It was so obvious it hurt—his pride, that is. He was supposed to be a genius for Kami's sake! Haruno Sakura was Uzumaki's weak spot.

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Chapter 1

Anything with an asterisk (*) is Japanese that will be translated later on. (Got to love Google Translate!)

Sasuke glared at the map on the table. No matter how he infiltrated, that baka would get in the way. No matter what he did, Naruto would always come up on top. The dark-haired ninja slammed his strong fists on the tabletop. The yellow map jumped up and landed crumpled on the desk, mocking him. Sasuke literally growled at the diagram.

No matter what he did, Kohona would win—they had that annoying Nine-Tails on their side. And that dobe didn't have a weak spot! Back when they were children, Sasuke was sure the spot was his precious ramen, but by now he had to have out grown it.

Sasuke refused to believe that small fact. Everyone had a weak spot, he reminded himself, everyone. "Seikō*," Sasuke cursed, his chest rumbling in anger.

The dark night outside his window only dimmed more with the more the Uchiha glared at the map. He had locked himself in his office, hours ago. He was trying to force himself to think of a plan. Any plan as long as it worked. But his stupid brain refused to give even the inkling of an idea. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. It was as if his even his own brain was against the idea of attacking his home—excuse him, ex-home.

"Seikō, seikō, seikō!" he shouted into the air. Again, he pounded his fists to the desk, again, the map jumped. Glaring, he removed himself from his chair. He toppled over the stone desk on his way to the door. The maids would get it later.

Sasuke stomped his way to this room, muttering senseless curses at everyone and everything that dared to even look at him funny. The stone door to his room opened with only the mere rumblings of rock against dust. He tried looking through the Nine-Tail's defenses and anger, tried looking for a loophole in that perfectly guarded life of his. Every perfection had a flaw. A good night's sleep would help him look for it.


Naruto glared at the spot where Kakashi-sensei would always appear. He shouted to the empty air, "Sensei! When the heck are you going to get here?" Sakura glared at the blonde; she was just as angry at her teacher, but she was more willing to vent it on someone rather than at the atmosphere.

The rosette slapped the back oh her friend's head with the palm of her capable hand. "Naruto, shut up!" she growled at him, her green eyes aglow.

"Hn…" the third member of Team Seven hummed in annoyance. "Both of you, quite," he ordered.

Sakura smiled, ignorant of the rude tone that layered his each and every word. "Sure, Sasuke-kun. Just tell it to Naruto-baka!" Again, she layered Naruto's head with another slap. The sound echoed off the iron of the bridge.

"Sakura-chan…" Naruto whined. His big blue eyes shined sadly. "That hurt!"

The eleven-year-old glared. "I know."


Sasuke sat up on his plush bed, dark eyes wide as saucers. Of course! How could he not have thought of it before? It was so obvious it hurt—his pride, that is. He was supposed to be a genius for Kami's sake!

The girl was the key. Haruno Sakura was Uzumaki's weak spot.

Too hyped up to even think of going back to bed, Sasuke stood up in all his shirtless glory. Stomping, he grabbed his dark robe and threw it over his shoulders. The door rumbled open. Sasuke made his way to his secretary's desk, knowing that it was her job to be awake at this hour, should her master need her.

The little brunette shook in her seat as her master ordered her about. "I need Karin and Suigetsu—now!"

"Hai, Master!" She scrambled for the keys to both rooms.

Sasuke stormed into his office. The desk was upright, his papers in their places, and the map of Konohagakure on his tabletop. Stubbornly, his long, tan fingers reached for a brush. He traced in a path—the most obvious path, through the gate and to the office. So painfully unoriginal it would be the least expected plane of action. After he had done that, Sasuke grabbed a piece of paper and drew in directions in a hand not even similar to his own. There was no way he was going to let anyone trace this back to him. He had written down:

Haruno Sakura o sagashite kudasai. Gurīn no me, pinku no kami. Kanojo wa mura zentai ni pinku no kami no ippō nomidesu. Nakayoku naru kanojo. Nichiji repōto to modotte kite.*

He put that with the map and put it on the side of his desk.

"Sasuke-kun?" Karin's voice asked. Sasuke raised his head to her, his black eyes stern. "You called?"

"Hai," Sasuke growled, "I know."

Suigetsu slurped down his water. "Grumpy pants this morning, aren't we?" Sasuke responded with a growl.

"Karin, go put on your best wig and contacts. Come back," the young Uchiha ordered. The redhead nodded and poof-ed out, only to poof back in, her eyes the lightest blue and her hair a light black.

Karin posed in her tight little skirt. "What do you think, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke growled. "Contacts and wig, not genjutsu."

"Oh, but, Sasuke-kun, don't you think this is just the cutest thing?" she whined. He glared at her.

"Sasuke said wig, stupid," Suigetsu teased. Sasuke's black orbs shot daggers at both of them. Purple eyes dragged down to the black water bottle in his hands. "Sorry, sir."

Sasuke nodded. Karin left a fog of smoke in her place. His onyx eyes turned to the blue-headed man. "Suigetsu. You need to find her"—Sasuke rummaged in his desk; when he was twelve he had the official Team Seven picture, and never had the guts to throw it out, now he pointed at the little girl in the middle of the photograph, with her eyes closed and her fists to her cheeks happily—"and befriend her. Come back with daily reports. Leave Karin behind so no one gets suspicious."

"Aye, aye, cap'ain!" Sui grinned. "One question, though: Why?"

"She's going to help us get through Kohona…" Sasuke gave an evil smirk.

Karin's large cloud of smoke floated about the room as she reappeared. She had a short, black wig in her hands and a case of contacts. "Sasuke-kun, why do I need these? Can't I just gen—"

"Hn, no. They'll notice."

Suigetsu slid the picture from the middle of Sasuke's fingers. He studied the scowl on the little blue-headed boy's face, the open-mouth frown on the blonde, the obvious smile under the silver-headed man's facemask, and the little girl's large beam. He knew some of these people in the picture—okay, one of them. The silver-headed man was obviously Kakashi, the famous copy-nin. There was something familiar about the other three…he just couldn't put his finger on it…

Snapping his fingers, the aqua-haired man grinned. "You want us to grab your kid too? He doesn't look very happy in…" he searched the headbands, "Kohona."

Karin frowned. "Sasuke-kun doesn't have a kid…he came to us when he was twelve." The redhead stole the small photo from his hands. There was a little boy who looked an awful lot like Sasuke. "That's not his kid—that's him!"

"When was this taken, Sasuke?"

"Long ago."

"Then…wouldn't that little girl have grown up?" Suigetsu asked.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "She's a year younger than I am now. She'll still have that pink hair. That's what you need to go on, idiot," he growled.

"Don't you have a picture of her now?" the water-ninja muttered.

"Baka, does it look like I have a picture of her?" Sasuke shouted. His temper was rising and he just wanted to get this over with. He rubbed his temples with his fingers. "Find her. Get out of my sight. Leave now. I want this over with!"

[—Karin & Suigetsu—]

After taking the piece of paper that was obviously for them, Suigetsu and Karin ran out of the office like mice running from a cat. Karin had put on the dark black wig and her purple contacts. She figured they could act like siblings, she and Sui. She put on a trench coat and some boots. Suigetsu waited for her, already dressed.

The loud slurp of Suigetsu's water bottle hadn't stopped as he studied the picture. He wondered what a cute, innocent—no doubt naive—girl had to do with any of Sasuke's plans.

"Sui, let's get going. Sasuke-kun—" Karin rudely started as Suigetsu pushed himself off the threshold.

"Yeah, yeah. Sasuke-kun's going to get angry," he finished for her. "I wonder what she has to do with any of this…"

"Sasuke-kun knows what he's doing…"

Purple eyes rolled.


The green gate's red symbol shinned in the sunlight, looking brighter than blood. All it had above it were the Kohona symbols and two figures reading something in old Japanese that no one could read anymore. The gray concrete made the red look even brighter.

Sui sighed and took one step into the village hidden in the leaves. He was officially behind enemy lines. That made him feel somewhat important. He, Hōzuki Suigetsu, was now the only rival ninja ever stepped into the airtight protection of Konohagakure. He ran a hand through his bronze-colored wig. Why Karin took so long in getting hers on, he'll never know. He got his on in two seconds.

Karin took her first step into the village. Running soon followed that step—running to the office. She never took pride in anything. Suigetsu sighed. "K—" he started, only to cut himself off, remembering that Karin wasn't her name when she was in Kohona. "Mazenta*!" But it was too late. The so-called Mazenta already had Sui eating her dust. The now redhead ran after her.

Mazenta suddenly stopped, her neck craning up. Sui stopped behind her. "What up?" She put a suddenly pale finger to the sky. Multiple heads, large as life, stared them down. He'd seen it in pictures, the mural, but this was…this was…yowza. "Yow! Those are big heads!"

"Uh-huh…," Karin muttered. "Talk about being a hot-head! Bet you these Hokages were hell on earth, thinking they were all that."

"Yup," Sui agreed. "Now, let's go to that tower. We need papers."

The busty blonde looked them up and down. There seemed to be nothing wrong with these two newbees. In fact, they looked somewhat innocent. They looked like the kind of kids that would stop a fight instead of cheering it on. Tsunade decided she liked the two Orenji*. She also found it humorous that Mazenta had two colors as a name. Translated her name was Magenta Orange. Sad…

"Alrighty then. Who's oldest?" Tsunade asked. The bronze-headed Jonasan* raised his hand. "Okay." The Hokage pointed at a spot on the paper before her. Next to her, tower-sized stacks of paper watched her, begging to be finished next. "Sign here, Jonasan."

He watched her with clear purple eyes, grabbed the pen put right in front of him, and signed in the clearest calligraphy Tsunade had ever seen: Jonasan Orenji. Mazenta sat quietly on a chair next to her twin. She looked like a discrete, quite person. She reminded Tsunade of a ninja of hers.

Tsunade smiled widely. "Welcome to Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves. I trust you'll be a model citizen."

"Hai*, Hokage-sama," the Orenji twins said as one.

"Free to go," the blonde grinned. There was something about these two…she had to have them meet someone…someone she could trust. "When you leave, go to the local ramen shop. Someone there will show you around. He's got funny blonde hair. If he's not there just ask the people for 'Uzumaki Naruto.' "


Tsunade beamed. "Off with you, kiddos."

The sun in this blasted village was worse than hell on earth! Karin felt like whipping off the mother-effing goat-fur wig and everything else that covered her on a day this damn hot.

Growling at herself, she stomped to the ramen stand not far from the office.

"Where the hell we going?" Suigetsu asked.

"Ramen. The hag said ramen shop," Karin hissed. The cool breeze of the AC seem to calm more than just her body as she entered the little booth. She walked to the man asking people for their orders. "Sumimasen*,sir. I'm looking for a…" She racked her mind for that funny name. "Uzumaki Naruto…?"

The blonde being served turned in his chair and gave a smile. "Uzumaki Naruto, Kohona ninja, at your service!" He gave a military salute along with a toothy smile. "Haven't seen you before…" He squinted sky-blue eyes. "You new?" The boy seemed to stupid to know much of anything, let alone be a ninja. If they let goofballs like this one be ninja, how in the world did they have any protection at all?

"Dude, yeah," Suigetsu muttered boringly. "Excuse my sister. She's a bit too excited about moving. I'm Jonasan and this is Mazenta. Lady Hokage told us to look for you."

The teen's mouth made a big O. "Baa-chan sent you," he realized. "Well, I'm Naruto. I'll show you around."

"Arigatō, man, arigatō," Sui muttered. He remembered the mission, which was more important than sightseeing. "Can we meet anyone? You know, people. It'd be good to not feel so alone here," he asked.

"Sure! Sai and Kakashi-sensei will be here soon," the blonde told them. He grinned. "And then you can meet the girls—Sakura-chan said she would be around with TenTen and Hinata and Ino…"

Karin frowned in confusion. Her pale cheeks turned down; that was the object of their kidnapping. "Sakura…"

"Yeah!" Naruto shouted. "Do you know her?"

Karin looked up with covered red eyes. "Huh? No, uh…" Lie, lie, lie, lie. "Sakura was my mother's name."


"Uh…yeah," Sui said. "Mama and Papa died long ago."

Naruto frowned. "Sorry," he murmured. "At least you'll fit in. Mine died when I was born; Sai never met his; Kakashi…well, he's Kakashi; and Sakura's parents abandoned her when she decided to become an ANBU."

Karin and Sui looked at each other and back at the blonde. They didn't know what to say. They weren't supposed to make friends with anyone other than that Sakura chick.

"C'mon!" Uzumaki shouted, patting the seats next to him. "Take a seat. Let's eat."



Sumimasen—excuse me



Haruno Sakura o sagashite kudasai. Gurīn no me, pinku no kami. Kanojo wa mura zentai ni pinku no kami no ippō nomidesu. Nakayoku naru kanojo. Nichiji repōto to modotte kite.Look for Haruno Sakura. Green eyes, pink hair. She's the only one in the entire village with pink hair. Befriend her. Come back with daily reports.

Okay. There you go. Enjoy. :)

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