The Ventriloquist

Chapter 10: Just Gold

Jeremy's P.O.V

I stared up at the fox, willing myself to believe him. Hope? How could there be hope when Fritz was dead? But, his serious gaze gave me some will to listen on. He bent down beside me, looking up at Chica, before meeting my green eyes with his golden eyes.
"Listen, I don't know how, but I think Bonnie and I are attached to the servo somehow. Perhaps Mike didn't fix us up properly, I'm not sure, but we know things. I was listening in on the event, and the thing said something about a golden bear. He said that that he was the only one who could bring a human back to life from a robot, in exchange for his own life. I don't know where to find him, or who he is, but he's your only hope of ever seeing Fritz alive again".
A gold bear? I'd never recalled having a gold bear as part of the cast, not even when the place first opened! I stood up, Foxy following, and turned my view towards Bonnie, who was looking nervously at the floor. But it wasn't about the bear, it was about something more.
"Bonnie?" I said, trying to snap her back into reality.
She didn't reply. What was she thinking about? Freddy had long since moved down from the stage and joined Foxy and I, trying to get a better view of Bonnie. She looked gaunt and terrified.
I began to realise there was an uneasy atmosphere in the room, like someone was watching us. I felt slightly scared and paranoid, as if someone was about to strike. Silence was deadly, ticking in my ears like a clock, every slight noise echoing dreadfully. Suddenly, I began to hear a quiet metallic clumping, growing louder with every clunk. Footsteps, of a robot. It grew louder and louder, a vicious, circuit ridden crescendo. Chica glanced at Bonnie, to scared to run towards Foxy and hide from it in his arms. Every remained deadly still, before the footsteps stopped...

Chica screamed as a strong hand gripped her from behind, pulling her backwards into the closet. Her screams were soon muffled by another hand over her mouth.
"CHICA NO!" cried Foxy as he sprinted past Bonnie and flew into the closet. Through muffled cries, Foxy could hear her calling for him, her voice getting quieter and quieter by the second. He frantically searched for where she could have been taken to, but the cramped closet showed no visible gaps or hiding places.

Foxy's P.O.V

No! I was too late! They'd taken Chica and it was all my fault. My beautiful chicken, lost to the monster who'd perhaps taken Fritz. But I refused to cry in front of my friends, for Chica, and for myself. I searched the closet for clues, but after a while, I began to give up. There was nothing here! But, before I gave up completely and left the room, I saw a glimmer of blue on a box. It looked like a thick piece of fur.
"Blue? Why blue?" I asked myself, my voice breaking in sorrow.
"Wait a minute, wasn't the new Bonnie blue? Wasn't that thing talking about raising an army, and not being able to access the servo to make Fritz a troop because of Bonnie and I? God-dammit, he's got that wrong one!!!"
I became infuriated. Whatever they were going to do to Chica was unnecessary. I couldn't let them hurt Chica was no reason, I wouldn't stand for it.

I stormed out the closet, slamming the door behind me. I was angry more than upset, angry that they'd been so foolish. Bonnie looked paralysed in fear; they'd nearly snatched her instead, but she was the one they needed. Not that I'd wish any harm on her, she was like an older sister to me.
"Hey, Bon, don't worry" I whispered, trying to comfort her though I was in emotional pain. I walked up to her slowly and gave her a friend hug, but we both needed it more than each other. I glanced my eyes over at Freddy, who for some reason... Looked... Jealous?

Jealous? Yes, that was it, but why? He knew Chica and I were serious, and had been for a long time, but was he really aware of Bonnie and I's brother/sister relationship? I grew slightly scared of him, his kind blue eyes not looking so kind any more. Jeremy had noticed it too, but thankfully Bonnie wasn't facing his way to make him feel embarrassed. I let go under pressure and whispered to her, just loudly enough so Freddy could hear:
"Don't worry, I'm sure Freddy will take care of you".
She blushed, I smiled at it, but she wasn't fully concentrated. She was looking behind me at something. I tilted my head, my ears flopping to one side.
"Foxy, its him. The bear".

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