Book 5 - Harmony

By silkink

Erotica / Adventure


Korra wakes up first, which is weird given her hatred of mornings. Maybe a side effect of the new power? She muses.

She smiles softly at the sight of Asami’s lightly snoring face nestled into her chest. The black hair’s a ruffled mess, which is secretly Korra’s favourite style. She ruffles it some more, a cheeky grin appearing at the thought of how Asami will kill her if she finds out.

“Snrrt! Korra! You can’t eat…” Asami pauses in her sleep talk, “seven whole pancakes… zzzz”

Korra laughs loudly, but Asami doesn’t stir. Pancakes don’t sound too bad, actually, she thinks. She carefully untangles herself from Asami, swapping her torso for a pillow, throws a clean vest on and heads downstairs to cook something up.

On the way to the kitchen she stops to make a quick phone call to her father, telling him that Asami’s fine, everything’s fine, and they’ll call them later to explain more. She hears him sob with tears of relief.

“Talk later Dad. Love you.” She says, smiling.

She then dials Tenzin, giving him a very brief outline of what’s happened, and asking him to come by later with Lin so that they can discuss everything. He doesn’t sound like he believes anything she’s saying about her new powers, so she’s looking forwards to showing him…

She put the phone down and positively dances into the kitchen, amazed at how alive, giddy and care-free she feels.

A few deft pancake flips later, she has a stack of them in a pile, still steaming, drizzled with a sweet sauce she’d discovered in the north which she knows complements them. She’d smuggled a bottle of it into Asami’s kitchen months ago, as well as several southern water tribe spices, her lucky cooking gloves and her favourite pan. Korra pauses mid-way up the stairs, bemused at the realisation that she’s practically moved in, and can’t even figure out when.

When she returns to their bedroom, Asami has one eye open, and Korra grins as she air-bends the bedside table forwards a nudge, serving her beautiful girlfriend breakfast in bed.

“Hmm, weird,” Asami says, “I’m sure I was just dreaming about these…”

Asami sits up and quickly rolls a pancake up with a healthy dollop of extra sauce, stabs it with a fork, sticks it into her mouth, chews, swallows, then licks her fingers.

Korra bursts out laughing, half way through rolling her own pancake, “You’re such a pig!”

“It’s not my fault your food is so good!” Asami pouts, grabbing a second helping.

Soon there’s just one pancake left. Asami stares at Korra, Korra stares back, and they both stab at it with a fork at the same time.

“Mine!” Asami demands.

“Half?” Korra compromises.

“Half, then,” Asami agrees begrudgingly… then sticks the whole thing in her mouth anyway and tries not to laugh, face stuffed with pancake. She eventually manages to chew and gulp it down.

“You little,” Korra air-bends the blankets off Asami and dives onto the bed, wrestling Asami’s arms back, “pancake thief!”

Asami giggles as Korra begins a vicious tickling assault, thrashing around the bed, trying to fight her off.

“hahaha!! Stop it! Korra!” she squeals, eyes bright with amusement, but then jade eyes flash dangerously and legs are suddenly around Korra’s waist, and before she knows it Asami’s on top of her, glaring down victoriously, one eyebrow raised.

It’s then that Korra notices Asami’s wearing nothing but a half buttoned shirt, and briefs… her throat goes dry, and she finds herself yearning to do more than tickle Asami and feed her pancakes. Much more.

“I know what you’re thinking, Korra,” Asami smiles with a wicked curve to one side of her lips, turning Korra a brighter shade of red. It infuriates her how well Asami can read her, but she also kind of likes it.

Asami suddenly looks at her with a more sombre expression…

“We’re alive, and we’re together…” Asami whispers, leaning forwards until Korra feels Asami’s breasts rest atop hers, and lips brushing against her ear, “…and all I can think about is how badly I need your skin against mine,” Korra groans at the words, “how I need to be kissing you right now… and how much I want to make love to you all day.”

She feels teeth sink into her ear at the last word, causing heat to pulse over her entire body, and her heart to pound heavily in her chest. She stares intently as Asami sits upright, still straddling her, and she’s overwhelmed with the need to make love to this amazing woman, to celebrate the fact that they’re alive, they’ve survived.

She sits up beneath Asami’s thighs, tugging her vest off as quickly as she can, before she helps Asami unbutton the rest of her shirt, which then slides off her arms. She takes a moment to appreciate the absolute beauty before her, then places her lips against Asami’s torso, trailing gentle kisses upwards.

Asami’s fingers thread into her hair as Korra continues to kiss, her lips finding collar bone, then neck, before she pauses to pull back and look into Asami’s eyes. Their foreheads touch, their eyes never looking away from one another…

“I don’t think I’ve ever needed you this much…” Asami says quietly, fingertips trailing lightly down Korra’s shoulders.

“I need you too…” she says, quietly, “more than you know… I’m so happy,” she says, blinking back fresh tears.

She kisses Asami, and the sensation reminds her of the pure joy she’d experienced when she’d seen the spirit world explode into life. Vivid colours flash through her mind, and her heart beats almost painfully as she feels Asami’s tongue lightly flicker against her own… Everything from the past few days comes flooding back to her, and from the way the kiss is deepening, she knows Asami is feeling the same. It’s almost like… sheer desperation, to be as close as possible to one another.

She slides her palms up Asami’s back, pulling their bodies together, and feeling breasts squeeze against her own… She groans at the contact, breaks from the kiss to trail kisses around Asami’s neck, slowly down her torso, and eventually to her plump breast. The fingers in her hair tighten as she places her lips against the hardened nipple, sucking it gently between her lips and into her mouth, then sliding her tongue across the tip.

A fire blazes between her legs at the sound of Asami’s first gasps of pleasure, and she applies more pressure with her tongue, flicking it across the captive nipple, as Asami’s hips start to slowly rock above her thighs.

“Korra,” she hears Asami whisper, “Don’t be gentle. Don’t tease. I need you… I want you…”

The last few words are said in a growl, and she hisses as Asami’s nails dig into her shoulder, as if to reinforce the point. She quickly attacks Asami’s neglected breast with renewed vigour, clasping the taut nipple between her teeth and biting, groaning loudly into Asami’s chest when nails rake across her back… she’s desperate to feel every inch of Asami, it’s an aching need, and every hair on her body stands on end.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?” she growls, her voice hoarse. She wants to touch Asami, feel her, and taste her, all of her… more than ever.

“You make me lose myself,” Asami whispers, and Korra pauses her pursuit to look up at her lover, places the tip of her thumb in the hem of Asami’s briefs, and gently tugs…

“I want to feel you… all of you…” Her voice is so deep it’s barely recognisable, even to herself.

They quickly shed the last barriers of clothing between them, and before she can drink in the sight of the naked beauty before her, a palm is thrust against Korra’s torso, forcing her down onto the mattress, where her lips are immediately captured in a frenzied, deep kiss. She feels dizzy, Asami’s lips fiercely assault hers, and they’re both groaning into each other.

She fists her fingers into Asami’s hair, slides a leg between her thighs, gasping as she feels a slickness against her flesh, and moaning when Asami returns the favour, providing her with much needed friction as their thighs interlock completely.

They rock against each other, their wetness and sweat causing them to glide effortlessly, and Korra’s sure she could come, even just doing this… she’s already so far gone… she doesn’t allow herself to, though.

She manages to squeeze her hand between their bodies, down past Asami’s abdomen, where she extends her fingers and ventures down further, finding purchase between her thigh and Asami’s sex… a little more… there.

Asami moans loudly, and she’s so wet against her hand that Korra has to use every ounce of willpower to remain focused. She feels Asami’s strength buckle, torso collapsing above hers, and lips against her ear, gasping lightly. Korra takes advantage of Asami’s moment of weakness to thrust her torso upwards and flip them around, until she’s on top, and her hands are free to roam as she desires.

“That’s cheating,” Asami gasps, though she doesn’t complain when Korra starts to trail a fingertip down her abdomen, sliding it down towards the waiting wetness.

She rolls her fingers in light circles around Asami’s clit, feeling drunk at the sight of Asami, looking like this… lower lip caught between teeth, reddened cheeks, head tilted backwards, and mouth agape. Hips rock into her hand, and she leans down to kiss and bite around Asami’s ear, exposed neck and collar bone. She matches Asami’s thrusts, sliding her fingers up and down the hardened bud, moving lower with each thrust until she feels even more of Asami’s dampness, which sends a fresh wave of pleasure streaking through her body.

“Asami… you’re so wet…” she groans.

Asami’s hips start to thrust urgently against her hand, the moans grow louder, and Korra can feel that Asami’s getting close. Not yet, she thinks. She wants to relish the moment, take her time. She slows down and stops her fingers from going any deeper in their strokes, so that they’re barely resting inside of the inviting warmth.

“Don’t… fucking… tease,” Asami groans, hips desperately rocking, trying to force Korra’s fingers deeper.

The words make Korra forget any pretence about holding back… she wants Asami, now. She slips a hand between the mattress and Asami’s back, pulling her torso up slightly with her palm, then trails her lips from their purchase on Asami’s neck to her torso, then breast, clasping her teeth against the hard, pink peak, and sliding two fingers deeply into Asami’s wetness, pressing her palm firmly against her clit.

“Oh, Korra…” Asami’s eyes flicker closed and her hips rock steadily against Korra’s palm. She finds herself groaning every time Asami gasps, every time she slides her fingers back inside, every time she feels Asami’s entire body quiver at her touch.

Asami’s thrusts become more demanding, and she pulls her fingers out further, sliding them back in with greater force, and it’s almost effortless because Asami is so wet… so fucking wet…

“Don’t stop.”

Asami groans the words, and the nails clawing down her back force Korra to ride herself against Asami’s thigh, she’s barely able to resist the need for her own release, and Asami’s rocking into her hand again and again…

“Don’t stop…”

Asami’s fingers tightly grip into her shoulders.

“Don’t… sto…” Asami’s thrusts turn violent, and Korra grinds harder against her thigh, her own needs taking over with a sudden urgency.

“I’m coming! Fuck, Korra…” Asami’s nails dig into her flesh, hips grind roughly into her palm and a new flood of wetness streams down her fingers. She moans loudly, squeezing her eyes closed and thrusting herself firmly against Asami’s thigh, soaking it with her wetness, and she’s coming too, she can’t stop it now... She cries out in ecstasy, vaguely aware of Asami doing the same, crying out her name, clenching fists into her damp hair as walls contract and flutter around her fingers.

She gasps for air, taking a moment to recover her senses, before collapsing forward and resting her body on top of Asami’s. After the stars have cleared from her vision, she places soft kisses against Asami’s ear.

“You’re amazing…” she mumbles, “I love you...”

Asami’s arms squeeze Korra tightly against her, “I love you too,” she breathes.

They lay contentedly in each other’s arms for a while, then turn on their sides to face one another. Korra pulls herself closer to Asami’s frame so that she can kiss her again, tenderly, slowly. She soon feels Asami’s fingertips trail up and down her spine, then tangle into her hair, and before she knows it, she finds herself kissing Asami more intently, with renewed passion.

Life is good.

Being alive is good.

But being with the woman she loves? That’s the best feeling of all.

I don’t want this to end, at least not for today, she thinks. She pulls apart from their kiss, delighted to see beautiful, lustful green eyes staring right back at her.

“Again?” she asks, her voice sounding deeper than she remembers.

“Oh, yes...” Asami growls, stretching out a perfect, lithe body, then deftly flipping Korra over onto her back, and straddling her, “But this time, I’m on top.”


Tenzin looks at Lin, and tries to maintain a neutral expression even though they both quite clearly hear every groan, cry and loud whisper, even outside of the Sato mansion. Then there’s a loud crash, followed by Asami screaming “YES!”…

Lin rests her head in her palm, “Let’s come back tomorrow.” She says, dryly.

“Tomorrow,” Tenzin agrees.

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