Book 5 - Harmony

Prologue 2 - The Wedding

Asami tore through the contents of the wardrobe, and felt her frustration gradually increasing. When they’d lost the Sato Industries tower in the blast, she’d forgotten that the majority of her clothing had been there. She cursed herself for her obsession with work, something that had gotten so far out of control she’d practically moved into her own office. And now, in her actual home, the Sato mansion, she couldn’t find anything suitable to wear. Not that she was one to care much about material possessions, of course. But this was an important day.

“Having fun?” she heard a familiar voice ask from the doorway. It was Rei, Asami’s most trusted confidante, secretary, and good friend.

“Not really… what are you doing here?” she asked.

“I figured you’d be getting ready for your date, thought I’d come help.” She smirked.

“It’s not... that’s not…” Asami frowned at Rei, “I told you, that’s a secret. I haven’t told anyone else yet.”

Rei put her hand on her shoulder, “Look, its fine. From what you’ve told me, I’d be amazed if she didn’t feel the same.”

“Yes but… its Varrick’s and Zhu-Li’s wedding. That’s the highlight of the day, not… not Korra…” Asami wasn’t sure if she was trying to kid herself, or Rei, and tried to ignore the other woman’s chuckle. She thought back to the events of the week.

The night after the new spirit portal had opened up, everyone had headed back to the air temple where Tenzin had provided food and shelter. Asami remembered just how fragile she’d felt, and how sweet Korra had been the entire time. She hadn’t left her side, and there’d been so many times that Asami had wanted to give in to her feelings, and just kiss her. Of course, she hadn’t dared to, the risk of rejection on top of everything else… it would have simply been too much to bear.

Later that night, when it was time to sleep, or at least try to, Asami had found herself restless. She’d seen haunting visions of her father, smiling gently at her just before pressing her eject button. Her heart had ached, still did ache, at the thought that they could have made it work, they could have healed their wounds, and been a real father and daughter. She’d curled her legs into her chest, and cried. Korra must have heard, since her room was just next door. She’d come in, and without Asami even needing to ask, she’d slept alongside her, said nothing, and held her in her arms as she cried herself to sleep.

Since then, the two had been almost inseparable. Asami smiled to herself at the thought that Korra had somehow turned up wherever she may be, no matter what she may be doing. Such as when she’d looked over the worse part of the city to do some initial scoping on repairs or expansion… Korra had turned up, inquisitive, supportive, more or less demanding that Raiko should damn well pay attention, and that he’d better give Asami his full backing.

And then, just last night, she’d had a late-night conversation with her. About the wedding. About how happy they were for Zhu-Li. Then she’d made what Asami presumed to be a joke, asking if she’d be her dance partner. Her date. But then, Asami recalled that despite her usual cocky grin, she’d been blushing when she’d asked.

“Yuan for your thoughts?” Rei asked, snapping her out of her memories.

“I just… do you really think this is a date?” she asked, her stomach feeling like it flipped upside-down at the thought.

“Like I said…” Rei almost sounded impatient, “from what you’ve said, and from what I’ve seen, it’s a safe bet that she likes you too, and was at least half-serious. Now, how about this one?” she asked, holding up a stunning red dress, one that Asami had completely forgotten about.

“Perfect.” She grinned.


“Korra, will you just calm down, dear.” Pema said, holding her by her shoulders.

“I can’t believe I asked her that though, urgh! She probably thinks I’m an idiot…” Korra broke free from her grip, and stomped around the room, confused and angry. She had no idea what she should do with the feelings boiling around inside of her.

“Korra… there’s something you need to know. Sit down.” Pema patted the side of her bed. Korra tried to calm her frantic heartbeat, and sat as instructed.

“What is it?” she asked, almost fearful of whatever revelation may come next.

“When you were gone for all those years… Asami barely left the air temple.” Pema looked at her, as though she should decipher something from this fact. Korra simply looked at her, feeling nothing other than confusion.

Pema sighed. “She was here because of how much she cares for you, because it made her feel connected. Are you really so dense?” she grinned, put her hand into Korra’s hair and ruffled it.

“But that could just be… it could be like sisters. Or friends. I can’t believe I asked her to be my date… shit!” Korra said, putting her head into her hands. Pema rubbed her back, apparently trying to put her at ease.

“When you get all hot-headed like this, it’s like you’re the seventeen year old Korra I first met,” she teased, “I think it’s really sweet that you feel this strongly for her…”

“It doesn’t matter what I feel if she doesn’t feel the same!” Korra exasperated, then she regretted her words, “I mean, obviously it matters, but it’d just be so…. It’d just really suck.” She sighed.

“All right young lady, that does it!” Pema had engaged her full-on mother mode, which Korra knew better than to argue against, and so she simply watched her as she thrust open the wardrobe.

“First of all, you are going to wear this.” She held aloft a magnificent, blue water tribe dress.

“Where did that come from?” Korra gawped.

“I had your mother send it over especially for you, some time ago, just in case this ever happened.”

This…?” Korra tried to work out what she meant, “You mean Asami? You mean you knew!?

“Korra, you two have been pretty much glued together ever since you came back, and it doesn’t take an ancient spirit-owl to understand the looks you give each other…”

“Is that why you just laughed when I first told you?” Korra mumbled.

“Pretty much. Now, try it on, and stop worrying. I think tonight’s your night, and we’re all rooting for you.”

“You’re all… who else knows?” Korra asked, despairingly.

“Oh just me, your mother, Rei, a few other ladies I hang out with… we think it’s adorable.” She grinned.

“Ughhh...” Korra grunted, then stood up and prepared to get changed. Her heart was still pounding, and she felt sure she’d never been quite this afraid before. The worst part was that there was no monster to defeat, no simple, violent way to fix things. Her heart was on the line. She desperately wanted to make Asami happy, and she would, even if she didn’t return her feelings.


Asami arrived at the air Temple Island somewhat earlier than she’d expected. Rei had insisted upon it, and given her a cheeky wink before driving the car away, after dropping her off. She nervously pushed her palms down the folds of her dress, smoothing them out, the golden bands on her arms jingling as she did so. She headed toward the altar, and felt a sudden pulse of excitement when she saw that Korra was already there, in an energetic conversation with Mako, Wu and Bolin.

She couldn’t help but smile, the boys looked so smart, and happy, for the first time in a long time. And Korra… wow… was she actually in a dress? Asami hadn’t seen her in anything other than her combat garb for as long as she could remember. She looked positively radiant, laughing at some joke Bolin had just spouted. Then she turned around, and their eyes met, and Asami almost felt as though time itself slowed down.

Rather than stare like some fox-rabbit frozen in headlights, she forced her legs to walk, one at a time. Act natural, it’s probably not really a date, she was joking, just breathe. By the time she got there, Korra was staring at the floor, twiddling her thumbs. She’s nervous? Asami recognised the signs, she was pretty good even at subtle body language, and this was anything but subtle.

“Hey, Korra! Hey guys!” She said, cheerfully, once she was close enough. Korra looked up at her and smiled, and Asami felt herself drawn forward as if in some unexplainable pull. She wrapped her arms around Korra, and sighed contentedly when she felt her arms return the favour.

“You look really nice…” she heard Korra mumble into her ear.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” Asami grinned, deciding that humour would be the safest option for now. Certainly better than telling her she loved the dress but would also love to take it off. Korra’s extraordinary physique had been a constant torment to Asami, ever since she’d first harboured feelings towards her, as far back as their kidnapping by the earth queen. She’d had dream after dream about running her tongue across her abdomen, and then down further…

“Asami?” Korra had pulled back from their embrace, and was looking at her quizzically.

“Oh, sorry,” Asami felt a blush threaten to creep up, “I was just wondering when the wedding starts,” she lied.

“Soon!” Bolin said, and Pabu chattered at his shoulder, as though nervous.

“Come on guys, let’s get some good seats!” Wu declared, dragging Mako off before he could speak.

“You don’t think…?” Korra asked, looking at the two.

“Wu and Mako?” Asami stifled back a giggle, “I sincerely doubt it. Besides, I want to hook him up with my secretary.”

“Rei?” Korra looked as though deep in thought for a moment, “Actually yeah, I can see that working out quite well, you little match-maker you…” she jokingly elbowed Asami in her ribs, and for the moment at least, it felt as though any tension between them had cleared.

They filed into their seats, and were soon joined by familiar faces all around. Lin, Kya, Su, Tenzin, Pema and the kids, Bumi, Tonraq, Senna, and before long, everyone. Asami felt at peace, being so close to so many good friends at the same time. She looked to her right where she saw Korra smiling back at her, and felt her heart flutter. Damn her eyes, damn what they do to me, she thought, smiling back.

Then the ceremony began, and everyone gasped at just how beautiful Zhu-Li looked in her dress. Even Varrick had been moved to tears, and despite their differences and conflicts in the past, Asami felt so very happy for him. She looked to her right again and noticed that Korra’s hands were on her lap. She took a deep breath. Asami had told herself before she came today, that she’d find out exactly how Korra felt, one way or another. So, it was time to act. She looked ahead, pretended to pay attention to the ceremony, and gently slid her hand atop Korra’s, at which she heard a quiet gasp.

Then, she dared to look up at her, to gauge her reaction. Korra was staring back at her, and she looked… confused? Scared? Asami squeezed her hand and slanted her eyebrows, willing Korra to not freak out, her heart pounding vigorously now, so that she could hear it ringing loudly in her ears. Then her tensions fell completely away as Korra placed her other hand above hers, and smiled at her, an adorable blush forming at her cheeks. They sat like that for the rest of the ceremony, tracing their thumbs slowly across each other’s hands.


The rest of the ceremony went well, and Korra found herself laughing loudly with everyone else when Zhu-Li took Varrick across her knee for a kiss. Soon afterwards, people began to leave the altar and head toward the reception area. Korra tried not to dwell too much on the intimate hand-holding she’d shared with Asami for the second half of the ceremony, or how much she’d wanted to kiss her the moment that she’d done it.

“I think they’ll make a wonderful couple!” Asami said, her green eyes sparkling with amusement. It made Korra’s heart soar to see her look so happy, after everything that had happened.

“Yeah but, don’t you worry that they’ll invent a doomsday device or something?” She asked, and realised with some concern that she was actually half-serious.

“Well… we’d just have to save the world again if that happened, right?” Asami winked at her, then took her hand. Korra felt her cheeks burn, and felt herself lost for words, as she was led to the dining area.

Before they got there, Korra heard her father call them over,

“Korra, Asami, do you have a moment?” he asked, and she noticed that her mother was by his side, smiling.

“Uh sure, is something the matter?” Korra asked, suddenly feeling a little nervous as they followed them to a quieter area.

“Asami, we noticed the advances you made on our daughter back there.” her father turned to face her, and folded his arms. Asami looked as though lost for words, and perhaps even a little frightened.

“Dad! Seriously!” Korra punched him lightly in his arm. But he continued,

“In the south, we have a strict partnership custom that must be adhered to, but first of all, tell me, are your intentions towards my little girl serious?”

Korra felt lost for words, she hadn’t realised that her Dad would be this protective, or that he’d have any problem with Asami, of all people. She was about to jump to her defence, but Asami spoke first.

“I… yes. If she’ll have me.” Asami said quietly, and Korra felt herself blush at the confession. She saw her mother’s smile deepen, and then the tell-tale sign of laughter threatening to escape her lips, at which point she realised what they were up to.

“You guys!” Korra exasperated, as her father’s face folded into creases of laughter, and he almost doubled over with loud guffaws.

“Hah! Your face!” he pointed at Asami, who by now looked positively mortified.

“Oh you poor thing,” Senna approached her and gave her a hug, “Sweetheart, we’ve always known how you felt about Korra, we’re just so happy to finally see something come of it!”

“MOTHER!” Korra shouted, “Okay, that’s it, you two have had your fun,” she said as she took Asami’s arm, “Let’s get out of here…”

As they escaped her still-jovial parents, Korra turned to Asami,

“I’m sorry, they’re just the worse sometimes…”

“Actually, it was kind of nice.” Asami smiled at her, “once Tonraq stopped trying to terrify me, that is.” She laughed.

There was a pause, an almost awkward silence, before Korra dared to ask what was now on her mind. Eventually, she summoned the courage to speak,

“So… did you um, mean what you said?” She asked, and hoped that she wasn’t pushing things too far. She saw Asami bite her lip,

“I… I did. Is that okay?” Asami looked at her, and when she stared back into her eyes, Korra had to fight against the urge to kiss her right there and then. Instead, she took her hand,

“More than…” Korra smiled as they headed inside together, then quickly found their table. Mako, Bolin, Lin and Kya were already seated, and engaged in animated conversation.

Korra piled several buffalo-bird wings onto her plate from the serving dish at the centre, and pretended to complain when Asami stole one of them. Bolin started to broadcast his voice across the table, telling wild and unbelievable stories, but Korra lost the ability to pay any attention to him. Underneath the table, Asami had started to slowly run her hand up and down her thigh. Such a simple, small gesture, and yet it sent sparks down her spine, and caused a throb between her legs.

Asami glanced across at her, and then deftly slid her palm up underneath her dress, touching her bare skin. Korra had to hold back any moan threatening to escape her lips, and it was then that she noticed a hint of amusement in Asami’s eyes. She’s enjoying this, tormenting me… Korra thought. Perhaps it was revenge for the stunt her parents had just pulled. She closed her eyes and willed the night to end, so that she could find a more private moment with Asami. It didn’t seem real… it didn’t really click into place that she was doing this, that her hand was right there, touching her.


Korra started to imagine the other things that her hand could be doing, or how it might feel if she were to move it up just a little further… her mouth turned suddenly dry at the last thought. She looked across the table at Asami, with lidded eyes, at which Asami leant over and whispered,

“Want to go outside for a bit?”

Korra noticed that her voice sounded deeper than usual, and her eyes were definitely conveying a different kind of meaning from earlier. Korra mutely nodded, allowed her to take her hand, and followed her outside. They walked around the building toward the far side of the coast, to a secluded spot just over the ocean, where Asami leant over the banister, and looked out across the sea.

“Sorry…” Korra heard her say, barely audible above the sounds of the waves.

“For what?” Korra asked, moving alongside her.

“In there, I’m guessing… well, I probably shouldn’t have done that?” she looked at her. Korra wondered if she were joking, then she suddenly realised that Asami had probably been every bit as worried about all of this as she had.

“Asami…” Korra put her hand on her shoulder, “Honestly, you were driving me a little crazy…” she blushed.

“In a good way?” Asami looked at her, her expression somewhere between terrified, and hopeful, and it was completely irresistible. Korra couldn’t help herself any longer… she moved forward and without any hesitation she kissed her, immediately surprised at just how good her lips felt, and how right they felt. Moments later, she pulled slightly apart from the kiss, to murmur,

“In a very good way.”

Korra felt her heart melt when she saw Asami’s face relax into a smile, and she saw tears form at her eyes. She felt her own eyes become damp, and all of the uncertainty and doubt that had plagued her up until now just fell away, replaced with warmth, and joy, and excitement. She stroked the side of Asami’s cheek, knowing that she had just experienced the same revelation, that a huge burden had been lifted, for them both.

When Korra moved in for a second kiss, neither one of them hesitated. She felt Asami’s arms wrap tightly around her, and soon found her tongue, which she lunged against with her own, kissing deeply, inhaling her scent, moaning with her as their hips started to speak their own language, grinding against one another’s legs… and then, when she was dizzy with desire, she felt Asami pull away.

“If we don’t stop now, I don’t think I’ll be able to…” Asami warned, her voice shaking. Korra didn’t want to stop. She wanted her, all of her, with every fibre of her being. But then a thread of sanity managed to seep back into her thoughts, and she realised that they were in-fact fully visible from any who would care to look from the reception area. She tried to slow her breathing, and distract herself from her by-now maddening desire.

“Do you think anyone will notice if we vanish?” Korra asked her, and she was completely serious.

Asami chuckled and stroked her cheek, “Sadly, yes. But I would have very much liked that.”

“Okay… let’s go back in and... dance?” Korra suggested.


Asami felt more… alive than she had for years. For as long as she could remember, she’d yearned to feel Korra’s lips against hers. For so long, she’d wanted to know what it would be like to be almost crushed in her embrace. And it had literally just happened, and it had felt better than she could have ever imagined. She felt faint at the thought of the other desires that could lay ahead, and she desperately wished that if this were a dream, may she never wake up.

She found herself taken by surprise as Korra led her around the dancefloor. Presumably these were water-tribe moves, because she didn’t recognise them, and it was very difficult to keep up. When the next song came on, Asami decided she’d have a little fun of her own. She forcefully changed their stances, taking the lead, raising an eyebrow at Korra as if to challenge her. Korra simply grinned back, a silent acknowledgement that she could have this one.

It was a very fast, sensual number. Perfect for this particular dance. She grabbed one of Korra’s hands and stretched it outward to their side, then slowly led her feet around the floor in delicate gestures. At the crescendo, she thrust herself forward into Korra’s torso, forcing her downward, her leg subtly pressed against her crotch. She saw her cheeks redden, and heard her gasp at the contact.

When she pulled her back up, Korra hoarsely whispered, “If you do that again, I’m air-bending you out of here, right in front of everyone…”

“Promises, promises, Korra…” Asami grinned. She was already loving this newfound dynamic of theirs. Being able to freely flirt with Korra, to tease her, to have this effect on her… it was invigorating. She’d waited so long for it, she could still scarcely believe it was happening at all.

Eventually, the band switched to slow-paced, romantic music, indicating the final few dances of the night, for which it was an unwritten rule to let the bride and groom take the floor. Besides which, Asami didn’t think she’d be able to restrain herself if she had to slow-dance with Korra. She took her hand instead, and headed back to their table. Bolin and Opal had perhaps had one too many drinks, and were sleeping against one another, whilst Mako was having a heated political debate with Lin, Kya and Wu. She turned to Korra, and was about to find a way to confess to her a little more about how she felt, but then Tenzin interrupted.

“Korra, Asami, how are you finding the night?” he enquired.

“Good. Really good. Really, really good.” Korra beamed at him, and Asami had to stifle back a giggle.

“I was wondering if I could have a quiet word?” he asked Korra.

“Yeah, um, sure!” Korra said, and she looked back at Asami with an apologetic expression as she followed him toward the nearest exit.

Asami drummed her fingers on the table, already missing Korra’s closeness. She ordered a glass of champagne to pass the time, and listened in on the conversation Mako was having. It wasn’t that interesting, just about the police, and how they’d cope going forwards. Things she’d personally rather not discuss at a wedding, of all places. She closed her eyes and thought back to the kiss she’d shared with Korra, just moments ago. Her chest swelled at the memory, and she wanted nothing more than to experience it again, as soon as possible.

After another ten minutes or so, she began to feel impatient. Surely whatever Tenzin had wanted to tell Korra couldn’t take this long? She chided herself for being selfish. She didn’t own Korra, after all. She put her chin into her palm and sighed, more out of frustration than anything.

Varrick surprised her by suddenly coming out of nowhere, and pulling up a chair. “Hey kiddo!” he almost-yelled.

“Varrick, weren’t you dancing?” she asked, knowing full well that he should be.

“Zhu-Li had to go to the bathroom, and I noticed that Tenzin kidnapped your new girlfriend!” he beamed at her.

“Wait… what… how?!” Asami found herself speechless.

“These eyes see everything.” He said, tapping his finger just under his eye, and Asami honestly didn’t want any kind of elaboration.

“We haven’t formally said we’re girlfriends,” Asami pouted.

“That’s where it’s headed, and you know it! Anyway… I’m bored, so I’m going to try one of those glider suits from the tower. You should probably warn Tenzin.” Varrick winked at her, and Asami grinned when she understood his plan.

Just as she was about to thank him, Zhu-Li turned up and dragged him back to the dance floor, but not before glaring knowingly at Asami and casting her gaze outside to where Korra would be. Do these people seriously know everything? She wondered, as she headed outside.

She found Tenzin, his hand on Korra’s shoulder. She looked happy, so whatever he was telling her was, thankfully, not bad news… goodness knows they’d had enough of that to last a lifetime. She walked closer and cleared her throat with a polite cough, at which Korra spun to face her, and when she saw her eyes light up, Asami couldn’t help but grin back at her.

“Excuse me Tenzin.” She said, formally, “Varrick is looking for you… something about wanting to borrow a glider suit to fly off the tower?”

Tenzin turned pale at the words, “Well that doesn’t seem like a good idea!” he exclaimed, running back toward the reception hall.

Once he’d left, Asami walked toward Korra, glanced quickly behind to see if anyone was looking, and then pushed herself forward into her frame, their legs and arms interlocking, like two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly.

“Miss me?” she whispered.

“More than you know…” Korra said, and Asami felt her fingers slide into the back of her hair, sending shivers through her body.

“If you keep doing that…” Asami warned.

“I know, I know…” Korra said, “But the night is nearly over…” Asami pulled back from their embrace and looked at her. Sure enough, she was conveying a clear message with her gaze, and Asami realised that this was actually the first time she’d seen a lustful look in those otherwise innocent blue eyes. It made her feel almost drunk with power… she decided to push the boundary a bit more.

“What are you planning to do at the end of the night?” she growled into Korra’s ear, and she felt her hands tighten around her waist in response.

“You’ll soon find out…” Korra whispered, and Asami felt a strong wave of pleasure flood through her. Was this really happening? She almost felt as though she didn’t deserve it, somehow. Unfortunately, that negative thought paved the way for other similar thoughts… memories of her father, of her loss, of when Korra had nearly died to poison, of how she’d left for all those years, and how Asami thought she’d died again just a week ago. Asami sighed, feeling suddenly tired and defeated. Korra pulled back from their embrace and looked at her with concern.

“Hey… are you okay?” Korra asked, “Was it something I said?”

“No… it’s not you.” Asami sighed, and sat down, Korra joining her on the stair soon after.

“Then… what’s wrong?”

“I just… I saw him die.” Asami said, and felt tears start to form, “I saw him die, you’d only just come back, then I thought I’d lost you too… and I just couldn’t stand it.” At that, the tears did form, and they fell freely. She wanted to embrace her newfound connection with Korra, but she was suddenly terrified that she’d be ripped from her at any moment.

“I’m so sorry…” Korra put her arms around her.

“Sorry for what?” Asami asked, through her sobs.

“For leaving you alone all that time. For not coming back.” Korra stared into her eyes, and Asami could see that she meant every word. She’d always believed Korra when she’d said she hadn’t meant to stay gone for so long, so she’d never really expected an apology. It was still sweet, though.

“You have nothing to apologise for… just… don’t ever die on me, okay?” Asami asked, knowing full well it was a crazy demand.

“Not until I’m old and grey and you’re too senile to realise.” Korra grinned. Asami laughed out loud.

They stared out at the ocean for a while, hand in hand, lost in thought. Then, eventually,

“I think the band is playing some more. Did you want to dance again?” Korra asked.

“No way, I’m all danced out,” Asami said, feeling suddenly exhausted, “Honestly… after everything that’s happened, I could use a vacation.”

“A Vacation?” Korra looked surprised, “That’s actually not a bad idea… let’s do it! Just the two of us. Anywhere you want.”

“Really?” Asami hadn’t expected Korra to take her request seriously, but since she had, “I’ve always wanted to see what the spirit world is like…”

Korra took her hand, excited blue eyes staring into hers, “Then let’s go, nobody will mind if it’s just a few days!”

“I don’t know about that…” Asami said, knowing full well they had so much to do...

“Just let Rei deal with it, you trust her, right?” Korra smiled at her reassuringly.

“I suppose I do… Okay then, just for a few days…” Asami smiled. A vacation, with Korra of all people. Surely it were a dream come true.

They said their polite farewells to the few people left at the wedding, and then headed to the air temple where Korra quickly gathered clothes and supplies from her room and stuffed them into her backpack. Once she was ready, the two hitched a ride on an air bison back to the Sato mansion.

Asami took Korra’s hand and led her inside, then into her room, where she found herself immediately conflicted. She paused, mid-step. They were finally alone… On one hand, she wanted to do everything with Korra that she’d dreamt of for so long now, but on the other hand, she was just so damn tired after the emotional rollercoaster of the day.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Korra said, putting her arms loosely around her shoulders, as if she’d detected her turmoil, “Let’s sleep tonight, we have the entire vacation ahead of us.”

“You’re right…” Asami said, smiling at Korra and placing a quick kiss on her lips. She kept the contact brief, otherwise she knew that they’d get no sleep tonight.

She began to pack her belongings for tomorrow, trying to make sure she got everything she needed plus a few spare things, just in case. As she was checking things over for the third time, Korra decided to change right in front of her, slowly pulling her dress up and over her shoulders, until only underwear and tanned skin remained. Asami felt a sudden twinge at her centre.

“Are my spare night-clothes still here?” she asked, looking at Asami.

Asami’s mouth felt too dry for her to try to speak, so she nodded and pointed to the dresser on the left, whilst looking down and trying to focus on her backpack. She eventually risked a glance upward, where Korra looked straight back at her as she tied her pyjama belt into a knot. Then she smirked, making it quite clear that she knew full well the effect she was having, and Asami was seriously considering cancelling the holiday and staying right here for a few days.

She’d had seen Korra undress before, of course. She’d even helped her into and out of her clothes when she’d been injured, but back then it had always been completely platonic, and she’d cast anything else out of her mind as being nothing more than a foolish fantasy. This was very different.

She tried to clear her mind of the endless sensual possibilities that were swimming around. She focused her thoughts, stopped herself from looking at Korra for a moment, then once her mind was a little clearer she called Rei to check that everything would be okay in her absence, and asked her to inform everybody of their whereabouts. She ignored her filthy jibes about Korra and their ‘lesbian vacation’, and then put the phone down, chuckling to herself.

She quickly changed into her nightwear in the bathroom, and then clambered into bed, with Korra following right behind her. She sunk backward into her arms, and despite the physical needs gnawing at her, not helped in the least by Korra’s wicked flirtations, she almost immediately fell asleep.

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