The Ventriloquist

Chapter 22: Sparky

Goldie and Bonnie nodded in agreement and Sparky's new name, and whilst she still stood hugging Goldie, Bonnie began to read through the instruction manual. The text was wrinkled and smudged with age, but she could make out a paragraph under the sub heading: Memories.

"Sparky will remember particular events and faces that she encounters more than three times. She can access and certain memory core that will remind her of those close to her, and may be able to speak normally without inbuilt phrases. If this happens, contact Fazbear Entertainment; she is faulty".

Bonnie scoffed; she could talk and she wasn't faulty. These humans really had no idea of what they robots were really capable of. But she was curious as to whether Sparky could remember her life before she was a robot, could she still remember Jeremy? She peered over at her and Goldie becoming more acquainted with each other, as if she as a new person. But to be honest, she probably was, seeing her as a robot must have given Goldie a new impression of her.

"Sparky, do you remember anything about your family?" asked Bonnie spontaneously.

"I guess so. I remember Fritz very well, and I vaguely remember my Dad. What was his name? Jason? Joshua? Jerald? No... Wait.. Jeremy?"

Bonnie nodded, slightly upset that it took her so many attempts to remember his name. Jeremy was a good father; but how would he react to seeing her daughter... A cat?

"Do you remember the crew?" she asked hopefully.

"No.. I only remember you because I heard him talking about you. He said I'd be safer with him and that I should stay in the fire".

Goldie silenced her immediately.

"Sshhh. He means nothing now, he's gone" he assured, slightly half heartedly. In truth, he had no idea if he had really been killed. Although his frail body would have perished in the heat, he'd managed to survive a lot through his life.

"I wish I remembered more about my family. What's happened since I've been gone?" sighed Sparky woefully.

"Way too much. Foxy got framed for the bite that you might remember, though it wasn't him. It was another fox, that Mangle thing. I'll kill her if I see her here... Anyway, he's been depressed for a while now, but he's got with Chica like we all thought. We've recently moved to this place, but just before we did Fritz got kidnapped but the puppet. He wants to dominate us all and take over this place, and it looks like he's taken all the others"...

"Well what are we waiting for? We've got to find them!" asked Sparky, slightly irritated.

"Thats the thing. We're not sure where they've taken them" answered Goldie.

"Sshhh! Wait! You hear that?"

Bonnie began to move towards the walls, hearing a loud crashing sound within them. It skulked around in an odd pattern inside the walls and supposedly on the ceiling in a maze like system. Vents perhaps? Bonnie knew all the mechanics and boiler rooms were kept above them, but it was impossible to get to them without leaving the building with a key that Jeremy kept with him. Now he was gone, they had no choice but to climb through the vents after the suspicious noise. She took a look at Goldie's physique. Though he was a bear with a similar structure to Freddy, he wasn't nearly as big as him, especially with his lack of parts and fur. He'd fit inside the vents alright, but where it would take them was still a mystery...

"There's something in the vents" pointed out Goldie, slightly sarcastically, which was very unhelpful.

"But what?" asked Sparky.

"That's what we're going to find out. Come on, we've got no time to lose".

In The Puppets Lair

Strutting up and down in a sophisticated manner, the puppet admired his hard work. He sniggered as he laid eyes on Chica, her body barely recognisable due to the parts he himself ripped off her to use on Toy Chica... Whilst she was still conscious. Her screams of agony still rang in his mind, music to his ears. He smiled as he glanced at the deactivated Foxy, tears streamed down his face. Watching his girlfriend die was the perfect way to distract him from The Vixen, who framed him many years ago. Counting his devious plots in a boastful manner, he laughed as he saw Freddy Fazbear himself lying still and motionless. He'd decided to keep him alive for him to witness his precious rabbits death when she finally braved his lair. He'd cried out multiple times that he'd kill the puppet if he so much as laid a finger on her, his pitiful threats and hopeless crush would be nothing for him to handle.

Turning his attention to his prized army, the puppet studied Fritz's body carefully. He seemed damaged after his run in with Foxy, he never doubted the foxes strength for a minute, but this was ridiculous! Scratch marks, teeth marks, holes where Foxy had stabbed him with his hook. The Puppet wondered whether he'd fix him, for he'd need Fritz when Bonnie and her hopeless crew arrived, but his knowledge on mechanics was very basic. He called for The Vixen to help him.

"How can I be of assistance? she greeted devotedly.

"What do you know about fixing robots?" he asked.

"I have limited knowledge, though I think the human might know a thing or two" she suggested.

"Perhaps, but we can't be sure that he wouldn't try to escape. It'd be foolish to let him roam without bindings".

"Oh, he'll be tied up. I've got enough duct tape to last a lifetime" she sniggered sinisterly.

"Fine, bring him in".

The Vixen wandered into a small cupboard, switching on the light with one snap of her long claws. She turned to face him, duct tape wrapped around his ankles, wrists and mouth.

"Lets see what you're made of".

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