The Ventriloquist

Chapter 16: Slaves To The Leader

Hearing the clock distinctly chiming in the background, the two hurried back towards the office, running at a fast pace powered by their fears and paranoid worries. Knowing he'd be on the move, eager to finish them off, the two assigned stations. Goldie waited by the door to insure he didn't catch them off guard, and Bonnie sat beside the cameras, monitoring them with shaky hands. She flicked from camera to camera in a desperate hurry to find him, relaxing slightly when she spotted him dragging his limp body across an old desolate hall. He was angry that they wanted to leave, because that meant killing him, and he was the leader here; they were his slaves. He showed no signs of leaving anytime soon, so Bonnie rested the tablet on the desk and rested her head beside it, tired and emotional. Goldie noticed this and walked up to her.

"You okay?" he asked tentatively.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Just a bit home sick" she answered, lying.

"You sure you're just home sick? You look like your thinking about something more than just home" asked the observant bear.

She rolled her eyes and looked up at him, slightly annoyed that she'd have to tell him the truth.

"I do miss something... Someone..."

"A boyfriend?" he asked, smirking.

"If only" she sighed, wishing for something that may never happen.

"Tell me a bit about him. Might help you" he suggested, though really he just wanted to know who she had a crush on.

"Well... His names Freddy and we've been really close for a while, ever since we've known each other. He's always been very stubborn, but recently he's become different. I don't know why, but he's been spending more time with me, and its torture. Trying not to mess up in front of him, always debating confessing, its making me go insane. When I said I had to come here to find you, he seemed generally shattered. But I don't know if its friendly or more! It's making me go nuts and I'm sick of guessing how he feels! I wish he'd just tell me how he feels about me!"

She started to get a little agitated and sighed in annoyance.

"Maybe he's as confused as you. Maybe he feels the same but is too shy to tell you".

"Freddy isn't shy!"

"Maybe, but everyone hides things, however confident they are. He could be on the verge of asking you to be his girlfriend. I bet that when we get out of here, he'll be waiting there for you ready to confess" cried Goldie, getting ahead of himself like a giddy fangirl.

Bonnie smiled, thankful that he was able to provide her with some hope. But as she left her trance of images of her and Freddy together, she realised that she was struggling to breath. All the controls had gone out, a robotic screeching noise drowned out their hyperventilating, the cameras were blacked out and static. Goldie stumbled towards the panel, smashing his fingers on any button, he didn't care what it did, just as long as it fixed everything. He looked up to see a figure peeking out from behind the door; it made him jump out his skin. It was the rabbit, smiling evilly at him, taunting him with his flashing eyes. The vent system was up and running, new found air gave Goldie the strength he needed to do something drastic. He clenched a fist and punched him straight in the stomach, making the old robot fall back, wheezing and having a fit. He went to finish him off, but Bonnie pulled him back.

"Not yet! We've got to wait another three nights or we can't end the nightmare!" she reminded him quickly before he killed them all.

"No, no your right" he answered, breathing quickly.

He examined the rabbit, it was incredibly damaged, although he couldn't tell what damage he'd inflicted from his mangled state. Unwillingly, he picked up the body and carried it back to its base, grunting as he did. He laid it down on the floor and mumbled in its ear.

"You better not die before Night 5".

"You don't know how controlled you are by me. A healthy, seemingly powerful bear controlled by a rotting old soul like me. It warms my circuits to know how feeble you really are, you reliant little pest" he wheezed out in a sinister tone.

Goldie felt the urge to punch him again, but he knew Bonnie would kill him. He turned round dramatically and slammed the door behind him, irritated by the fact that he was right. He was controlled, he was the underdog. If he hurt him, he'd die too. He punched the wall in pent up anger, leaving a large dent. Rejoining Bonnie in a flurry, he was greeted with a chiming from the clock. He couldn't believe how fast it had gone, but there was no sense of time here. One hour could feel like a day, but a day could feel like an hour. He thought he should be used to it, but its constantly changing ratio confused him more than ever. He almost collapsed on the floor beside the door frame, leaning his head on the wall in annoyance. Bonnie was sat up on the other side of the room, her eyes closed, deep in thought...

Bonnie's mind had taken an apparent detour towards thoughts of the others. Knowing they'd kidnapped Chica, she wondered if any of the others had fallen victim to the toys. It dawned on her that perhaps they'd taken Freddy and killed him, making her feel pained and distressed. But Freddy was a strong bear, they wouldn't defeat him easily. How was Foxy coping? Memories of the bite had still lingered in his mind even after leaving the old pizzeria, but how would he cope not having Chica around? He was like a little brother to her, and ever since he'd been depressed, something wasn't quite right with him. Emotionally unstable? Resenting and angry? She couldn't quite tell. But what she did know, was that until she and Goldie escaped and finished the battle, they were slaves, both to the rabbit, and to the puppet. Wherever they went, there was always a sentient evil, trapped inside a crippled body. But when would that evil take its toll...?

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