Chapter 16

I Pray You Never Meet Them,

"What do you think you are doing Gisborne?" He demanded,

"My lord with all do respect what you were trying to do was wrong beyond measure." I explained,

"You obviously do not understand your position in this castle 'Sir Guy' because if you did you would realize that crossing me would be the biggest mistake in your life." Vaisey screamed, emphasizing my name,

"I can not stand by and see you tax the villagers into the dust." I said standing my ground,

"One more word out of you 'Sir Guy' and you will never stand up to me again." He warned, still emphasizing,

"And what could a man like you possible do to make me follow you in this reign of tyranny?" I asked, seemingly unafraid of the sheriff for the moment,

"Oh, oh my dear boy you have no idea what a man like me can do." He said, in a somewhat hushed voice, finding myself detesting the conversation I made to leave, but guards waited just outside the door to prohibit my departure,

"What's the meaning of this?" I demanded,

"It's time you saw that a man like me can be worse that any Saracen you would ever happen to meet." He said, I was getting the sinking feeling that my outspokenness wasn't going to be excused,

"You wouldn't dare lay a hand on me." I said,

"Oh believe me that won't be the only thing I'm going to lay on you." He sneered, "Take him to the dungeons and show him our finest…in the new room I just had installed I think, should be interesting. A clue…no." He ordered,

"I was then taken to the dungeons where later the sheriff visited me only that's not what it would be called in most perspectives…he had harnessed the power of energy" Guy continued,

"So our little Guy thinks he can speak against his superior does he?" Vaisey asked, as he circled me like a hunter would it's prey, I hung from the roof of the room by chains around my wrists, my feet where at least a foot from the ground,

"You'll never get me to do what you want not now that I know what you are; you only want to use me as your pawn in a chess game." I said,

"Very well put Gisborne, but very wrong…you will do what I want you too." He said, but I merely laughed,

"You see there is a level to how much one can sustain, and with power combined with a creative mind like mine the bar is lowered down a level." He rambled on, until he stopped at something covered by a cloth,

"You see the bracelets that are keeping you where you are, are attached to a couple of friends I would most enjoy sharing with you, because I am not ht only one who can thrash out when provoked." He explained although

"I had no idea what he was talking about for all I knew he could have been speaking another language, but I soon discovered what he was talking about with a bit more explanation, and the removing of the cloth."

"Then what?" Robin nearly demanded,

"This isn't a novel you know it's about me." Guy reminded,

"I know I just want to know what kind of a man Vaisey really is." Robin assured,

He whipped off the cloth with one hand revealing a tank of water that had an eel inside swimming around trying to find a way out.

"Is that as good as you can do Vaisey…freak me out with a little eel?" I taunted,

"No far from it this little eel isn't the ordinary creature you see swimming about in the pond at Loxley no I got this imported especially for anyone who became unusually annoying only I didn't think you were going to be the first man who would volunteer." He admitted,

"So what your game Sheriff?" I asked,

"Well dear boy there's a length of wire connecting your bracelets to the tank, after I stir up this little creature it will emit a shock that will then course through your body, a short burst but most certainly will hurt." He assured, as he grabbed a wooden stick from beside the tank,

"Aren't you worried about feeling the shock as well sheriff?" I asked,

"Not to fear wood apparently doesn't go well with whatever they do." So he poked at it with the stick and it wasn't long until I felt a shock surge through my body,

"Is that the best you can do?" I asked,

"No there's more of these little things…always get more than you need is what I always say."

"Eventually the number of eels increased and the charge was more painful and it went for longer as he stirred them up longer than he had previous times, it soon became unbearable and he knew it. After that his imagination grew and soon metal lined straps were placed on different areas of my body causing more focused shock point. After he released me he acted as if nothing had happened between us, but it wasn't long until I defied him again, me general nature prohibiting me from doing anything that I didn't agree with but that's not how Vasiey saw it.

The more I defied him the worse things got, he would either use the eels or use other methods of torture that ranged from, burning, beating, or even recreating things that I had told him in the story about Acre. I eventually learnt that whatever he wanted he got, so after overhauling my attitude and changing the way I saw other people I learnt that I had to do what I had to do, to escape his fury." Guy finished,

"Why didn't you leave him?" Robin asked,

"For two reasons, the first reason because I had nowhere to go, my mother's family rejected me and my sister because she married an Englishman, reason number two is because I couldn't leave Marian, I wouldn't, because she too was under Vaisey's cruel hand and I wanted to protect her." He replied,

"So after all these years you've been waiting for a time when you could get back at him for everything he's done to you?" Robin asked,

Guy then unbuckled the bottom of his jacket and then pulled up his undershirt just above his waist so that Robin could see the area of his skin that was mutilated beyond repair, due to the things Vaisey found appealing. Guy locked onto Robin's eyes in an unrelenting stare that said everything, Robin could see how much Guy wanted revenge it had consumed him the moment Vaisey had turned his mind. Where the Saracen's had been unsuccessful, Vaisey had triumphed.

After Gisborne returned his clothing Robin then revealed his wound that Guy himself had inflicted, he looked away unaware that his action had caused so much pain.
"That's different." Guy protested,

"How?" Robin asked,

"Because I'm sorry." Guy said in a kind manner, "The Sheriff is not."

"Now Robin will you help me?" Gisborne asked,

"All right I'll help you…but don't start taking every beggar here or I'll review my decision on your punishment." Robin warned, but Guy saw the twinkle of mischief in his eye realizing he was joking,

"Deal." Guy agreed, with a grin of pure satisfaction,

"Now you and Marian have somewhere to be if I'm correct…you don't want to keep Vaisey waiting." Robin teased,

"I'd like nothing more that to keep him waiting." Guy admitted, as John helped him onto his horse, before Guy and Marian had left Robin nodded towards him, Guy nodded back to show he understood Robin's silent message,

The sheriff would pay one day, and even if it wasn't that day or that hour, Robin and Guy would have their revenge in the form of the King coming home to England, ending his rule forever.

Not much later Guy and Marian walked their horses into the courtyard of the castle, after ordering a guard to help him down; he then walked hand in hand with Marian into the castle itself. When they had entered the great hall Vaisey sat behind a desk going over some paperwork that was no doubt from Prince John, which in itself made Guy feel satisfaction in a small quantity, because he knew the sheriff hated it.

"It's about time you got back Gisborne...What took you so long?" Vaisey asked, as he looked up from his desk briefly, "And what is she doing with you?"

"I ran into a bit of trouble but she accompanied me on the way back, we met as she was riding through the forest so I invited her to join me." Guy lied, as he allowed Marian to seat him in a chair, Vaisey noticed Guy grimacing and decided to comment,

"What happened to you Gisborne play a little too rough?" He mocked,

"I ran into a bit of trouble with the owner of a mine that I didn't even know we owned." Guy explained, as he motioned for Marian to leave and she did so,

"Do explain in English Gisborne." Vaisey crooned,

"Charles O'Conner I had a run in with him." Guy said,


"He's dead."

"What?" Vaisey squeaked, "How did that happen?"

"I killed him." Guy replied calmly,

"You did what?" Vaisey asked, taken back for a few seconds,

"Two men jumped me and sold me as a slave to him, I tried to tell him who I was but he insisted that I was lying, and so when he tried to kill me I killed him, only it lead to me being blocked in the mine." Gisborne explained,

"And how did you get out?"

"The slaves thought that because I was one of them they should help me out… I escaped with a few broken ribs but I'll mend." Guy replied,

"And what about the mine?" The sheriff asked, more concerned for it than his Leftennant,

"It's flooded; he dug it right on top of an underground spring." Guy answered,

"That mine was the richest gold mine I've ever had." Vaisey yelled,

"Maybe in future you shouldn't keep secrets from me, and I wouldn't have had to kill Charles." Guy offered,

"Broken ribs or not Gisborne I'm the sheriff and you treat me with respect or we shall have another little session in that room I know you love." The sheriff warned, as he walked behind Guy and placed his arms around his neck,

"Tell me are you still a little tender?" Vaisey asked, as he applied pressure to Gisborne's rib cage, he screwed up his face momentarily before realizing he was letting Vaisey have the pleasure of seeing him suffer,

"Oh, oh what's the matter Gisborne does it still hurt, hmmm?" Vaisey taunted,

"With all do respect my lord I wish to retire I'm not feeling well." Guy said truthfully,

"Mmmm, you're right you do look a bit pale, perhaps you should get some rest or be checked out by a physician, because if I know Charles like I did, then you might want to make sure he didn't do anything besides beat you." The sheriff warned,

"What do you mean?" Guy asked,

"Well he does know a thing or two about exotic poisons, some that can take a few days to do any real damage." Vaisey muttered, "Well go on you can leave."

Gisborne was all too happy to leave his presence because now that he was siding with hood his rebellious nature was starting to show again, and that meant more defying and more punishing. When he left he found his group of soldiers and quickly passed orders.

"I want you men to go throughout every village and town, along with every tavern and inn, in the surrounding area, and bring me any man that has a German accent or even slightly resembles one." He barked,

"At once my lord." They acknowledged as they clattered out of his presence, Marian soon found him,

"Guy what are you doing you should be resting?" She asked,

"This business isn't for you Marian…" He sighed before continuing, "I have one last little black deed to perform before I resign." He explained,

"What's that?" She asked,

"Don't ask."

"Is the sheriff making you do this?" She questioned,

"No, I am acting on my own…Marian something happened to me a long time ago when I was young, and what I am doing is bringing the man who reiterated it to justice." Guy said, as he turned to place both his hands on her shoulders, only to stare fearfully into her eyes,

"Guy…you're not…" She broke off,

"Come with me I'll tell you about it." He said, as he took her hand kindly and led her to his chamber,

She sat down in one of the chairs by a table, and he poured her some wine which she gladly accepted, which was strange because she usually pushed away his kindness.

"So what happened?" She asked, after sipping the wine that had a sweet taste,

"When my parents had died I followed my father into the battlefield and served under King Richards father Henry, he was a fair King an allowed me to join even though I was barely 18." Guy began, "He said I was his best soldier, and he granted me a reward after my service in his guard…after I first joined my regiment was sent out on a mission where we were ambushed by the Alshra Jan and taken prisoner."

"The Alshra Jan who are they?" Marian asked,

"A group of Saracen's that I pray you never meet." Guy replied,

And after that Gisborne told Marian the full story skipping a few graphic details that would have saddened her too much, but after he finished that story he told her what the sheriff had done. And by the time he finished his story she understood what drove him to do the things that Vaisey wanted him to do, because in a way he lived in fear.

"And you stayed instead of leaving to protect me?" She asked,

"Yes I did." He replied,

"You have been through so much but yet you decided to go through it again to protect me, you care that much?" She asked,

"Yes…I didn't want him doing anything cruel to you, I figured that if I became a substitute he would leave you alone, but apparently that didn't work very well when he cut your hair." Guy answered,

"That was my own fault." She insisted,

"Yes but I should have protected you from him." Guy protested,

"There is a limit to what you can do." Marian comforted,

"That's why I need you to stop the charade with the Nightwatchman." Guy explained,

"I won't give up the Nightwatchman but I promise I will be careful." She said,

"If you must but I don't want to see you hung." Guy said, as Marian rose from her seating to walk behind him, when she did she kissed him on the cheek,

"Thank you for telling me…I realize that it must have been hard for you." She said softly,

"I figured that you deserved the truth, no matter how hard it was to hear." Guy admitted,

"My father is expecting me back at Knighton hall so I must go." She explained, as Guy rose to meet her height,

"Even though you have consented to be my wife let me court you and win your affections as the new me." He insisted, as they embraced comfortingly,

"All right." She agreed as he kissed her left hand over the ring he bought for her, before she left,

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