Chapter 12

A Tale Of Revelations,

Guy could hear what was being said, and he knew that Marian was here with Robin and even though he had his suspicions of her from the beginning he couldn't help but feel used by her. He should have expected this as he had told Djaq that he was willing to let her choose the man she wanted; only he hadn't really believed she was in cahoots with him.

He pulled away the covers, and carefully swung his legs over the edge of the bed, if there was one thing he didn't have on that was his riding boots. But he had spent the last three days without them so he was sure he would be able to manage for the next few hours.

He then lifted himself off the bed even though the ascension was painful, and while the argument continued in the main room, he walked gingerly towards the door. When he opened the door everyone was shocked to see him clinging to the doorframe afraid that he would fall over, Djaq was the first to his side, while Marian was frozen stiff. There was no going back now the action was taken, he had seen her and if it was his desire to see her put to death before the sheriff, than there was nothing she could do.

"Marian." He said her name kindly,

He was simply happy to have just seen her one last time, but a painful grimace soon seized any happiness that he had and turned it into misery. His grip on the doorframe soon faltered and if Djaq hadn't of grabbed him he could have fallen to the floor; she placed his arm around her neck to support him, as she guided him back to the bed.

After remaining poised for a moment longer Marian walked slowly into the room and over to Guy, who was now taking in deep breathes trying to dull the pain in his chest. She finally stepped into his line of sight, as there was no reason to hide anymore, because he was surely conscious enough to realize that what he had seen wasn't a hallucination.

But before Marian could say anything, Robin briskly walked in with his dagger in hand, stepping into her way he placed the dagger to Gisborne's throat. Guy then opened his eyes wide to see Robin standing in close proximity to him, with an expression on his face that meant what Guy feared.

"Robin no." Marian protested,

"I have to do this Marian there is no way he is going to keep this from the sheriff." Robin reasoned,

"Robin wait." Guy pleaded,

"Prepare to meet your maker Gisborne." Robin said,

"Robin wait there is something I have to tell you before you kill me." Guy reasoned,

"What could you possible want to tell me before I send you where you belong…hell?" Robin asked,

"Listen to him Robin he has told me already what he plans to do." Djaq encouraged, so Robin drew the dagger away from Gisborne's neck and rose to his full height read to hear his enemy,

"All right I'm listening."

"I want to help you fight against the sheriff." Guy began,

"And you expect me to believe that?" Robin mocked,

"If I didn't think there was a chance for you and I to work together do you think I would have said anything at all?" Guy sneered,

Before he lifted himself into a sitting position, leaning against the dresser that was at the head of the bed, placing one foot on the floor.

"You really want to help us…why?" Robin asked, sheathing his dagger,

"You could say it was all Djaq's doing, but before we start you must judge me as..." Guy broke off,

"As what?" Robin asked,

"As a traitor, who has committed the ultimate act of treason." Guy replied shamefully,

"What are you talking about?" Robin demanded calmly,

"I'm talking about my nightmares." Guy replied, the haunting expression clearly detectable in his eyes,

"The Holy Land…you were in the war?" Robin asked, because he too had nightmares,

"Acre to be more precise 1191 in the King's camp I'm sure you will recall as easily as I do." Guy corrected,

"That was when Saracen's made an attack on the king, were you in his regiment as well…how come I never saw you?" Robin asked,

"You did see me you just didn't know it." Guy replied,

He then lifted his right arm and slowly pulled up his sleeve revealing the scarred tattoo, Robin was taken back it was Gisborne who had lead the attack, and he was the man he had wounded.

"It was you." Robin realized, Guy merely nodded his head in acknowledgement,

"What are you talking about?" Marian asked,

"Do you remember when I told you that Saracen's raided the King's camp and I was stabbed?" Robin asked addressing her,

"Yes why?" She asked in return,

"They weren't Saracen's it was Gisborne and a group of men dressed to look like Saracen's, he tried to kill his own King." Robin nearly yelled,

"How do you know?" Marian asked,

"Because of his arm I cut his tattoo look." Robin explained pointing,

Marian was equally upset that Guy would do such a thing, but she had to remember there were things that not even he wanted to do, and perhaps he just went along with it because Vaisey wanted him to do it.

"If you are going to judge me, judge me now and pass my judgment, just know that I am sorry for what I have done." Guy said, as he then lowered his head in shame waiting for Robin's decision,

There was a pause before Robin made his choice, "I reserve judgment for now, and until I hear your case…how do you intend to help us?" He asked, Gisborne looked up surprised at what Robin had just done, he had passed up an opportunity to kill his enemy,

"You want me to help you?" Guy asked still surprised that Robin had changed his mind,

"Perhaps you're right, maybe we ca work together for the greater good." Robin answered, "Now how can you help us?" He asked,

"I can be your eyes and your ears, in short I can be your spy." Guy offered, "And it will keep Marian out of harms way." He added,

"How do you intend to relay the information you secure on to us?" Robin asked,

"We can set up a meeting whenever there is something of importance to discuss, or I could leave a marker somewhere letting you know something's up, or I could stop by your camp." Guy explained,

"You do have a point and after all you are hand and glove with the sheriff, which means he tells you whatever his doing." Robin admitted,

"Agreed, but after my little experience I have realized that he is not my root to position, and that you have been all this time." Guy explained,

"What do you mean?" Robin asked,

"Well eventually the sheriff will fall, and when he does I don't intend to be on the loosing side." Guy answered,

"It took you this long to realize this?" Robin asked, in a some-what taunting manner,

"I have been blinded, swayed by the sheriff's plan's for total power, that I could not see what I was doing to get there was wrong." He admitted,

"But what will you do when the sheriff order's you to do what you don't want to do?" Marian asked,

"I will find a loophole somewhere in his request, and when I do I will seize it." He answered,

"Well if you want to help you can start by telling us what the sheriff is up to at the moment." Robin reasoned,

"When I left he had instructed me to deliver 500 crowns to a man who lived down here, I don't remember where I was meant to go, but it had something to do with the King." Guy explained,

"He's plotting against the King?" Robin asked,

"He has been since I came back from my mission in the Holy Lands and years before." Gisborne informed, "Only now he is hiring a group of men to await the King's return."

"An assassination group." Robin said,

"Obviously, he wants them to wait by the shore that the King will most likely land at, and when he lands they will kill him." Guy agreed, as a painful grimace washed over him,

"You should rest." Djaq reasoned,

"No, I'm fine." He dismissed,

It didn't take long for Gisborne to fall back into the usual attitude that he toted, refusing to let others take advantage of his vulnerability even if they were trying to help him.

"If we are going to become business partners then we might as well start by revealing the secrets we keep from each other, I have revealed mine don't you think it's your turn Loxley?" Gisborne asked,

"What do you want to know?" Robin asked in return,

"I have heard of him as I am sure you have so tell me who is the Nightwatchman?" Guy asked,

"I am." Marian answered in a quiet voice, Guy merely looked at her in shock, he really didn't know enough about this woman,

"You?" He asked in denial,

Marian hung her head in shame saddened by the fact that she had used him to run information to his enemy, and if that wasn't bad enough she also helped Robin steal from him. Guy could see that she was upset, but in reality he was impressed that she had such spirit, it made her all the more intriguing, even though she had used him.

"I am not angry at you Marian…in fact I admire your willfulness." Gisborne assured,

"Well I would have to say that you were the first person to tell me that." Marian admitted, even though she changed to a slight shade of red when he said it,

"There is also one last thing I want to say before you leave Marian." Guy said,

"What?" She asked,

"If you still have feelings for Robin, and you love him more than me then I am letting you go, and you can choose who you want to marry." Gisborne answered,

"I have already made my decision Guy." Marian informed,

He was upset because he wasn't sure if she loved him like he loved her, but he was overjoyed with her decision when she extended her left hand that bore the ring he had intended for her.

"You mean?" He stuttered,

"Yes Guy I will marry you." She said cheerily, "I would kiss you but unfortunately I think that would do you more harm than good." She continued,

Robin was clearly still upset with Marian's decision and so he made ready to leave the room, only Guy noticed and prohibited him from leaving.

"Robin wait…there's something I want to tell you, and you alone." Guy said,

Robin then gestured towards Marian and Djaq letting them know they should leave, so they quietly left the room closing the door behind them.

What is it Gisborne?" Robin asked now crouching by the bed,

"I was in the war fighting for the King only it was Richards father bun not only that I wasn't a soldier for very long I was a prisoner, I was included in a small regiment of men…when my mother and father died I decided that I wanted to follow my father into the battlefield, to honor his name, but I regret it now." Guy explained,

"What happened?" Robin asked, suddenly interested in Gisborne's story,

"After I had just joined my regiment was sent out on a mission, only no one was ever seen again, we were captured by the Alshra Jan."

"But they're murderers how did you escape?" Robin asked,

"On the second day of our capture they tormented us, tortured us, most of my men died under pressure, or killed themselves and it wasn't long until I was left alone. They soon took an interest in me because I was stronger than the others and I hadn't cracked yet, the pain soon got worse, and one day I woke up to find that I wanted to die. They made me watch my men being killed slowly and painfully, if I didn't watch then they would only torture me, so I did what I had to, to survive." He continued, "They wanted to turn my mind and get me to fight against the King, my own King, I killed my first man that day, and if I didn't…well I knew what was going to happen. They're demons from hell, I was lucky that they were only a rogue group, because they were soon overpowered by the King's rescue party that went looking for the missing men. I was rescued but part of me died then, and I was never the same." He finished,

"That's why it wasn't that hard for you to try and kill the King…and why you flinched at my touch when I was helping Djaq" Robin realized, Guy simply nodded his head,

"When you've been through hell and back you learn to do what's necessary to stay alive…but the scars never heal." Guy explained, "I don't want anyone else to know, it's just between you and me no one else will understand."

"Much and I have both seen the horrors…and I think he would understand what you have been through better than I, but we could never understand the horrors you have sustained…try and get some rest." Robin sympathized, as he placed a gently hand on Guy's shoulder to show that he understood,

"Robin." Guy called, stopping him once again from leaving the room,

"Thanks for listening…and for giving me a chance." Guy thanked,

"Don't mention it." Robin dismissed, as he left the room allowing Djaq to tend to Guy like she wanted,

That night Robin and his band of outlaws slept in the cabin that had been the prison for the slaves, and because Djaq was recently discovered to be a woman, she was granted the room in Charles's house that Marian was assigned to. And while they slept in peace, Gisborne slept in misery if you would call it sleeping; to him it was a living Hell.

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