The Ventriloquist

Chapter 11: The Golden Nightmare

Freddy's P.O.V

Why was I so upset over Foxy? He only hugged her, but I still loathed him for it. I had to admit, my crush on Bonnie had grown immensely over the past few days. I watched as she stepped closer towards the slumped bear, her fingers trembling. She bent down beside it and studied its state; I joined her naturally. Its arms were bent out of place, legs snapped off, eye lids closed tightly. It reminded me too much of myself, the resemblance uncanny.

She began to twitch unnaturally, her signals being interrupted again. She fell backwards into my chest, before laying completely still; Fritz must have gotten communications again. Jeremy and Foxy joined us, smirking as I tightened my grip on Bonnie to keep her upright
"Nightmare? What do you mean nightmare?"
I was confused, that had been all she'd said. She began to shake again, though this time in fear.
"Is that the only way? Trapped inside his mind? I'll be all alone, danger will be everywhere!... Someone else is there? Who? You don't know? Then how can you be sure?! Okay okay, just keep safe and look after Chica".
She stopped, her breaths quick and shallow.

"Bonn? You okay? What's happening?" I asked, worried for a response.
"I've, got to go into sleep mode, for a very long time" she stuttered out.
"What! Why?"
"Ive got to enter nightmare mode, inside of the bear. Apparently someone else is in there, and when I figure out where they are and how to wake up this bear, I'll wake up again".
My whole world just crumbled in front of me. I looked into her eyes, oil trickling down them as tears; she seemed unwilling to go. I wrapped my arms round her, feeling her tears soak into my fur. If she never woke up, I don't know what I'd do. This place sounded dark and unexplored, except by whoever was asleep inside it.

Jeremy and Foxy looked shocked, but I knew neither of them were as torn apart as I was. But, if it was another step further to regaining everyone, we'd all have to say goodbye to Bonnie for a while...

Back to 3rd person

Bonnie buried her face in the familiar bears chest, wanting to stay there for all eternity. But, she couldn't. She released herself from his grip and turned towards the dead robot. She remembered Fritz' instructions, beginning to disconnect her own wires and connect it to his. She felt herself drifting into sleep, but willed to stay longer. The last thing she saw was Freddy lying her down comfortably, and the last thing she heard would sustain her for the nightmare she was about to endure.
"I love you..."

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