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Where We Left Off

By ncis_jibbs_forever



October 1999

Green eyes, long curly red hair that fell just below her shoulders, bright smile. She'd always give me the most beautiful look when she knew what I was thinking. It was easy to annoy her but it would always make me laugh, we worked good together. Especially undercover, she wasn't as tall as me but she wasn't that short, she always wore heels no matter where she was going which made her about the same height as me. When I was able to make her laugh it was the most beautiful thing I ever heard. I had been married twice the first time was with who I thought was the love of my life we had a little girl together but they were both killed. I was then married once again it didn't last long she cleared out my bank account and ran off with one of my best friends Tobias Fornell. They were both red heads just like the woman sitting in front of me, except with this one I couldn't take my eyes off of her, I couldn't stand to be away from her there was just something about her that I loved. From this moment on I knew she was the one I was meant to be with.. Jennifer Shepard.....

Blue eyes, shiny grey hair, his smile was amazing. I could always tell what he was thinking he wasn't very good at hiding it. One thing that annoyed me was he could always tell when something was wrong or when I was lying after awhile I got use to it. He now sat across from me just starring at me I starred back I knew our mission here was almost over but I didn't wanna let that stop me. The only man I ever loved was sitting right in front of me. That's when I realized it....... I realized that if I wanted to continue my dream of being the first female director i'd have to leave, I don't know if I could he was the only man I ever loved, I dated a few people but I had never felt the way I did with him. I couldn't leave him yet I have too... My mind was racing with thoughts as we sat there at the dinner table. I was in my own little world till I heard his voice it was soft and sweet it melted my heart thinking i'd have to leave him.

"Jen you okay?" he asked as they sat there.

That was the voice that brought me back to reality, I nodded "Yes Jethro i'm fine just thinking.."

I could tell he knew I was lying but he didn't bring it up. We continued to eat dinner when the bill came I reached down in my purse but I was stopped by his hand grabbing mine he looks towards me as he spoke soft.

"I'll pay Jen." He said softly

"You sure? I can do it I don't mind." He had paid for every meal since we got up here. That was one thing that bugged me I didn't want him to pay for everything but yet he did he wanted to. He just nodded as I put my purse down watching him, he paid the waitress and then grabbed his coat. I grabbed my coat putting it on and then grabbed my purse. He took my hand as we walked out of there together. We were walking through the beautifully lit streets there weren't many people out there, one factor was it was late but the one that played a major roll was it had rained early that day. We walked slowly enjoying the view before making our was to the hotel. We went up together since our rooms were across the hall from each other. I was about to go into my room when he grabbed my hand and stopped me..

"Stay Jen.." his voice was soft and sweet I couldn't help but smile.

"What do you mean?"

"Stay with me tonight. I love you Jen, I have since the moment I laid my eyes on you, you're beautiful. I really do love you."

I hadn't realized the blush that spread across my face as I nodded. "Alright i'll stay" I said as I followed him into his hotel room. I had taken off my coat laying it down on a chair along with my purse. I had left my hair down which was one thing I rarely do, as I sat on the edge of the bed I carefully slipped of my heels putting them beside the side of the bed. I had leaned back in the bed as I turned on the TV flipping through channels. I had decided that there was nothing good on so I switched off the TV and set the remote on the nightstand just as I turned back I was greeting by none other them him, I hadn't notice he had climbed in beside me he was so quiet and sneak. As I laid there I scooted closer to him after awhile I finally spoke up.

"Respond to you in the hallway." He looked towards me with a confused face I just laughed, "when you told me you loved me I never replied back." He nodded as he realized what I was talking about.

"Well Jen it is only true I love you more then anything else."

I smiled "I love you too Jethro, always have and always will.." With the he leaned over and kissed me, I kissed back we sat there like that till we both pulled away needing a breath. He then sat up as he leaned over me kissing me once again, this time I kissed him back as I wrapped my arms around he neck pulling him closer, I couldn't help but smile when he gently bit my lower lip as I pulled him down. We continued to kiss for awhile catching a breath every once in awhile. As the night went on things began to heat up the next thing I knew the blankets were on the floor along with our clothes. When we kissed it felt like I was living my dream yet I wasn't as the night went on I fell more and more in love with this man. No matter what happened I was gonna love him...

The rest the night was a blur so much had happened that it was hard to remember, when I awoke my head was on his chest and I was wrapped in a blanket. I kissed his cheek as I carefully got out of bed grabbing my clothes, I made my way into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Once I was done I put the clothes I had yesterday back on and made my way out of the bathroom seeing he was still asleep I made my way to where my purse sat I dug through it till I found the room key. I left but left the door slightly open so I could get back in I closed my door and quickly changed, I straightened my hair and changed. I knew today was our last day in Paris so I packed my things and set them by the door I then went back into the other room. Once in there I sat back down on the bed it was empty but there was water running in the bathroom so I figured he was in the shower. I laid on the bed flipping through channels I was watching the news when I heard the bathroom door open. I smiled as I looked towards him

"Well good morning, I thought you left." he said looking towards me

I shook my head "Nope took a shower, got dressed then went over to my room and changed and packed my things..." His smile faded as I mentioned packing my bags. I laughed slightly "Don't worry we will be together for awhile till our bosses come and get us." He nods our mission was to locate and find a couple who was planning an attack against the US, when we killed them we were told to let ourselves get caught and our bosses would get us out. I helped him pack his things as we went out for a walk. We ran into our suspects a little earlier then we wanted to but there they were next thing I know I'm taking off down the street after my victim I get her cornered my gun on her but then it dropped to the ground she laughs at me. I couldn't do it, I couldn't kill her...... I sighs as I looked away from her, i carefully picked up my gun as I turned and left. I was walking down the street back towards the hotel when I saw it.. There he was being pushed up against two cars and handcuffed I sighs as I look away and continue on my way to the hotel...

I had just shot the man I was after I knew I was going to be arrested but it didn't worry me because I knew i'd see Jenny real soon. When I looked up from the car I was pushed against that was when I saw what I didn't expect. Jenny was across the street she watched me till she noticed I was looking she turned her head as she continued walking, I could see the fear and sadness in her eyes.. Before I could see anything else I was put into the cop car and taken to the station. I wasn't in long my boss had talked to them already so they minute they discovered who I was I was let free. I made my way back up to the hotel rooms I had taken one of Jenny's keys early that day. I approached the room it opened and I walked in to find it dark and empty, I sighed as I made my way back into my room as I walked in I felt myself kick a folded up piece of paper I picked it up, that's when I realized it was from Jenny. I quickly closed the door as I went and sat on the bed when I opened it I couldn't believe what it read.......

Dear Jethro,
I'm so sorry... I couldn't do it I couldn't shot her.. I know I'm a bad special agent but don't worry I won't be one much longer.. Before you get thinking no i'm not quitting i'm just gonna go on to fulfill my dream of becoming the first female director.. I want you to know that I still love you. Jethro I'm leaving because I have had this 5 point plan to help me fulfill my dream and never once did I think of falling in love, I figured I'd be single the rest of my life. I was fine with that even though I do want to be a mother once my dream is fulfilled i figured I would adopt.. I know leaving you is the biggest mistake of my life but I also know i've gotta do it. I promise you i'll try and write, if I can find you. Don't worry about me i'll be find I want you to be happy even if that means you must move on from me just always remember me. I will never forget this wonderful time i've had with you, I took many photos so I'll always have those. I love you, I really do and because I do I'm leaving because like I said before you deserve so much better then a failure like me..... I hope you find the one of your dreams and I'll never forget about you. Oh I almost forgot if you're reading this the day after our special night then you may be able to catch me, i'll be on the 9:15pm flight back to the US, I love you and I wish you all the best. XOXO
Jennifer Shepard aka Jenny

After reading the letter he wiped the tears from his eyes as he glanced towards the clock, it was 9pm if he was fast enough he could catch her, he quickly grabbed his things and made his way to the car, he handed the room keys back as he tossed his things in the trunk of the rental car he had a ticket for the 10:15pm but maybe if he could get there fast enough he could switch with someone and he would go with Jenny. As he drove down the busy streets he kept glancing at his watch. Finally he arrived at the airport he left his things in the car as he ran through the airport. It was 9:10 and he was almost there just as he approached he saw the last passenger entering the gates she had red hair and the same outfit Jenny had on earlier he let out a shout as he approached "JENNY!!!" He shouted. The red head turned back and looked towards the entrance but saw no one she probably thought she was imagining it.. When she had turned around he saw it was her but he was too late... He watched the plane until it took off tears were in his eyes as he spoke softly......

"Goodbye Jenny....."

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