The Final Keyblade: Books One and Two

Mission: Defeat The Darkside

I swallowed my fear as I faced the giant Heartless in front of me. I ran up and slammed my Keyblade into the Darkside's arm, trying to do some damage.

Nothing happened. I racked my brain for methods to fight this thing, and I looked at my Keyblade. And then I felt stupid.

The next time the Darkside hit the ground, I sidestepped, avoiding it. I then struck down on its arm again, but this time with the scythes facing foward. The teeth plunged into the skin, cauing the creature to emit a low growl. I did the only logical step, and forced the Keyblade down, ripping the skin of the arm. This time it let out a screech. It stood up, taking me and my Keyblade, still firmly plunged into the Darkside, with it. I decided to take advantage of the oppotunity, getting onto the top of the arm. I ran across the horizontal road that was the Darkside's arm and shoulder, summoning my key again. Jumped past the Darkside's face, trailing my key behind. The scythes hit the side of its face, and cut through to the eye. The yellow pinpoint dimmed, and the creature began to rage, throwing me off entirely.

I was falling then, possibly to my death. In the few seconds it would take to hit the ground, my body reacted before I could even think.


As I closed in on the cement, the air under me began to push me back, slowing my descent. I hit the ground with a hard thud, but there was no crack of bones, so I was okay. Now I knew I could use magic, that mystery was solved. The only question now was, how to kill this thing for good.

Looking at the single pinpoint on that thing's face, I got a sudden idea. I started running forward, picking up as much speed as possible. I then shouted out Aero. My body was propelled upwards by the wind, racing towards that pinpoint. I raised my Keyblade, ready to strike.

With a roar, the Darkside began to fall, disappearing into nothing. I continued to race past, about to go over the divider. If I went into the river, I wouldn't have enough energy to swim, I was completely drained, I couldn't focus enough to cast another-

I was yanked out of my path, and brought down to the ground. As I was dropped to the cement, the Organization member began smoothing out his coat.


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