The Ventriloquist

Chapter 17: Dreams Inside The Nightmare

A recollection of memories began to gather themselves in Bonnie's mind, overwhelming her with their sudden appearance. Most of them consisted on moments with her and Freddy that she treasured; a frail smile formed on her face. But others were time-lined from her first day at the pizzeria, meeting Freddy and performing on stage for the first time. Then it was meeting Chica, who arrived a few months after she did, her undying happiness filling a small void in the place after hours which completed the whole atmosphere. After that was discovering her crush on Freddy, and like any girl who valued her pride, she repressed deep, deep down until it wouldn't show. One of her favourites was Foxy's arrival and the opening of Pirate's Cove back in 1984, a wonderful day for all of them... Except Freddy...

She recalled herself asking him why he was so glum one day when he was sat alone on the stage, looking hurt and upset. He refused to tell her at first, stating he was fine and was just a little tired. But after a few well known techniques, she got him talking. For the first time since she knew him, he admitted he was jealous of Foxy for all the attention he got, from Chica who obviously liked him, to the kids flocking in numbers to see him after the show, like flamingos, but less pink... She remembered him saying how much he valued her being there when he needed her, which was something she'd never forget for as long as she lived, which wasn't going to be for much longer, as Goldie screeched above her thoughts.

"Wha-What?" she spluttered, dumbfounded. She shot up to her feet, feeling deceived and oblivious. There stood the Marionette, in all its backwards glory. Goldie had rushed towards Bonnie as it stood in the doorway, scowling menacingly at them. Although it was clearly angered, its gaping smile permanently carved into its face made it all the more frightening. It began to step forward, each footstep slow and done with effort. They soon realised it wasn't alone, as more rotting shapes emerged from behind it. They were the toys, still standing, still angry, still deadly. First came Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica, hissing and growling at them, endoskeleton teeth bared like a ferocious wolf. Then came Toy Freddy on the left, though he looked more powerful than them all combined. But weirdly, they seemed unaware of his presence, until he stomped loudly, making the floor vibrate. The other two squealed and scampered away in fear, hiding to the left of the cowering Bonnie and Goldie. But the Marionette remained in a valiant attempt to save himself and his army... And perhaps even them. Who was the real villain here? They weren't sure anymore.

"Pah! You're pathetic! I killed you and I'll do it again, followed by your little friends that you once called an army. Stupid piece of plastic".

He seized the puppet by the neck in an attempt to strangle him. The other toys gasped in horror, shielding their gaze from the sight. Another shape burst through the door, screaming as it did. It was Mangle, the brains behind the mask, the side kick, the one who got away. Or so she thought. Toy Freddy had noticed her and threw the puppet at the wall and turned to face her. The Marionette was dead; again? Mangle huddled against the wall as the large robot stormed towards her, eager to finish off the puppets friend.

"Wait! Please, I can help you! I was the real brains behind him" she pleaded, pointing at the limp body splayed on the floor.

"I'm the one who made you" she added hopefully.

"Don't be ridiculous. You made this body, but you didn't make me. I am a murderer, always have been, always will. I'll annihilate you all and find that rabbit to release me back into the world. Back to being the man behind the voice you hear. And I'm no stranger to you".

"Who-Who are you?"

"Fritz Smith. Kidnapped by the puppet, my life was ruined. You turned me into this powerful machine to take over a stupid restaurant. I had bigger plans. My friends could have saved me, but they arrived to late".

"Wait, what happens to you if I don't find Goldie and don't save you?"
Bonnie had finally piped up over her fear.

"I am controlled by the Marionette, told to use your parts to make him stronger, I spent thirty years under his command. Until this place went under, so did he. Now he is defeated, I can fulfil my last two tasks. Find my sister and get out of here".

"Your sister?"

"The girl was your sister?" cried Goldie, unbearably confused,

"Yes, she too was like me, kidnapped by him. But she escaped and tried to unlock Goldie to save a few others, but the rabbit turned her into a robot".

"Stop, all of you. I can fix this all, this is why I am here. I'm sure this isn't the life you want to have, so if I can find your sister and kill this rabbit on night five, I'll get back to the present with Goldie and your sister and save them all. This ending, the bad ending, will never exist. This is a nightmare, but within it, is a dream".

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