A new member joins Team Lightyear after a life-changing event and goes through another when a villain from the past is reborn with a hungering thirst for vengeance.

Action / Romance
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New Good and Old Evil

It was just a regular day at Star Command and for Team Lightyear they were on their way to Commander Nebula's office after being summoned for something very important. As they were walking along Booster wondered aloud, "Gee, I wonder what the commander wants to see us for. I bet it's something really important, like a special mission or something." "Could be, Booster," Buzz agreed, figuring that it was something that he and the team could handle with ease. "We'll just see when we get there." "Well, it could that maybe one of might be getting some sort of recognition for their outstanding service in the field," XR boastfully suggested, clearly making the reference about himself. Shaking her head at that Mira retorted, "Yeah, even I know that's not the reason why." Getting a shocked look XR replied, "What? As if I was talking about me. It may be one of you as well, that's all I'm saying." Eyeing him for a moment Mira disagreed, "Mmm yeah, still going to say not the reason why." Just as they were nearing the office there was another Ranger coming in their direction who looked a bit odd to say the least. She looked like a regular humanoid except for the fact that she had metal-looking skin and glowing blue eyes. Probably the normal thing about her was her almost medium blue hair. Both her and the team arriving at the same time both Buzz and the Ranger were about to acknowledge their presence causing a bit of an awkward moment between the two parties. Being a natural gentleman Buzz said, "Oh sorry about that. We were just heading in to talk to the commander about something he wants us for." Brushing it off the young woman replied, "Oh don't worry about it. Strange enough as it is I'm here to see the commander as well. Perhaps you should go in first. The commander's probably got an important mission for something for you which takes definite priority over my thing." Shaking his head Buzz insisted, "Oh no, you have the right of way here. I'm sure that your meeting won't take too long at all."

Just as the young woman was about interject her opinion again the door slid open and revealed Nebula standing behind it looking at the two Rangers with a serious and disgruntled look. Raising an eyebrow he interrupted, "Um, excuse me, but are you two just going to stand outside my door trading pleasantries or are all of you going to get in here and hear what I have to say?" All five Rangers jumping in surprise Buzz replied, slightly sheepish, "Uh, sorry about that, sir. We just didn't know who you wanted to see first." His disgruntled look growing a tad bit bigger Nebula said, "Well then, maybe it's because I need to see all of you at the same time! Now all of you get in here! I don't have all day!" All the Rangers doing as they were told they followed Nebula in and turning to look at them he said, "Now, the reason why I called you and your team in Buzz is that I've got a new member for it. This is Captain Minerva Sparkstar of the Spiritos quadrant. She's the first of her race to ever join Star Command since the quadrant is strictly neutral. She leading a team herself before...certain circumstances caused it to be disbanded and reassigned. She's been on leave for six months now for "special training" and has just finished it a few days ago. Since her team's no more I'm assigning her to yours so that she can get back into the swing of things around here. So, if you can show her around that would be great."

Seeing this as a way of being dismissed all five saluted Nebula and left his office, making good time as they walked back down the hallway. Once they were a safe distance away Mira looked at Minerva and asked, "So those certain circumstance that Commander Nebula mentioned....what were they all about? " Getting an uncertain glance in her gaze Minerva replied hesitantly, "Well, it all started when my former team and I were out on patrol in the Theta quadrant when suddenly out of nowhere we were attacked by some strange, unknown force that caught us completely off-guard. Before we had a chance to return fire they had completely disabled our cruiser and did so much damage that we had to escape before it exploded. My team were able to get out but I wasn't so lucky. My seat belt had somehow malfunctioned and trapped me in my seat, holding me prisoner as the cruiser continued to deteriorate from the ensuing implosion. Luckily just before the worse came one of my teammates came back in and rescued me and we all escaped the explosion just in the nick of time. However, the real damage had already been done. I near the brink of the death when we returned to Star Command and deciding that it would be best for me to return home the scientists and doctors from Spiritos Prime brought me there where they decided that the best think to keep me alive was to...turn me into a cyborg. There was so much damage done to my organic body that they had to replace my left arm and right leg with cybernetic ones as well as replace the top half of my face, my entire neck and pretty much half of my brain. It wasn't an easy procedure to undergo and like the commander said it had to take me about six months to get used to operating my new body. Once I was comfortable using my body like I would my regular organic body I was cleared to come back to work and here I am as if...if it never even happened."

Everyone being surprised by this it made sense to them why she looked so humanoid and yet had what appeared to be metal-tinted skin, not to mention her glowing eyes were really glowing optics. The rest of the team feeling a glimmer of sympathy for her Buzz rested a hand on her shoulder and said, "Well, I can understand that you've been something that I imagine that no even thinks of wanting to go through but you were able to and through that were able to prevail against the greatest of forces and return with a great power that will help you face the future with great strides. And for that it is an honor to have you on the team." Surprised by what he said Minerva felt her nerves calm down a bit and replied, "Thank you, Buzz. That truly means a lot to me and I hope to be a great asset to one of the greatest teams ever to come out of Star Command." Letting out a hearty laugh Buzz told her, "That's the spirit! Now, are you ready to serve and protect like you did before?" Nodding strongly in agreement Minerva agreed, "You bet! I've been ready to fight the forces of evil for far too long."

Clear across on the other side of the galaxy on the familiar red planet known as Planet Z Star Command's favorite emperor was putting the finishing touches of his latest evil scheme. Tucked away in his evil lab Zurg imputed the last few details and once they were uploaded successfully he cried out, "At last it is finished! After so much time and recovering every last piece possible the most evil creation I have ever made is at last rebuilt! And this time he will not dare turn against me like he did the last time, either! Soon no one will be able to stop him and the galaxy shall at last be mine!" Letting out an evil laugh that echoed through the lab he moved over to another control panel and said with evil content, "Now to bring him online once again...." Pressing a few buttons in sequential order a holding chamber lowered down at the same time a few bolts of electricity ricocheted off of it. A few seconds later the chamber, and the electricity, stopped and after Zurg pressed one more button which released the lid with a hissing billow of steam letting the creature that laid inside be free once more.

At first it seemed to have no life to it but it only needed a few moments to boot it systems and once its levels were at one hundred percent he was fully operational, his red optics lighting up with their familiar evil glow. Gently leaning up and looking around his gaze rested on Zurg he got up out of the chamber and respectfully bowed to his master. Seeing that his creation was performing to his expectations Zurg asked, "So, how do you feel, NOS-4-A2?" As soon as he heard the question NOS activated his holographic wings and flew into the air circling around a few times then landing in front of the emperor he replied, "I feel...I feel so strong, powerful... completely brand new. I feel like I can take on the entire galaxy." For indeed the energy vampire had gotten a major upgrade to his body. Instead of just reconstructing NOS the way he was built before Zurg had designed a brand new body that was well-toned, legs instead of his regular lower half, and a brand new face that included his familiar monocle. Chuckling in evil glee Zurg replied, "Excellent! Now tell me, what are your objectives?" Nodding in compliance NOS answered, "My objectives are to serve you without question and if anyone stands in the way of your plans I am to destroy them, including any Space Rangers that have the nerve to intervene." Laughing in triumph Zurg cried, "Perfect! Soon the galaxy will be under my control and Star Command will be nothing but space dust!" Continuing to laugh for a few more moments he looked as NOS and commanded, "Now go and spread my evil throughout the universe! Show Star Command that they have no chance against me!"

Bowing in agreement NOS took off, soaring to the atmosphere and out of Planet Z's orbit. Once he was a safe distance away he slowed down and looking behind him he shuttered in disdain and said, "Ugh, I was beginning to think that keeping up that blind obedience charade was never going to end. There's nothing I hate more than having to pretend being someone's willing minion." Feeling a shiver of disgust go down his back he straightened himself up and continued, "However, now that I haven been rebuilt and reborn I can finally have my revenge on a certain set of Rangers that were the cause of my destruction, especially one in particular. But not as the NOS-4-A2 they knew before. For now with my upgrade I am now NOS-4-A2.0 and once they have been destroyed the universe will bow to me!" Letting out a triumphant roar he turned and flew towards Tradeworld, focusing on a scheme that would bring his prey right to him.

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