The Ventriloquist

Chapter 21: Rebuilt And Reunited

Infinity seemed to be contained in a confusing room, lacking barriers and promoting the opportunity to run. Run away from all the cares compressing happiness from ever resurfacing after the heart breaking turmoil that had been witnessed. It is only when one is exposed to such freedom that the common misconception that we are contained is proved wrong. It is there that one truly understands the contrast between good and bad, how opposing they are, seemingly a world apart, but in reality, only a thin line separates them.

What is good? The undying will to help those in need? The satisfaction of making someone happy, even craving it? Or is it resisting the temptation to inflict damage on those around us when our patience is tested? This all may seem to be irrelevant to the story of the nightmare, and in its current position, awakening from it, but it is. The nightmare and reality is separated by a thin line of what is real or fake. The nightmare may seem to show inhumane acts of cruelty and indecency, but it just shows the subtlety of reality in a more clear way. But, no matter how put down we feel by the world, no matter how insignificant or unwanted or even unknown we feel, we have to rise above it. We all mean something to somebody, we all have a place in this world to do something with our one life.

It is now when Bonnie reawakens from the nightmare that she fully realises what purpose she really has. Though she has not yet attempted to save her friends, she has already made such an impact on peoples lives that she is considered good and kind. Now we see what happens when good is faced with bad. Will the contrast clash, plummeting the pizzeria into eternal darkness soon to be rotting like the nightmare, or will it finish this confusing puzzle?

Bonnie flickered open her eyes, bewildered by the sudden change in scenery. She felt more alive, as if she'd been asleep for a while, but she was so confused as to where she was it almost scared her to feel this way. Finding use in her new found strength, she pushed herself up from lying down, to realise she was home. The sight almost brought a tear to her eye. Just seeing the almost familiar show stage and the bright colours made her feel safe and happy. However, something was missing. It felt empty and quiet... Too quiet... She peered around nervously looking for someone, before laying eyes on Goldie, still slumped in his dead state. Bonnie gasped, praying he hadn't died again after rejoining his body. Much to her relief, he flickered open his shining white eyes and tried to move, before hissing in pain. Bonnie reacted in an instant, eager to start looking for the others.

"Don't try to move! I'll fix you up" she ordered before sprinting towards the closet.

"O-ok" stuttered Goldie, shocked by the new surroundings.

Bonnie returned a few minutes later with a tool box, clashing it about as she ran towards him, skidding to a halt on her knees. She began to pull out a screwdriver and a spanner, making Goldie nervous.

"It shouldn't hurt too much, just ache a little" she assured him.

She began to unscrew some of the rusted bolts in his legs and replacing them with wonderfully shiny ones, screwing them in with speed and accuracy. She removed some of the scratchy fur on his legs to access his wires, clipping the, short and attaching them back in place. Goldie stared at her working in awe, surprised at how much a girl would know about mechanics. Bonnie began to clip more wires on his feet, even replacing some in record time. She tipped some oil into his circuits to get them working well, before moving to his shoulders and re-attaching his arms. It took a while to find big enough brackets to support his rusted shoulders, but before long his body was fully functional.

"You might look a bit scrappy with ripped up fur, but I cam sew it up later" she concluded, admiring her work.

"Th-thank you. How did you manage to do that?" he asked, dumbfounded.

"I had to help Fritz fix up Freddy once after a child attacked him, its basically the same task" she recalled.

"Wait, where's Eve?!" he cried worriedly.

Bonnie helped him to his newly made feet and they began to search frantically for the cat. Goldie was getting worried that he may never find her, before hearing a triumphant discovery had been made. Eve was curled up in a ball inside the puppets box, sleeping soundly. It was Bonnie that found her after almost tripping on the grand thing. She felt very stupid for missing it. Goldie had joined her immediately, sighing heavily at seeing her unharmed and peaceful. The two lifted her out the box and tried to gently shake her awake. After a few moments her eyes began to open and close a few times, before locking eyes with Goldie.

"W-what? Where am I?" she asked, her voice still sounding sleepy.

She began to stand up, her legs shaking with worry. She was quite short, smaller than Bonnie. She was amazingly unharmed after being locked away for so long, though she seemed well aware of it. She was wonderfully white with adorable black patches all over her. Her long flowing tail was hanging still and her deep blue eyes looking fretful yet curious.

"You're safe now, away from him" reminded Goldie, smiling heavily.

"Gold-Goldie? Is it really you? After all this time?" she asked, praying she was right.

"Yes, it is. I'm so, so sorry I never came to find you, I was just so weak and scared that I never dared to face him, after what he did to you and I" he apologised, feeling guilty.

To his surprise, she hugged him like a child, a grin implanted on her face. She was so glad to see him after all they'd been through, after all they'd faced. He returned the hug, overjoyed to see her again. Bonnie watched proudly, silently knowing she'd been able to do this for Goldie, and for Eve. But was she even still called Eve? Surely if she was a robot, she'd assign whatever preset name the robot had?

"E-Eve? Do you by any chance know what the name of the robot you are is called?" she asked wondrously.

"What do you mean?"

"Your suit, its a mascot. It must have a name".

"Maybe there`s a manual for her, that might say. Look in the box" suggested Goldie.

Bonnie peered inside the box to see a crumpled booklet inside it. She reached down, and with difficulty, retrieved it from the very bottom. She smoothed it out in an attempt to read it.

"What does it say?" asked Eve excitedly.

"It says that the robots name is Sparky" she read aloud.

"What shall we call you then?" asked Goldie, Bonnie looking up eagerly.

"Um... Sparky... Call me Sparky".

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