The Final Keyblade: Books One and Two

The Key

A light hit my eyes, blinding me for a second. My outstretched arm, originally meant to stop in futility that Heartless abomination, was now gripping something that emanated with power. My eyes, tightly shut, slowly opened to see what had stopped my death. In my hand was a Keyblade.

It was black, with a wide blade of crisscrossing wire inside of a triangular frame that extended for a little more than four feet. On the end were four darkish grey scythes, one above the other, with the one at the end being the shortest. The bottom one was the longest, extending almost a foot outward. The keychain was a circle, with a wireframe hourglass on the inside.

Holding it gave me a sense of adrenaline. My nausea had completely subsided. I felt alive.

Marco couldn't help giving out a gasp, following by a look of awe. Both of us had come to the same realization.

Turning my attention back to the Shadow, I noted it was joined by three more of its kind, as well as two Soldiers. I gripped my Keyblade tightly in two hands, taking a deep breath. Then I struck.

Fighting felt unbelievably easy. My key was only an extension of myself, weightless and destructive. The scythe-blades came down fast on a Shadow, dissipating it almost immediately. The other Heartless were soon to follow.

Once they were gone, I helped Marco back up, him having never found the feet to stand. He couldn't help laughing nervously.

"Was that...?" he asked, not wanting to sound stupid by putting his question into words.

"Yeah, I get the impression that what we have just seen is real," I said, scratching my head.

"But, that's not possible... Is it?"

"You're asking me as if I would know,"

"...So, what do we do now?"

"Do you think I can drive my car like this?" I said, waving at the web of crack on my windshield.

"Is there a law against it?" Marco asked.

"...Get in the car,"

"What, me?"

"Yeah, I'll drive you home. It's not safe now,"

"Don't bother, your house is closer. I'll just tell my mom I'm staying over for the weekend,"

"You know, why is it that I can save you, drive you around, and you can't get me a clean copy of Gyakuten Kenji 2?" Marco gives me an incredulous look.

"You really want to have this conversation now?"

"No, I want to have it in the car, now get in," I say, starting the engine. Marco hops into the passenger side.

"Even as a Keyblade Wielder, you're still an ass,"

"Harsh words to say to the guy driving you," Marco laughed at that, closely followed by my laugh as well. But thinking back on it, there was a fear tinged in our laughter, a denial made by our voices. We didn't realize it then, but we would soon be confronted by our naivety.

Unbeknownst to us, a black-cloaked figure watched from the distance, obscured by a thicket.

"His body has accepted the Keyblade, we're past the first hurtle," they said into a cell phone. A voice came from the other end.

"Good. Now we have to test compatibility. Where is he now?"

"In a car, driving away. He has someone with him,"


"Male, about the same age, African American,"

"Trail them. Stop them, then send in the Darkside. I'll send Forix when that happens to ,"

"Are you sure we can go to such extremes so soon?"

"...Are you questioning me?"

"No, I apologize. I will do as you command," the screen of the phone turned black with a beep, and the figure sighed. They began running, keeping pace with the car as it exited the parking lot.

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