The Final Keyblade: Books One and Two

The Other Key

"You ready?" Daxjra asked.

"It's not a matter of choice is it?" I ask.

"Not really, no," he replied.

At that, he snapped his fingers, and a team of Heartless appeared. That would include a Large Body, six Soldiers, at least a dozen Shadows, and three Blue Rhapsodys. Marco moved back as far as possible. I raised my Keyblade, ready to fight again. I kept my distance, waiting to let a few Shadows break from the group. I tried to keep my focus on the battle, tried to keep my eyes on the ene-


I felt a blast of heat in front of me, and realized that had Daxjra not cast Fire, I would have been frozen by a Blue Rhapsody's magic.

"Keep your focus, do you want to die?" he shouted at me.

"Do I look suicidal?" I yelled back.

He leaned back against the divider on the freeway and chuckled. "Not really, but you fighting against the Organization is a pretty damning evidence,"

I slashed at two Shadows. "This is fighting Heartless. Pretty big distinction between this and fighting you guys,"

He stood up straight, brushing off dust from his coat. "You're right. There is quite the distinction. However, I can't help feeling that you don't see it yet," I took my eyes off him to guard against a Soldier's kick, when I realized that all the Heartless were gone, except one Shadow. Then the kid appeared from above, dissipating the Shadow into nothing.

"Pretty impressive, no? Want to see what it does to humans?"

His Keyblade was bleach-white, and made of bones. The teeth were formed by a square of bones, with two inside the square forming an X. Arranged at the end of the teeth was a set of small, sharp bones, maybe even real teeth. The key chain was a skull.

"You're a Keyblade wielder?"


Before I even have time to form a response, he's on me. I raised my Keyblade to block a downward strike, but all the air was sucked out of me when he punched me in the stomach.

He looked down at me as I writhed on the ground, trying to fill my lungs and failing. He struck with his blade, leaving a small cut on my cheek.

"Consider that a consolation prize," he muttered, walking back.

I finally managed to suck air in, and took a few deep breaths in relief. "You're a jerk," I coughed. He turned from a few meters away.

"What I am, my friend, is evil. Learn the difference," he called. Then, he began lifting his arms in the air. "I'm kind of running late, so I'm cutting straight to the chase. You have to kill this thing, or die. Please don't die, the boss would be really mad if that happened,"

A dark portal opened up in front of him, covering the distance between the both of us. Out from the portal crawled a behemoth of a creature.

A Darkside. Cracks formed in the cement underneath as it stepped out of the void. Marco started shouting obscenities in the background.

"Are you serious right now?" I cried, not even really framing it as a question.

"And the snarky comments suddenly stop. Don't have anything to say about this?" he called back.

I decided to ignore him, preparing to fight this monster.

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