The Ventriloquist

Chapter 14: Playing Games

Wandering back to the office after the valiant attempt to get answers, Bonnie and Goldie walked side by side in silence, feeling awkward in talking to each other. She knew she hadn't exactly made a great impression on him by being impatient and spontaneous; she just hoped he was aware of how desperate she was. Goldie was happy for any company, after being trapped here for so long, her presence made him feel safer and happier. He tried to repress his pulsing happiness to avoid looking lonely and desperate. They turned a corner into the office and slumped against opposite walls, waiting for someone to say something. After an uncomfortable couple of minutes, Goldie piped up a question.

"So how did you find my body?" he asked nervously.

"I think I discovered it hidden away in a box, kind of crushed inside it. Do you remember how you got there?" she asked, her curiosity growing.

"Yeah. It was that puppet thing. He'd been attached to the fox back in the present. Her body was ruined though, mangled and torn. One day he grew tired of me being golden, he must have seen it as a threat to his leadership. He ripped off parts of me to help rebuild her, but she would never be the beautiful fox she once was. She was very pretty, nobody could argue, but kids couldn't be gentle with her. She believed he saved her, but it was me all along, whether I chose to or not" he explained in a sad tone.

"That sounds terrible! How long ago was this?"

"Well in the present its 1992, so 5 years ago. 1987; the year when everything fell apart at Freddy's. This is what remains of it" he sighed, looking around at the surroundings.

"What, what happens to me and my friends?" she asked, not wanting the answer.

"I don't know. There are possible ways the tale can end, depending on whether you defeat the puppet. I think that if you do, you'll remain with the pizzeria until it closes down at some point and you'll be moved around until you get old. If not, then-..." He cut himself off immediately.

"We rot..?"

"Mhm. Life's cruel, I should know. Everyone I've ever known has either been killed or gone against me".

"Well now you've got a friend" replied Bonnie, smiling.

Goldie looked up, a grin implanted on his face. A friend; something he never thought would become his. He'd been alone for so long, he couldn't remember when he'd ever been called a friend. His thoughts drifted towards memories of the young girl who first came. She must've been about 9, so if she still remained, she would be 14 now. He prayed she either got out, or died quickly; he wanted to kill that rabbit to avenge her. He always wondered if she was still here, still active, but he was the underdog, ruled by the rabbit, and he daren't disturb him in fear of what he'd do. Call him a coward if you will, but he was terrified of him.

Discreetly chiming in the background, as though its inanimate form was also scared of the monster, the clock chimed midnight, the moon beaming straight down onto the lucid dream scape. Bonnie had long since fallen asleep with Goldie dozing happily, but the distinct noise had woken them, both startled and quickly alert. They picked themselves up and studied the room, before noticing a crackling sound from the old phone resting on the desk. A voice sounded from it, s recording perhaps. The man was American/Australian and spoke in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

"Glad you came back for another night. You might have noticed that some of the camera systems tend to get corrupted as time goes on. Reboot em with that tablet to your left. Keep an eye out for the robot, make sure he doesn't get near you, and keep the ventilation going. You see some crazy things if ya don't, so keep that air flowing. Double tap the vents to lock any unwanted guests out, you should be fine after that. Have fun, and I'll talk to you tomorrow".

The two looked at each other with a horrified face. That was too much sarcastic information to process. Bonnie urged Goldie to check out the camera, and he obeyed reluctantly. The static freaked him out, but he held his nerve and pride whilst checking for the rabbit. He found him where they last left him, wandering slowly around his base, supposedly thinking...

"Bonnie! Bonnie! He's moving!"

Bonnie had drifted off to sleep for a few hours after their introduction to the five nights 'game'. She stumbled to her feet and joined Goldie, who was pointing worriedly at a shadowed figure. But he was aware they were watching him, for he was scowling at them, as if angry. The real nightmare was approaching, and as the clock chimed six, they knew the next night would be an unfortunate catastrophe...

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