Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gateway of Dreams

By RisingSerperior

Adventure / Fantasy

Awakening of Warriors

Finally finishing the climb of the slope, I see the light of the sun illuminate the Berry Fields, where the battle was supposedly taking place. The duel was indeed being fought, but it had taken it's toll on the field...

There were bushes that had been ripped to shreds, and plenty of crushed berries surrounding them, their juice sinking into the soil. But the area around the field seemed to be untouched.

The battle shouldn't have just destroyed the field, but the land surrounding it, too. If the battle wasn't very chaotic, it wouldn't have destroyed all the field. So that would mean that it's destruction would have been intentional.

Only an aggressive Pokémon would have done this, and that aggressive Pokémon is most likely the attacker.

But as I turn to the centre of the field, I see that a more accurate term would be attackers.

There, in the middle of a battle, I see Chase and a heavily wounded Staravia battling and Arbok and Scyther. Neither of them seemed to have a single scratch on them. And even worse,

they both had a type advantage against me.

Without hesitation, I rush towards the fight, seeking to aid Chase and Staravia emerge victorious from this battle. And my first action goes as follows:

I see Chase evading the Arbok's attacks (quite well, actually), when Scyther briefly takes it's attention off of Staravia to help his comrade finish off my friend. As he hovers over behind Chase whilst he's busy with Arbok, and strikes down with his scythe. I extend my right vine as quick as I can, wrap it around Chase, and pull him in my direction, making sure not to hurt him in the process. Scyther's scythe slams into the grass, causing some dirt to fly upwards due to the force of it's attack. If that had hit Chase, he would have been cut cleanly into two pieces.

Scyther: extremely dangerous.

Chase turns around to see me as I unwrap my vines, and seems glad about my entrance. Without a word, his expression then turns from relief to determination, and rushes back to help Staravia, knowing that I could contribute to the battle on my own and that we could help each other out.

I then turn to look at the Starling Pokémon's battle, which was against Arbok. It appeared that Staravia had several bruises and bite marks around his body, and he seemed to have quite a bit of trouble staying off the ground. Arbok lashes out with it's jaw open wide, relieving fangs as sharp as kitchen knives. Staravia dodges to the left, but is immediately swiped aside by the long, scaly tail of the Cobra Pokémon. Staravia hits the ground at a great force, and cries out in pain. Seeing that the most powerful Pokémon on our side was being battered like this is a pretty bad sign…

I then see Arbok begin to wrap it's tail around Staravia. That's when I take immediate action. It was stated on Arbok's Bulbapedia entry that it could crush oil drums with it's coils. Staravia would be like snapping a twig to it. I dive forwards with my vines drawn, and strike Arbok in the face, stunning it slightly and hopefully giving Staravia time to get away. The Starling Pokémon does indeed manage to escape the imminent grasp of the oversized cobra, and that made me relieved. Arbok would have probably genuinely crushed Staravia if I hadn't done that.

Arbok: extremely dangerous.

But then, much to my demise, my move seemed to have made Arbok rather pissed off at me.

It begins to quickly slither over the dead plants and crushed berries towards me. I stand my guard, ready for an attack that he may throw at me. I was unfamiliar with Arbok's moveset, but then again, I don't exactly spend my free time studying beings I though never existed… But the first move it seemed to use…

...Was Bite.

Arbok lunges at me, making it's entire body slither on the floor, with it's open wide jaws rushing towards me. If I end up in the mouth of his, all that would be left of me would be a bloody, chewed-up carcass.

And I'm pretty sure I don't want my life to end as someone else's food…

To evade the attack, I jump to my left, pushing off the ground with my legs and my vines. I then see it's purple tail sway towards me. I somewhat foresaw that this would happen, seeing that I saw it use that same technique with Staravia, so I'm able to evade yet again by jumping into the air. Then, in mid-air, I swing down on Arbok, slamming the vines on his head. Vine Whip may be an ineffective move to use against Arbok, but that didn't seem to matter.

Having an object slammed on your head at full force, no matter what it was, was bound to make you at least slightly concuss.

And that sure as hell was the case with Vine Whip.

Arbok, however, immediately pushes itself of the ground, as if my attack really didn't have any effect, and the back of it's hood strikes me in the process. I briefly fly through the air, and go sprawling across the floor, my body skidding across the grass. I try to get up quickly, but the shock from the attack just now lengthens that action. And soon after that, I see purple coils begin to slowly surround me… I'm about to dash away to avoid the coils wrapping around me, but that happens as soon as I move the first muscle. Arbok's large, purple tail envelops me, and begins to tighten. The coils then turn me around to face Arbok properly, but in the process, tightens brutally.

And that's when I hear something inside me go snap…

One of my ribs had just been broken.

I cry out in shear agony as Arbok simply grins at my screams, still continuing to crush my body. Pretty soon, the broken rib would puncture my lungs, and I wouldn't be able to breath, and pretty soon after that, my spine would be broken, ultimately ending my life. But before any of that, it appeared that Arbok wanted my death to be in even more agony.

Arbok opens it's mouth, giving me a close up of the fangs that rested within. Then, with nothing else to see at the current moment, I see venom dripping from the tips of the knife-like teeth. A loud hissing noise fills my ears as Arbok prepares to bit down on my face.

Then the jaw begins to slam shut, and one of Arbok's fangs pierce the upper half of my elongated nose…


My vision of Arbok just appears to vanish, and I feel my body hit the floor. I couldn't tell what had happened, everything was just blurred out by the pain of my rib. I just saw smudges of black, purple, and that colours of the field and sky. After what were probably the longest few seconds of my life, my vision begins to clear up, and all of a sudden, Chase comes into view, but only his feet, meaning that he was rather close up to my body. I see that his feet are facing towards my left, when all of a sudden, Chase just seems to dash forwards. Trying my hardest, I push myself off the ground, but still quietly groaning with pain. I had to be careful, or my lungs would be punctured.

I look over to the direction that Chase took off to, and that action is immediately responded to by having Chase thrown at me by what was most likely to be Scyther. He slams into me, and we both go flying backwards.

Yes, I was totally being careful with my ribcage.

We hit the floor, with me, of course, landing first, and I yet again go skidding across the grass, as does Chase. We both stop at roughly the same distance away from Scyther as each-other, so I decide to take advantage of this to form what I could of a plan to take down the Mantis Pokémon.

"C-Chase..." I begin to say feebly. "...P-Please God… T-Tell me you k-know ember or s-something..." I ask my friend. Looking over to him, I see him nod as he gets off the floor and back onto his feet. I too, then begin to push myself onto my feet. "Alright, I'm not s-sure if you know about t-types… B-But that attack will do m-more damage than anything… else… U-Use it more often…! I'll try to distract h-him, a-and when he's too occupied w-with… me… U-Use it and it'll do enough d-damage to take h-him down…!"

In response to this, Chase grins, simply replying,

"G-Got it!" And then dashes towards Scyther, who was quickly approaching. When he strikes down, Chase dodges to the side, and then I slam my vine into him to grab his attention so that he doesn't notice Chase fading into the trees beyond the small field. Chase would have a better chance of a stealthy attack if he struck from there, so I'd have to get Scyther over there without raising his suspicions.

Scyther immediately lashes out at me with his scythes, creating an X shape with them and forcing me backwards. He then slashes with his left Scythe, allowing me to dodge behind him and move back towards Chase's cover. I do just that, but then try to strike Scyther to keep suspicions low. But here's what happened…

Arbok quickly turns around after my dodge, sees the incoming vine, and then defends himself with his scythe. This method of defence included cutting off my vine.

At first, I expected no pain, but then I realise that for a part of your body to work, it would need a nerve, and if a nerve was cut, you would experience a f**k ton of pain.

And guess what was in the vine.

A nerve.

First my rib, now a nerve. Something told me that this pain was never going to end. I cry aloud, but try my best to keep dodging backwards, or I was going to end up being chopped up into halves, then quarters, and then eighths, and Chase would never get the finishing shot. But as I continue to evade backwards, I begin to find that it was becoming harder and harder to breath. And then finally, pushing through what seemed to be an eternity of pain, I reach the tree that Chase was waiting atop of. Scyther strikes, I dodge, he hits the tree, and I hit him from behind one more time. This time, however, Scyther had actually got his scythe stuck in the bark of the tree due to his missed attack. So my attack lands a hit, and the force of it causes Scyther's head to his the tree truck rather hard, hopefully doing some damage to him.

And then I see flames.

Balls of fire fall from the leaves of the tree, hitting Scyther head on, and seeming to do massive damage. And then Chase delivers the true finishing blow.

He dives from the tree, uses ember as he falls, envelops his hand in the flame, and then punches Scyther full force in the back of the head. The Mantis Pokémon then falls to the floor, motionless.

Scyther was down.

But we couldn't celebrate right now, we still had Arbok to deal with. And Chase seemed to have the same idea. We both turn to the ongoing battle between Arbok and Staravia, but that's when something inside me seemed to break…

Looking over, I see Staravia wrapped in Arbok's thick coils.

The Starling Pokémon was motionless...

…I think, what I felt break inside of me, was not a bone, but the promise I made to Starly.

Staravia was dead.

There was an immense rage building up inside of me. A sense of revenge. This rage just seemed to push aside my current wounds, making me fit for battle once more.

And then I take action…

"This asshole's f**king dead!" I shout, sprinting towards Arbok with a fistful of anger. I hear Chase follow after me, but I don't look back. My full focus was on this bastard Cobra Pokémon, holding the corpse of an innocent being in it's coils. Arbok let's Staravia fall out of it's tail, and then rushes towards me and Chase. He slams down his tail, and I somewhat easily evade. Arbok then performs the same trick as last time, by swinging his tail at me after I dodge yet again. I dodge again, and then turn in mid-air to see Chase striking Arbok with the same attack he used to finish Scyther. This does damage, and seems to phase Arbok slightly. I take this to my advantage by yet again striking Arbok in mid-air, this time with much more force. It seemed to do so much more damage.

"Chase, give it your all!" I shout to him. He responds by using the same move again. Ember, envelope his hand in the flame, then strike.

It does a hell-load of damage, too. Slithering back slightly, Arbok hisses, and then, much to our surprise, Arbok says something.

"..."I-I'll..." It begins to say, fury seeming to build up inside him. "...I'll skin you alive for this!"

And then Arbok uses his true strength.

At a much faster speed than before, Arbok lunges forward, swipes his tail, and hits me at a tremendous strength. The air is knocked out of my as I go flying through the air. My head then strikes a tree or something, along with my body then absorbing the shock of the sudden impact. Everything goes blurry, and I can faintly hear Chase call out my name as I fall to the ground. And then, much to my despair, his call is then followed by cries of pain. I then notice, as I try as hard as I can to get up, that I couldn't breath. At first, I have no clue why, but then it hits me.

My rib had finally punctured my lung.

And then, with all my strength disappearing, my arms give way and I fall back to the floor. I was dying, and pretty soon, Chase would be too. As my vision begins to fade to darkness, I realise that our efforts here have been wasted. Arbok would get away, and he'd bring Scyther along with him and get him patched up, just so that they could wreak havoc somewhere else.

And let alone the promise I made to Starly…

I was going to die, right here, right now.

But then, in the darkness, I realise something that at least gives me a spark of peace.

I was going to die trying to help people…

And with that thought in mind, my vision fades, and I'm prepared to move onto the world beyond… But then, in the darkness, I feel warmth. And I see light...

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