HIdden Truths

Chapter Six: Sugarcoatings and Girlfriends

Link tightened Epona's girth, waiting in the front of the castle for Reena. What was it with women? It took them forever to get ready! Finally he heard her light footsteps come walking towards him. He looked and his eyebrows got lost under his bangs.

"You can't tell anything happened to them," Link admitted. "Are you ready?"

"Yes," Reena answered, tying her hair into a ponytail on top of her head. She tightened the two leather straps that crossed over her chest, holding her hilts to her back. "Where first?"

"I'd like to go to Kokiri Forest," Link answered, sliding Epona's bridle on. "However, we've got to make a stop at the castle's stables. You're going to need a horse."

"I can manage," Reena said, waving her hand.

"You'll need one," Link repeated. "Trust me. Come on."

He brought her to the side of the castle. There, a stable and large pasture loomed. Link brought her inside and extended his arm.

"Take your pick," he said.

"Any one?" Reena asked.

"Any one except Princess Lera's," Link said. "But hers is out in the pasture."

Reena nodded and walked up and down the stalls. Each horse was magnificent. She heard one stamping its feet. She looked down the length of the stable and saw three stable boys trying desperately to get a beautiful white mare out of her stall. She eyed the horse and walked towards it.

"You'd better get back, ma'am," a stable boy warned. "She's the most unruly horse we have. She'll hurt you if she can."

"That's why I like her," Reena answered walking up the mare. She jumped back as the horse reared, hooves flying. Reena grabbed the halter of the horse and brought the mare down. She spoke softly to the horse, rubbing her black muzzle. The mare quieted and Reena smiled.

"We've got much more tolerable horses," the stable boy said. "The Royal Family has a few they'd like me to show you."

"I like her," Reena said, running her hand threw the mare's black mane. The mare turned her head, looking at Reena with one eye. She was sizing Reena up. Reena smirked. "I'll take her."

"…Are...are you sure? She's been known to…er…throw her riders off…and well…attack them."

"That's fine," Reena said.

The stable boys looked at her as if she were a fool. Reena didn't care. The one shrugged and brought Reena to the prop room. Reena picked out the simplest and most durable saddle. She didn't bother with the bridle. She returned to her mare, and gently placed the saddle on the mares back. She took the halter off her head and wrapped one arm around the horses head. She slowly led the mare out, talking softly to her at all times.

"How'd I know?" Link asked, smiling with his arms crossed. "I told the Queen the moment I saw that horse that you'd pick her."

"She's not unruly," Reena said as the mare nudged her shoulder. "She's just fiery."

Link smirked, "Sounds familiar. Come on. We've got one last stop."

Reena nodded and mounted the mare gracefully. The mare acted as if it were routine.

"Alright, a name," Reena said as she and Link rode away from the castle. "Athen. It fits you perfectly."

The white mare tossed her head as if to agree. Reena smiled and patted Athen's neck. She looked at Link who had a small smile on his face.

"So, Kokiri Forest?" Reena asked.

Link nodded, "However, we've gotta go to Termina first."

"Er…that's a little illogical…but it is you."

"There's someone who's going to want to see you," Link explained.

Link hung back and watched as Reena approached the fortress. A scream went out and he laughed. All the Gerudo Reena knew came running towards her, despite protocol. When they finally reached her, they seemed to remember their place and snapped to attention. Reena nodded and Link finally got to see her act as the leader she was. He saw and heard talking.

"Permission to speak," one said.

"Granted," Reena answered stiffly.

"How did you escape?" she asked.

Link knew he saw a smirk. Reena just put a hand on the guard's shoulder. She suddenly became stone it seemed. Link soon saw why. Nabooru came walking towards them all. Reena turned and bowed deeply to Nabooru, everyone following her pursuit.

What happened next would never happen in the next hundreds of thousands of centuries. Nabooru hugged Reena tightly in front of everyone. Link recovered from his shock and quiet laughter escaped. Nabooru finally let go and both returned to their stiff statures. She began asking questions sharply. Reena answered in a firm voice. Link eyed her when she motioned towards him. What was she getting him into now?

"Link," Nabooru called. What did she want with him? What had he done now? Link was about as surprised as all the other Gerudo guards that stood in a perfect line. He swallowed hard. There were about one hundred Gerudo that could kill him in a moment. He was probably the only man within miles. He stopped in front of Nabooru and Reena stood net to him.

"…Thanks, kid," Nabooru said quietly. "You're the one exception to your kind."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Link said so that only Nabooru and Reena could hear. A laugh did come from Nabooru. She put a hand on his shoulder and continued to laugh. It was relief that came from Nabooru.

"You're not half bad," Nabooru said. "Not half bad at all."

"Thanks," Link said with a half smile. He turned to Reena who was talking fast with a Gerudo that had approached. From her attire, Link could tell that the new Gerudo was not far under Reena. A sliver of disappointment entered him. He had looked forward to not facing the world alone. However, as Link watched her, he saw the joy.

"Reena, I've got to get going," he told her quietly so that only she could hear. "You stay here. It's where you belong."

Link put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a half smile. He bowed to Nabooru and walked away.

Reena bit her lip as she watched him go. Nabooru came up next to her, arms crossed. Reena fought hard to hide her uncertainty.

"What are you waiting for?" Nabooru demanded. "For the grass to grow?"

"What are you talking about?" Reena asked, playing dumb.

"Go already!" Nabooru said.

"But…what about…," Reena trailed off.

"I knew it wouldn't be long," Nabooru said, sighing. "But you had better come back from time to time."

Reena couldn't help but give Nabooru a smile. She tightened her scabbard straps and followed after Link. When she was out of sight, Nabooru let a small smile leave. Reena needed to learn who she was. She turned to the Gerudo when a distressed cry went out.

"Reena!" Link shouted. "Give that back to me now! Come back here, woman! You're dead! You hear me? DEAD!"

Nabooru smirked. It wouldn't be long. She had protected her long enough.

"What happened here?" Reena muttered, looking around. "Obviously it was a good thing the conspicuous black clouds around this place tipped us not to go to Kokiri Forest."

Link nodded, "Stick close, okay? I don't like what I'm seeing."

Reena nodded, following his footsteps. She looked around, wondering what in the world was going on. Last time she had been to Kakariko Village, people bustled around, hurrying to get the day's chores done. Now it was a ghost town. An eerie wind snickered at them, sending a shiver down their spines.

Crunch! Link looked down and felt himself freeze. He quickly looked up, feeling his veins run cold.

"Reena, don't look down," he ordered. He could see her out of the corner of his eye about to do so. "No, don't. Slowly turn around and tell me what you see."

Without questioning, Reena did as she was told. Her eyes grew wide and her hands rested on her hilts.

"Erm…sugar coated or…straight truth?" Reena asked.

"Straight truth," Link answered.

"I see about twenty skeletons walking towards us," Reena answered in mock cheerfulness. "They have maces, pikes, swords, and bows and arrows. You name it they got it. Oh, and their eyes are blue fire. Uh…what are these?"

"Ganondorf's army," Link sighed. "Reena, on the count of three we're going to run."

"Run? Run away from battle?" Reena demanded, outraged. "What kind of Hero of Time are you?"

"One that wants to live," Link answered grimly. "Right now, there are twenty skeletons appearing from the ground in front of me that are taller than the two of us. I can tell you right now we won't live. We need a plan."

"How about 'hack 'em to pieces'?" Reena proposed. "That seems like a good plan."

"Why'd I ever agree to let you come with me?" Link demanded. "No! We can not take them! I've gone against them. Listen to me, alright?"

"Okay, I'm going to trust you. But if I die, it's gonna be your head," she muttered.

"Right, I'm keeping that in mind," Link answered grimly. "Alright, we're going to make a break for Death Mountain. Do you know the path?"

"Link, think about this one, will you?" Reena asked as the skeletons encircled around them. "Let's just get going!"

"Alright…one…two…three!" he counted. They jumped out of the way of their bony foes and dashed. Arrows whizzed past them as they ran up the stairs. They could hear the shrieks of the angry mob and ran faster. They came to the closed gate, the Hylian Guard in a red pool on the ground.

"Cover me, Link," Reena told him. "Or else I'm going to be the last person you ever see."

Link didn't ask for reasoning. He turned his back and Reena made sure he couldn't see was she was doing. She called upon her powers, pulling the posts from the ground and made a big enough entry

"Get in!" Reena commanded. He turned around and looked at the missing posts. He didn't ask how it happened and ran through. Reena picked the posts up to place them back when Link grabbed her hand and pulled her.

"Reena, these guys don't use gates," he said.

"We won't be able to outrun them!" Reena said as they ran up the mountain, the skeletons laughing and shrieking behind them.

"We don't need to," Link answered. "You forget I'm friends with the Gorons."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Reena demanded. "It won't make a difference if we're dead!"

"Just trust me!" Link said. They slid around the bend of the mountain and Reena looked behind them. She gasped as a bone hand snatched for her ankle. She growled and pulled her double swords out, slashing at it.

Link suddenly grabbed her, pulling her the rest of the way. He forced her on the ground, covering her head with his arms. Reena tried to protest, but a deafening explosion interrupted her. Dirt and rock rained down on them, dust settling in their throats. Another sounded and then another. She felt Link's hands leave her head and she jumped to her feet. She followed Link down the path, moving faster than before and they ran through a doorway that was opening for them in the side of the mountain. It closed on many skeletal hands, crushing them. Reena laughed at them in triumph. She sat on the ground, coughing.

"See?" Link gasped, breathing hard. "You've gotta trust me!"

"You could've told me what was going on," Reena said, spitting dirt out of her mouth. "Where did those explosions come from?"

Link smirked, "The Goron's have their own forms of protection. And it's called the bomb flower."

"Er…what? Flowers?" Reena asked. Link grinned at her confusion. He dusted himself off and helped her up.

"I'll show you," Link said.

Reena looked around her surroundings. So this was what it looked like when there was light. She had only stolen when it was pitch dark. It was different now that she could see the entire underground city. It was a series of stairwells and platforms which circled around a main ground level that seemed to be a gathering center. She always wondered what the large pot was. She ran to catch up the Link, ignoring the looks she was receiving from the strange creatures. He walked down two flights of stairs till he was at the ground level. He went over to a plant that was next to a doorway. He crouched next to it, looking up at her.

"This is a bomb flower," Link explained.

"…Yes…and it would do…what?" Reena asked. He smirked. He pulled it from it's roots and it suddenly began to smoke. Reena stepped back. Now she knew what it was called a bomb flower. "Link…you just set that thing off!"

Link put his hand on it and it suddenly went out. He placed it back and it seemed to grow roots again. He stood, brushing his hands together.

"…You can do magic?" Reena asked.

"A little," Link said with a shrug. "However, I need the fairies help for anything big. I can do small magic.'

"And taking out those skeletal things…"

"Would have been something far beyond my control."

"You're useless at everything, aren't you?" Reena asked as they headed towards a door with a red symbol on it.

"Thanks, thanks a lot," Link muttered, pulling out his ocarina. A melodious tune echoed and Reena listened curiously. It seemed familiar, though she could've sworn she had never heard it before. It ended and Reena quickly composed herself.

"So, enlighten me," Link said, eyeing her. "You got those posts out… how?"

"Old Gerudo trick," Reena said. "Can't tell you."

"Great, so if I ever need to do that, I can just die," Link murmured.

Reena was about to comment when a cry went out. A massive Goron, Reena assumed he was the leader, leapt from his throne and caught Link in a tight embrace. Reena had to use everything she had to keep from laughing. He was being strangled.

"Where have you been, brother?" Darunia demanded, putting a winded Link down. He wrapped his arms around his torso, trying to breathe.

"Well, you know me," Link gasped, straightening, his ribs still burning. "Things are starting to get hectic.

Starting? Reena thought. His whole life has been hectic! She watched as they conversed and couldn't help letting a snicker out. Link looked as though he was about to pass out. Obviously he wasn't used to being crushed. He'd have to work on that bit.

"Well, it's a good thing you're here, brother," Darunia said. "We've got another Dodongo-"

"What?" Link asked, not amused in the least.

A roar of laughter nearly knocked him over and Darunia slapped him on the back, his shield and scabbard biting into his back. Link was floored with the second hit. He tried not to groan, but it was hard. He knew Reena was probably dying from keeping her laughter in. He picked himself up, shaking slightly. Now he remembered why he tried to avoid this place at all costs aside from dodongos.

"I'm just joking!" Darunia bellowed, a broad smile on his face. Link tried to return one that didn't look painful. "So, what brings you here? You nearly got yourself killed!"

"We, Reena and I, came to Kakariko Village to see what the matter was," Link explained hoarsely, still trying to breathe normally. He motioned to Reena behind him. "When we entered, those skeletons attacked us. We thank you, Darunia, for your protection."

"After all you've done for us it's the least we can do!" Darunia assured. His eyes caught Reena and a smile crept across his face. Reena began to fear for her life. "So, Reena is it? Well, come over here and-"

"We really can't stay, Darunia," Link cut in quickly. He saw the disappointment and quickly added, "We need to get rid of these things somehow before they come and attack you."

Darunia nodded slowly. He called for a Goron who came rolling in, nearly taking Reena out. She had to jump out of the way to avoid being flattened.

"Supply them with all of the rocks they need," Darunia commanded. "And anything else."

The Goron nodded and motioned for Reena and Link to follow. Reena eyed Link. Rocks? They were going to kill the skeletons…with rocks? Had Link gone daft after being hit? Well…it wasn't too improbable. She followed Link who seemed to have a little bit of difficulty breathing… and walking for that matter. Link stopped the Goron once they were out of Darunia's chamber.

"Do you have any rope?" he asked. The Goron looked at Link for a moment and then rolled off. He returned a moment later with a long coil of rope. Link slide it around his shoulder. "Thank you, that's all we'll need."

The Goron nodded and rolled away. Link looked cautiously around, telling Reena with just a look to keep quiet. They ran up four flights of stairs, avoiding any sign of life and out of the cavern. Once the door had closed, Link bent over, breathing slowly.

"Ow…ow…ow…ow…," he muttered over and over again. He straightened after a moment, his face pale.

"…Are…are you alright?" Reena asked. "Because you don't look too great."

"Yeah…," Link assured, "I'll be okay."

"Let me see," Reena said instantly.

Link shook his head, "We don't have time. We need to find out how we're going to kill all of those things."

Reena sat down in thought. "If I were a skeleton, what would I most fear?"

Link couldn't help but laugh. He wrapped his arms around his ribs in pain. Bad idea, he thought to himself. Reena cast a worried eye at him. He ignored it and sat down next to her.

"Yeah, how does one destroy a skeleton?" Link murmured. A vial was suddenly thrust into his hands. He looked up, startled.

"Just drink it, alright?" Reena said "I don't wanna take those things on by myself."

Link smirked at her, and drank the purple liquid. It froze his throat, making him gag. Reena took the vial from his hands as he shuddered violently.

"How come your potions have the oddest side affects?" Link croaked, clutching his throat.

"Because they actually work," Reena answered, replacing the vial in her shirt. Link wiped his mouth on his sleeve, cringing. However, his breathing instantly became easier.

"Okay, something has to be controlling them here," Reena said as Link adjusted to the odd taste in his mouth. "I have a feeling that if these things marched to Kakariko Village, the King and Queen would have been notified. Having said that, I think these skeletons literally just…showed up!"

"Most things do with Ganondorf," Link agreed. "So…destroying these things…"

"How'd you do it last time?"

"Well, last time I only went against five," Link said slowly. "But it was hard, don't get me wrong. I had to set them on fire. But, we don't have enough to bring them down! We'll set the town on fire!"

"If we take out the big leader, will that do anything?" Reena asked.

"Maybe… I don't know exactly," Link admitted. "We could try, but I can't guarantee anything."

"I thought you knew how to do these things," Reena said, eyeing him.

"I do," Link said, slightly irritated. She wasn't giving him much credit. "However, this needs to be thought out more. We can't just run down their and expect to defeat the infinite number of demons down there!"

"And why is that?" Reena demanded.

Link smirked and shook his head. "It was a bad idea to let you tag along. I probably would have already had a plan!"

Reena smiled and ruffled his hair, stealing his hat. "That's what I'm here for. Okay, where would this leader be?"

Link pictured Kakariko Village, taking a tour through his head of it.

"The windmill," he said finally. "Ganondorf knows that Kakariko Village and the Gorons depend on the well for water. There isn't another source except outside the gates which have now been sealed since we're in and-"

"Wait…so this was…a trap?" Reena asked.

Link nodded. "I knew from the beginning."

"And you were going to tell me when?" Reena demanded.

"It wasn't relevant because we need to free Kakariko Village anyways," Link said. "If you want to leave, go ahead."

"That was low," Reena said, glaring at him. "I'm not scared."

Link grinned at his pulled up knees. The wind snickered past them, sending a chill down Link's spine. His head shot up and he stood, pulling his bow out. Reena was soon on her feet.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Ganondorf," Link growled, sitting back down. "He knows we're here. Damn it. I think our job just got harder."

"Alright, you're beginning to scare me," Reena said, eyeing him. "You know from the wind that he's here?"

"Did you feel that chill?" Link asked, looking up at her. She nodded. "That was him. It's a distinct feeling. Someday you might know what I mean. Alright, I think you're right. If we take the leader out, then the other skeletons will disappear. However, the only problem is getting inside without being noticed."

"Have you gone daft? I'm I just filling a void?" Reena asked, crossing her arms across her chest. Link felt a smile come to his face.

"Maybe you do have a use," Link said. He frowned suddenly. "Are you sure you'll be able to get past the guards? This isn't sneaking into a house. This is sneaking into a place that will kill you if you are seen."

"Please," Reena said, waving her hand dismissively. "I can get passed them, don't worry. Just worry about staying unnoticed until I open the front door."

A smile spread across Link's face. "Alright, are you scared of heights?"

"Think about that one, will you?" Reena smirked.

"Alright, I take that as a no," Link said. He stood, Reena following his pursuit. They walked down the mountain path, small stones following them. As they came across a long cavern, Reena peered inside.

"What's in there?" she asked.

"Dodongo's Cavern," Link answered, stopping for a moment. "That's where the dodongos come from in case you couldn't gather that."

"The name gives me a clue," Reena said thoughtfully, walking on. Link hurried after her. They came to the gate and silently crept through it. All around the skeletons moaned and cracked, occasionally fighting with each other. The night gave Reena and Link the cover that they needed. They hugged the walls of the houses, silencing a skeleton every now and then. It wasn't long before their light footsteps echoed on the rooftops through the night. Link sat down on one slant of the room, hiding from the skeleton eyes. He took his bow out and took the coil of rope around his shoulder off. In a moment one end of the rope was tightly secured around the arrow. The other end he tied around his wrist.

"I am assuming you can climb up a rope," Link said, glancing at Reena.

"No…you never said anything about climbing a rope," Reena answered. Link stared at her in disbelief. Reena rolled her eyes. "Joke. Just fire that thing already. I assume you're aiming for the post in the window of that windmill."

Link glared at her and fired. The arrow thudded into the post and Link tugged on it, making sure the rope was secure. Reena took the rope from him and made sure no one was watching.

"You're not going from here…right?" Link said hopefully. "You'll slam into the windmill!"

"Please, I've had practice," Reena said, eyeing him. "Just be ready to get inside."

"This I've got to see," Link muttered. Reena smirked and jumped. She hit the windmill lightly with her feet and scampered up the rope. Once in the small opening she waved to Link. He nodded and was off the roof in a moment's notice. He crept to the door that led to the windmill and tried it for curiosities sake. Locked.

Link crouched behind the crate next to the door, waiting for Reena. A minute seemed like an hour and worry began to set in. Had she made it inside alright? Was she hurt? Link froze at the click of the door. It didn't open and Link ventured to open it himself. He slid inside and Reena dropped from the rafters above.

"You sure took your good old time," Link muttered.

"I happened to be watching my back," Reena said, glaring. "Something you should learn to do."

Link rolled his eyes and looked around the windmill. There wasn't much else besides the center room. They would have to climb to check any other rooms. Reena seemed to read his mind.

"I checked the other rooms. Empty. So don't bother climbing," she said. "Looks like this place is a miss."

"Er, don't be so sure," Link said, looking over her shoulder. "You may want to get those swords out."

Reena turned around and raised an eyebrow. "Alright, he's fairly quiet for being huge."

A skeleton taller than all the others stood in front of them. Armor clad his bones and a sword as long as Reena was in his hand. Red fire glowed from behind its helmet and washed over the room.

"Still with me?" Link asked, looking over at her as he drew the Master Sword.

"Don't doubt it," Reena answered, her double swords ready to attack. "Alright, who wants to strike first?"

"Ladies first," Link answered, ready to flank her. Reena smirked and ran towards the skeleton. Her swords became a blur as she twirled and jumped. Metal rang through the air and sparks flew. Reena felt the shock run up her arms, but she shook the feeling off as Link struck the skeleton through the armor. The skeleton let out an agitated growl and went to strike him. Reena was there to answer its attack.

"Like I thought," Link said. "We need to set this thing on fire."

"Well, there are torches around," Reena said as the two back flipped in sync out of harms way. Link grabbed one of them and it was Reena's turn to flank. They began to dance around the leader, striking again and again. They watched as it began to lose track of their quick movements. It cried out as fire licked its body again and again. It swung its sword blindly and was rewarded with a cry of pain.

"Reena!" Link cried. He ran to her fallen body but was hit away by her hand.

"I'm fine! Just…Look out!"

Link gasped and whipped his shield out. It rang in his ears as it blocked the deadly sword. Reena jumped to her feet, picking up her fallen swords. Link cast a worried look at her to see she was pale but had no extensive injuries. She only looked winded.

"Come on, lets finish this bastard off," Reena said, advancing. Link smirked and covered her as she attacked the leader. She cut the straps to its armor and the breast plate fell away. Reena flipped out of reach, landing on one hand. Link looked at the torch in his hand and at the exposed rib cage of the skeleton. He threw the fire and it got locked inside the bones. The skeleton flailed its arms and shrieked in pain. Reena and Link watched as it slowly burned to ash. Reena made her way over to Link, a little scared to look outside in case it hadn't worked.

"You're limping," Link confronted.

"It's fine," she mumbled, sliding one leg behind the other. "You've had worse."

"….So?" Link said, wondering what that had to do with anything. He made her sit down and he gently ran his hand over the cut running down her leg. Reena shut her mouth, keeping from screaming. "We need to wrap this up… I don't have anything…"

"What kind of Hero are you?" Reena asked with a smirk. Link gave her a small smile, looking around the room. He jumped to one of the rafters pulling himself up. A few minutes later he was next to Reena again with a long piece of cloth. He tightly wrapped her leg and helped her stand.

"Can you walk?" Link asked.

"Yes," Reena answered, feeling herself go red. She was already wounded. Good thing it was minor or else she'd never live down the embarrassment. Link cast her a sideways glance.

"Let's see if it paid off," Link said, opening the door. The sun blinded them and skeletons burned into ashes. Reena and Link stepped out watching the scene before them. They watched as the last skeleton withered and died. Doors began to open and people looked out their windows.

"Come on," Link whispered. "We don't want to be seen."

Reena followed Link down the stairs. Children ran in dizzy circles, laughing and screaming in joy. Adults were talking amongst themselves, wondering who had saved them.

"It must've been Link!" Reena heard as she and he hugged the wall. "May the goddesses bless him! They know we would have been lost!"

Reena smirked. Did Link know they talked about him like this? Probably not because he seemed to like to leave unnoticed. She heard sighs from one window.

"Have you seen his dreamy eyes?" a young woman asked who was no older than Reena. "Mama says I should try to impress him. But no one ever sees him! However, he comes to my window!"

"He does not!" Reena heard another cry.

"He and I see each other often in secret," the first girl said dreamily.

Reena tried hard to keep from laughing. She looked ahead at Link who was listening intently. He looked amused and disgusted.

"I get that a lot," he muttered. "I couldn't even tell you who that is."

Reena tried to suppress a snicker, but it didn't work. Link glared and pulled her along. He wanted to get out of here as soon as possible and she wasn't helping him.

"Come on, let's call the horses," Link whispered, pulling away from the window. Link pulled his ocarina out, playing Epona's song. A melodious whistle accompanied his song. A scream went out and Link winced. He grabbed Reena's hand and hid behind a crate. "I always do that! I forget to wait till after I've left the village to call! I'm gonna really pay for it now!"

"They know Epona's call?" Reena asked incredulously.

Link gave her a pained nod. He seemed to want to jump off a cliff. Footsteps could be heard and Link let out a whimper. Reena couldn't keep from laughing. The Hero of Time would be killed by admirers in the end. Reena put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Link's head shot up as he heard whinnies. The two looked at each other and made a frantic dash for their horses. They jumped on the horses and Reena grabbed a handful of Athen's mane. Reena looked behind her and felt the glare of many girls upon her. She gave Link a smirk who seemed more worried about getting out.

"They think I'm your girlfriend!" Reena whispered. She shuddered along with Link.

"Let's get out of here before any more ideas come," Link muttered and they calmly left Kakariko Village on horse back. When they were outside of the village, Reena began to laugh hysterically.

"I think they were ready to kill me!" she exclaimed, nearly falling off Athen with laughter. Athen turned her head and eyed Reena seeming to say, Have you gone daft?

"So you have more than one use!" Link said happily. "Now I can get out of there alive!"

"This is hilarious!" Reena snickered.

Link couldn't help but smile. He eyed her leg and his smile disappeared. Reena glanced at him.

"What now?" she asked, rolling her eyes.

"Your leg," Link answered. "You should have it looked at."

"It'll be fine," Reena said. "It wasn't deep. You saw it."

Link nodded in agreement. They looked out across the field, the sun rising into the sky. Link stole a glance at Reena to see her smiling.

"What?" he asked.

"It felt good…taking that thing out," Reena said, looking over at Link. He nodded, knowing how it felt to take a step closer to what you were trying to achieve. He gave her a small smile.

"Do you think you'll be able to take out more?" Link asked.

"That you can count on," Reena assured, putting a hand on his shoulder. "However, how will we find trouble?"

"Trouble will find us," Link said with a half smile. "And sooner than you think. Ready?"

"More than ready," Reena answered, making Athen walk. Link suddenly began to laugh. Reena stopped, startled.

"What?" she demanded.

"You couldn't resist, could you?" Link asked.

"What are you talking about?" Reena asked.

Link rode up next to her and took a bag out from under Athen's saddle. In it where rupees. Reena snatched it out of Link's hand.

"I earned them," she said and made Athen start again. Link shook his head and followed her. You could take a Gerudo out of her Fortress, but not the thief from her soul.

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