A New Dawn

“Alright Äs Nödt, are all the Soldats back?” Uryu asked. He could see it was taking everyone quite a while to absorb the fact that they were finally home.

“Yes Your Majesty. They should be reporting back to the Silbern soon, you should prepare your speech, it will be expected of you.” Äs Nödt replied.

“Of course.” Uryu says.

“Should we meet in the Silbern to discuss the new positions we will need to fill? We’ve lost many Sternritter and Soldats to this war. We’re going to need a new Grandmaster on top of all the other vacant positions.” Äs Nödt said, unable to keep the concern from his voice. He knew all too well that this meant they we’re very vulnerable until order could be established.

“Majesty, are you ready to speak to them?” Bazz B asked as he observed the huge crowd gathering outside.

“I am as ready as I’ll ever be.” Uryu replied calmly, signaling for Bazz B and Äs Nödt to show him the way to the Soldats.

They made their way to the Soldats. Many were sitting on the ground in front of the Silbern, while some stood holding banners of the Wandenreich, still others were holding on to their Berets. Their once white uniforms were now dirtied, and torn; some covered in blood. The looks of despair began to turn to hope as they caught glimpses of their new Emperor.

“It’s really him! Uryu Ishida really came!” One of the Soldats said in shock, not expecting the newly appointed Emperor to come in person to speak to them. A loud cheer went up as every bent a knee to their new Emperor.

“My fellow Quincy…” Uryu said as he held a hand in the air to quiet the roaring crowd. “As you know the war is over. Now we begin the process of rebuilding. It will take time, and I will not make meaningless promises to you. Things may not go according to plan. But there is one thing I do know, and that’s the fact that we can get through this. We as a people have gone through Hell and back, we have been massacred by the Soul Reapers, yet we still live! We have come so very close to extinction but here we are! Our situation is very precarious, I will not lie to you, but the key to survival is that we must stick together! We are all Quincy! And together we will stand and fight against not only our enemies but extinction! And we will survive! By our pride as Quincys!” Uryu was shouting at this point and the Soldats were cheering and chanting his name.

When the crowd quieted Uryu began making his way back into the Silbern, Bazz B and Äs Nödt following close behind.

“That was a very nice speech Your Majesty. You even inspired me.” Äs said with a little chuckle.

“Yeah! Hell, you got me all fired up!” Bazz B said excitedly.

“Thank you. I thought I did quite well myself.” Uryu said as he laughed with the other two men. “We have to have a meeting with the other Sternritter. Bazz B, would you be so kind as to go get them? Tell them to meet me in the meeting room on the second floor, I will be there shortly.”

“Sure, I’ll take care of it Your Majesty.” Bazz B replies before heading off to get the Sternritter. Uryu and Äs Nödt shared a grin at Bazz B’s enthusiasm, it was quite a different look for him!

“Äs Nödt, come with me.” Uryu says as he turns to face him.

“Yes Your Majesty.” Äs replies.

Uryu begins making his way to the meeting room on the second floor. The pace it set was a slow one, yet he remained quiet. Äs began to wonder what was going on. ‘What is he doing? Why didn’t he send me off with Bazz B? Does he wish to tell me something in private? He knows I don’t like surprises…but I guess I’ll just have to go with it.’ Äs thought as they both approached the meeting room.

Uryu proceeded to open the large double doors to the meeting room. They were each engraved with the emblem of the Wandenreich.

“Äs Nödt…” Uryu began. “I have a question for you.”

“What is it Your Majesty?” Äs asked curious, yet wary at the same time.

“…How would you like to be the new Grandmaster of the Sternritter?” Uryu finally asked. “You have proven to be a reliable Quincy, as well as being able to take up leadership when it is needed. You’re a great fighter, the strongest one out of all the surviving Sternritter. I can’t think of anyone else more deserving of the title.” Uryu said sincerely.

Äs was silent for several moments. He was in total disbelief. ‘Is this really happening? Me? Being offered the position of Grandmaster? I can’t believe it...maybe Uryu was more injured than we thought…..’ Äs thought to himself as he tried regained his composure.

The silence grew heavy and he realized that Uryu was expecting an answer from him. Swallowing past the lump in his throat, Äs looked up at his new Emperor.

“…I would be honored Your Majesty.” Äs said as he knelt before the Quincy Emperor. He was impressed with the fact that his voice held none of the turmoil he felt rolling around inside him.

“Then I hereby appoint you, Äs Nödt, Sternritter ‘F’, Grandmaster of the Sternritter of the Wandenreich.” Uryu said with a smile. ‘Now we’re one less commander down. I know he’ll do well. He has proven to be an honorable and loyal Quincy and I will sleep a lot better knowing it is he who holds this position of power.’ Uryu thought.

Just as Uryu finished appointing Äs Nödt, the other Sternritter’s arrived, but were confused as to why Äs Nödt was on his knee.

“Äs, are you having trouble standing or something?” Bazz B asked sarcastically, his hands planted on his hips.

“My fellow Quincy,” Uryu said, and everyone turned to look at him, “… meet your new Grandmaster.” He continued with a wide smile.

Everyone immediately stopped what they we’re doing, some of their faces showed their disbelief; some of the others evidently saw this coming.

“Why is he the Grandmaster? Shouldn’t we vote on it? I thought that was what the meeting was about!” Candice yelled, irritated by the sudden news.

“Relax Catnipp, we all know that he is best suited for the position. The Emperor could have certainly done worse. He could have chosen…Ohhh… I don’t know…You!” Bazz B said sarcastically. He knew what he said was true though; he was with Äs Nödt when he and two other Sternritter convinced him to help them fight Yhwach, and remembered how he helped keep them united, and focused in their search for Uryu.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean!?” Candice asked angrily.

“Oh nothing… nothing at all.” Bazz B said, enjoying the moment.

“Quiet!” Uryu commanded. “I know this is sudden, but I have decided Äs Nödt is best suited for the position for many reasons.” Uryu continued. “Some of you know why I would have chosen him.” He said as he looked at Bazz B, Giselle, and Liltotto. “But for those of you who don’t, I’ll explain why I chose him, just so there won’t be any confusion or conflict about it. I chose him because he kept everyone together when many of you saw it as an impossible task. He kept you focused on our future which I am honored to say included accepting me as the Heir apparent. He did it to prevent dissention amongst you, and he was willing to risk his life to accomplish this. That is why I think he is the one who deserves the position the most.” Uryu says with a smile.

You could have heard a pin drop when Uryu finished. No one, including Candice, argued with his decision after that and they all proceeded to take their seats.

“Our first order of business is simple; I think the Sternritter should have a new purpose.” Uryu began. “As you know, you’re old purpose was to purge the Soul Reapers. But that idea went to hell after you were routed and Auswählen was used. So we need to come up with a new purpose. So I took the liberty to come up with one for us!” Uryu said with a grin.

“What’s your new purpose for us?” Bazz B asked, his voice a little wary.

“Too protect the surviving Quincy in the World of the Living. It’s time the Quincy come out of the Shadow’s and make ourselves known again! We can protect them from Hollows, Soul Reapers, and whatever else is a threat to Quincy. For so long we have been forced to hide, afraid of what the Soul Reapers would do if we tried to fight hollows. If we do this, I think it would even encourage Quincy there to join us in the Wandenreich.” Uryu said

“That’s a noble purpose… I like it!” Bazz B said as he leaned back in his chair.

“I like it as well Your Majesty.” Äs Nödt said, knowing in his heart that this is just the thing his comrades needed to bring life back to their weary souls.

The other Sternritter’s nodded their heads in agreement, and a new excitement filled the air.

“Well then, it looks like we’re all in agreement. From this point on, the new purpose of the Sternritter is to protect the Quincy race on every front!”

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