The Final Battle

Ulquiorra fell silent at the Quincy’s words. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity until Äs Nödt made the first move. He quickly used Hirenkyaku and appeared behind Ulquiorra and fired his reishi thorns. Ulquiorra turned to face the Quincy and fired his Cero. Äs activated his Blut Vene, and crosses his arms. The Cero sends him flying through the air and he lands far back and hits a wall. ‘Damn, that hurt, I’ve got to watch out when he does that’ Äs thought to himself as he stood back up. Out of seemingly no were, Ulquiorra appeared in front of him and held a green javelin and threw it at Äs.

Äs immediately used Hirenkyaku and narrowly missed the blast. Ulquiorra looks at him.

“Your reflexes are impressive.” He says.

Äs merely looks back at him. ‘Damn it. I can’t hold back for much longer. I’ll have to use my Vollständig soon or I’ll wind up dead…again.’ He thought to himself.

Before he can think on it more, Ulquiorra appears behind him swinging his javelin. Äs Hirenkyaku’s behind him and forms a longsword. The blade is black as night and forty inches long; the guard was the emblem of the Wandenreich, ‘I hate using swords and bows, but it appears I have no choice.’ Äs rarely ever fought with anything but his reishi thorns, but when he needed to, he would. He quickly swung at the Espada; Ulquiorra leaned back and swung at Äs who blocked his swing. They both jumped back.

“A longsword? Why choose to use it now?” Ulquiorra asked.

“I don’t use it unless I have to, I’ve never been good with a sword. I’m better at impaling.” Äs replied.

Äs wasted no time using Hirenkyaku and appearing in front of Ulquiorra and taking a swing at him, Ulquiorra raised his hand to block the Quincy’s blade but Äs’s blade cut threw his hand and across his chest. Ulquiorra’s eyes widen at the sight and Sonído’s backwards. He quickly regenerates his hand before glaring back at the Quincy. Ulquiorra notices a grin making its way across the Quincy’s cheek’s and looks down, and notices the same black substance that appeared on him earlier.

Ulquiorra fell to his knees. ‘What is this? This substance that makes me see that which I fear and doubt everything?

Before he knew it, Äs had used Hirenkyaku and appeared in front of him and cocked his head to the left.

“Your power is impressive Quincy, never have I seen anything like it. You’ve left me no choice.” Ulquiorra said as he rose to his feet.

Äs looked back at him as he raised his head. “What do you mean Arrancar?”

Ulquiorra simply looked at him with pitying eyes before uttering “Resurrección: Segunda Etapa”

Green spiritual pressure swarmed around Ulquiorra like a tornado, engulfing him. When it died down, his long white coat is gone revealing his slender white torso and his bare chest patterned so his Hollow hole appears to be dripping black blood-like liquid. His waist was covered in black fur, which covers his arms and legs. His fingers grow claw-like extensions, and his feet resemble talons. The irises of his eyes turn yellow and the sclera become green. The tear-like marks under his eyes increase in size and turned black. Ulquiorra's mask was completely gone and he has two large bat ears complimented by a long and thin black tail.

Äs Nödt looked at him in awe. ‘Since when did Arrancars have two releases? How could he have unlocked it?’ He thought to himself.

Ulquiorra wasted no time in engaging the Quincy; he used his black tail to grab Äs around the neck and then threw him against a wall before pointing his finger at him and charging his Cero.

“I will show you true despair Quincy. Cero Oscuras.”

Äs activated Blut Vene, as he was sent through several buildings until he hit a wall that stopped him. He slowly stood back up but fell to his knees again and noticed his mask was blown off by the Cero. He slowly inhaled and exhaled. ‘What the hell was that? God damn that was the worst feeling in the world’ He slowly stood back up.

By then Ulquiorra was already there and watched the Sternritter struggle to get up before speaking.

“You don’t die easy. You survived a point blank shot of my Cero Oscuras. Why not play dead?”

“Don’t offend me Arrancar. I’ve already died once and I don’t intend to die again.” Äs said harshly.

“As you wish.” Ulquiorra said.

Äs Nödt realized he couldn’t beat Ulquiorra in his state and finally decided to use his Vollständig. He slowly rolled back his left eye, revealing the emblem of the Wandenreich. A column of blue light surrounded him.

When he emerged, a stream of blood was pouring from each eye; there was a cloak with a line of stitches running down the middle. The cloak is very tight-fitting, revealing Äs' gaunt torso. His eyes are completely rolled up, and his forearms are covered in a black substance. His wings are barely visible and resemble circles of barbed wire attached to his back.

Ulquiorra’s eyes widened at what he saw.

“What are you?” He asked.

“Hahaha! This is my Vollständig! Tatarforas!” Äs said in a joyful tone.

Ulquiorra soon noticed that he could move and he began getting the same feeling he felt when he was struck with Äs’s weapons.

“What is this?” He asked.

“By simply seeing me in this form, you are induced with limitless fear Arrancar!” Äs said.

Ulquiorra paused, and tried with all his might to move until he finally was able to put some distance between him and the Quincy. He quickly formed another javelin and looked the Quincy in the eye. He struggled to throw his javelin, until what seemed like an eternity, he finally released it, causing a massive explosion that turned an entire block into nothing but ruble, only to discover that Äs had already appeared behind him without warning. Ulquiorra attempted a Bala but Äs impaled him with a reishi thorn within seconds.

Äs Nödt walked over to his opponent who was now lying on the ground. The fear had worked its way through Ulquiorra’s body and taken control of him, and knocked him out. Äs Nödt saw the potential in Ulquiorra, and decided it was best if he was kept alive, to recruit him into the Wandenreich with the other Arrancar.

Äs soon reverted back to his normal form and threw his hooded cloak back on. Ulquiorra also reverted back to his normal Human form. Äs picked him up and threw him over his shoulder and made his way toward the other Sternritter.

As he was walking, he looked up in the sky and noticed that Uryu and Shunsui we’re still fighting Aizen and it was still at a standstill. Kirge came up to him.

“Ahh, Äs! You survived! Good! Who’s that you’ve got with you?” He asked excitedly.

“Espada number four. Ulquiorra Cifer, I think he’ll make a good addition to our Arrancar Army.” Äs said as he leaned Ulquiorra against a wall.

“Recruiting Arrancars is my job Grandmaster. Are you trying to steal my position?” Kirge asked raising an eyebrow.

“Haha. No Kirge. But beware, this one has two releases.” Äs said.

“Two? Impressive, an Arrancar like that is next to impossible to find! Needless to say he isn’t expendable like the others. Nice job Äs!” Kirge said excitedly.

“Thank you. So who did you fight?”

“A bunch of Fraccions. Killed them obviously. ” Kirge said with a sigh. “You just got to fight the only Arrancar with two releases you lucky bastard!”

“Well as the Grandmaster I have to be able to fight the strong. I’m not too sure how the Emperor and the Head Captain will be able to take on Aizen. The last time he fought the Captains, he nearly killed them all, we may have to step in.” Äs says.

Kirge put his hand on Äs shoulder. “If the Emperor volunteered to do this, we have to have faith in him. He’s the Emperor of the Wandenreich; he used the Hōgyoku to bring me back from the dead. Have faith in him. If he really can’t handle it, we’ll all join in. From what I can tell, most of the fights are coming to an end, pretty much everyone had to use their Vollständig or Bankai in the fight, so everyone going to be pretty exhausted.”

“Yeah, I know. We should rest while we can. Wait until everyone gets here. As for Ulquiorra, we’ll just have to keep him with us until the battle is over.” Äs said as he sat down and leaned himself against the wall next to the Arrancar who was still unconscious.

A few moments later, he heard a voice calling to him, and the sound of running footsteps.

“Äs! Äs!” A battered and wounded Rukia called out.

Äs Nödt stood up and walked over to her and wrapped his arms around the small Soul Reaper, not caring who saw them.

“I’m glad you’re alright.” He said as he held her close to him.

Rukia gently smiled. “I’m glad you’re ok too.”

Kirge looked at the two, confusion written across his face just as Candice rounded the corner.

“Sheesh Rukia, you could have slowed down a bit. I mean seriously…” She paused at the odd sight, and her jaw slowly hit the ground.

They were soon followed by Renji and Bazz B who arrived after their fight with the 5th Espada.

“Damn, I didn’t think you we’re that good a fighter Bazz B! I’m impress…” Renji stopped mid-sentence, a frown on his face.

A grin made its way across Bazz B’s lips, as he started clapping. “Well I didn’t think that was possible! Good job Äs!”

Äs chuckled, as he placed his hand on Rukia’s forehead, brushing her hair back away from her flushed face.

Renji spoke up in dismay. “Rukia that doesn’t mean what I think it means does it?! You’re not seriously…”

Rukia let go of Äs and spoke up. “Of course it does Renji!”

Renji gave a shocked look. “Do you have any idea how mad the Captain will be if he finds out!”

Äs spoke up. “I’ll talk to him; after all, we did just help save the Soul Society this time.”

Candice spoke up. “So that means… Äs and that Soul Reaper Rukia are a thing?”

Bazz B rubbed his forehead at Candice’s inability to follow the conversation. “No Catnipp it just means they’re really good friends that’s all. Of course they’re a thing dumbass! Did you even listen to the conversation?!”

“Well I’m sorry my listening skills aren’t up to perfection Bazz B!” Candice retorted.

Bazz B rubbed his forehead and sighed before he took notice of the still passed out Arrancar. “Hey what’s that thing doing here? Hey Kirge did you think he was worth recruiting or something?”

“No, Äs did. This one has two releases. He’d be a good fighter.” Kirge replied.

“He caused that huge explosion that took out that whole sect of the Seireitei. I took care of him and made sure he didn’t throw another one.” Äs said as he sighed. “Hey Kirge, could you Jail him until the battles over and we can return to the Silbern?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll take care of it.” Kirge said in a bored voice.

“So that was this bastard eh?” Renji said.

“Yes, that’s the one.” Äs said as he looked up at the fight going on between Aizen and the leader of the Wandenreich and Soul Reapers. Shunsui could not use his Bankai; however he did activate his Shikai. He could tell that Uryu was about to go into his Vollständig. He fired an arrow into the sky directly above him, when the arrow exploded; it rained reishi around him which soon erupted into a column of blue light around him. When he immerged, he did not look much different, he wore the same Wandenreich Emperor attire, but he had angel wing, with a golden Quincy Zeichen crown floating above his head.

“So that’s his Vollständig.” Äs said in awe.

Bazz B walked over and stood next to Äs. “Damn, I never thought I would see the kid’s Vollständig. The Vollständig of the Emperor”

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