The Ventriloquist

Chapter 15: Old Timers Never Cease

Fear stricken and paranoid, Goldie glanced at the clock, residing in its own haven of rotting and disgust. It read ten past six in the morning; today would be a long day. Breathing quickly in quick gasps, he slumped back against the wall, Bonnie joining him soon after. Sitting in silence once again, it was Bonnie who spoke up.

"Perhaps we should become a little more acquainted with this place" she suggested, finding productive ways to kill time.

"Are you insane?! You know that rabbits on the move, he'll kill us if he catches us near him again!" he answered, exaggerating slightly.

"Then we won't get caught, will we? Besides, I'm sure you want to know where you've been all these years, am I right?" she replied all knowingly.

"I guess so..."

Bonnie pushed herself up and held her hand out for Goldie to grab onto it. He looked up into her sparkling pink eyes; taking her hand gratefully and pulling himself up. They began to wander through the hallway, looking for a new unexplored room. They'd become more used to the apparent lights, but still shielding their gaze from it. Avoiding the room at the end of the hall, fearing he may still be lurking inside it, Goldie took the lead and entered a room next to his own hiding place. A couple of arcade games, moulded around its edges, were scattered around the room, dying from a technological dysfunctional disease. Over in the corner, three looming shapes were stood, only visible by their ominous shadows. Goldie searched for a light source, and brushing up against a wall, found one. The lights flickered momentarily, before providing a dim lighting. As they padded towards the figures, Bonnie leapt back in shock, falling into Goldie's chest. She blushed as she realised and got herself up immediately.

"Bonnie you idiot" she muttered to herself, her blush still lingering to remind her.

Goldie would have asked what scared her, but he'd be blind if he did. Decomposed and dead, there stood thirty year old Bonnie, Freddy and Chica. Bonnie had lost her magnificent purple colour and resided to a more coal black colour. Her face was no more, leaving only a rusted endoskeleton with once functioning red eyes and a gaping hole through her entire head. Freddy's fluffy brown fur had long since fallen out, leaving a fabricated texture plastered over his thin costume. His eyes were dulled grey and teeth falling out. But none of them were more reduced and grotesque than Chica. Her eyes were gaping black holes with barely seen white iris' staring blatantly into the after life, as though she belonged elsewhere. Her face was green, moulded and ripping, her beak hanging loosely on her face, only supported by a rod that had fortunately pinged off her thinning face. Her wings were on the floor, leaving large holes in her sides, wires pouring out like a waterfall. Her webbed feet were nothing but scrap metal attached to a larger version of it. Bonnie hid her face in her hands, not wanting to accept that this could be there fate. Goldie stood in front of her, lifting her hands away from her face so he could see her.

"You know it will never come to this. We'll get out of here and prevent it. This is a nightmare, its meant to twist your mind" he tried to reassure her.

Bonnie just nodded, to grief stricken and emotional to protest. Goldie guided her out of the room, gingerly closing the door behind him as to leave the robots to rest in peace. A small note slipped from underneath it, a message written in oil. He lifted it up and read it.


He threw it to the floor, enraged by its taunting message. Bonnie crossed her arms and hunched her shoulders. Goldie wanted to comfort her, but felt he shouldn't. Even in her current state, she probably wouldn't react well to it, and besides, she may already be in a relationship. He followed her, his mind racing to thoughts of meeting her friends back in the present; ah false hope, what a wonderful friend. Bonnie directed herself into the next room, eager to occupy her mind away from the thoughts of her and her friends ending up in that state. This room had no door, just a large doorway into a well lit room, contrasting the blinding hall light to the bitter darkness in previous rooms.

The room resembled a safe room, metal as walls, surprisingly clean after all these years. A large red button was implanted next to the door; perhaps there was a door after all, but a sliding one. However, a ripping purple curtain, much like the curtain back at the original pizzeria, Bonnie's true home, was held up by rods, closed. Perhaps it was hiding something. The two threw them back to reveal a box. It was a brilliantly well kept white colour with a slightly worn red bow tying it up. It was done up in a beautifully accurate fashion, resting on its lid. They looked at each other, wondering whether to open it or not. Curiosity killed the cat, but so did everything else here. Shredding the thin red bow and tossing it to the floor, the two lifted off the lid to reveal something they dreaded they'd ever see again...

"At least it got what it deserved" muttered Goldie, feeling satisfied as though he'd inflicted revenge on it himself.

It was the Marionette, reduced to nothing. Its face a dismal black colour, no mere trace of white paint left on its face. Though, its tears still remained visible through the darkness, as though its depression still fought to be heard again. Pain demanded to be felt. Perhaps this ending wasn't as bad as they thought, meaning that if they succeeded they'd still have his soul lingering around their peaceful world. Peace; a word hushed and silenced here in fear of sarcasm becoming a sentient, now wouldn't that be scary. But, as the clock began to tick and time rushed upon them, the nights would become easier due to their newly found knowledge. But little did they know, the opposing force was also gathering knowledge.. And something to do its work...

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