Chapter 17

He Didn't Know How He Knew, But he Knew,

When she left a guard entered the room letting Gisborne know that they had rounded up five men within Nottinghamshire, he then rose and followed his guard to the dungeons. The men where on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs, he instantly recognized the man who had sold him to a slave trader, only the man was drunk or at least seemed like it.

"Leave him." Guy ordered, as he pointed at Fritz, "The rest of you a free to go and I apologize for the inconvenience." He added, when the others were led away Guy walked over to Fritz and pulled his head up cruelly,

"Didn't think you would see me again did you?" He sneered,

"No…you should be dead." Fritz said in disbelief,

"Well I'm far from dead and I swear I will make you pay for what you did." Guy assured,

"No please, I beg you show mercy." He begged as he fell to his face,

"What the same mercy that you showed me?" Guy demanded, "You have no idea what my past was like and when you condemned me you condemned your life."

"Please I'll do anything."

There was a pause between them.

"All right…think yourself lucky that Marian had a chance to speak to me before I met you again…I'll let you go but I better not see you again in my life." Guy said,

Guy gave the guards a signal to let him go, but as Guy was making his way out he slipped a small dagger from his sleeve, and positioned the hilt between his index and ring finger, hiding it behind his wrist. He knew that Fritz was going to try something, he didn't know how he knew but he knew, and he was soon found to be right.

As Fritz was being led out of the dungeon he quickly turned grabbing the guard's sword, he then hurdled towards Guy ready to kill him, but Guy then turned and flicked the dagger into operation. He then administered a fatal slash at the man's throat causing him to fall short of his target, this killing was justified he had done it to protect himself.

"Get him out of here…and make sure the sheriff doesn't see you." Guy ordered, as the guards returned to his side.

He was not in the mood to find the physician when he left the castle so instead he went straight back to Loxley manor, only when he got there; there was a familiar face or two.

"Hood didn't expect to see you here or you either Djaq for that matter." Guy admitted,

"Just wanted to make sure you got back all right, Djaq was telling me that besides joining our gang, and apart from your knock on the head there might be something else wrong with you." Robin explained,

"Like what?" Guy demanded weakly,

"You may have been poisoned." Djaq interrupted,

"What?" Guy demanded again, only this time as he grabbed for a support beam in the house as his legs went like water,

"Gisborne!" Robin called out worriedly, so he and Djaq moved him to a chair,

"Poisoned how?" Guy asked, through a grimace,

"There is a certain mushroom that I know of, which causes the same symptoms that you are experiencing…so while at Robin's camp I searched the forest for a known antidote, because within 48 hours of ingestion you can die, which is why you are getting worse." She explained,

"Master." Thornton called, concerned when he saw what state Guy was in, he became more concerned when he saw Robin was in the house, he soon took Gisborne's side in a defending manner,

"Thornton fetch us some wine, Djaq here has something she needs to give Gisborne, and the wine will act as the last component." Robin ordered, but Thornton looked down at Guy,

"It's all right do as he says I'll explain everything to you later." Guy assured, so Thornton fetched the wine,

"What happened?" He asked still uncomfortable with what was going on,

"I was poisoned." Gisborne replied weakly,

"Who would poison you?" Thornton asked,

"Is it really that unbelievable Thornton? Not even you like me." Guy asked,

"I don't dislike you Sir, infact I have a unique respect for you since you decided to stay and protect Marian after…" He cut himself off,

"After what?" Gisborne asked, he had the sinking feeling this servant knew what the sheriff did to him,

"I know what the sheriff did to you Sir." He replied, all the while Djaq was mixing her remedy with a half a cup of wine,

"I heard some guards talking once and they were quite drunk Sir." He answered,

"Does anyone else know?" Guy asked, worried that others might discover his secret,

"Only I know Sir." Thornton assured,

"Here drink this." Djaq interjected,

"Should I be concerned with what's in it?" Gisborne asked, as he smelt the concoction,

"You should be more concerned if you do not drink it." She answered,

Guy reluctantly drank what she had given him, and to his surprise it was actually quite pleasant to the taste, he was soon finding that not everything was as bad as it seemed.

"You might go to sleep for a while after you drink this." She said,

"Now you tell me." Guy complained as he felt himself drifting,

"Don't fall asleep yet you're too heavy to lift." Robin protested,

"It's not my fault." Guy explained,

"It is if you don't get out of that chair now and make an attempt to your bed chamber." Robin retorted, as he placed one arm around Guy's chest to lift him out of the chair,

"But this is your house remember." Guy said,

"Yeah well let's just say I'm okay with you borrowing it." Robin reassured,

"I take it there is something I don't know about the two of you Sir." Thornton realized,

"It's a long story Thornton I'll tell you about it when I wake up." Guy said,

Robin along with Thornton's help walked him fumblingly up the stairs, and as they did so he began to lose his touch with reality, faster that when he was sitting in the chair. By the time they finally got him onto his bed and removed his jacket, Gisborne was now resting peacefully, but Robin knew it wouldn't last long, due to the information Guy chose to share.

Even though they had only known each other for not even a day, Robin felt like Gisborne was destined to be his friend and ally all along, but because of what had happened to change each others lives, it wasn't until now that it had come to pass. But with Gisborne to help them fight for the King, Vaisey's days would surely be numbered; he also knew that there would be times when their loyalty would be pushed to the limits.

But in the long run, it would be nice to have a childhood friend as a friend again, Robin knew Guy was a traitor but had decided to let it pass, and when the King returned there would be no way for him to know it was actually Gisborne who had attacked him. And Robin wasn't about to tattle on Guy either, because he was like the brother he never had, he had also dismissed the fact that Guy was living in his house because, Gisborne's had been burnt to the ground when they were only children.

After he made sure Guy was in safe hands, because otherwise Marian would have his head, he decided that he should make a special trip to Knighton hall informing Marian of his condition. Unlike Gisborne he possessed the ability to candy coat what would be distressing news to the receiver and make it sound like it wasn't as bad as it really was, because Guy was always way to straightforward it was one of his weaknesses.

But he wasn't very profoundly skilled with hiding things from his former lover, the high spirited woman who was Marian, so he was stepping into uncharted regions. The rest of his gang remained at camp, and besides the latest addition which was Djaq who was assigned to stay with Gisborne and a bewildered Thornton, he made his trip alone.

When he walked through the front door of the manor, he found that Marian was sitting across a table from her father no doubt explaining what had happened in the last few days. She gave him a half hearted smile as he came in to view, glad to see him because he could confirm anything that she explained about Gisborne, but her countenance fell when she saw Robin in a state of turmoil.

"Robin…what is it?" She asked, rising out of her chair,

"There's nothing to worry about Djaq has the situation under control." Robin explained, but he was only making things worse destroying what used to be his initial plan,

"It's Guy isn't it?" She asked, growing more concerned by the minute due to Robin's insistent pussyfooting, he was about to reply with a drawn out explanation but she stopped him,

"The truth Robin of Loxley or so help me." Marian warned,

"Gisborne's been poisoned." He said flatly,

"What? How?" She demanded,

"I don't know, not even he knows, but apparently Djaq knew there was something wrong with him, so while you two had gone to Nottingham she gathered herbs from around camp making a mixture that she knew would serve as an antidote, to the poison she suspected." Robin explained,

"And did it work?" She asked, after a brief pause that seemed like eternity, all the while her father just listened,

"We don't know." He offered, but it wasn;t good enough,

"You don't know…My future husband could be lying on his death bed and you don't know if you can save him." Marian nearly yelled,

"Well he fell asleep almost immediately after he ingested what she gave him." Robin explained,

"I'm going to see him." She said,

"Are you sure that's wise, being seen with Robin could bring about your execution." Her father warned,

"Believe me father he wouldn't do that." She assured,

"And how can you be so sure?" Edward asked,

"Because we both revealed our secrets to each other." She replied,

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"I mean he told me of his betrayal and I told him that I was the Nightwatchman." She answered,

"You realize he can bring the sheriff to our house taking you to the scaffold where the sheriff will kill you." He warned,

"Father he has seen the wrong in what he has done and now he has joined our cause…if he didn't intend to help us there would have been no reason for him to reveal to us that he had let the attack on the King stabbing Robin in the process in Acre, when he was meant to be in quarantine." She explained,

"And you're sure of this?" He asked still doubtful,

"If my word means anything Sir, I believe he has changed." Robin offered,

He motioned for Edward to join him in private for a moment, and during the brief second that he spent with Edward in private he relayed what Gisborne had confessed to him in the simplest terms. Marian saw her father nodding in the gesture that he understood, she had no way of knowing what he was saying but she assumed it was a story defending Gisborne. When they had rejoined Marian Edward looked a little more at peace than he was a moment ago.

"All right go and see Sir Guy…from what Robin tells me he has changed, and if there is one thing about him that I can trust about him it's his word." He agreed,

"Thank you sir." Robin thanked, it was nice to know that a former man of power took his word as solid gold,

As Robin walked out to the front of the house Marian soon joined him as she walked out of the stables leading her pre-saddled horse, which she had ridden in on. When they both swung into the saddle, they made a hasty journey to the Loxley Manor, when they were inside they were greeted by Thornton who was just coming downstairs.

She hardly noticed him as she made her way up the stairs and into Guy's bedchamber, where he lay peaceful enough lying in his own bed with Djaq kneeling beside him, she rose when Marian entered.

"How is he?" She asked,

"He will recover perfectly." Djaq replied,

"What was the poison?" Marian asked,

"There is a mushroom that I have heard of, and when ingested it can cause, nausea, dizziness, loss of consciousness…but if you have only eaten the stem then the chances at survival without an antidote are good because you don't even realize you are poisoned. But if you eat the cap like Gisborne then for the next 48 hours you feel terrible, and if untreated the result is death." She explained,

"When will he wake up?" Marian asked, after hanging on to every word Djaq said,

"In a few hours, the quantity of the dose I gave him was quite large because his condition was so bad, but it will not cause any problems, only help him sleep longer." She assured,

Marian decided from that moment onward that she was going to remain by his side until he woke up; just wanting to make sure that the man she was going to devote her life to was all right. Robin and Djaq could see what she was intent on doing and neither of them were up to telling her that it wouldn't be the best idea because from experience they knew it wasn't worth it.

Several hours later and Marian had been alone for sometime, shortly after everyone had left she noticed that Guy began to fidget fearfully in his sleep, there was something that was hurting him even when he was down and out. She realized that this was going to be something else her loving devotion was going to have to iron out, but if his scars were deeper than she realized there might be no hope of curing him.

"No!" She wasn't going to think about that, not now when he had no opportunity to defend himself, "He's strong he…we can get through this together, and who knows maybe he might even confide what troubles him in me because apart from what he told me today there has to be other things that haunt him." She thought, she realized that might take time, but when they were married they would have all the time in the world,

The thought of Guy courting her made her cheeks expose a red strawberry color that revealed she was quite excited to be courted by such a handsome, gently, tender, man. She couldn't imagine him wearing anything else but his usual leather clad, so it would also be interesting to see what he interpreted to be fetching in the manner of his wardrobe.

During the time she had been watching him, she had made her way onto the bed, and sat up by the pillow folding her legs underneath her so that she could cradle Guy's head in her lap and run her fingers through his raven colored locks. Somehow she imagined it to give him a small amount of comfort, but maybe that was because she really wanted to help him through whatever was troubling him, although she knew there were some things that he needed to straighten out on his own.

"He looks so peaceful…yet so haunted." She said to herself, it really did pluck at her heart strings to see him so small and helpless,

Soon her patience and faithfulness to remain by his side was rewarded when she felt his head swiveling in her lap, she hoped that he was feeling better and had decided to wake up, but she couldn't be sure. She was overjoyed when she saw him flutter his eyelids trying to become accustomed to the spectrum of light that was displayed before him; he also noticed that someone was starring down at him.

"Marian?" He asked, as his eyes began to shift their focus,

"I'm here Guy…how do you feel?" She asked,

"Like I've been hit in the head with something hard." He replied truthfully, "I was poisoned by Charles…he's still trying to reach out to me through his grave."

"I know…and don't worry about Edward or Thornton they know everything." Marian assured,

"Everything?" Guy asked, hoping she only referred to him and Robin,

"We told them about you and Robin, but made sure no one else was around, that way word wouldn't spread like wildfire, putting us all in danger." She said,

But regardless of that fact Guy saw a tear well up in her eyes, he slid himself into a sitting position and wrapped his arms around her for comfort, she placed her head on his chest.

"What's wrong my love?" He asked, as he began to stroke her soft hair,

"Damn, why do I have to cry, and especially now when everything's going to be all right…it must be all this stress." She cursed to herself, because she began to convulse in sobs,

"I thought that…I thought that I had lost you." She explained,

"Sssshhh…everything's going to be all right you'll see." He assured, as he kissed her hair,

"I know it's just that I was afraid." She said,

"I was afraid to, afraid that I would never have the chance to call you my wife." Guy explained, as he made an effort to hold her tighter but gently, even though his chest burnt like fire,

She longed the day that he would be in his usual fit charisma, but that day would take a bit of work and effort on both their behalf's, but they both knew they would get through it together.

The End

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