The Ventriloquist

Chapter 18: Whispered Past

Trembling in fear, Toy Bonnie and Chica began to creep away towards the door, praying Fritz/Freddy wouldn't notice them. Bonnie and Goldie had recovered from their cowering state and stood up straight to address him formally, though they were still petrified of his strength; from what he did to the puppet, to his anger when confronting Mangle. Fritz had noticed them leaving and he spun around in a fury.

"Where do you think you two are going? You're going to help us if you want to live" he growled angrily.

The two slowly stepped back inside the room, hiding behind Mangle who had gathered some confidence after Fritz threatened her life. She cleared her throat before trying to speak.

"What do you plan on doing now?" she asked nervously.

"Looking for my sister of course! Why else do you think I'm here you piece of scrap?" he hissed.

"I hate to burst your bubble, but the odds of you finding her are slim. She's been gone for five years; I haven't seen or heard her" piped up Goldie, noticeably terrified by the tone in his voice.

"And how would you know? You've been to scared to come out your cupboard until she showed up" he muttered, glancing at Bonnie, smirking.

"Well wouldn't you be scared if a killing machine was in the next room?"

"He's not a bloody killing machine, he's an old fool who can't stand on his own two legs!"

Goldie rolled his eyes and slumped back into the wall, irritated by his honesty. Fritz turned around and made eye contact with Mangle. He scanned her body; nothing much remained of her. Her body was a mix of rusting endo-skeletons badly screwed together. The only fur that remained in her was on her face, still fluffy and white with pristine pink makeup, and a long feathery tail that just about missed the floor. One of her eyes was a black hole with a small white iris, the other a shimmering gold colour. He resented her every fibre, for she was the one who put him in that state. The one who took him away from his father... His father... What happened to Jeremy? He winced at the thought of him dead, but then again, he probably moved away from the Fazbear community after his disappearance. Family had always been important to him after everything they'd gone through: his mothers abusive behaviour towards Jeremy, her affair with the body builder, parting with his sister...

"Eve..." he muttered to himself.


"We've got to find her before tomorrow" he stated, a slightly more calm tone in his voice, perhaps even sad.

"We'd better hurry up, the rabbit will be out soon, and he'll be out for us all" reminded Goldie.

Just as the words passed through his mouth, the clock hiding in the distance began to chime, the under-exaggerated gong ringing through the whole office, filling Bonnie and Goldie with deep regret. Bonnie stared into Fritz's eyes; although she knew it wasn't him, his resemblance to Freddy made her feel a mixture of hatred and happiness towards him. The oak brown fur, lighter in certain places, his gentle blue eyes transfixed on his concerns, his upright posture and large muscles, everything about Freddy that she loved, but it wasn't him. His sudden movement heading towards the door snapped her out of it. Mangle and the toys followed him, looking for security and reassurance in him, but receiving nothing but orders. Goldie and Bonnie trailed behind him, Goldie more eager than Bonnie, who dragged her tired feet on the ground.

Goldie grew tired of riding back seat to the whole soirée, pushing past the toys to get to the front, leaving Bonnie alone. She sighed and crossed her arms, tired of everyone else's problems being the centre of attention when she just wanted to sit and cry. A few tears trailed down her face, oil smudged her fur. She tried to rub them away until someone noticed, but it was Toy Bonnie who first noticed. To Bonnie's surprise, the toy was a male, unlike herself. His femininity made him look slightly camp or 'gay', but in the industry he worked in, he just looked quite cute. He asked her if she was alright, in a desperate whisper out of fear, to which she just nodded and continued to walk on. The group came to a sudden halt, everyone peering round the head in front of them to see what was going on. Bonnie grew annoyed of the timid toys and rejoined Goldie, who seemed awe struck and excited.

"What's going on Gold?" she asked curiously.

"He's found a letter, from her, he said he recognised the handwriting".

Fritz wandering towards the two, handing them the letter, beckoning them to read it. Bonnie looked up at him, his face was grief stricken and scared. She nervously looked down at the beautifully neat letter and began to read it.

To whoever finds this,

Run, whoever you are, run away. I came to look for a golden bear, and I found him. But something else found me and told me his secrets. Secrets of this place and whats going to happen. He said I'm not allowed to see the golden bear, that he'll be a better friend, that he'll be my best friend. He asked me what my favourite animal is, I love cats. He said I can be a cat, if I want to, I was really excited. Then he strapped me onto a table and said he'll make me a cat. But he pulled out a cat suit with a lot of wires and sharp pointy things. He turned me into a cat, but I'm in pain. I heard him say that we'll be best friends forever, until something came in and hurt him. I've been stuck here for a few days now, I want the golden bear to come and find me and help me. I don't know what day it is, what month, what year or what time, but I know that on the fifth night there's going to be fire. Whoever you are, whatever you're here for:

Run away
Eve xx

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