Battle of Hueco Mundo

As Kirge exited the Garganta he breathed a sigh of relief as he emerged back to the grey sand dunes of Hueco Mundo. A land he conquered for the Empire he served so faithfully. He quickly began walking toward Las Noches, and as he went he began thinking of the incredible fact that he was alive, and that the Wandenreich now possesses the Hōgyoku.

“After everything that happened, and the fact that there are so few of us left alive, we still are very powerful.” He stops to look around him. “I shall re-establish order to this wasteland.” Kirge said to himself.

A few moments later Kirge came upon the ruins of Las Noches, where the surviving Jagdarmee were still camped out. Kirge climbed over a piece of fallen rock and stood were all could see him.

“Is this what I trained you all to do?! Sit around until you’re all picked off by the beast of this Hell?!” He yelled, drawing everyone’s attention. He almost smiled at their open mouth gaping stares.

“I don’t believe it! It’s the Executive Hunting Captain!” One of the young Quincy soldiers said.

“It can’t be! How!? He was killed!” Another retorted. “He was cut in…..”

“I live because it was the wish of our good Emperor and that’s all you need to know! I am indeed Kirge Opie, your Executive Hunting Captain! I am here to make sure Hueco Mundo stays under our control, I will whip you all back into the fighting force you once were! I will make sure that the First Jagdarmee is feared throughout Hueco Mundo once more! Now go put down the resistance!” Kirge shouts loud enough for all to hear, Hollows and Quincy’s alike.

Smiles spread amongst the soldier’s faces, the faces of the First Jagdarmee. They may not know exactly how their commander was back, but they knew it was him. He was who he appeared to be, of that they had no doubt. They immediately followed his order and returned to their squads, everyone running out in separate directions, spreading the word of Kirge Opie’s return from the dead by radio to the Quincy still left at their base camp.

Kirge quickly signaled a few squads to follow him and began making his way to where he felt a large increase in spiritual pressure. ‘Something feels off about this, I’ve never felt this particular spiritual pressure before. What is it?’ Kirge’s thoughts were interrupted by one of his soldiers.

“I can’t believe it’s really you Sir, I’m glad that you’ve returned.”

“It’s good to be back son, now follow me and stay on alert.” Kirge said as he kept walking.

“Aye Sir.” The soldier replied.

What is this spiritual pressure coming from? It’s not Hollow, Quincy, Soul Reaper, or anything living, but there are other Hollows and Arrancars near it. That much I know for sure.’ Kirge thought to himself.

Within moments, Kirge and the First Jagdarmee came upon exactly what was causing the strange spiritual pressure. In front of them was a large crater in the ground filled with a strange light. Around it stood Hollows and Arrancar alike, but there was a strange figure looking into the light, neither Hollow nor Arrancar, but a Soul. He had brown hair that was held back from his face with a long strand hanging down his forehead. He has brown, menacing eyes and is wearing what appears to be a black one piece suit with two white lines running down the middle. This could only be one person.

Sōsuke Aizen.

“Sir!” One of the Soldiers said quietly.

“I see who it is.” Kirge says with a grin. “I’m going to report this to the Silbern.”

Kirge slowly touches the microphone built into his glasses and whispers into the air. “Kirge Opie to Silbern. We have a situation.”

A few long moments pass before he gets a reply.

“Executive Hunting Captain,” A Soldat voice finally responds, “say again.”

“Put me through to His Majesty.” Kirge said, unable to keep the excitement from his voice.

There was another short pause before Kirge heard Uryu speak. “Yes what is it Kirge?”

“Sōsuke Aizen is in Hueco Mundo. There is…” Uryu cut him off.

“Aizen! In Hueco Mundo!” Uryu shouted.

“Correct Your Majesty. There’s a crater with a strange light emanating from it. I’m feeling a strange spiritual pressure coming from it. It’s like nothing I’ve felt before.” Kirge said with a sigh, frustrated that he couldn’t tell his Emperor more.

“I’ll send re-enforcements as soon as I can. Do not engage Kirge, that’s an order.” Uryu said as he calmed down. “Those idiots! You mean to say that those damn Soul Reapers didn’t even notice that he had gone missing?!” Uryu said in frustration as he slammed his fist on his desk.

“Maybe they did notice and just didn’t inform us…like we didn’t inform them that we have that special orb.” Kirge said, referring to the Hōgyoku.

“Perhaps. Keep Aizen under your supervision, do not lose him. Emperor Ishida over and out.”

“Have all squads report to me immediately. Tell them that Sōsuke Aizen and large groups of Hollows and Arrancars are gathered here. There’s about to be a major confrontation.” Kirge commanded one of the soldier, who passed the news over his two way radio.

A voice spoke up.

“Damn it.” Kirge hisses as he rose to his feet. It was a voice he was all too familiar with.

“What the hell! How are you still alive!?” Loly yells angrily as her partner Menoly stars in awe.

“Well! If it isn’t my two favorite Arrancar!” Kirge said with a widening grin. “But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see you here, with the return of Sōsuke Aizen, it was only a matter of time before you two would go crawling back to him.” He jerks his head to include the self-proclaimed Lord Aizen who stood eerily quiet beside his gooneys.

Before the two Arrancar can speak, Kirge manifest a ‘Jail’ around Aizen. It was a cage made up of reishi. The two Arrancar turn their heads to see what happened but are easily cut down by Kirge’s Heilig Pfeil which he fired from his saber.

“Take them down boys! Slay them like the dogs they are!” Kirge orders, having no other choice but to send in his Quincy Soldiers.

The Hunting Captain holds back, letting his men do what they do exceptionally well. He locks eyes with Aizen’s, and notices a grin on Aizen’s lips. A bad feeling starts to form in his gut. ‘That won’t hold him back for long. What the hell is he doing here? Performing some sort of ritual? And if that’s the case, what kind of ritual?’ Kirge thought to himself.

He quickly radios the Silbern, he waits until Uryu picks up.

“They knew we were here, the battles commences, I sure hope you sent for the reinforcements. I can’t help but think this freak has something up his sleeve.” He says as he continues to focus on the battle.

“I thought Aizen would notice us sooner or later. I was hoping for later. Where is he?” Uryu asks after he assures Kirge help is on its way.

“Serving time, but I don’t think it will hold him for long.” Kirge replies.

“I understand, just try to hold your position, reinforcements will be there soon, I dispatched the rest of the Sternritter, try to keep your men alive for as long as you can, even if you have to get involved this early on, we can’t afford to lose any more Quincy. That’s an order.” Uryu’s confident tone was more serious than usual.

“Understood Your Majesty.” Kirge replied. With one more look at Aizen, Kirge decides to join in the battle and readied his Saber.

Kirge casually waltzes into battle, swinging his sword left and right, cutting down Hollow after Hollow, but continues to focus on Aizen, making sure he stays in his ‘Jail’. As seconds turn to minutes, the rest of the First Jagdarmee arrives and joins in the battle.

Kirge walks through the battle and up to Aizen.

“Quite the gathering you have here Aizen.” Kirge says with an expressionless face.

“I’m glad you like it” Aizen replies, still wearing a slight grin.

“What is it you’re doing here. After the war you could have just accepted joining us. I remember Yhwach classified you as a Special War Power. But instead you choose to fight us. Tisk, Tisk, Tisk. Bad choice.” Kirge said as a grin made its way across his lips.

“It didn’t interest me, I have no need to join you. I have my own plans Kirge Opie, as you can see here.” Aizen replies.

“Oh? Such as what?” Kirge replies in a surprised tone.

“Take a look.” Aizen says as he points to the crater.

As Kirge turns, a column of light shot up into the black sky of Hueco Mundo. He noticed figures walking out of it. They appeared black as night, but as they made their way closer, they were unmistakably recognizable.

Aizen’s fallen Espada, alongside his fallen Arrancar.

What the Hell?! They we’re killed long ago by the Soul Reapers, this is impossible! Where the hell’s the re-enforcements I was promised!’ Kirge thought to himself.

“Impressive isn’t it Quincy.” Aizen remarked to the baffled Sternritter.

“How Aizen? How did you do this?” Kirge asked angrily

“How you ask?” Aizen said as the ‘Jail’ began to disintegrate. “I did this, through a process I created that I like to call the Resurrection.”

Just as Kirge was about to says something, a voice called out.

“The reinforcements have arrived!”

Kirge realized it was Bazz B.

“Re-enforcements, smart thinking Hunting Captain. But it will not change the fact that I shall win in the end.” Aizen said as the ‘Jail’ disintegrated entirely and he made his way toward the Espada and Arrancar.

“Go, go!” Bazz B shouted to the Sternritter and Soldat’s.

As Aizen walked toward his now gathered army, he opened a Garganta, and all present saw his intended target of invasion….

The Soul Society.

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