Man in the Shadows

The fools, they think that a peace can really be reached? I’m surprised they made it this far without killing each other. Ichigo….he has become stronger than I anticipated. The Wandenreich are recovering which is surprising in itself, but that they are able to re-fill their ranks so quickly...all that doesn’t matter, it’s going to be a long time before they can fully recover because they don’t trust each other. They could go to war at any moment…with the right push! I’ll have to take the Quincy into account. Äs Nödt! The only reason the Wandenreich is still able to function is because of him.’

“My lord, when do you want us to begin the preparations for the resurrection?” A young, female arrancar asks. Her long black hair is tied in two pigtails that reach down her back, her build is slender and her right eye is pink. Her Hollow mask is shaped around her left eye, with dots along the bottom of the mask. With an unusual twist, there was an extension of her mask that went up into her hair which resembles a hair tie.

“As soon as possible”

“We will get started right away.” Another young female arrancar replied. This one had more tomboy features; her hair was short and blond with a slight fringe over her right eye. She has green eyes, though her Hollow mask is shaped around her right eye, and has dotted teeth around the bottom.

‘Not even the Soul Reapers and Quincy’s working together can stop me! They are only fooling themselves if they think they can work together. Even if they try, I will make sure they fail; their mistrust of each other will only serve to work in my favor!’

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