Chapter 14

Not Over,

And that was why he had such an urge to escape from the mine to find freedom, because he had been there once before. Only had hadn't broken then and he didn't want to break due to a stupid man who believed he was the big 'I am'. He had been in that position once but thanks to Djaq he was now on the side of right, and just behavior, instead of the side that wanted total control, which would cause chaos getting there.

At some point during the night Djaq had come into Guy's room to wake him, as Robin wanted to get back to Loxley, Guy wanted to get back just as fast but he wasn't sure Djaq, or Marian for that matter would let him. Djaq shook him awake, but he startled her when he jolted back into the land of the living, he placed a comforting hand on his waist to stop the sudden pain that burned there, as he looked into her face.

"What?" He asked wearily,

"Robin wants me to wake you so we can get back to Loxley as soon as possible." She said,

"At this hour of the night?" Guy asked, as he rose to his feet with Djaq's help, although he was extremely grateful to her for waking him up,

"It is not night anymore it is nearly dawn, there is just a bit of cloud cover that makes it appear darker than it is." She explained, as she placed his leather jacket over his shoulder's and led him out of the room and into the clearing in front of the house where everyone else was waiting for him,

"I apparently didn't get the memo." Guy apologized teasingly,

He examined those who were already in the saddle, Much was tired but tried not to show it as he wanted to be as alert as his master, John was wide awake like an owl, and so was Djaq, Marian was tired and that was clearly visible. But it also could have been because she was worried about him, Allen on the other hand did nothing to hide the fact that he was tired because, he was bent over in his saddle resting his head on his forearm, which was propped up by the saddle horn. Will however was also ready for the trip as he was wide awake too, it appeared that even though they lived in the forest not everyone was a morning person, only Will, Djaq, and John seemed to match Robin and remain as vigilant as an owl in the wee hours of the morning.

"Just wanted to keep you on your toes Gisborne, after all if we are to work together you have to be ready for anything." Robin teased,

"Well I would have been ready for anything if Djaq hadn't of given me something to help me…sleep." Guy said, pausing because he wanted to use another adjective to describe what he had been through but decided not to,

"Well Gisborne climb into the saddle then and let's get a move on." Robin ordered,

"I'd gladly break a few of your ribs so you could see if you felt the same way about a horse at the moment like I do." He offered, continuing in Robin's teasing,

Djaq was about to offer him a hand into the saddle, buy nevertheless Guy swung himself up with a grunt through gritted teeth, it felt as if he had been kicked by his horse repeatedly. Once he was in the saddle he buttoned his jacket and waited for Djaq to mount, when she was in the saddle, Robin nudged his horse into motion, and the others soon followed.

Due to Guy's condition the caterpillar of riders soon walked their horses in the direction of Nottingham, with the slaves riding in the very back keeping to themselves. Gisborne recalled what he had promised them, and after all the things they had done for him it didn't seem like enough, but what more could he do than free them from slavery, and give them money, which allowed them to travel home.

The trip to Nottingham was slow and for Guy painful, because with every rocking motion his horse made, it increased the pain in his chest, the trip was also very silent and no one made an attempt at starting a conversation. Marian had dropped back to ride beside Guy, and even though it was early she could still throw him that smile which said it all, before he wasn't sure if it was real, but now he knew it was.

Not even she wanted to start a conversation with him which was strange because surely there were things that she wished to find out about him. Perhaps the only reason she was riding with him was so that she could monitor his condition, and if that was the case, he worked harder to make it look like he was all right, because he hated showing his weakness, especially with her.

Even though she had consented to be his wife, Gisborne wasn't completely convinced that their betrothal would end in a wedding, because he knew that she didn't entirely love every side of him. And there was still the side that had to carry out the things that Vaisey wanted him to do, and if she was going to marry him, she was going to marry that side of him as well.

After a while Marian couldn't resist commenting on the heartbroken look that Guy had to offer his face clearly visible in the light of the barely risen sun, she realized it wasn't from the pain and so something had to be tormenting him. Finally she spoke up.

"Guy what's wrong?" She asked,

"…Marian…are you sure you want to marry me?" Guy asked, after working out how he was going to say this,

"What?" Marian asked shocked by his question,

"Surely Robin would suite your needs better, he is a man who fights for King and Country, above all else." Guy offered,

"And you Guy of Gisborne, are a man who puts those he loves first, before all else, you are devoted, kind, brave, and loyal." Marian informed,

"You're wrong I am a cold heartless man who has killed many people at the sheriff's whim, and has tried to kill my own king." Guy corrected,

"No your not, there is a good man buried underneath that stony exterior, a side that you cannot show or the sheriff would step on you and degrade you like he always does." Marian protested, as Guy shot her a glance that showed he had no idea that she knew how the sheriff treated him,

"You do realize that while I work under Vaisey I can't just say no…I have to do what he orders me to do." Gisborne explained,

"Surely there are ways to get around it." Marian reasoned,

"With taxes maybe but if he wants me to arrest someone what am I meant to do?" Guy asked as if he was clueless on the matter, and was begging for help,

"Whenever you have someone in the dungeons, get word to Robin allow him to come and recue whoever it is that the sheriff is insistent on hurting, then he can get them to safety and the sheriff will be none the wiser." Marian explained,

"Marian if I allow Robin to snatch everyone as soon as they are imprisoned, I would fall under suspicion, or the sheriff would suspect there was a spy, and then the suspicion would fall on you." Guy said,

"Surely the sheriff can't be that proactive in a few short weeks that it would cause suspicion at all." Marian reasoned, Guy shot her another look that meant the sheriff was capable of anything,

"Well even if that was the case surely he would not suspect you after everything that you have done for him in the past." She continued,

"Marian returning with you in my company is already risky enough…for you that is." Guy explained,

"Why?" Marian asked,

"Like I have told you, I was sent on a mission by the sheriff to recruit men that would fight against the King, he has already punished you for your outspokenness do you think he would give you a second chance before he decided to throw you in the dungeons due to mere suspicion?" Guy asked,

"He cannot do that he has no proof of the crime he would like to pin on me." Marian protested,

"This is one thing that no even you seem to understand Marian, if the sheriff wants to do something he will do it and when he has there is nothing anyone can do about it." Guy explained, he was hoping that finally she would understand how much danger he would soon be in,

"If I decide to defy him by not going along with whatever it is Vaisey wants then he could easily brush me aside and get someone else to do what he wants…and in the end he will still have his way." He continued,

"We have to put a stop to his reign of tyranny surely there is a way to get Prince John off the thrown." Marian devised, but Guy didn't like the way she said that, because it usually meant she was going to do something reckless,

"Marian you have to leave the scheming to me now that I'm working with hood; I won't take you falling into the hands of danger again." Guy ordered,

"Just because I have to stay out of your business it doesn't mean the Nightwatchman has to." Marian said,

"The Nightwatchman has to stop to, what if the sheriff catches you or worse kills you." Guy reasoned,

"The only one who is sent to catch the Nightwatchman is you and I am sure you won't kill me." Marian pointed out,

"That's not the point; what if you were ever stabbed by a guard, or shot by an archer…I would never forgive myself for allowing you to continue in the charade." Guy protested, there was a pause while Marian devised a choice comeback,

"The same goes for me to Guy." She said finally,

"What do you mean?" He asked, unsure of what she was stating,

"If you are going to marry me, than you marry all of me, even the side which is the Nightwatchman." She explained,

"Marian this is different." Guy protested,

"How?" Marian asked, leaving Guy at a loss for words,

"Because if I was eve found out to be in league with hood the punishment I would sustain before death would be bearable, but because you are a woman if you were ever caught…well I don't want to think about it." Guy dismissed,

"You have pointed out only mere if's there is no reality in your statements." Marian said,


"Guy…you have to let me help you, to help England." Marian said, as a final,

"All right." Guy agreed,

The feeling of lightheadedness and nausea washed over him as his vision began to swim in the waters of open space, causing to give up the argument. Djaq obviously hadn't noticed it but he could defiantly feel the lump on his head where he had come in contact with something, in the last few days, and this was causing him to sway slightly in his saddle, it also caused his horse to shift uncomfortable, due to his rider's movement.

Guy placed a hand to his head trying to clear the Mel de mere motion his vision had taken, it caused his stomach to churn and make him feel as though he could throw up, and this time masking it wasn't going to help him any. Marian soon noticed that Guy was hunched over in his saddle so she pulled her horse and Guy's to a stop, before she called out to Robin making him stop.

Marian placed a hand on Guy's back in comfort, as Robin circled his horse in their direction Djaq soon joined him and they trotted towards the now extremely unstable Guy of Gisborne. All three riders had concerned expressions on their faces, as they noticed him changing from a tan color to a pale white, he tried to focus on the people around him but the harder he strained the worse he felt so he screwed his eyes closed.

Djaq began to look him over form head to toe, trying to distinguish why he was now bent over in his saddle, it was then that she realized what she had missed the first time she examined him.

"He has a lump on the back of his head, I must have missed it when I examined him before, the blood has dried around it, I do not understand how I could have missed it." Djaq explained, although she was clearly in denial,

"Guy how do you feel?" She asked,

Despite the huge wave of pain that radiated through his skull like a drum, his stomach refused to grant him peace as well, because the more noise he heard the worse he felt, and the sicker he became. Djaq and Robin dismounted helping Guy out of the saddle, and that did it, the small distance from him to the ground, was all he needed before he dropped on his knees, one hand keeping him almost on fours, while the other hand held his stomach.

The sound of dry retching soon reached the poised riders, and they didn't bother to turn and discover what was going on behind them, instead Djaq crouched beside Guy and placed a hand on his back, while he continued to heave uselessly. After a while he leaned back against Robin's arm that he held out offering small comfort to a man who was so recently an enemy, it was welcomed immensely.

Guy's hands were now clutching his chest and stomach in a painful gesture, his chest aching due to the sudden movement; his hands shook in tiny spasms caused by the relentless purging of nothingness. Marian was now on her feet and crouch beside Gisborne as well holding a water bottle, his breathing was shallow but controlled, and his eyes remained closed in a calm expression, because he wasn't sure if it was safe to open them.

Finally he chanced it, slowly opening them he stared straight ahead blinking occasionally to become accustomed to the vivid spectrum of light that he didn't recall leaving for the darkness he chose. As his vision shifted from a foggy haze to that of a somewhat clear view he noticed all the people who were starring at him concernedly, including Marian as she handed Djaq the water bottle.

She unscrewed the lid and gently placed it to his lips, and with Robin's help to prop up his head, he took a mouthful of water only to spit it out seconds later to rise his mouth. But the second time she offered him water, he took it in small sips to ensure that it wouldn't decide to evacuate his body any time soon.

When all that remained was a slight shaking of his hands and a massive stomach ache, he lifted himself with Robin's help to a more vertical sitting position. Cocking one brow and showing his gritted teeth through the corner of his mouth as he did so, when he had finished Djaq was the first to speak.

"Are you feeling better?" She asked,

"Not that much better right now, no." He replied dryly,

"Do you want to rest for a few minutes here?" Robin asked,

After recovering from the initial shock of Robin offering to stop on his account, he decided that they should push on.

"No I don't need to rest." He replied, once again disguising most of his vulnerability,

"Can you stand?" Marian asked, still skeptical, so with Robin's help again, which was just getting weird, he rose to his feet slowly gripping Robin's forearm, as he did the same,

"Yeah." He exhaled as he rose,

Giving himself a few minutes for composure, he then turned toward his horse, but this time he was capable of swinging into his own saddle without anyone's help, especially not Robin's. Once he mounted everyone else did the same, and as Robin took the head of the group once again, the group of riders resumed their snake-like movement.

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