Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gateway of Dreams

By RisingSerperior

Adventure / Fantasy

An Average Human Day

Confused, I begin to slowly climb out of my bed and down the ladder. Most people found it hard to climb up in a short amount of time, but seeing that I was more agile than others, I could get up in a split second. But I had to take it slow this time, because for some reason I was getting used to my human body all over again.

That proves that my experience last night wasn't a dream.

My feet touch the floor of my bedroom, and nearly collapse as I put my weight on them. I grab onto the ladder and wait for my legs to support my body once more.

"(...How the hell am I back home...?)" I ask myself mentally. "(As soon as I fell asleep, I woke up here...)"

I look over to my alarm clock, which was on top of my Xbox 360, which was on top of my chest of drawers, which was in the corner of my small room. The time read "09:06". It seemed like a reasonable time for someone to go to sleep. The fact that I woke up in my human body as soon as I went to sleep as a Snivy must imply that time in the Pokémon world is opposite to that in the human world. I begin to shake my body loose so I could get the feel of it again, pick out some new clothes from the drawers (obviously picking out some tracksuit bottoms), get changed, and begin to head downstairs.

Halfway down, I hear a TV show playing in the living room. I could see from here that none of my younger siblings were in the other rooms, so it must be a kids programme. I'm able to verify that as I reach the base of the stairs, when I recognise the voice of Doc from "Doc McStuffins". I peek inside to see if mum is in there, but there is no sign of her. Then, going into the kitchen, I see that mum is there, adding some icing to a ton of cupcakes.

"Get your hair cut." She says plainly as she sees me enter.

"Good morning to you too." I reply. Walking across the room and opening the cupboard which contained all the cereal boxes and large plates. I take out a box of wheat biscuits, grab some milk from the fridge, and combine the two of them in a blue bowl.

"So," Mum begins to say. "What are you going to do with your weekend?"

"Whatever the weekend decides to do with me, I guess."

"So basically hide up in your room, close the curtains, and spend every single second staring at that bloody screen?""Like I said, whatever the weekend decides to do with me." I say to her as I finish pouring the milk in. I then put in a teaspoon of sugar, grab a regular spoon, and go off to eat it.

"Do your homework before anything else!" She cries as I walk out. As I sit down on a chair in the dining room, I mutter "F**k that noise..."

"Lunch time!" I hear mum call from downstairs. Oh great, as soon as I begin to fight a god-damned boss with an insane amount of heath and power, I'm called downstairs. I begin to make my way back to the entrance of the throne room that my in-game character now stood in. After about ten seconds, mum calls me down again, this time with a more stern tone in her voice.

"Hang on a second!" I call down in reply, still trying to get past all the attacks and traps the boss had planted. A few more seconds pass, and mum calls me down again, now sounding rather annoyed.

"I'm coming!" I shout, going as quick as I can to get out the room. "Come on...Come on...!"

"Edge!" Mum screams, now sounding seriously pissed off.

"Screw it..." I say to myself, quickly getting out of my chair and rushing downstairs.

"What is wrong with you?! I called you down four bloody times!"

"Yeah, well you can't pause an online game, OK mum?" I say to her in reply in a tone I did not mean to say.

"Don't talk back to me!" She says in another stern voice. I grab my plate, which happened to be the only one left, seeing everyone else had picked theirs out. I walk past mum again (whilst avoiding eye contact) and go into the dining room to eat the sandwich, crackers, and crisps.

I probably finish around a minute after I start.

I put my plate in the kitchen and rush back upstairs to inevitably repeat the same section of the game to reach the boss fight again.

20:24, Internet's down. I lie on my bed whilst reading a horror novel named "Cirque du Freak" by Darren Shan. I had first found out about it by reading a mange adaption of it in primary school. That was also when I found out about mange, which I have grew to become obsessed with, as many other of my followers on Google+ were. As I sink my head into my pillow slightly, I recall the events that took place last night, and begin to ponder about it.

"(Was it really real?)" "(Am I just going crazy?)" "(Will I have a similar dream tonight?)" Are examples of questions that crossed my mind. The dream was definitely real. How else could I explain the weakness of my body this morning? This would also answer weather I'm crazy or not. The question about me having another dream like that tonight remained unanswered, however. I might only be able to go back every once in a while, I might go there again tonight, or I might never go back. There's no way to find out.

I'm then reminded about that Chimchar that woke me up before.

I guess he was kind of hoping I could become his friend or something. He seemed pretty keen on helping me get back to the human world too. It's a shame that I'm already back. I barely got a chance to know him properly. All he found out about me is that I'm a human-turned-Pokémon, nothing else (aside from my name, that is).

As I think about this, I hear a notification sound from my Ipad for Google+. The Internet must be up again. "All right..." I say to myself. "Let's try and write that post without losing the connection..."

A few ten minutes after the Internet comes back, I become to feel incredibly sleepy. I have no idea why, though. Seeing that I was too tired to even type correctly on the keyboard, I shut my laptop and change into my pyjama bottoms. I go to brush my teeth, but I feel like I could collapse at any second, so I put it off for tonight. I turn the light off, climb into my bed, pull the blanket over my chest, and begin to fall asleep. As I do, a voice begins to echo throughout my mind. The voice alarms me at first, but the urge to sleep overwhelms me, and I fall into unconsciousness. It sounded familiar, but sounded unfamiliar at the same time, like someone I just met or something. Then, without warning, my eyes open on their own, showing me that I was now on a straw bed inside a hut of some sort. It sounds like there is a large crowd outside, and there are also birds singing somewhere. Managing to lift my head up slightly, I look out the window to see the swaying trees above the hut I was now inside.

It was hard to move my body again.

With effort, I manage to turn over to see the rest of the hut. The first thing I notice is the figure of a Chimchar.

"Wow, ya more of a heavy sleeper than me, Edge!" The Chimchar says with a grin.

Much to my disbelief, that final question from before was answered.

I was having another dream.

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