The Ventriloquist

Chapter 12: Inside The Mind Of A Psycho

Bonnie flickered open her eyes, immediately blinded by the surroundings. She felt stiff and tense, her arms aching as she pushed herself up from her position. She blinked a few times, adjusting to the environment, before becoming confused about where she was. She was inside a green tinted office, much like the one at the previous pizzeria. A large black desk, polished accordingly, bore familiar items such as an old fan producing a small blast of air, and a still untidy box full of ripped papers. Three little statues were lined up on the back, looking like slightly altered versions of her, Freddy and Chica. As she stumbled onto her feet, she noticed a large box full of skulls of toys. One was a blue rabbit, another a well made up version of Chica, a white and pink fox, a boy wearing a blue and red striped hat, and a flimsy paper plate man. A piece of paper was pinned up above it reading 'WHAT CAN WE USE TO END THIS RIGHT?'

Bonnie scratched her head. End? She looked up slightly; a large window with a blinding light was blaring into her face, an ominous shadow moving slowly in the distance. Next to a convenient door on the left was a panel; she lifted it up curiously. There were three buttons allowing her to reboot audio, ventilation and cameras. Where was the camera. Rested on top of the desk was tablet, a static image on it currently. She picked it up and examined the controls. She could see a figure in the distance, a rabbit of some sort. As it got closer, she could see it was mangled in some way. Wires were splayed out of its arms and its eyes were fading, but highly visible in the dark. In a flash of static, it disappeared from the room. She began to notice other things moving around, all heading towards her. Her fingers trembled as she moved from camera to camera, trying to find the mangled rabbit. Instead, she saw a rotting boy, barely visible due to its black gaping holes, apparently eyes, and decaying greenish face. She lowered the camera and shrieked as it supposedly leapt at her. But, nothing tried to hurt her...

She was overwhelmed with dizziness, her eyes flashing images that she couldn't tell were real or not. Her head pounded, her balance faded and sense of control was long gone. She couldn't take it, short circuiting and fainting. But before she slipped into unconsciousness, a figure loomed over her. She could distinguish a human, male perhaps. It bent down towards her so she could see its face. It was Fritz. What was he doing here? But, deception was this places forte, as his face merged into the mangled rabbit. It grabbed her throat and growled into her face.
"Thirty years and now I'm here, the only one left to scream in fear. Six children lost to my dark evil ways, now I'm stuck here till my power fades. But back in the present, where darkness has not struck, a life line is waiting to resist the force. Find the bear, stop the force and rejoin the others before darkness takes you too".

Back in the present world

After laying Bonnie down to rest in her nightmare, the boys tried to formulate a plan to find the others. Foxy suggested searching the entire pizzeria, but that would end in them being killed. Jeremy tried to call the police, but who would believe that a puppet and his side kick had taken his son and an animatronic chicken to use in an army against them? Nobody in their right minds! Freddy thought of using the vents, but only Bonnie and Chica could fit in them, and their absence didn't help. Waiting was the only other solution, but waiting for days would turn them insane. But something about Foxy made them uneasy, like he wasn't quite concentrating. His ears were perked up, listening to something. Freddy and Jeremy watched him, not sure what he was listening for. But then, as the noise became more apparent, it hit them. Something was above them in the vents.

The noise seemed to only be a single source, but as it gained on them, it split up into two. One went left, the other right. The noise got lower and lower until it stopped. A flash of blue and yellow, teeth and claws and robotic screeching gave them the answer to who it was. It was the toy versions of Chica and Bonnie, approaching them from either sides. Foxy refused to fight the chicken as it looked too much like Chica, but who could blame him? He had no idea that her parts were used to create it. Freddy punched it straight in the face, only to be met with a row of sharp teeth. It went to shred at his belly, but he grabbed her by the neck and threw her against the wall. The impact was great, but it didn't shock her for long. She stood back up and ripped at Freddy's face, shredding his cheeks and forehead. Enraged, he kicked her in the stomach and she fell to the floor, oil dripping from a small cut. He stomped on her face, feeling slightly guilty about defeating her so easily, until he saw a third robot had joined them; a toy version of himself. It and the rabbit were beating up Foxy and Jeremy, and they were winning. Jeremy had been knocked out immediately with a punch from the rabbit, who had stood back to let the bear finish off Foxy. Freddy ran in to help him, but they had fled, taking Foxy with them.

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