Chapter 10


It soon gave way and they swung it open, allowing the riders to enter and dismount, and when they had Djaq rushed over to them and began to throw questions around in her native language. When she had gathered enough information she turned to face Robin.

"They said that Gisborne stood up to Charles and that they fought, which resulted in the support coming down trapping Gisborne on the other side, they also said that they opened up an underground spring and that the mine is filling up with water." Djaq explained,

"Then we have to get Guy out now or he could drown." Marian reasoned,

"Mine completely blocked not get in." Mohammed informed,

"It doesn't matter we have to get Guy out." She protested,

"Right everyone with me we have to open up that tunnel." Robin ordered, as he began to run towards the mineshaft with his men and the slaves following him,

When they had reached the mine Robin turned to the man who had previously spoken a few words of English, he wore a honey colored head covering so he was easy to identify.

"You what's your name?" Robin asked,

"Mohammed." He replied,

"Well Mohammed I need you and your men to stay up here and take out the dirt that we remove, can you do that for me?" Robin asked,

"Yes I can do that." He agreed,

"Good we'll fill the baskets with dirt and you lift them out when we say so." Robin explained, as he then grabbed the ladder and quickly slid down it, with his men following close behind,

When they had entered the mine they looked around to see what faced them, Robin noticed that since the dirt had fallen from the roof, it was now a matter of time before it crumbled completely. So after gathering all the baskets they could see they soon got stuck into the task that faced them, and as they worked Robin noticed that the dirt was like clay and that it also felt wet.

They removed as many rocks as they could before they worked on the dirt, but they soon found that the more they removed the more dangerous the roof became. So they paused briefly to move the supports that had fallen down back into their rightful position so the roofing was strengthened to an extent, and it took John and Robin to move them.

"I'm not being funny but I still don't understand why we're helping Gisborne, I mean he's the enemy right so it would benefit us if he died." Allen complained,

"If you spent less of your time complaining and more of it keeping to yourself you wouldn't be worrying about what's funny and what's not." Much said,

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Allen asked, as he finished filling a basket with rocks and dirt,

"It means shut up and dig." Will replied, so Allen simply return to the task at hand,

Most of the dirt was scooped out with their hands, but they worked at the top so if there was a small gap one of them could fit through and get to the other side. But even then there was still a lot of dirt to move before they even got to that point.

Mohammed had set up an idea on how to get the dirt out more efficiently so they formed a line, he was on the center of the ladder, there was a man standing next to the ladder, and there was a man just behind him. If they each carried two baskets at a time it would be more efficient, and soon the baskets were ready to be emptied.

The baskets were soon passed on down the line until the last man was carrying two, and when he had them they dumped it where they stood, as there was no point in going anywhere with it, and they were soon tossed back down the shaft. Robin was scooping the dirt out at the very top and soon it fell through to the other side with a splash, he then scooped as much away as possible and peeked through to the other side. But it was too dark to see anything so he asked for a candle lamp, which he then extended through the whole to see what it was like on the other side.

"Do you see him Robin?" Marian asked, from above the ground,

"No but we've made it through we can see the other side." Robin replied,

"Robin I've found something." Will interrupted, as he cleared away the dirt at the bottom of the pile revealing a pair of riding boots,

"Gisborne's?" Robin asked,

"I don't think they would have let him keep his things if he was robbed like Marian said." Will replied,

"Then who else is down here with him?" Robin asked, talking to himself out loud,

"Mohammed." Robin called, so he dropped to their level,

"You call?" He asked,

"Who else was down here with Gisborne?" He asked,

"Man that he fought with…but he's dead." Mohammed replied,

"How did he die?" Robin asked,

"I hit him on the head with pick." He replied, before he ascended the stairs halfway again,

So after finding out that it wasn't Gisborne who was buried under the pile of dirt they continued to dig in order to find him. But the dirt at the bottom of the pile was starting to seep water on their side, and robin noticed this as his boots were waking squelching noises when he moved.

So Robin then began to use his arms to shovel the dirt away from the opening they had just created, he realized that it was only a matter of time before the water would conceal Guy. And even though he liked to leave everything to the last minute, it was always a challenge to get out of the sticky situation he had caught himself in.

While John and Robin worked on the top of the pile, Will and Allen shoveled the dirt that was dropped into the baskets that were then dumped outside. The opening was then made bigger and once again Robin extended the lamp into the cavity to see what was in there, and this time he saw something.

"Wait, wait, I see something." Robin said,

"Is it Gisborne?" Will asked,

"I'm not sure, John get you staff and clear away the dirt but try not to drop it into the other side." Robin instructed,

So John used his staff to knock the dirt onto their side, Robin then climbed up onto the pile of dirt and poked his head and shoulders through. And there was Gisborne's unconscious body pinned down by two heavy support beams that had fallen across his chest, with the water covering most of his body.

"It's Gisborne." Robin said, as he carefully slid out of the gap, trying not to make the roof fall in on them, Djaq then climbed down the stairs and walked over to them,

"Let me get through the hole to him." She said,

"But if you rub against the roof to much you could cause it to come down on us." Robin warned,

"I know that is why you need someone small to fit through, and keep him from drowning, while you break through." She reasoned, there was a moment of silence before Robin had made a decision,

"All right you keep his head above water while we make the gap large enough to fit one of us through." Robin agreed, as he gave Djaq a hand up,

She then slid her legs through first so she wouldn't have to worry about getting all wet by falling in. When she was safely on the other side Robin passed her a lamp. She then walked over to Gisborne noticing the hole that was in the wall allowing the water to simply filter in.

She tried to move the beams but they were to heavy for her, so there was no way she could get them off of him, instead she lifted his head so it would take longer for the water to reach him.

"The beams are too heavy I can't lift them." She said,

"We'll send John through when the hole is big enough." Robin assured,

"Hurry the water is almost up to his neck." She warned,

"John now would be a really good time to show us what you can do." Robin implied, so John gestured for them to move while he made the hole significantly bigger,

"Now John see if you can fit through enough to help Djaq with Gisborne." Robin said, so John leaned his staff against the wall of the mine and slipped through the opening,

Once on the other side he walked over to Djaq and placed both hands on one of the beams, and with some grunting in the process he lifted the beam off of Guy. When both beams were removed he scooped him up and carried him towards the exit, where he then slid Gisborne through head first.

Robin grabbed him under the shoulders and pulled him out, while John and Djaq followed close behind, he called for Mohammed to give him a hand. So after ascending the ladder all the way to the top, he then grabbed Guy under the arms and pulled him to the surface, laying him down carefully on the partially grass covered ground.

Marian was shocked to see what state he was in, his clothes were soaked and were now clinging to his skin, his hair was dripping wet, and a bruised and split lip added to the combination. Djaq was the first one up the ladder and she was also the first one to get to Guy to see what the extent of his injuries was. She lifted up his eyelid to see what his pupils were like, they were somewhat dilated like they were when she had first been introduced to him.

"We need to get him inside so I can get to work." Djaq said,

"Why what's wrong?" Robin asked, as he walked over to join her,

"Nothing yet by I can tell his injuries might be severe." She replied,

"How do you know this?" Will asked, as he, Allen, Much, and John joined her,

"Because my father was a physician." She answered,

"Oh that's lovely my father was a blacksmith doesn't mean I can make a horseshoe." Allen whined,

"Do not joke; this man could very well die." Djaq said sternly,

"See that's what I'm getting at, it's a bad thing if he dies because?" Allen asked, so Robin shot him a warning glare that shut him up,

"Will, Much if you would assist Djaq." Robin implied, and so Will grabbed Gisborne under the arms, and Much took his feet, they then carried him towards the main house,

As they carried Guy across the open ground, they left a trail of water drops that quickly soaked into the parched dry sand, Djaq walked a few feet in front of them so that she could open the door. When she opened the door she held it open until Will and Much were inside, then she opened the first door that she came to.

When she opened the door she found a small bed that was position near the large window that was in the room, the bed had no rails and was as high as the window sill. She got Will and Much to lay him on the bed, before she asked them to search for any kind of medicine kit that was in the house.

When they left she removed Guy's shirt, and his broken shirt that had been used as a bandage, to inspect the injuries he might have sustained. Despite the obvious which were burns to his wrists and cuts to his back, she had no idea what state he was in. She placed her ear gently on his chest, his heart beat was normal, and apart from his breathing being a little raspy he was okay.

She wasn't sure if he had swallowed any water before she got to him, so it was probably best if she could rouse him, so he could purge the remnants of water from his body. She then removed the cap of the small black box that hung around her neck, just as Robin and Marian walked in.

"You might not want to be here." Djaq said, as she saw Marian's worried expression,

"He's right Marian you should wait outside." Robin agreed, as he stopped her from walking in, so she reluctantly sat down at the table as he closed the door,

"How is he?" Robin asked,

"Robin you do not have to try and pretend you care anything for this man, he told me about you." Djaq replied,

"It's not like that, do you have any idea how many people he has hurt or killed?" Robin asked,

"I have no idea." She replied,

"That is why I do not like him, and for that reason only." Robin explained,

"Well you do not have to worry about that for long." She said,

"What do you mean?"

"I'll let him tell you himself." Djaq answered, "Now get ready to hold him on his side." She added,

"Why what are you doing?" Robin asked,

"I am going to try and bring him around."


"With this acid, the odor is enough to bring you around." She explained, as she swished the bottle in front of Guy's nose,

There was then a spark of movement on Gisborne's lifeless features before he then began to cough violently, so Robin then gently but briskly turned him on his side. Guy then coughed up a small amount of the muddy water, that he had ingested while he was unconscious, when he had finished coughing his breathing was more rugged than before.

His hands instinctively crossed over his mid section as he struggled for air, so Robin gently lifted him into a sitting position before he gently slapped Guy on the back above his wounds, causing his airway to clear. However Guy's hands remained clasped over his ribcage.

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