower but it all goes wrong when I'm half through shampooing my hair. The water runs out and I've even tried the tap water from the sink, nothing is coming out. Enraged, I scream and intend to run down the stairs in my towel. As soon as I stand face to face with Melissa, I'm dying to share with her a piece of my mind.

It consists of how incapable she is of running a household of two and no matter how hard she works, it will never be sufficient for Scott and herself. She's only working double shifts lately to prevent from getting fired. I'm not sure if it's going to work but it's definitely not helpful enough to keep the utilities running. Just when I'm holding onto the knob of the door to my room, I remain frozen. Pleadings and distressed thoughts enter my mind in the voice of Melissa's. Looking over my shoulder, I take a look at the drawer of my desk.

After a deliberate consideration, I've decided to go for it. The only thing I'd lose would be a couple of thousands. I'd earn more in the future, just as I did before in San Francisco. A couple of years spent working have earned me a huge number of savings unlike Scott, and Melissa. I'd be gone soon enough before I know it since this is an impermanent stay. Judging by how the people I'm living with are incompetent of taking care of the basic amenities, I've chosen to provide them a little assistance.

"Here's $2,000. Just pay all of the bills, fix the roof and get me a comfortable place to stay because your manifestation is bad enough."

Placing the money on the table, I slide it to Melissa. I stand in front of her, in my towel, and just as irritated as I was earlier. She looks up to me, getting up from her seat and pushes the money away.

"I can't take this from you darling." I chuckles smugly and take a step back.

"You can and you will because dad and I are not used to living with you guys. We deserve better and we have better in San Francisco."

After spatting the reality of how miserable my life here to her face, I run back up to room. I don't even need to hear of what more she have to say. Melissa doesn't have to thank me either. She just need to get the bills paid and everything fixed for as long as I'm staying here with dad. I'm already forced to be here, if anything I'm able to have it my way during my period of stay.

Once I reach up, Scott stands at his bedroom's doorway – looking at me. We share an eye contact as we had before the very first time I was introduced in class before I scowl at him and slam the door of my room.

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