Chapter 13

He Knew That One Day They Would Return,

For the first time after his ordeal in the Holy Land that left him petrified of every shadow for the next month, he had the nightmares again. He had once managed to transform his nightmares into the incident where he had fought Robin while attempting to kill the King. But after his recent revelation with his newly found ally, the dreams returned, and they were as bad as if it was happening to him all over again.

Somewhere in Acre during 1109,

He sat huddled in a corner of the jail cell he had been thrown into since his capture, the room was pitch black and he wasn't able to see anything that was around him. For all he knew there could have been an ocean of dead bodies around him, but over everything his own imagination was what started his fear. But that was the general idea, which was why it was classified as a torture, it was used by hundreds of people across the world to torture someone without actually being there.

The idea was to play with their mind and have them in a vulnerable state, so when the more extravagant torture began, they would already be in fear for their life. He didn't know who it was that had captured him, because he had blacked out when their regiment was ambushed, someone had to have clubbed him on the head.

The idea of escape was always on his mind, but how was he to escape when he didn't even know what his own cell looked like? After what seemed to be the period of a day, that was when he first saw the light, only the light meant misery.

Grabbing hands seized him, and he was pulled to his feet he made no move to fight as he just wanted to live, his life meant something back then, but now he wasn't sure he felt the same, he was captured by the enemy and he could only imagine what that meant. He was lead to a torch lit room where he was soon strapped to a table by his wrists, ankles arms, and legs. A blindfold was placed across his eyes, and he was in darkness once again, the fear of being alone was toying with his sanity, he wasn't sure what they had in mind for him, but whatever it was, it wasn't good.

Intruding hands glided along his figure, in places that he would rather leave untouched, they were violating his body, as they had already violated his personal space. In torture there was no worse action then violating someone, he had never seen the results of the action himself, but he had heard about it and that was why he wanted to go to war.

But when he had gone to war he was no older that 18 if he was even that old, he was merely a boy, and perhaps that was why they had taken an interest in him. The other soldiers in his brigade were a lot older, some where even old enough to be his father. But there was one boy who had joined the war along with Guy, Thomas, and he appeared to be no older than Gisborne, they had also gotten along well, but there was no way of knowing if he was among the dead or the living.

As the hands of foreigners continued to invade the most private of spaces on Gisborne's body, another man was brought in and he too was young. Guy could hear the shuffling of feet beyond those who were circling him as a hunter would its prey. He preyed that what he assumed was coming was only a wild assumption, but somehow he just knew his guess was right.

Thomas cast a glance over at Guy who had at least a dozen people around him, violating his person he was horrified to learn that Guy was still alive and yet suffering such pain. He also saw that he was blindfolded, these men where dedicated to seeing every living thing suffer, only there was a sick method behind their madness, that civilized people would not understand.

"Guy." He called out,

Gisborne then tried to lift his head to at least show his friend that he was still alive and heard him, but a vice-like hand soon secured his neck, and slammed his head against the wooden table, and a finger was placed across his lips in a milk curdling, hushing manner. Guy soon heard Thomas protesting to the force he was subjected to, as he was also strapped in the same manner as Guy on a table.

Only when that was completed Guy soon felt the intruders leave him, he thought it was over but it was far from it, because his table was soon elevated, and turned till Guy was poised vertically, still at least a foot from the solid ground. He hung painfully from his restraints, and it wasn't long until he heard chains being clanked together, but what he didn't know what was going on.

Chains were soon attached to a router on the spinning table, and a large blunt toothed cog, that was activated when someone cranked a hand device. And soon Guy heard screaming coming from in front of him, he knew that it was Thomas they were torturing only he didn't know what they were doing.

And soon he didn't even know from which direction the creaming came, because a single Saracen operated the hand device, and Guy was sent spinning. The tones of Thomas's screaming was altered as Gisborne was spun repeatedly, and soon the feeling of nausea washed over him, only along with it came fear, and sorrow.

Fear because as he spun his imagination was running free like wildfire, because even though he was only in the war for a short time, he had seen enough dead men, some whole or in pieces, and now he was captured by the people who did this. And because he imagined these men to be reaching out to him, lying in wait to seize him and drag him down to hell where surely things could only get worse.

Sorrow because his friend was being used as an instrument of torture while being tortured, it was clearly noticeable that they only cared about Guy. But what was their purpose? What were they doing? And why were they doing it? He had heard stories of the Alshra Jan, and that they killed their victims in a most horrible way. But it appeared they didn't want to kill him, and if they didn't why did they want him alive? What was he to them in some master plan?

The spinning soon stopped and so did the screaming, but by that time Guy was extremely sick, his constitution hadn't kicked in yet, even though he had been in the army for a while now, and he resented it. When it had finished he was untied, where he soon fell the three foot drop to the stone flooring, the blindfold still in place.

He dared not touch it incase it meant that something bad would happen, so he remained in the fear of darkness, but when he was jolted into an upright position the blindfold was removed, his face burning from how fast it was pulled off. The spectacle before he was a sad one, as his friend had now had some of his eternal organs removed from his body, how anyone could do something so sick was beyond him.

He wanted to cry but he didn't dare, he had no way of knowing what these people were like, and the last thing he wanted was to excite the savages further. The only thing that shocked him more than what they did to him was that most of his capturers were female and that was just sick in itself.

He was then grabbed by the arms and dragged over to the blood covered body of his friend, and that was it, which was all he needed before a single tear ran down his cheek, he resented it.

"No Guy…you stay strong…escape." Thomas reasoned,

"But what about you?" Guy asked,

"I am going to die here…for our King, but you see to it…that no matter what, anyone like this pays for their crimes." He pleaded, as a last request,

"How touching." A woman began, "Moments like these always made me want to throw up…now kill him." She ordered,

"I'd rather die." Gisborne retorted,

"Well unfortunately we need you." She said,

She then grabbed his hands and thrust them into his friends wounds instantly covering him in blood, Thomas cried out in pain and it made Gisborne's stomach churn.

"No!" He yelled in protest before he grabbed the woman's dagger from her waist band and brought it down as hard as he could over his friends heart, "I will avenge you." He vowed,

The woman back handed him and he stumbled backwards into the hands of the awaiting Saracen's, the lights soon went out as the blindfold that he had previously worn was returned around his eyes. He was slammed against the table he had once been strapped to, and his arms were thrust into the air and restrained securely yet again.

"Bad move boy…now you will see the power of the Alshra Jan." The lead woman said evilly,

"Do your worst you will never break me." Guy offered defiantly,

"Oh, believe me we intended to whether we had your permission or not." She assured,

And it was at that moment in which the table was turned back horizontally, and the torture they were about to subject him to, was slow and painful, and if practiced over a long period of time one would lose their sanity. There was a large cast iron vat above Guy that he had not noticed, that filtered into a funnel, which filtered into a small dropped that released a single drop of liquid every second, that would fall onto a precise area of the forehead.

But before this was commenced a new strap of leather that wasn't used before was tied securely across his head to make sure that he didn't interfere with the process. With the first single drop that fell, after a Saracen activated it, some of it splashed onto Guy's blindfold, and from what he could see due to the candle light casting a golden glow on the white material, he soon realized horrifyingly that it wasn't water. But a much thicker red descendant, blood.

The blood of thousands was literally now on his head in the most grotesque way imaginable, "We'll be back in just under an hour, try not to lose your sanity until we come back." She mocked, as what little light there was, was soon snuffed out leaving Guy in darkness,

Time slowly clocked by and as it did his face was beginning to resemble someone who had been cut multiple times, as the blood chose many creases in his face that it wished to follow. He could feel the blood soaking into his hair, and when it dried it would become matted together, after the first few minutes the constant dripping was just annoying.

But as time continued to tick by he became agitated, and nervous, he began to hear voices that were not real, and he began to see things through blinded eyes. They picked at his brain, and tormented him, he began to shake due to fear, but that didn't stop the constant dripping to his forehead, and things were only getting worse.

He began to struggle against his restraints, they began digging into his flesh but he continued, causing a loss in circulation, but he just wanted the taste of freedom once more. He had lost all sense of direction and wasn't sure if he was actually stationary because he felt as if he was spinning head over heels, and sideways.

By the time the Saracens returned he was to far gone to realize that they were in the same room that he was, so without a word they turned off the dripping, and untied his restraints, only to drag him on weak knees, back to the cell he had recently occupied. They hadn't even bothered to take off the blindfold, and when he was alone in his cell he was to distressed to concern himself with it, his hands that were covered in Thomas's blood had started to go crusty.

And his hair was a sticky mess of raven lock's entwined with the crimson color of blood, he managed to crawl across the floor and back to the corner he was huddled in before they tortured him. He pulled his knees close to his chest, the images of his ordeal echoing in his head, refusing to leave him in peace even though he was safe enough by himself.

His uniform that bore the King's emblem was faded and covered with blood that was not his own, he preyed that the King would send men to come to his rescue but like before he feared that his prayer would fall on deaf ears as usual. What kind of a man would he be when he was granted the gift of freedom, would he be the man he once was, or would his traumatic past always peg him down?

No matter what he was going to leave behind death was the release he demanded, only he wasn't that much of a coward to take the easy way out, if he was going to die he wanted to die a hero, but he was already dead on the inside. If they decided to seize him tomorrow there was no way he would just take it, he was going to make a stand and kill as many of these people as he could, even if he would be killed himself, he would have died fighting.

By the next morning he hair was a hardened mess of knots that clung together from blood, and yet the blindfold remained over his eyes, because he was perhaps to afraid of what would face him when he took it off. But soon he found that even if he had taken it off it would be put right back to where it started,, as the Saracen's soon cam rushing into the cell, tying his hands, as well as gagging him, something was up.

There was once again the sound of shrills, that one would expect to hear in a battle, and soon even the sound of clanking steel could be heard through the fog of his own mind. But after a few minutes of the deathly tune and all was silent, there were no noises even the voices in his head that had plagued him since the day before held their breath until the cause of the silence was discovered.

Soon there was the sound of a door opening and people silently filtered into the dungeon, Guy soon heard them talking amongst themselves in his native language, English. He shuffled across the floor, because he wasn't sure if these people were friend or enemy, but his shuffling was heard by one of the men and he soon lead others towards the noise, and it wasn't long until they found Guy's crumpled body in the dim lighting of the room.

"Oh my god, there's a survivor from the regiment that went missing." One said, as he fumbled with keys that were soon inserted into the lock,

The door swung open and the man walked over to Gisborne, and placed a hand on him, only to have the boy jerk away violently in fear, a muffled cry was heard through the gag and the man reached to remove it, but Guy flinched further away, sensing that someone was close to him.

"It's all right…I am your King Henry, and I have come to rescue you." He assured, as he pulled away the gag and the blindfold, only to have Guy stare at him with the highest level of fear,

"It's all right I'm not going to hurt you you're safe now." He assured, as he reached over to untie Gisborne's hands, and when he had he lifted him to his feet,

By this time Guy hadn't been fed for three days, and even before than he had a lean frame, but the excess loss of sustenance caused him to look gaunt, and a deathly pale, as he had not seen the sun in a while.

"What's your name?" Henry asked,

"…Guy…Guy of Gisborne." Guy replied shakily,

"Are you all right?" He asked,

"Thomas…they forced me to kill him." Guy nearly sobbed,

He held out his hands exposing the blood that covered them in the newly acquired torchlight, but it wasn't his hands that had Henry concerned it was the amount of blood that was covering the lads face.

"You will be rewarded for your bravery, and a servant will be ordered to look after you for as long as you choose to stay here." The King said kindly,

Gisborne was then lead out of the darkened rooms and into the blinding light of the sun, but he didn't even seem to notice as he was lead by the King to the awaiting camels, so they would not draw suspicion, not even the flag bearers were there. For the next seven years Guy remained with the King, but he never did any fighting, until one day there was a raid on the camp, it was then out of seven years that Guy began to fight like a true warrior.

The men who had attacked the King were certainly Saracen and when he heard the warning signal, he grabbed a sword and raced out into the battlefield. He had knocked down at least a dozen warriors, as once while displaying kicks, parries, attacks, and duckings, along with a few sneaky maneuvers that he had picked up over time.

Everyone especially the King were surprised at his sudden come back, and at that moment on he realized that he could no longer hide in the darkness of his past, and that he had to avenge his friend like he had promised. And so after three more years of loyal service, a mere wound prohibited him from continuing his crusade, so he was sent back to England by the King to find a life for himself, as there was still time.

"But my lord." He protested,

"Now Guy you know that I have to send you back to England to recover, we have to many men wounded here in camp already, go with my blessing and try to start anew." He explained,

"I won't stop fighting for you." Gisborne promised,

"I know you won't that is why you were my favorite soldier, I will always admire and remember your courage and bravery." The King promised in return,

"Thank you my lord." Guy said, with a bow before he left with an awaiting caravan to take him to the dock's,

When he arrived back on the shores of England he was glad to be home, even though France was his real home, when he was traveling to Nottingham, he met a man along the way who seemed to be well off. He hailed the man to ask him a question.

"If someone wanted to start anew where would one go?" He asked,

"Just keep travelling east, that's were I made my wealth but now I am branching out, if the god's will it then maybe you can also find the prosperity I have found." The stranger said,

"Thank you." Guy said gratefully, as he continued on his way,

When he had reached Nottingham like he recently intended, he found that there was a job opening at the castle there, and with his war history he might just be what the sheriff was looking for. When he met the sheriff, he found an old man, dressed in completely back attire, and after their meeting Guy soon told the complete story of his life.

"You are just the man I am looking for, and I am just the man you are looking for…don't you see it's perfect with my help you can rise to power, and see to it that the people who hurt you are hurt in the same way." Vaisey crooned,

"I don't want to repeat what they did to me I just want to make them pay in my own way." Guy explained,

"Exactly what I mean, when you become my Leftennant you can have anything you want, money, lands, title, and power." He said, emphasizing the last word of his sentence,

"I would like the deed to Loxley manor." Guy requested,

"Consider it done Loxley manor is now yours." Vaisey agreed,

"But what about the legal technicalities?" Gisborne asked,

"Oh don't worry about that as soon as I send a message, Loxley might as well be handed to you on a silver platter." Vaisey assured,

And even though things began to look up for him, it only went downhill from there.

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