The Ventriloquist

Chapter 13: Enter

Bonnie awoke a while later in the exact same spot, but Fritz/rabbit had long since vanished. Rubbing her eyes, she arose from her spot of fainting and glanced around for anything different. She noticed a shell of a Freddy suit in the corner behind the only way out of the office. She frowned; it was really lonely without him, she was always used to his company considering how long they'd known each other. She hoped she'd find the golden bear soon so she'd be able to return from this horrific place. She glanced at something on the floor, strewn on the floor from someone in an obvious hurry. As she padded slowly towards, she noticed it was a calendar. She checked the date: 2022. Thirty years into the future. Was this what remains of the place in thirty years? Would they still be alive at this point? She shuddered; death was a common subject at this point in time, but to think of them rotting away in this place?

Deciding searching in the office was a waste of time, Bonnie began to explore what lied outside. The blinding white lights blared in her face, making navigation difficult in an unknown environment. She pulled herself into the nearest room, eager to get away from it. Inside was a few garments, presumably left for sacred reasons, and a lamp made from Foxy's head. Was he dead at this point? Poor Chica! If she was still alive... Trailing off in her own thoughts, she made her way through the hallway of whiteness and wandered into a room filled with scattered parts. She felt like she was treading through a war zone filled with dead rotting corpses! The sight was horrific; blood splatters painted on the walls, scraps of metal, wires and fur on the floor and shredded posters hanging loosely from the wall. Her heart raced as she saw the decaying boy splayed on the floor, left in a puddle of oil with its limbs sticking out in the wrong directions, hanging on by a thread. She bent down beside it, taking pity on the poor thing. She tugged at its wires, eager to see if any part of it could be used to rebuild the bear if indeed it needed to be. She must have pressed a button by accident, because a distorted and crackly noise began to play out of it. It repeatedly said phrases such as "Hi" or "Hello" and occasionally it laughed a childish little giggle. It didn't scare her, but she was scared to find out why it was in such a state. A voice answered that for her...

"Poor thing. Left to rot when it was decommissioned. Died a horrible death unlike the rest of them" spoke a well spoken voice.

Bonnie looked up in shock to see the golden bear stood above her. She arose accordingly, brushing off her arms and clearing her throat.

"Are you who I'm looking for? I mean, I'm sure you don't get any new guests very often considering how hidden you were in the present" she asked, trying not to sound stupid.

"I understand why you're here, and I'd like to help you, I really would. But I've never discovered how to leave. Someone a while ago tried to help me, a young girl. She got turned into a robot by that rabbit and I've never seen her again".

"Then we'll need to find the rabbit and ask it how. And by ask, I mean confront him and do whatever it takes to get an answer" she suggested triumphantly.

"You'd be very brave to try that. It's a killing machine, killed six children. Seven, if that girl is dead. We'd be fools to try and confront it".

"Then how have you been untouched here for so long?"

"I've been hidden away in this room for years. I'm too scared to risk my life trying to beat him".

"Well, now is the time for you to face your fears. I'm not losing my friends to that puppet and his 'friend'. I'm sure you want to get out of here as much as I do, so lets stop wasting time".

"You're one confident young lady miss. Alright, lets do it".

Creeping silently, Bonnie leading, the two began to explore the possible hiding places the rabbit could reside in. The building, despite its run down state, remained wondrously large and secretive, mysteries lurking round every corner. The golden bear shuddered as a robotised wheezing noise sounded from the room across the hall. Its illusive light hidden behind a large metal door left slightly open made it quite obvious that something was inside. Bonnie looked behind to see him cowering in fear. She grabbed his arm in impatience and shoved him forward; first impressions weren't a top priority at this point. Tiptoeing bravely towards the door, she creaked it open with aid from the bear, peering round the corner nervously. There stood the rabbit in all its glory, if indeed you could call him glorious, his back turned, arched in a peculiar manner. He turned around slowly, his body unforgiving to his breaking state. He glared at the bear, his greenish eyes piercing and evil; he hid behind Bonnie in terror.

"Get out" he managed to croak out of his wrecked voice box.
"Not before you release him from the nightmare".
"Five nights. Stay five nights. You'll be released. Be warned, I won't be dormant".

The rabbit lunged forward towards them, making them stumble back in shock. His face turned black and white, as if a horror comic, before disappearing into thin air.

"I don't know what`s real any-more" muttered Bonnie after recovering from the scare.
"Me neither, but I've got a feeling whatever happens in five nights will be".
"I never caught your name".
"Don't really have one. Just call me Goldie, it'll do for now. I never caught yours either".
"Well Bonnie, we'll be here for a while, so I may as well get to know you" he said, smiling.
"Where to begin..."

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