The Ventriloquist

Chapter 20: Awaken

Bonnie began to hyper ventilate as she saw the dazed white cat looming over her. Her vision was still blurred and fuzzy from her collapsed session and had not adjusted to the blazing fire creeping up behind them, its lurid yet fascinating movements and bold colours distracting Bonnie from the dangerous situation. She couldn't move, her limbs stiff and lifeless. She could hear the fire crackling as it destroyed the office, and mysterious footsteps lingering a distance away from her. She listened in as much as she could, the voices slurred and static.

"Come here cat" spluttered one voice.

"No! Leave her alone!" screeched another. It was Goldie, who had recovered from his state quicker than the others.

Goldie lunged at the rabbit, screaming and hissing, trying to pull him in a head lock to launch him into the uproar. But the rabbit had one final wish, and that was to trap them here for all eternity. The final countdown, the last valiant attempt. Somehow, the clocks ticking rose above the noise, perhaps in their head only to throw them off course, reminding them that there was no time to lose. Eve began to help Bonnie up, her arms shuddering and shaking. Bonnie rubbed her eyes and came face to face with her, only managing to swipe a quick glance at her before being pulled away from the action by a strong grip. It was Fritz, who had gathered the whole group into a corner whilst they were knocked out, away from the fire. Toy Bonnie had regained his stance, protecting Toy Chica and Mangle from the blaze, still in a dazed and terrified way. His face was gaunt yet blushed, a confusing contrast that no sentient should have to come to bear.

As the fire grew, the remaining few began to worry about Goldie. Only glances of his camouflaged golden figure could be seen struggling against the rabbit in the distance, but they couldn't tell if he was losing. Fritz pulled his sister close to him to protect her from the drama, still shocked to see her after all these years. But Eve worried only for Bonnie, who looked as though she were about to make a dash through the heat to aid Goldie.

"Bonnie don't!" she cried, tugging her by the arm.

"It's now or never, and I can't risk everything just to save myself" she shouted above the breaking room, pieces of wood and wall falling from all angles.

Without another rational thought, Bonnie broke free of safety and sprinted through the fire, her fur burning and metal beginning to heat up rapidly. She screeched in agony, the flames tickling parts of her arm, now bare and vulnerable. She leapt into the one spot that wasn't engulfed, recovering from the excruciating pain and searching for Goldie. She gasped in horror as she saw him pinned against the wall with the rabbit gripping at his throat. Pressure and pain began to sneak up on her as the flames closed in, time melting away as quickly as she was. The final curtain, shown in reality in front of her as the fire closed in on the struggling bear. She charged through it, grabbing the rabbit by the neck, and using all the strength she could gather, pulled him off Goldie and aimed him at the fire. Groaning as he tried to stab her with his splayed wires, she scowled at him before screeching right in his decaying ear.

"Game over".

She launched the rabbit into the fire, his body lost to the destruction, never to be seen or heard by anything again. She'd freed them all: freed Goldie from hiding, the toys from the evil nature of this place, Fritz from the burden of being taunted by the rabbit, and most importantly, she'd freed Eve from his mental grasp on her. She span round in happiness to celebrate with Goldie, but he was gone...


Bonnie began to panic. Was he dead? Had this whole thing been a trick? What would lie beyond the whiteness that had now replaced the action? Would the ending they'd all worked for be right at their doorstep, or would the enemy strike again?

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