Book 5 - Harmony


Korra chews on the pencil between her lips, staring at the blank pages before her.

“Ugh, this feels stupid,” she says, out loud, about to close the empty diary and return it to the shelf. But she pauses, frowning to herself. She has a few hours of nervous energy to kill, and she promised Asami she wouldn’t wear herself out training today. She also promised that she’d take Asami’s advice and start writing into this thing. “It’s therapeutic, you should try it!”

Korra’s not convinced, but she presses pencil to paper, unsure where to even start. It’s been two years since she received the power of Ravatu, and a lot’s changed since then.

“Two years ago it is, then…” she mumbles, starting to scribble furiously.


Dear Diary,

Gotta admit, this feels dumb… but I’ve started now, so here goes nothing. I guess I should write about some important stuff that’s happened the past couple years.

Two years ago

Lots of crazy stuff happened, I nearly died. Asami saved me. Then I saved Asami, but I actually did die. Raava and Vaatu merged because of our love, and they resurrected me.

This sounds stupid! I knew writing this was a bad idea… ugh… oh well.

So it turns out Vaatu wasn’t that evil after all, just hurting inside. A lot. I guess we all have a reason for being the way we are, though I’m not sure I’d ever forgive him for killing all those people. I guess it must be different for ancient spirits, because Raava forgave him.

Anyway, they turned into a big yellow blob and gave me a new power.

Asami and I… um… rested for a while.

I told Dad, Tenzin, Kya, Katara and Lin everything, and they agreed to keep things quiet for a while.

About a month later

I thought Naga was sick, I almost puked with worry. Turns out she was pregnant!

We ended up with three awesome pups, and named them Fatty – for obvious reasons, Cheddar – because he’d always steal the stuff somehow, and Lucky – because she was stillborn, but I nursed life into her.

Lin and Kya adopted Fatty. Oh yeah, they’re a thing now. I don’t know when they got together, but Lin is like a different person these days. She still puts on a tough act, but Kya manages to make her melt every time, and Asami thinks it’s adorable.

And I think Asami is adorable and I can’t wait to see her today.

We kept Lucky, and she’s been a handful, but we love her to bits.

Cheddar adopted Wu, after Wu jumped into the road to save him from what would have been a fatal car accident. Wu was in a bad way after that, and I had to use energy bending in public for the first time to save him.

A few weeks Later

Obviously, the press found out about my new powers. It was chaotic for a while, everyone tried to get to me, beg me to grant them bending. And then other people asked me to take it away from those they felt didn’t deserve it.

In the end the answer was obvious. Tenzin formed a new council with representatives from each nation, and republic city.

Raiko, Desna and Eska, Izumi, Wu, Tenzin and I meet roughly once a month. They each elect two candidates from their nations, and I grant the bending ability of their choice. I’ve given talented healers water bending, skilled mechanics earth bending, in the hopes they’ll be able to metal bend, and lots more beside.

The council also votes on whether someone should have bending removed, though it’s only happened twice so far. Kuvira requested it, because she wanted an early release, to try to fix things with her family. Zaheer was less receptive to the idea, but the council felt he was too big a threat if left unchecked. They’ve been able to put him into a lower security cell now, so maybe he’ll find some comfort in that…

A year ago

Asami took me out in a new speedboat, with actual rockets on the back. It’s crazy fast, but it broke down (actually, it set on fire…). I made Asami feel better by running my lips ov- uh, telling her how amazing she is.

Anyway, after our discussion, Asami got the boat working and took me to an island. Turns out she built a little log cabin retreat for the two of us there… we slept there for the night, and the next morning, she asked me to be her wife.

So yeah, maybe I cried, but so what. I said yes, obviously…

Six months ago

Bolin and Opal had their first kid, and called her Lana. She’s really pretty, for a baby.

Asami and I are unofficial aunts to her, since Bolin insisted.

Sometimes I think about adopting kids, and I talked to Asami back then about it. She wants to leave it a while, and I’m in no hurry, so that’s fine.

Asami surprised me just a week after that – she showed me blueprints for a new Orphanage, it was built just a couple of weeks after that. We both help out there whenever we can.


Well… I’m getting married to the most beautiful, kind and loving woman in the world. I’m going to spend the rest of my life with her. I can’t wait…


Korra snaps the book shut with a wide grin just as her mother walks into the room.

“Honey! You haven’t started to get ready?” Senna says, folding her arms.

“Huh? What time is it?”

“It’s just after four… The ceremony’s in an hour!”

“Shit!” Korra panics, jumping off the bed. It’s fortunate that she already showered this morning, so she’s left with the small task of fixing her hair, and squeezing into her new dress.


Asami looks over herself in the mirror, nervously. She’s let her hair down today, because she knows Korra prefers it that way. She’s wearing a figure-hugging black tuxedo, with a white, frilled blouse, and a single, crimson rose clipped onto the jacket pocket. She’d realised some time ago that Korra had a thing for women in business attire, made obvious by how quickly said clothes would be ripped off her whenever she wore them.

She smirks at the not-so-distant memories.

“You look astounding. Korra won’t know what’s hit her.” Tonraq beams at her, leaning a shoulder against her doorway, and she chuckles, smiling back at him.

It feels so good to have family again…

She’s grown so close to Tonraq and Senna that it’s like having a mother and father again… they treat her like a daughter. They accepted her into their lives with open arms, and there hadn’t been even a moment of hesitation when she’d asked permission for their daughter’s hand last year.

She fiddles with her hair nervously, and thinks about re-applying her lipstick as it suddenly looks less-than-perfect. She’s interrupted as Tonraq places a heavy hand on her shoulder.

“Less than an hour to go. And we still have to get to the temple… trust me honey, you look fantastic. I couldn’t be prouder.”

She tries to hold back tears at the words, and nods at him, following him outside and towards the car. A short drive to the port, then a five minute trip across the lake, and then… then she’ll be marrying the woman of her dreams.


Her mind’s a blur, and she barely remembers travelling. But somehow, she’s stood at the pier on Air Temple Island. The air’s crisp, and it’s a sunny, beautiful day. Tonraq takes her by the hand, and she feels a pang of guilt stab through her again.

“Tonraq… are you sure about this?”

He chuckles, “Are we really going to have this discussion again?”

She smiles, and shakes her head.

Everyone had bullied her into the idea, so she’d had to relent… Korra and Tonraq had been especially adamant. She’s to be given away by him. Korra had asked if Tenzin would do the same for her, and the old bender had burst into tears at the request.

“Besides, the sooner you call me father, the happier I’ll be.” Tonraq says, squeezing her hand.

She forces back her happy tears, because she doesn’t want to mess up the makeup she’s spent agonizing hours perfecting for the past couple of hours.

And then, she’s there, at the foot of the altar. She can’t see Korra anywhere yet, but it looks like the guests are all here, and they’re looking back at her, gasping, grinning and waving, as she walks to the place she’s supposed to wait, just to the rear of the guests at the east side. Milo’s being held back by an angry-looking Pema, the other kids are being generally well behaved. Bolin’s going to be performing the ceremony, and he’s already stood there, waving at her.

She’s relieved to see that the Beifongs are all here, including Toph. It’d taken Korra a lot of time, effort and even grovelling, but Toph had eventually forgiven her. She spots Mako, sat up front next to Rei, and they both give her a cheeky thumbs-up. Lin and Kya are also sat together, and she still thinks they’re adorable…

She sighs, contentedly. So many people have turned up for this. She looks up to the sky, and it seems even the spirits have turned up. There’s snake-dragons gliding slowly across the sky, their voices ringing out in perfect harmony with each other, and little dragonfly bunnies are hopping about all over the fields.

There’s suddenly a chorus of gasps and the crows looks somewhere behind her. She turns around and feels her heart skip a beat.

“Wow.” Tonraq’s voice rumbles next to her.

Yeah, wow.

She had no idea what Korra would wear, they’d agreed to keep it a secret… but as Korra walks closer, hand-in-hand with a red-faced, clearly emotional Tenzin, the folds of the silken white-gold dress flow with the light breeze, and Asami feels like there’s an angel walking towards her. Korra’s hair has grown out, and falls below her shoulders, but there’s two elegantly-platted braids, threaded with water-tribe blue, cascading in front of her face.

She doesn’t take her eyes of the spectacle, and feels herself redden in the face when Korra takes her position at the opposite end of the hall, staring across at her, mouth agape, and wide, blue eyes.

The band starts to play, the guests all stand, and she closes her eyes a moment, listening to the beautiful tune which Tahno composed especially for them.

“Come on then… let’s do this.” Tonraq grins, mimicking his daughter’s catchphrase.

They’re led up the altar together, though they’re kept apart by Tonraq and Tenzin, and it might be a short distance but it’s almost painful. She already wants to be in Korra’s arms, telling her how much she loves her…

Tenzin shuffles away from Korra to sit next to Pema, and Tonraq gives her hand one last squeeze before taking his own seat next to Senna. Then, they’re alone at the altar. She reaches her hand out, and turns to face her bride-to-be, drowning in Korra’s eyes and feeling fingers entwine into hers almost immediately.

Bolin coughs loudly, drawing their attention to the front, and Pabu chirrups from his shoulder as though trying to mimic him.

“Please be seated, everyone.” He says loudly, clearly putting on his best formal act.

“Asami… Korra. I think I speak for everyone here, when I say… it’s about time.”

The crowd chuckles at the remark, and Asami smirks.

“You both look beautiful today, and I couldn’t be happier for two of my closest, dearest friends. You deserve this. You deserve each other. You balance each other more than anyone I’ve ever met.”

Bolin begins to tear up, and quickly regains his composure.

“What I mean to say is, you complete each other. And that’s why we’re here today. Asami… if you would?”

She feels a shower of nervous butterflies flood through her, and has to stop herself giggling like a child. She clears her throat, glances around nervously… then turns to face Korra, takes both hands in hers, and stares into amazingly pure, blue eyes.

“Korra… until I met you, I was lost. The second you came into my life… well, everything changed. It didn’t take long for me to fall for you, you were the avatar! Everyone loved you!”

Korra chuckles at the words, and looks a little embarrassed.

“But then something changed… the avatar was great and all, but I fell in love with you. I fell in love with Korra. I can’t put into words how much you light up my life…”

She sees Tonraq stand, walk to her side and open up a box, from which she takes a pure, metal band. She’s had it engraved with the words “Let’s do it!” She hopes Korra likes it…

“… But what I can put into words is how much I need you in my life. I want to grow old and grey with you. I want to be with you forever. And I want to be yours, forever. Korra… will you be my wife?”

Tears stream down Korra’s cheeks, and she nods her head vigorously.

“Yes…!” Korra holds her hand out, from which Asami takes a finger, and slips the ring onto it. It’s a perfect fit.

“And Korra, when you’re ready… please.” Bolin asks, though it takes a few moments for Korra to find her voice, and regain her composure.

“Asami… When we first met, I think I kind of hated you.”

Both Asami and the crowd laugh at the words.

“Well, I didn’t hate you. But I was jealous. You were rich, and pretty, and then Mako had a thing for you…”

She raises an eyebrow, wondering if Korra’s really going to go there, now of all times.

“I was wrong. Everything was mixed up inside of me, but the longer I spent with you, the more I found myself wanting to be with you. I’d think about you all the time, without really knowing why. It was only when I went away that I realised what an idiot I’d been…”

She squeezes Korra’s hand, offering reassurance, and notices Tenzin stand, opening a small container, from which Korra pulls what looks to be a necklace with a deep red band, and a silver, southern water-tribe emblem.

“I never knew what love really was until I realised how much my heart ached every time we were apart. You are the thing that I never even knew I was missing… You are my person, you are my home, the love of my life. I love you, Asami Sato, and I feel like I always have. Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” she chokes the word out, her heart swollen with emotion, overflowing, forcing tears to flood from her eyes. She grins from ear to ear as Korra gently clasps the necklace closed behind her neck.

“I now pronounce you wife and wife,” Bolin says, through badly-concealed sobs, “you may kiss the bride.”

The crowd roars into applause, and the spirits sing out in unison as she falls into Korra’s embrace, immediately finding Korra’s lips with her own, smiling, laughing, and crying.

“I love you…” she whispers.

“I love you, always.” Korra whispers back, stroking a hand through her hair.


The rest of the day happens as though in a blur, and before she knows it, they’re stood on the pier, climbing into her special speedboat, waving goodbye to everyone as they depart for their honeymoon.

Korra pulls them out of port, and the boat ebbs forwards, gently skipping over small waves.

Asami turns to grin at Korra, “You’re really getting the hang of this!”

Korra grins back, “Well, it’s easier than driving a car!”

She laughs at the words. She’d promised herself if they got through this, she’d teach Korra how to drive. Several crushed lampposts later she’d given up, admitting defeat. Boats however… well, turns out Korra’s a natural with more than just water-tribe sailboats.

“Here we go!” Korra yells, and she buckles herself in, already grinning wildly in anticipation.

There’s a loud roar as the rockets at the back of the vessel burst into life, propelling them towards the setting sun, and towards their bright future…

-==[ The End ] ==-

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