Father of the Emperor

Location: Karakura Town Japan

Place: Karakura Hospital

Time: 8:30 pm

“You sure about this Äs?” Bazz B asked and Äs Nödt could hear the uncertainty in his voice.

“Yeah, I’m sure. His Majesty needs this, as do we.” A confident Äs Nödt replied.

“If you say so.” Bazz B replied.

The two Sternritter enter the hospital, and walked to the front desk. Äs Nödt spoke to the receptionist sitting at the desk.

“Excuse me ma’am, could you tell me where the director’s office is?” Äs asked.

When the receptionist looked up, she was startled by the sight of the Sternritter, and hesitated before replying.

“Uh…yes sir just let me make sure that he’s available.” She said as she pressed the button and spoke into the intercom.

“Mr. Ishida, there are some… gentlemen here to see you.” She said.

There was a short pause.

“He is ready to see you. He is on the top floor in room 598.” The reception said.

“Thank you” Äs Nödt replied.

“Did you see the look on her face when she saw you? She was scared all right.” Bazz B said with a chuckle.

“I think my power has improved.” Äs said sarcastically as they approached the elevator.

Bazz B selected the 9th floor.

As the elevator went up, Äs Nödt began to wonder how the others were doing. This was the first time they had been deployed on a mission like this. These sort of missions were rarely, if ever, carried out by the Sternritter.

The elevator doors open.

They pick up their pace as they walk through the hallway, not wanting to waste time.

“Room 598, where are you…ahh, there you are!” Bazz B says as he walks to the door and opens it without knocking.

As they walk in, they notice a man sitting at a large mahogany desk. He was of average height, middle aged and quite fit. He had narrow blue eyes that were sporting a pair of frameless glasses. He was fair skin with shocking white hair. He was wearing a plain grey suite with a light blue shirt and a tie adorned with Quincy crosses.

“Your Ryūken Ishida correct?” Äs Nödt asked, even though he knew the answer.

“Yes, who’s asking?” Ryūken replied without looking up to see who it was.

“We are.” Bazz B replied as he stepped next to Äs Nödt.

“Well what do you need? I’m quite busy at the moment.” Ryūken replied coldly.

“We’re here for one purpose Mr. Ishida; we want you to join the Wandenreich.” Äs Nödt said assertively.

“The Wandenreich? And what is that?” Ryūken asked, his head still berried in his work.

“We are.” Äs replied and Bazz B gave him an elbow, liking the way his partner was starting to use his phrases.

“I assumed that, but who are you and the Wandenreich?”

“We are Quincy Mr. Ishida; The Wandenreich is our Empire.” Äs said as he tried to not let his annoyance show in his voice.

Now this caught Ryūken’s attention. He finally looked up, but there was no look of shock or disbelief on his face.

“What did you just say?” Ryūken asked, checking to make sure he heard the masked Sternritter correctly.

“You’re not the ‘Last Quincy’ Mr. Ishida, or the last Pure Blood. There are still other Quincy who live. However we are still facing extinction. There is more that I need to tell you, but for now that is all you need to know.” Äs Nödt said.

Ryūken fell silent. His face showed the disbelief of what he was hearing, but his expression soon faded back into one of seriousness.

“I will ask you once more Mr. Ishida, will you join your people? Will you join us in the Wandenreich?” Äs Nödt asked in a voice that was filled with conviction.

Ryūken was silent for a moment before replying “…What if I do? I have a job and a life here that I am very content with.”

“There is much more you could do if you join us. You can save lives of not only the living but also the dead… of your people! We have very few doctors with us and many soldiers that need them! We need people like you Mr. Ishida. Your son needs you.” Äs said, his tone heavy with determination.

“My son? What do you know about my son?” Ryūken asked, his blue eyes narrowing.

“If you come with us I can show you.” Äs replied, hearing the concern in his voice, though it was hard to distinguish, it was present in his tone.

Ryūken fell silent.

“…If I come with you…you will take me to him?” Ryūken asked.

“Yes, I will Mr. Ishida. He isn’t harmed in anyway, I assure you, though he is…of high importance in the Wandenreich.” Äs Nödt replied, hinting at Uryu’s status within their ranks.

Ryūken was silent, and both men knew they had convinced him to join them. He just needed a little push.

“I will bring us back to the Shadow Realm, give me a moment. Bazz B, make sure Mr. Ishida’s ready.” Äs said, as he started opening the portal to the Shadow Realm.

“And are you ready Mr. Ishida?” Bazz B asked, forcing him to make a decision.

“Of course” Ryūken replied without hesitation. He rose to his feet and brushed his hands down his grey suite, easing away the wrinkles. He raised his face to look at both men as he pushed his glasses up high on his nose with the index finger on his right hand.

All three Quincys went through the portal that Äs had created. At first they saw nothing but blackness, but within moments they emerged in front of the Silbern.

“What is that?” Ryūken asked, intrigued by the strangely built structure.

“That is our headquarters… otherwise known as the Silbern.” Äs continued. “Please follow me; I will take you to Uryu.”

They continued into the large structure, and after weaving through many rooms finally emerged into the throne room. Bazz B and Äs Nödt walked in front of Ryūken covering him from Uryu’s view. Uryu sat on his throne, already expecting them.

“Ahhh, Bazz B, Äs Nödt, you have returned. I assume that means you have brought back a new recruit?” Uryu asked, happy to have his top man back.

“You could say that Your Majesty. You may already know him.” Bazz B replied with an ever widening grin, as the two Sternritter stepped aside, revealing Ryūken.

“Ryūken!” Uryu shouts in disbelief when he sees his father standing before him. “You two brought my father into this?!”

“Forgive us Your Majesty, but it’s only right your father be with us, especially considering our current situation.” Äs told him, his voice contrite but firm.

“Is that anyway to greet your father?” Ryūken spoke up, attempting to break the tension. “Though I must admit Uryu; I’m quite impressed with you and your new…position.” Ryūken said.

Uryu was silent for several moments before looking back at his father. “…Are you now? Well then thank you. But why did you allow my men bring you here? You never wanted to be a Quincy before, so why?” Uryu demanded.

Ryūken was silent for a moment as he studied his son. “…They thought I could help you and this ‘Wandenreich’ you are the leader of. They said you don’t have many doctors, but you have a lot of wounded…” Ryūken paused when Uryu looked away, unable to keep eye contact with him. ‘I have been so distant… from my own son… for so long! This must change, I know I love him but...he doesn’t love me. I am his father, I must change now if I want to have a place in his life. If I am to earn his love again, I have to be here with him… for him! “They also told me…that you were here. That’s why I came, Uryu.”

Uryu fell silent as his eyes widened, ‘That’s why he came? Because of me? Does that mean he really does care for me?’ “…I…see. Then will you…join me…father?” Uryu finally managed to ask.

“Yes, I will join you Uryu.” Ryūken wasted no time in replying, a slight smile played at his lips. He hadn’t seen that look on his son’s face since he was a little boy.

“Good. For now you will serve as our chief medical officer, I will give you a Sternritter Epithet later. But until then Bazz B will show you to our wounded.” Uryu said.

“Follow me Mr. Ishida.” Bazz B said as he signaled to Ryūken.

When the two left to room, Uryu walked up to Äs Nödt who was the only one left in the room.

“Was this your plain Äs?” Uryu asked.

“It was, I thought it would help both you and your father. But I also thought it would be beneficial to have a doctor around. We are short on them in case you didn’t notice. And there is also the fact that your father is a very powerful Quincy as well. I bet he could easily kill a Captain Class Soul Reaper.” Äs noted.

“I see you’ve thought this through and had several good reasons to bring him here…Thank you. But I have another mission for you.” Uryu continued. “I need you to be our ambassador to the Soul Reapers…I know it is a big risk to send you, especially since your both the Grandmaster of the Sternritter and our strongest Sternritter. But you are the best suited for this mission. There may be times I will want to call you back for meetings on how our situation is progressing.”

“I would be honored to carry out this mission Your Majesty.” Äs Nödt said as he kneeled down before the Emperor.

“Good.” Uryu said, expecting nothing less from him. “You don’t have to leave right away however; I still have to send the message to the Soul Reapers. I will be sending someone to represent us at the Seireitei.” Uryu said.

“I’ll head back to the World of the Living then, to do some…lets say ’Target practice’ so to speak.” Äs said.

“Feel free, I’ll send someone to bring you back when you’re needed. You’re going to Karakura Town correct?” Uryu asked.

“Yes Your Majesty.” Äs replied.

Uryu nodded his head and Äs proceeded to open a portal to head back to the World of the Living.


As he re-emerged in Karakura town he wasted no time in hunting for Hollows, and almost immediately he noticed many spiritual pressures belonging to Hollows. With the war that raged between the Quincy and the Soul Reapers, the Soul Reapers couldn’t afford to pay attention to the Hollows that entered the World of The Living. Even though the Quincy ruled Hueco Mundo, they couldn’t tame all of it, especially with a war going on.

Well now that peace is established, I guess we can get back to our duty’ Äs thought to himself. After he sent his reishi thorns through the first few Hollows, which killed them instantaneously, he noticed a foreign spiritual pressure, one which he was all too familiar with… a Soul Reaper. Whoever it was, they were suppressing their spiritual pressure, so he couldn’t exactly tell who it was.

He quickly suppressed his and made his way toward it. He quickly noticed that the Soul Reaper was coming right at him. They must have noticed each other at the same time. Seconds later, they finally came upon each other and their eyes widened in shock.

It was clear to Äs who the Soul Reaper was… Rukia Kuchiki.

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