Story of a Tribute

Chapter 3

I make my way through the carts of the train until I eventually find the one with the television. I see Andre, Oak and Merinetta already sitting on the couches. Andre turns to me and nods his head towards the empty chair to his right. Merinetta looks to me and instantly frowns. I must have tears streaks down my face or something.

I take the chair and we all sit in silence for a couple of seconds. The silence is broken by the anthem playing on the television. Caserin Valor's face pops up. She is the newest host that will show the recap and also the interviews. "Welcome Panem to the recap of the reaping's" she says, her pale face and bright purple lips scaring me a little. "As always, we will show from district one through to district twelve so without further ado, the recaps!"

I cringe at the sound of her voice. Full of joy and happiness, when it is us tributes who are suffering. The seal for District 1 shows up and then the reaping starts. I make note of these ones, district 1, 2 and 4 are the main competitors, with them being career districts an all. The male from 1 is a beast of a guy. He is 19 like me but towers over me. He didn't even let them call a name before he jumped onto the stage and volunteered. What makes him most noticeable are his dark blue, almost black eyes. It turns out that the female tribute also has the same eyes and when I heard there names I let out a little gasp. The boy's name is Glamour Vega and the 17 year old girl is Glitz Vega. Both siblings volunteered, knowing full well that only one can survive.

Districts 2 are your typical career tributes. The male is a guy called Barian Bonchore who is 20 years old and the girl is a tiny 19 year old Asian girl called Knives Chow.

District 3 are nothing much. I feel sorry for the girl though, she looks so scared and is tiny and has no meat on her at all. I make note of her name, Micro Stellar. I know she won't make it pass the bloodbath.

District 4, again are your typical career tributes. The male, though only 18, looks stronger then the guy from 1. He will be one to look out for. The girl is nothing much. She seems as though she just wants to fight and that could be her downfall.

District 5 passes by without catching my attention. Same with the district 6 boy, but the girl catches my eye. She is the same age as me and she had straight black hair and a pale face that is void of all emotion. What caught my eye are her purple eyes. She seems one to look out for aswel.

When it comes to me, I can see how terrified I actually look. Tears are threating to fall from my eyes as I watch the slow walk to my death. Oak is in tears and when I spot Venia in the crowd, I see the terrified look on her face. This breaks me and I let out a sob. Andre gives me a sympathetic look and Merinetta reaches over and squeezes my hand.

The rest of the reaping's go by without anyone catching my attention. I stand and I am about to walk away but Andre stops me, "Dinner will be in one hour. Get some rest and wash up" he says. I nod before leaving them and going back to my room.

I take a seat on the bed and pull the necklace from around my neck. I brush my finger over the half-heart. It then hits me. I am a competitor in a game of kill or be killed. I need to be stronger. I need to show Panem that I am a competitor. Enough with the tears, I am going to be the strong 19 year old I am.

I let one last tear fall onto the heart before standing up. I take a few deep breaths before getting washed up. After an hour of confusing dials in the shower and picking out clothes. I tie my brown hair into a ponytail before making my way to the dining cart.

I get there and see Andre and Merinetta sitting around a table full of foods I have never seen before in my life. I take a seat and Andre smiles at me, "Your looking better" he says. I nod and push all my confidence to the surface before answering.

"Well, I need to look like a competitor now. I am going to go in there fighting and if I go down, it will be fighting" I say with a burst of confidence.

"Well that's the spirit. But, confidence can be a downfall. You don't want to get too over confident" Andre replies. He is right, I need to be confident but not over confident. I will need to be on my guard every second of the way.

I just nod in reply before the doors slide open and Oak scurries in and quickly sits beside me. I know by the look on his face that he has already counted himself out. I would ally with him but there is no way I would be able to kill him when it comes down to it.

Dinner starts and for starters we have a pea soup which is delicious. The main course is just as good. Chicken, drizzled in a creamy citrus flavours source, it makes my mouth water just looking at it.

"Listen up" Andre says. I swallow the piece of chicken in my mouth and look up, "We will arrive in the Capitol tomorrow morning around breakfast so get a good night sleep, if you can." I nod before eating again.

I stare at the ceiling of the train. The moonlight is pouring through the window and is slightly lighting up my room. I think about home, about all the people I love. What will they be doing now? Crying? Maybe, Venia will be. Dad will be the one trying to calm her down, he is the only one who can. When either Venia or I use to have nightmares, he will come and sing to us and old family song.

'When you're feeling blue

Just know that I am here

Don't threat my dear child

I'll hold you dear'

I sing the first verse. Tears threaten to fall but I push them back. I can't cry no more, I need to be strong.

'When you're feeling down

Don't cry my dear

I will be there for you

I'll hold you here'

The next verse slips out and even more tears threaten to fall so I stop. If I carry on I will cry and I won't stop. I just close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. I can cry when I see my family again. When I can hold them all in my arms. Then I can cry, but until then there will be no more tears.

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