The Beginning of the New Age

The two held on to each other for what seemed like an eternity before their hands dropped to each other’s sides.

“Rukia, I have to tell you something.” Äs began. “In the short time since we returned back to the shadow realm, a lot has changed. We have begun looking for new Sternritter, and soldiers. And…I have been selected to lead the new generation of Sternritter.”

“Äs! That’s amazing!! With you there and Uryu as Emperor, it won’t be long before the whole war is put in the past!” Rukia said with excitement.

“That is my hope. Until that happens, I need you to be patient. I have many responsibilities now, but I need you to know that you have never been far from my thoughts.” He brushed a hand down her smooth cheek. “We will not have much time together….yet. however I promise, when things do calm down…return to normal…I want nothing more than to spend as much time with you as I possibly can. I need you to know this. My duties are about to take me far from here for a while….but I promise….we will be together!” Äs finished his voice a passionate whisper as he pulls Rukia into his arms for a long embrace that left her breathless.

“Äs…” Rukia was speechless.

“I can’t stay here for long, I have to return to the Silbern. His Majesty has a lot to do, he can’t do it alone.” Äs said.

Rukia chuckled. “Yeah, I bet”

The two stood up and released each other without another word. Rukia watched Äs Nödt in silence as he opened a Shadow Portal, and went through it.

He saw nothing but blackness, like that of the of the night sky.

When Äs emerged, he was in the throne room of the Silbern. Uryu was beginning a Ceremony that would make his father one of the Sternritter. Ryūken stood face to face with his son, his outfit was different from the grey suite he wore when he first arrived with Äs Nödt and Bazz B. His new outfit consisted of the standard Sternritter uniform, the white double breasted trench coat and the ankle-length cape and hooded cloak, with the white trousers. But his shoes were basic black dress shoes, and he wore a white armband on his left arm that had a black medical cross on it.

“Ah, Äs Nödt, you made it just in time, I’m about to give my father his Epithet.” Uryu said with a smile.

“How do you plan on doing that? When we were given our Epithets, we were given a part of Yhwach soul. You don’t have the ability to divide your soul Your Majesty? Unless, of course, you found another way to give a Quincy similar powers.” Äs Nödt pointed out.

“Very inquisitive Äs Nödt. But you’re wrong, I can divide my Soul. You see, when I was given the Epithet, ‘A’ I gained the powers of the ‘Almighty’. But he also gave me the ability to distribute pieces of my soul with it.” Uryu said.

“I see. That’s…Impressive…” Äs said with a sly grin.

“I shall proceed with this ceremony.” Uryu began, but not before he gave Äs a sly grin of his own. “Ryūken Ishida. As a member of the new generation of the Sternritter, I give the Epithet ‘D’ standing for ‘The Diagnosis’. Your power is to give anyone within three feet of you any disease you wish, and speed up or slow down the said disease affects.” Uryu finishes as he hands his father a cup of his blood.

“If I must.” Ryūken says with little enthusiasm as he drinks from the cup.

The ceremony was complete.

Ryūken was officially one of the Sternritter

“I will go back to tend to the wounded, there are more than I predicted.” Ryūken said.

“Good idea. I know you’ll take good care of them father.” Uryu said.

Ryūken let a sly smile curl up the side of his lips. ‘That’s the first time he’s called me father in a long time’ he thought to himself as he walked out of the throne room.

Äs Nödt approached the Emperor.

“Äs, the mission I’ve given you is very important. You must represent us well. We’re no doubt hated by many Soul Reapers after the war. Make us proud.” Uryu said, knowing this mission as ambassador could go south at any moment in time. “You’ll be directed to a building that will serve as our embassy. I’ll send some staff and guards as soon as I can. We also decided that due to the fact that we’ve been able to make progress faster than we originally thought we would, we’re going to meet in the embassy tomorrow to come up with a treaty. Today, you’re going to be meeting with the Kidō Corps captain after you’re settled in the embassy.”

“Very good Your Majesty. I’ll make sure everything goes as planned. I will leave when you give the order.” Äs said.

“You may leave when you’re ready. Good luck.”

Äs proceeded to open another Shadow portal into the Soul Society. He gave one last glance at the Emperor before walking through.

When he emerged, he was standing in front of a building that was once part of Wandenreich City. The building was four stories tall and Triangular in shape, with rows of rectangular windows on each floor. The front of the building had banners baring the emblem of the Wandenreich hanging from the top floor draping downward. Right of the structure was a tall clock tower with a pyramid shaped top.

“You must be the one you’re Emperor sent to be Ambassador. Welcome back.” A voice calls out in a cold tone.

Äs turns his head slightly so only the corner of his eye could be seen. “It appears that way doesn’t it.” Äs recognized the Captain that had come to escort him into the newly designated Embassy as Captain Suì-Fēng. “You’re the Captain that beat BG9 correct? Good job. Last I heard he was going to be executed for his defeat, but it was interrupted for some reason...I assume we’ll go looking for him soon enough.”

“So that’s what happened to It after our battle?” She says with interest before turning the conversation back to her original purpose. “Regardless, I’m here to make sure you get to the Embassy and stay there until the Kidō corps Commander arrives for this deal we’re putting together.”

“I see, well we shouldn’t waste any time should we? I have to get acquainted with my new space.” Äs said grinning under his mask.

“I guess not.” Suì-Fēng replies coldly. Angry with the fact that they were actually willing to work with the Quincy, after all they’d done, but knowing that orders were orders, and she was helpless but to obey them.

The two start heading towards the Embassy. Äs Nödt walking ahead, while Suì-Fēng followed close behind. Both silent until they arrived at the front door of the embassy.

“I’ll show you to your office Quincy.” Suì-Fēng said, refusing to say his name.

“Please do.” Äs replied.

The two walked up to the fourth floor, where they came upon a room with double doors. Suì-Fēng opened one of the doors and stepped aside. There was an elegant mahogany desk with a fine shine to it, an emblem of the Wandenreich engraved in front of the desk. Sitting on top was a desk lamp, and behind the desk was a leather chair. A large book case filled with books on the Soul Society’s and the Wandenreich’s history, along with ancient and modern Quincy lore, sat against the back wall.

“I’m going to wait for the Kidō Corps Commander, stay here. There is a bedroom through that door if you need to ….powder your nose.” Suì-Fēng said as she abruptly turned and walked out the door and down the stairs.

“Fine by me Soul Reaper.” Äs said under his breath without turning around, skimming his fingers across the rows of books on the book shelf.

A few moments latter there was a knock on the door.

That must be the Commander’ Äs thought to himself. ‘That was fast…’

“Come in”

When the door opened a tall, muscular, lightly tan skinned man stood in the doorway. His hair was in corn rows and he had a large handlebar mustache that was so big it touched his long sideburns. He walked in without uttering a word. His uniform was the standard Soul Reaper robe but he also wore a second, ornate dark blue robe with a large upturned collar and the symbol of the Kidō Corps on it and he carried a shakujō.

“Ahh, you’re the Quincy ambassador. Kisuke Urahara told me about you. Your name is Äs Nödt correct?” The Captain said as he walked past him.

“Yes it is. Your name is Tessai Tsukabishi, I’ve heard about you.” Äs continues. “Please take a seat.”

Tessai Proceeded to sit down in front of the desk.

“Now then, let’s not waste any time. You and the Head Captain wanted my Company to join in your alliance against Central 46. At least that’s my understanding.” Tessai says.

“That’s correct. I know you have no love for them, they banished you from the Soul Society once, and I believe you re-gained you position for a reason, and I think your friend Kisuke Urahara would agree with me on this. I’m asking you to please join us. You will benefit from this alliance, I assure you. You will be able to restructure the Soul Society in such a way that it would become much more… fair to you and the Souls inhabiting this place. So tell me, will you and your company join us?”

Tessai wasted no time in giving an answer.

“Yes, I will join you, that is if Kisuke thinks this is the right thing to do.”

“Thank you for your time Captain. You will be informed when we are ready to meet to come up with a treaty that will allow peace to follow after everything is over.” Äs said as he shook Tessai’s hand over the desk.

“Of course. I will wait to hear from you. Until then.” Tessai replied as he walked out of the office, the door closing quietly behind him.

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