Chapter 8

Like A Wild Stallion,

"So you thought that you could get away did you?" He asked, but no one answered they only hung their heads,

"You obviously didn't believe me when I said I would take the man who crossed me down, so now I have to make an example out of you, only I don't just want one of you I want the one who came up with the plan of escape." He continued, "Get them out of here." He ordered, and soon everyone was being dragged back to the mine,

Guy's attempt at freedom had failed, because he forgot to take into account the actions of those who escaped with him, and because it was his idea there was no way he was going to let someone else take the punishment.

Back at Loxley Otto had returned and was now seeking to find Marian; he had asked around and was told that she lived at Knighton hall. So he was careful not to be seen as he made his way to her house at 2:30 in the morning, carrying Gisborne's saddle bags with his belongings in them, he soon knocked on her door but Edward answered the knocking.

"Yes what is it?" Edward asked,

"Please I was told a woman named Marian lives here." Otto replied,

"She lives here what is your business with her?" Edward asked,

"It is important that I get to see her." He insisted, and just then Marian came down from her room wearing her night gown,

"You wanted to see me?" She asked,

"Are you Marian?" He asked in return,

"Yes now what is it you want?"

"Please it is important that I speak to you in private." He insisted,

"All right come up to my room." Marian agreed, and when they were safely in her room he began his story,

"My name is Otto Von Vetasburg…and I have same bad news concerning the man who gave you the ring you are wearing." He began,

"You're the man Robin stopped in the forest today aren't you?" Marian asked,

"Yes I am…and it pains me to tell you what we have done to Gisborne." He replied,

"Why where is he?" She asked, suddenly worried,

"My brother and I spotted him in the forest while we were on our way here, and Fritz said that he looked like he could be carrying a large amount of money, so while he distracted Gisborne I came up from behind and hit him on the head." He explained,

"Well is he all right?" She asked,

"He was severely dazed while we rifled through his things so I have brought them to you." He said as he handed Marian the saddle bags,

"After we had found everything of value that he owned Fritz decided to fix it so we didn't have to worry about running into him again, so after we fixed him up to look like a slave, we sold him for ten shillings, he is now working at some gold mine where nobody knows who he is." He continued,

"So why are you here?" Marian asked,

"Because I want to make things right, I am going to tell you where he is before it's too late, and because I have finally decided to step out of the hold my brother likes to think he has over me." He replied,

"So where is he?" Marian asked, as she rifled through the saddle bags, only to find that it only had his clothes and a dagger,

"When we met the slave wagon it was heading towards Maribel and I have heard rumors of a mine opening up some time, which was in the vicinity of the town." He explained,

"Maribel that's to the west isn't it?" Marian questioned,

"Yes that's correct…save him and tell him that I'm sorry." Otto requested, as he made his way to the door,

"Wait you should come so you can show me where the mine is." She reasoned,

"No I am leaving…I am going back to Europe to stay with my father, but I wish you luck in your journey." He said, as he opened the door and descended the stairs with Marian close behind,

"Father I'm going to find Robin, we'll be gone for a while and if the sheriff asks where I am tell him that I am visiting a friend." Marian said,

"Marian what's going on?" Edward asked,

"I can't explain now but it has something to do with Gisborne." She replied,

"Where are you going?" He asked,

"It would be better if you knew as little as possible." She answered,

"What are you doing with Gisborne?" He nearly demanded,

"Father I know you never understood the feeling I have for him…but this man has just told me where he is, and I need Robin to find him." She explained,

"And where is he?"

"He's at a slave camp where everyone thinks he is a slave."

"What!" Edward exclaimed,

"Now Father I have to go before something happens to him." She reasoned,

"What's in the saddle bags?" He asked,

"There his clothes and belongings…and this is his sword." Otto finished for her, as he retrieved Gisborne's sword from outside,

"Now please honor my request." Marian pleaded,

"All right but hurry back." Edward agreed, "I'll have a horse saddled for you by the time you finish changing." He added,

As he walked out the door and towards the stable taking the saddle bags that he was offered with him, while Marian ascended the stairs to get changed and Otto left never to be seen again. Marian was soon dressed in her riding clothes, she had long brown pants on that could pass as a skirt if she stood still, and an orange shirt which was covered by an embroided buckle vest, and they were accompanied with tan riding gloves.

When she entered the stable she found her father leading her horse out into the open, she soon caught up and took the reins securely in her hand. She soon swung up into the saddle, and shifted her hold on the reins, securely planting her riding boots in the stirrups.

"Be careful Marian." Edward warned,

"I will father and I will be back soon…with Gisborne." She agreed, as she then trotted her horse down the road that lead through the forest,

When she was in the heart of the forest, she gave aloud whistle that she hoped would bring Robin her way, but at that very minute he had his eye on the gold cart that was making it's way through the forest as well. He pulled the hood of his shirt over his head to disguise his face, before he placed an arrow in his bow string, and pulled back on it, jumping into the way of the cart.

"This is an ambush…and if you tell me where you came from you can pass, but if you don't then I'll have no choice but to kill you." He said,

"I came from a gold mine." The man replied,

"Where is this mine?" Robin asked,

"It's just outside of Maribel." He answered,

"And how can I get there?" Robin asked,

"Just keep following this rode, until you come to a signboard that has names on it, and when you see it you go left on to Maribel, but on the way there you will see a turn off and that's how you get to the mine." He explained,

"Thank you, you have been very helpful." Robin said gratefully, as he lowered his bow and walked off into the forest to return to his camp, leaving the man in bewilderment,

While he was walking back, Will had found Marian and was bringing her to their camp, because she had told him there was something important that she needed to tell Robin. When Robin had reached the hill that looked over his camp, he was surprised to see Marian standing by the light of the small fire, so he hurried into camp.

"Marian…what are you doing here?" He asked,

"I know where Gisborne is." She replied,

"Well is it so important that you should come here instead of waiting until tomorrow to tell me?" He asked,

"Yes it is important, the man that you robbed today came to see me a minute a go." She answered,

"And what did he say?"

"He told me where Guy was and he gave me this saddlebag." She said, as she handed Robin the bag, who soon rifled through it to find only Guy's clothes,

"So these are only his clothes." Robin protested,

"Exactly they were taken from him when he was robbed, by the man you stopped today, along with the money and the ring." Marian explained,

"So where's Gisborne?" Robin asked,

"He has been sold as a slave after he was dressed up to look like one to a man who had a mine in Maribel." Marian replied,

"Hang on Gisborne a slave…you've got to be joking." Allen protested,

"Unfortunately it's true and because that mine belongs to the sheriff who knows what could happen to Guy." Marian said,

"I stopped a cart a few minutes ago and he said he was from Maribel, which means that this mine belongs to the sheriff so they should know it's Gisborne." Robin explained,

"Not if he's never been there before, but that's not why I'm here, I'm here to ask for your help." She said,

"For what?" Robin asked,

"I want to know if you'll come with me to get Gisborne." She replied,

"I'm not being funny but he's the enemy, isn't it a good thing if he's a slave?" Allen asked,

"Either you come with me or I go alone it's your choice." Marian reasoned,

All right we'll come with you, but only so we can shut the mine down once and for all and stop this human trafficking." Robin agreed, "Get your horses." He ordered, as his men soon began saddling their horses, so they could destroy the mine,

When everyone had mounted their horses Robin lead the way to Maribel, and even though he hated Gisborne with a passion, he knew Marian had feelings for him, and he had to respect that. The only thing that worried him was what Guy would say if he ever saw Marian with him, because she would then be in potential danger.

While back at the mine, the remaining slaves were lined up and faced immediate danger; in Charles's house, everybody knew what was going to happen if they spoke up, because Charles was holding his whip firmly in his hand, while he paced the length of the human line.

"It appears that restricting your food rations or water rations, isn't an adequate punishment for this crime…so I'll make you all a deal." He began, as Guy simply shot daggers at him,

"If you own up to what you did, I won't torture every one of you to find out who planned the escape." He continued, as Djaq shot her head up to stare at Charles, who saw it as guilt,

"Maybe it was you wasn't it the short quiet one." He guessed, as he placed the handle of the whip on her chest, but that was when Guy stepped forward to own up,

"It was me, I planned the escape tonight I figured if you found gold that you would get drunk, but I didn't wait long enough." He explained, so Charles then turned to look at Guy, who now had his head bowed in submission,

"So you planned the escape causing me to lose one of my workers?" He asked,

"Yes." Guy replied, in a soft voice,

Charles then moved from Djaq to Guy in a split second and struck him across the side of the head with the handle of the whip, this caused him to fall to the ground heavily.

"Get them out of here!" He ordered, "Malvir take this man to the back room and show him our best!" He snapped,

And so as two men dragged the slaves out of the house, they put up a fight trying to get back to Guy, who was then kicked in the ribs, and crumpled on the floor. He was soon pulled roughly to his feet and dragged to the back room, while his hair was cruelly pulled backwards forcing his head up.

When Djaq and the others were brought back to their cabin, she quickly ran to the window to see if she could see what was happening to Guy. But in the back room he was kicked in the knees till he dropped to them, and when he did, he was dragged under a hitching post, that had handcuffs attached to it.

While Malvir held Guy by the hair Carlos dethatched the handcuffs and placed them in a small fireplace for a few moments, before he slipped on a pair of gloves and drew them out with metal pincers. He soon reattached the handcuffs to the chains they had come from, and when he had Guy's wrists were restrained to the heated metal.

It burned painfully, but he tried to ignore it, there was no way he could rise out of the position he was in because the hitching rail saw to it that he remained on his knees. He soon heard the door open, and Charles walked in uncoiling the mid length whip that travelled everywhere with him in his waistband.

"You know I had a feeling that it would turn out to be you who planned the escape, after all you made yourself the most hated man on the mine site on your first day." Charles explained,

"Well you'll be the deadest man on this mine site when I finally do get out of here." Guy said, as he heard Charles coiling and uncoiling his whip,

"Show me his back." Charles ordered, and so both men tore Guy's shirt exposing his back,

"I will not have slaves who think they can freely challenge my authority." He said, as he flexed the whip on Gisborne's back, from the cabin Djaq could here the strike, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't see a thing,

"You wouldn't believe how much you sound like Vaisey." Guy mocked, and that only caused Charles to come down three times with his whip,

"By the time we're through I'll have broken you like a wild stallion." He said, as he walked around to face Guy,

"You'll never break me." Guy retorted, as he was struck in the jaw with the handle of the whip,

"Take your best shot." Gisborne offered,

"I intend to." Charles retorted, as he pulled Guy's head up only to be starred at evilly,

Djaq could hear numerous hisses of the whip Charles had once threatened them with, she never imagined him using it though. She was going to be chosen as the one who created the plan if Guy hadn't of stepped in, then it hit her everyone was busy watching Guy suffer, this was her chance to escape.

She told the men to look after Gisborne when he was brought to the cabin and as soon as they acknowledged the instruction, she slipped out of the house and towards the stable. She soon found that it was unguarded and slipped in; she soon unlocked the gate to the first horse she came to, and quickly mounted bareback.

After securing parts of the horse's mane in her hands she then dug her heels into the horse's side, and it began to sprint down the road. She kept herself low as she used her knees to keep herself on the rapidly moving animal; she soon found that the slave trader was right it was going to be hard to make it past the wall.

She then spurred the horse faster as she planned to jump the wall. "Comeon don't let me down I know you can do this." She encouraged, and just then she made the horse jump and as if God himself had helped them they cleared the wall.

"Good boy, now let's go and find Robin." She praised, as she then galloped the horse in the direction of Nottingham which was east

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