Chapter 11

Of Wounds, Discoveries, and Revelations,

"Djaq?" He asked hoarsely,

"How do you feel?" Djaq asked in return,

"My chest…hurts." He replied,

"Here let me have a look." She insisted,

"Where are we?" He managed shielding himself from her touch until he found out what he wanted to know,

"At the mine…but don't worry I got help." She assured,

"Robin?" He asked,

"Present and accounted for." Robin interrupted softly, so Guy turned his head slightly to see Robin crouching by his bed,

"Charles and Malvir…where are they, did I kill him?" Guy asked, turning back to Djaq,

"You did not kill them but they are dead." Djaq said comfortingly, just as Will came through the door carrying the medicine kit, he handed it to Djaq before he turned to Robin,

"Robin there's something I think you should see." He said,

"What is it Will?" Robin asked, as he rose to his full height,

"I think you should see it for yourself." Will replied, and so Robin followed him out of the room, and to where Allen was still standing,

Robin opened the door to find that it lead into a dimly lit candle room that had no windows and only a single door, the sight that faced him was horrific. There was what appeared to be a hitching post in the center of the room, with handcuffs hanging from it, there was a small fireplace that had been recently used as the ashes were still smoldering.

There were shelves on the wall, but only ghastly instruments found a home there, it was a complete imitation of a dungeon like the ones that were back in Nottingham castle. Robin then turned his attention to Allen who was now crouching on the floor, with his attention diverted to something that was on the floor in front of him.

"What is it Allen?" Robin asked, as he walked over to him,

Allen then slid his hand across the floor to have it come back covered in, a sticky maroon colored substance that had been there for at least 12 hours.

"It's blood." Allen said,

"This is where Gisborne was beaten." Robin informed, as a vision played before his eyes that detailed what it must have been like,

Robin no longer thought illy of Guy because he wanted to kill Charles, as the man was a monster and he deserved it.

Meanwhile in the room where Guy was, Djaq was trying to get him to let her see why his chest hurt so much, but he kept flinching away at her touch. She then forcefully pulled his hands away holding them tightly in her left hand, while her right hand glided over his chest.

He grinded his teeth together hard enough so that she could hear it, and threw his head against the pillow towards the window. It wasn't just because it hurt when she touched him, but also because he was in a half-conscious state which caused him to confuse reality with fantasy.

She was able to find out why Guy was in pain, and that was because he had several broken ribs, she was able to determine this because she had received training from her father. Robin returned to the room carrying a handful of cloth and sheets that they could use as bandages, just as Djaq was pouring some kind of liquid into Guy's mouth even though he was rejecting it.

"What's wrong with him?" Robin asked,

"He has several broken ribs, and he is confused." She replied,

"What do you mean?" Robin asked curiously,

"I mean he is having trouble working out who it is that is in the room with him." Djaq explained, "But I have given him a medicine that will cause him to sleep." She added,

"Do you need any help?" He offered,

"If you would hold him on his side while I administer a salve that would be helpful." She said, accepting his offer,

So Robin held him on his side, even though Gisborne weakly attempted to shrug him off, he jolted painfully as Djaq rubbed the ointment on his whip lines. And when she was finished Robin held him under the arms, lifting him so that she could wrap a tight bandage around his chest to his waist, as she tied it off by tearing the sheet she had used in two and knotting it.

"Now we should let him rest." Djaq reasoned, but Guy extended his arm in Robin's path stopping him from leaving,

"Robin…thank you…for saving me." Guy thanked, but Robin merely pushed past Guy and walked out of the room, so Guy then turned to stare at Djaq as if asking what he did wrong,

"Marian…is she here?" Guy asked,

Because Robin wasn't out of the room yet, he whipped around to give Djaq a stare that meant don't say a word, so she shook her head and left the room.

"Why don't you want him to know that Marian is here?" Djaq demanded,

"Because he works for the sheriff and at the drop of a hapiner he would tell him and get her put to death." Robin retorted,

"Will you let me see him?" Marian interrupted,

"Only when we are sure that he sleeping." Robin answered,

"You're wrong Robin and you will see that soon." Djaq said, as she walked outside and towards the cook house where the slaves were,

A few minutes later and Marian walked in with Guy, with the desire to just see him alive, guessing that he had the desire to see her as well. She had already consented to be his wife even though he didn't know it, she knew what he was and what she was getting herself into but she was more than willing.

She wasn't sure if Robin had let her go yet, as she saw how he acted around her, she knew how much Robin must be hurting, but in the end, it was her decision to make. She sat on the edge of Guy's bed, and looked deeply into his seemingly peaceful features, even though he was far from peaceful, and if it wasn't for the medicine that Djaq had given him he would be having the usual nightmares.

She ran her hand through his silky black raven's hair, that was in need of a wash, because she could feel the dirt and grim that had found a home in his locks. As she looked him over from head to toe she noticed an unusual marking with a scar cut across it, on his right arm close to his wrist, in the shape of what appeared to be a dog, like the one's he had on his shirt buckles.

She had no idea that Guy had a tattoo at all, and she was certainly surprised to learn of it in this manner, but for whatever reason he had it, she was sure she would understand. She had no way of knowing that the tattoo he wore marked him as a traitor, only Robin knew this, and if he found out there was no telling what he would do.

Countless times she had defied the sheriff, and on certain occasions she had even gone as far to defy Robin in the process. But because she wanted to be there for Guy when he woke, she would make this another one of those times, because there was the chance that Guy could change his mind.

She realized that if she ever decided to reveal herself to Gisborne in the presence of Robin, she could very well be put to death for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But if he found out that she was intentionally there, she would then be put to death for have relations with the man, either way she was taking a huge risk.

During her time with Guy Robin and his men had moved quickly, seeing to it that no access could be granted to the room that was imitating a dungeon. Because even though Robin still hated Gisborne, there was no call for torture, not even he had entertained the idea of seeing him suffer and he was his enemy.

If Marian ever found out why the backroom had been cut off from the main house, she would think herself privileged if she never knew, so that is why Robin was protecting him. If sitting with him for the rest of the day would do either of them any good, she would have taken up the thought but the fact remained that it wouldn't.

So after kissing him on the forehead, she went to go and pursue Djaq to find out just what kind of ditch he was lying in, and how long it would take to get him out of it. She walked outside to find Djaq starring idly at the mine that she was forced to work in, as it was now flooded and destroyed, along with the man who was buried at the bottom.

"Djaq." She called,

"Marian." Djaq greeted back,

"How is he?" Marian asked,

"He has several broken ribs, and the wounds on his back will heal in time, but apart from that he just needs rest." Djaq replied,

"What are you doing?" Marian asked,

"I am looking at could have been my life, along with Gisborne." Djaq answered,

"Are you all right?" Marian asked,

"He would not be the one in there if he hadn't of stepped forward." Djaq said, "Charles was originally going to accuse me of the escape, but because he promised to keep my secret a secret, he put himself in harms way to protect me." She added,

"Protect you from what?" Marian asked,

"He protected me from torture worse than he has sustained…because I am a woman." She said, as she turned to face Marian,

"You are a woman?" Marian asked,

"Yes I had made it so I looked like my twin brother that had died in the crusade, and when they caught me I let them think that I was a man." Djaq explained,

"And Guy protected you because he knew you were a woman." Marian realized,

"He said he would take my secret to his grave." Djaq said,

And he nearly did take it to his grave, even if it was being buried alive in a mine, but he had survived and he was more than intent on honoring his promise that he had made with the slaves. Several hours later found him riding the coattails to recovery, and although he was still asleep, the effects of the medicine Djaq had given him had worn off, and his mind was once again racing a mile a minute.

And most would consider that a blessing, but Gisborne saw it as a curse because the nightmares soon returned to haunt him keeping him from any peace that could have existed. He hated sleep, because it wasn't sleep it was a living death, besides the fact that the dream was getting monotonous now, it was almost like he could feel the pain, only it was worse than it should have been.

And every time it was the same thing, he would be in the King's tent with his sword lifted to administer the fatal blow that would put Prince John on the thrown, with Robin racing in. Only this time there was a twist, instead of just slicing his arm, Robin plunged his sword right through him, instead of life he was granted death.

Guy jolted awake, the sudden movement causing him pain, so he tried to lie still, adjusting his eyes to the light he looked around the room. It was perhaps the first time he was able to see where he was clearly, and among the many things he noticed, he realized that he was clad in his usual black, apart from the jacket that hung on a chair.

The first thing that came to his mind was what had happened, and who dressed him because he didn't remember being dressed before he passed out. He didn't really want to think about it at the time because he didn't feel very well already, and imagining something like that didn't help, it only made his head hurt more.

He knew he was alone and that didn't surprise him because if Robin had a choice he would have readily let him die, before giving letting him live a moments thought. He looked at his right arm and to his satisfaction his undershirts sleeve covered it completely, so there was no way for Robin to know he had the treasonous tattoo.

Maybe his dream was telling him that it was time to fess up, to tell Robin that it was he who stabbed him and left him for dead in Acre. But the fear of what Robin would do still had him concerned, and in his state the last thing he wanted was a situation where he couldn't defend himself.

He could feel something tight was wrapped around his chest, because it constricted how hard he breathed even though breathing was painful, but then he remembered something about Djaq and Robin, only it was gone in a matter of seconds. So using his hand he felt the large bandage that was wrapped around his midsection, he then remembered that the wounds on his back would need to be covered in order for him to avoid infection.

He was getting good at this remembering thing, only that wasn't what concerned him he was concerned with telling Robin his plan on how to bring the sheriff and Prince John to ground level. The only problem with that was Robin might not believe a word of it, and then where would he be? Back in square one as a public enemy.

Outside the door and Marian was arguing with Robin,

"I will not let you go in there." Robin said,

"Why not?" Marian demanded,

"Do I have to spell it out for you Marian, if you go in there and he sees you, you are going to die." Robin reasoned,

"You're wrong; Gisborne is not like what you say he is." Djaq interrupted,

"And what do you know?" Robin demanded,

"I know a lot considering I have spent the last 3 days with him, including the day he was sold." Djaq retorted,

"I've know him for a lot longer than 3 days." Robin protested,

"I think this experience has changed him, he even saved Djaq from a fate worse than torture, and usually to him she would mean nothing to him." Marian explained,

"I'm not being funny but nothing could be worse that what Guy ended up with in that room." Allen said, using his thumb to point behind him,

"Hold on her?" Will asked,

"Maybe you have spent to long in the forest, because even Gisborne knew I was a woman when he first met me, which is why he promised to take my secret with him to his grave." Djaq said,

"Yeah well he nearly did just that." Allen interjected,

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