The Ventriloquist

Chapter 19: I`ve Remained

Bonnie sniffed in sadness; the note almost brought her to tears. It was horrific to find out how cruel the world could be, grown robots who were made to become a child's idol or escape from society, taking advantage of their innocence for their own sick needs. Her naivety was truly heart breaking, knowing what had actually happened to her: the same thing all of the robots here had gone through, the pain and discomfort, the struggling and the tears, the crushing knowledge of life slipping away. A nine year old shouldn't have had to witness such inhumane acts, especially on herself. Though Bonnie had contained her emotions, Goldie was fighting back tears with every ounce of his energy and concentration. He was biting his lip, almost piercing it, breathing quickly in shaky in takes. She took another look at the signature: Eve xx

The fifth and final night of the nightmare was dawning on them rapidly, though how quick that was depended on how mean the whole place felt. This place was an evil that should be destroyed, but how can you destroy it when it's all in your mind? The irritating thought was enough to drive anyone insane. They all had the apparent feeling that perhaps the rabbit would take his friend out with him, for he had been building up to this for five years...

Perhaps rapidly was an under statement, for what felt like a silent five minutes, the clock changed from eleven o clock to twelve in one dumbfounding tick. However, the familiar gong like chime did not sound tonight, instead it was a sketchy, faulty computer type sound, its hair raising static filling the whole place with uncertainty and fear. Fritz began to storm towards the rabbits lair, before being stopped by Bonnie.

"Come to the Office and they'll come to you, they're too ignorant to realise how easily they take bait" she informed him proudly.

"I'm not playing a waiting game, but alright" he sighed, acknowledging that she knew more about this whole game than he did.

Briskly walking towards the door in a huddled fashion, the group began to head back to the Office, grimacing at the lifeless body of the puppet still occupying the far side of the room. Toy Chica and Mangle moved it in spite of how close Mangle was to him, but right now she needed to focus on keeping on Fritz's good side, and grieving the puppet would be a fatal move. They tossed him into a cupboard and turned their attention to the silence coming from the hall. Would this be the anti climax to haunt them forever? Perhaps not...

"Hello? Hello? Er, if anyones listening to this, then you need to get out of there, now. Er, I think the repairman we got in a few weeks back didn't quite finish the job, er, the wires on the reboot systems are beginning to burn up. Er, its probably going to cause a fire, but there's not much we can do about it. The authorities have closed the place for the publics safety, so you should probably get out while you've got the chance. Don't worry about the animatronics, it'll put them out of their misery to be honest. The rabbit we found when we opened the place, its in such disrepair, its not worth saving. And as for the old crew, well, they're already falling apart. There is one that might be worth taking, er, a cat I think. But if it risks your life then leave her, she was never a part of the team, just an old addition we just... Found... Just, get out of here and don't look back. Fazbear's Fright won't be standing tomorrow, but there's not much we can do. Don't forget to smile, you are the last face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza..."

The guy on the phone spoke in such stupidity and carelessness that they all wanted to punch him, though he was only a voice taunting them. But he was right, the reboot tablet was beginning to spark. If anything went wrong with the systems now, they'd be dead. Deciding whether to stay or run was a question pondering on all their minds, but instinct told them to stay. If Bonnie was correct about them taking the bait, the rabbit would wander right into the fire, killing him at the right time. But what if the cat was with him...

A while passed the only thing they could think to do was watch then uproar of a flame coming from the right of the door. It was mesmerising; they couldn't help but stare at its burning beauty. They were transfixed by it, so much so that they were unaware of the systems crashing, one by one. Goldie was the first to snap out of it, feeling his heart pounding due to the sudden eruption of smoke and the lack of air.

"Guys! The systems are out!" he yelled, beginning to gasp.

"No! This is all we need! We're dead!" cried Toy Bonnie.

"Everyone just stay awake! We've got to be ready for him!" ordered Fritz in a serious tone.

But his commands were too much to ask for, as Mangle and Toy Chica began to fall to the floor. They landed with an almighty thud, their bodies creaking. Toy Bonnie was the next, wheezing heavily. The fire had began to spread and the remaining three had began to move away from it, terrified of burning to death. Goldie was next, grabbing Bonnie's quivering arm to try and keep him upright before falling weakly. Fritz and Bonnie glanced at each other, feeling the uprising heat burn on their faces. The oxygen in the room was fading, making their hearts pound and heads pulse. Bonnie's vision began to fade, making her stumble in disorientation. Just as she began to slip into unconsciousness, she saw to looming figures in the hall, and heard the mumbled voices of them. One was a raspy male, the other a terrified girl....

Bonnie awoke into a dream, whether you could call it a dream-ception or not is up to you. She was back at home, back where she belonged, but all was not as it seemed. She was lying in front of a door with pulsing blue lights coming from it. She pushed herself up, her arms aching and head aching terribly. Reluctantly, she pushed open the door, squeaking as it did. As she saw the horrific sight in front of her, she nearly passed out again. There was Chica, but barely visible due to her lack of parts. All that remained of her was her head, her beak loosely hanging onto her drooping face, the delightful yellow beginning to fade. Her body was torn open, wires sticking out at all angles. One of her arms and half a leg remained attached to her, the rest consequently used to create Toy Chica. Next to her was Foxy, deactivated but still intact. Oil streams had stained his fur, a lump formed in her throat and the thought of him seeing Chica like that. Then, lying in a small pool of oil, was Freddy. His eyes were closed, face lifeless and body battered. She felt her fists clench in rage, she was glad she watched the puppet die after seeing her friends like this. She looked to her right to see the toys huddled in a group. One saw her, the rest spinning round in a synchronised form, eyes black and menacing. Instead of attacking her, they parted to allowed another unknown figure to run towards her. She tried to leave the room, but the door had vanished. The figure came at her, screaming her name, before lunging towards her, a bright white light blaring in her face as it did. The light remained, until a supposedly distant voice began to call for her.

"Bonnie... Bonnie" it called, a young female by the pitch of it.

Her vision began to rejoin her, her senses livening. She felt it gently shaking her, but she herself was weak. As the image enhanced, she was shocked to see a white cat leaning over her. It was Eve...

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