Chapter 2

I Am Not A Slave,

The covered wagon wobbled into the mine site, in the western part of England, near the small town of Maribel, Gisborne was worried, but he tried not to show it, he would have gotten away with his nervousness, if it wasn't for Djaq.

"You are nervous." He said, "Do not worry I am nervous too." He comforted,

"It's not exactly the slavery that has me worried." Guy said,

"Then what is it you are worried about?" Djaq asked,

"Well I came here on business and I have just lost 500 crowns when I was ambushed last night." He replied,

"And why would you be more worried about that than your own life?" He demanded,

"Because you don't know what the sheriff is like...he cares nothing for my life and if it suited him he would torture me for my mistake." Guy explained,

"Who is this sheriff of Nottingham he is a brutal, heartless, monster, why do you work for him?" Djaq asked,

"Because I have to, to keep the woman I love safe, if it wasn't for that, and the raising of Nottingham to the ground I would have made an attempt on his life." Guy replied, finally able to reveal his inner secrets to someone,

" must love her very much." Djaq said,

"Yes I do she means everything to me...and now I don't know if I will ever see her again." Guy confessed,

"If you want to see your woman again then I suggest you say as little as possible, I have been a slave for a while and I learnt that talking doesn't get you anywhere." Djaq said,

"Do the rest of these people speak English?" Guy asked,

"No I am the only one and even then the trader does not know it you are the only one." He said,

"In that case I will keep your other secret to my grave." Guy said,

"What secret are you speaking of?" Djaq asked, trying to appear puzzled, or maybe that was because he was,

"Just between the two of us I know that you are indeed a woman." Guy confessed,

"What how do you know?" She demanded,

"There are a few things that a man can just tell." Guy said, grinning cockily, and winking his eye,

"Well let's just see to it that it stays between us...because if it doesn't then I would have to kill you." She said with a laugh, Guy began to laugh to until she spoke again, "I mean you have any idea what they could do to me if they found out I was a woman?" She said meaningfully, this made Guy stop laughing almost instantly,

"Yeah I do." Guy admitted, how many times had he witnessed torture, of men and woman alike, how it seemed so different now that he was going to be at the receiving hand, instead of the dealing hand,

It wasn't long until the wagon rocked to a stop, if it wasn't for the wagon's covering Guy would have been able to see where they were, but for the moment he just had to remain in the clueless concealment. He heard footsteps by his side of the wagon, then without warning the cover was ripped off, this caused everyone to shield their faces from the blinding sun.

"Right everyone on your feet now!" The slave trader ordered, it took a while for the slaves to work out what was being said, but when Guy and Djaq rose they understood the order,

"If any of you decide to make a run for it go ahead you won't get past the first wall…but anyone who does will be sorry that tried it, do we understand each other?" He asked, gradually everyone nodded their heads apart from Guy,

"What's the matter? You don't listen to good do you?" The man asked, Djaq pinched Guy's arm but he didn't react,

"You think you're too good to be forced to work like this don't you just because you're from the East where all the high and mighty's hang out, well let me tell you that you ain't no better than any maggot that creeps along here." The man taunted, Guy began to screw his hands into fists,

"You want to fight do you boy…you want me to show you whose boss around here?" He asked, Djaq once again tried to stop guy but she still failed, if looks could kill the slave trader would be cut into pieces by now,

"Alright then looks like you haven't been broken in yet, guess I have to teach you that when I say something you answer me one way or the other." The man said, as he retrieved the keys from his waist band, before he shoved one into the lock to open the carriage door,

If Guy had of known that the slave trader had men waiting beside the wagon to ambush him, he would have heeded Djaq's warning and backed off, but right now he wanted the man's blood. When the slave trader unlocked the door, he stepped away ready for Guy to come out and fight, or reconsider and acknowledge the order he was given.

"So what's it going to be? You going to come out here or are you ready to shut up and follow orders?" He asked, Guy made his way towards the door, Djaq grabbed his arm but Guy shook her off and opened the door,

"Comeon you're not a coward are you?" He taunted, and that did it, that was all Guy was going to take,

He leapt from the wagon and straight for the slave trader knocking him off his feet mounting him, he then struck the man in the face, but before he could hit him again, two men grabbed him from behind and pulled him back. Guy struck the first man in the face with his right elbow, causing him to stumble backwards, he then kicked the second man in the shin with his heel, and it would have hurt more if he still had his boots and spurs, but he didn't.

He then charged at the slave trader again, striking him in the stomach winding him, by now other men from the mine noticed the commotion and raced to put Guy in his place. The two men from before attacked Guy again and got a good hit in, but he struck one in the face knocking him to the ground, he then back kicked the other. But as he had his back facing away from the slave trader, he couldn't see him sneaking up behind, Guy soon realized he had made a grave mistake when he felt the cold steel of a dagger on his neck.

"Right you want to play rough do you, well now it's time we played rough." The trader said, Guy was helpless with one move he would be killed, it was a miracle that he wasn't dead already,

"Grab him boys and keep his arms behind his back." The trader ordered, as he pushed Guy towards the two men he had recently beat up,

"You want to challenge my authority do you?" The man asked, as he placed a blow to Guy's stomach, "You want to make your superiors look like fools do you?" He continued, as he planted several more blows, "Well let me tell you boy that if you don't get yourself into place we'll teach you the hard way." He said, as he planted several more blows, and when he had he signaled for the men to drop him, he landed heavily onto his knees,

"The rest of you get out of that wagon…welcome to your new lives." He said, so Djaq instructed the slaves to leave the wagon, when they had Djaq went to help Guy to his feet but the trader pushed her away,

"You stay right where you are unless you want some of what he got too." He said, so Djaq moved back with the others "No food for this man tonight, and if anyone decides to play 'Good Samaritan' you'll get worse than hunger." He instructed, "Now you get yourselves into that mine."

So Djaq then lead the slaves past Guy and towards the mine, she knew Guy hadn't seen the end of the situation yet.

"Now you get up and march yourself into that mine." He ordered, so Guy tried to get up slowly, "I said get up." He said, as he kicked Guy in the ribs, causing him to fall back where he started,

This time Guy was given extra time to make it to his feet, and when he did he still had the same death glare pinned on the trader, he then turned and began to walk slowly towards the others, who had slowed so he could catch up. Djaq then moved closer to him so they could talk.

"I tried to warn you not to go out there but you weren't paying attention." She said,

"Unlike the rest of I never was and refuse to be a slave, Guy of Gisborne follows no man around like a hungry puppy." He said angrily,

"Well like I said if you ever want to see the women you love again…you better start listening to what I have to say." She reasoned,

"We'll see." Was all Guy could offer, as they walked towards the mine,

When the group was near the mine a young man clad in an autumn colored, orange, brown, crossed their path, he had cold features that seemed to display no emotion. His hair was a course mess of blackish brown locks, and three days stubble completed his look, he carried a whip in one hand while the other rested on his hip, he eyed them strangely.

"So it's about time the men I have been waiting for decided to show up, I don't know what the sheriff would have thought if he didn't start receiving his gold shipments." He said angrily,

"I am Charles O'Conner and I am the man in charge of this mine, which means I tell you when you can eat, I tell you when you can sleep, I tell you when you are to work, and I decide your fate, so if you please me you may live, but if you cross me I assure you I will show no mercy." He explained sternly,

This was Guy's chance if this mine did indeed belong to Vaisey then there was a chance that the man would know him, so he pushed his way past the other slaves to get to the front.

"I am Guy of Gisborne and I am the sheriff's Leftennant I was ambushed and sold to this slave trader who then brought me here…there has been a misunderstanding, if you would provide me with a horse I can be on my way." He explained,

There was a small pause while Charles studied Guy's features, it wasn't long until Guy found himself falling to the ground, because he was truck across the face with the end of the whip, Djaq helped him up.

"I don't know who you are but let this be the first lesson for you men, if any of you try and insult me with your lies you will get more than this man, for being an Easterner you don't have much of an accent." Charles said,

"I am not from the East." Guy protested, before he was struck across the face again with the whip again,

"Let that be another lesson for you, if any of you dare judge my ruling you will find yourself without any supper right along with this man, no food or water for the rest of the day, and make sure he spends some time in the sun." O'Conner said, to a man that stood behind him,

"Right now it's time for you to make me some money…get them out of my sight before they spoil my appetite." He ordered, before he walked away and the group of slaves were marched towards the mine entrance,

"You are not listening to me already what did I tell you." Djaq said,

"I thought that the sheriff might have told him about me but it is apparent he didn't…if he had of let me go I would have made sure that you were permitted to leave with me." Guy explained,

"That is a lovely thought Gisborne but let's concentrate on not becoming the most hated man on this mine site in one day." Djaq warned,

"I am the most hated man in Nottingham…so why not here as well." Guy simply offered, which made Djaq roll her eyes in denial,

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