The New Alliance

Everyone’s eyes widened at the words of the Quincy Emperor and they shifted their attention to the Head Captain wondering what his reaction would be.

After what seemed like a long hesitation, Uryu spoke again.

“I think it would be best for both our people and yours. It would solve most of our issues and guarantee our survival.” Uryu said as he looked at the Shunsui.

“It will certainly bring our people closer together and is our best option in preventing future conflict between us.” Äs Nödt said in agreement.

“Very interesting, you both make a good point. You have my interest in this proposal Emperor Ishida.” Shunsui said as he leaned back in his chair, tapping his chin as he considered Uryu’s suggestion.

Byakuya spoke up. “Head Captain, you can’t be seriously considering this can you? Do you forget that these are the ones who killed Head Captain Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and nearly destroyed the Soul Society? I understand the need to form a formal peace, but to form an alliance is…” Shunsui cuts off Byakuya.

“Byakuya, the one that orchestrated the invasion and the war is dead. Your sister knows the current Ishida, isn’t that correct? I understand what you’re saying, and I know you’re not alone on that opinion. But like the Emperor says, this would be the best way to prevent future conflict, don’t you think?”

“May I speak?” Ryūken spoke up, drawing everyone’s attention. When Head Captain Shunsui nodded his head, he continued. “I have spent many years in silence watching the many things that have transpired between our people over the years. I have kept to myself, and normally do not involve myself in these issues. However, I find myself agreeing with the Emperor on this issue. Not only would we like your alliance, we need this…and so do you. I have watched as our people have nearly annihilated each other….and yet here we are, contriving a way of peace between us…is it so far-fetched to hope for an alliance also? Can we not make history here and do what has never been done before? I believe you and Uryu will carve out names for yourselves that will transcend time…and it all hinges on what you do today.”

Byakuya fell silent along with everyone else in the room. Uryu stared at his father with admiration. He never thought he would see the day when his father would actually participate in helping the Quincy like this.

No other Soul Reapers bothered to speak up… they knew what their Head Captain had decided before he even spoke.

“For the betterment of both our people, I will accept the offer of your alliance.” The Head Captain said with a nod to the Quincy Emperor. Only Uryu saw his eyes drifted to his father as the two men shared a look.

“Well then, it’s settled. I’m glad we could end this summit with a successful outcome. We will designate an Embassy in the Shadow Realm. This summit has been concluded, good day Head Captain.” Uryu said as he rose to his feet.

“Good day Emperor Ishida, we will meet again soon.” Shunsui said as he rose along with his fellow Soul Reapers.

Both delegations proceeded to leave the room, but two figures remained seated.

Äs Nödt and Rukia. Äs Nödt proceeded to walk over to where Rukia was siting. He gently brushed the back of his hand across her cheek; she carefully held his hand close to her.

“It looks like everything’s going to be ok now. We’re going to be ok now.” Äs said gently.

Rukia’s face turned a light red as she looked up at him.

“…Äs…would you want to go…” Rukia began, but became flustered at his direct stare. “…on a date?”

Äs chuckled as he pulled his hand away from her cheek. “Well, if we’re together now, it would only be right that we… go places together.”

Rukia smiled at the Quincy. “Yeah, your right. I was thinking we could have dinner somewhere quiet.”

Äs Nödt looked away. He was startled at the idea. Not of going on a date, but eating in front of her would mean showing his face. He hid what was under his mask for a reason. Before he met this little nymph, he enjoyed his badass reputation…but now? Well now he didn’t want to be that guy, not when he was with her. She would be terrified of what he hid beneath the mask that had become so much a part of him. This time she wouldn’t just get a quick glimpse as she prepared to kill him, she would really see him. He only took it off when it was necessary or if it was damaged…and never in front of another person. However, he had already agreed to go and he didn’t want to hurt her by refusing now.

“Yeah, we can have dinner.”

“Great!” Rukia said excitedly. She had never been on a date before in her life, and was excited to finally get the chance. “How’s my place sound? Here are the directions! Be there by eight ok? This is going to be great!”

“Alright, alright, I’ll be there.” Äs said as he took the piece of paper from her hand. ‘Sheesh she’s happier than a little school girl. She’s adorable’ Äs thought with a chuckle before Rukia sprung out of her chair to give him a hug before running to the door.

He wished that he could be as excited as she was. As it was now, his stomach was in knots.

“Don’t be late!” She called back over her shoulder.

“I won’t.” Äs promised.

Rukia smiled back and ran off to meet up with the other Soul Reaper delegates, leaving only Äs Nödt in the room. Bazz B walked back in a few moments later.

“Why did that Soul Reaper say ‘Don’t be late?’ what was she talking about.” Bazz B asked as he raised his eyebrow.

Äs Nödt looked at his friend before shaking his head.

“Has anyone ever told you that you ask too many questions?”

With that, Äs Nödt turned and walked out of the room, leaving a very confused Bazz B in his wake.

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