The Ventriloquist

Chapter 2: Meet The Crew

Precociously, as if alive, the leaves of late autumn rustled and blew past the pizzeria, creating a winter setting around its dull grey walls. Their pattern of movement, though seemingly guided by the soft breeze, avoided making contact with the building, as if scared of it. But who could blame anyone for having a healthy fear of that place? It was late 1992 and the company was just starting to make a comeback after the tragic incident.

Mr. Fitzgerald greeted the timid security guard, a young man in his twenties looking for a place to start. He smiled and hurried past him, eager to get his eventful shift over with.

A distance away inside the building, the Show Stage's dim lighting contrasting with the multiple beams of moonlight seeping inside through the slits in the blinds, four animatronics lingered inside, occupying themselves until the day began again. The incident had shaken many of the customers, but none more so than the robots themselves. Reported on the local news, a large fox animatronic had taken a chunk of a customers brain after a malfunction in its circuits. Eyes pointed to the much loved character Foxy, due to their ignorance on the subject.

But Foxy knew better. He knew he was innocent of the crime; in fact, Mr. Fitzgerald himself had been trying to fix him up whilst the scene occurred. His knowledge that he would never again perform on the stage of the wondrous Pirate's Cove without being mocked and cursed at had caused him to slip into depression. He begged for a chance to plea for innocence and bring the real culprit to justice, but being an animatronic, he could not.

Foxy wasn't the only one affected by the tragedy four years ago. His old friend Chica had not been her giddy, big-hearted self ever since. Her love of promoting the famous pizzas had died along with Foxy's dignity, and she seemed to feel more self conscious about the way she looked. She felt for Foxy and wanted to bring back his loveable, cheesy smile, and she thought that her current image would only make him worse. She started wearing larger shorts, switching from a loose white pair to a more tight fitting and longer pink pair. She and the help of her kind hearted friend Bonnie had decorated her bib to make it more eye-catching and appealing, and she tended to wear more make-up. Why? She wasn't quite sure. But something, or someone, had given her the motive to change her looks; she hated pink!

Optimism and cheer was long since abandoned after hours, but the oldest member of the new pizzeria seemed to hold onto as much as she could. Her incredible musical skills, mainly show-cased on the guitar, wonderfully purple fur and gleaming pink eyes, and adorable bunny buck teeth had left Bonnie the only one trying to keep everyone stable. She would strum a tune on her red and white guitar every evening, taking care to insure each note sounded powerful and professional. She was creative and understandably quite clever, so would try out new chords and rhythms to create new songs to play for the children. She noticed that recently she had been playing a tune almost automatically, yet she had never heard it in her life. It sounded fitting for a music box, for its sweet melody and twinkly notes were too emphasised on her guitar. She also found her self humming the tune to a common song Pop Goes The Weasel. It was seen as a childish melody, yet something about it seemed eerie and queer...

Bearing a polished microphone, distinguished top hat and large bow tie, the leader of the band had a new personality, but whether everyone was quite ready for it is another matter. Freddy Fazbear had usually been an intolerant, moody and serious character. He despised Foxy's immature and sometimes obnoxious ways, but since the incident, he had become sympathetic and cheerful. He would proceed to remind Foxy of his innocence and hand him pictures that young children had quite rightly drawn of him, showing their love and appreciation for the confident pirate fox. He made an effort to help Chica with her new design, suggesting ways to help her achieve the look she was going for, whether Chica felt awkward about it had not quite got to his circuits yet. He would even hum along to Bonnie's tunes, making her giggle every time he tried to show off. The two had been together since the place opened again, and had formed quite a 'friendship' all those years.

But what confused them the most was; why they had changed so dramatically? It was as though they had no choice to, that they were being forced to go against their own will, confusing them whilst some unknown source built up its plot until it crashed down on them like this place eventually would. The plan had begun, the villain was arising, but not alone...

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