The Ventriloquist

Chapter 23: Do You Remember?

Back with Bonnie, Goldie and Sparky

Over thinking can be a real illness that can almost never be overcome, the mind just won't allow it. Depicting an invisible maze or system kills the mind as Bonnie realised. Trying to follow the loud noises and thuds in their valiant attempt of being discreet (which was in no way working) in the hope that she'd get somewhere, Sparky wandered up to her.

"Don't hurt yourself trying to figure that out, the only way we'll get anywhere is by diving head first into it" she said, marvelling at the large vent system shown only by two large grates implanted on the walls.

"I just don't want to run into something or someone we don't want to" she muttered.

"We're bound to, that puppets got allies everywhere" sighed Sparky.

"Look girls, we've got no time to lose. I'm more concerned about Jeremy than anything. I can bring the others back, but I can't do CPR on a human. I'm no doctor! We don't want to find him dead, so we'd better hurry" interrupted Goldie.

"What? They wouldn't dare hurt my Dad, would they? He's done nothing wrong! Oh God, what if he is dead!?" Sparky cried, beginning to get paranoid.

"That was completely insensitive, I'm sorry Spark. But we'd better hurry anyway" he blurted out, trying not to upset the frail cat more than she already was.

"Right, you two take the right vent, I'll go left. Goldie, are you still attached to the 1987 servo?" ordered Bonnie.

"I guess so..."

"Then tell me if you find anything".

"How the hell am I going to do that. Morse code through the walls?" he asked sarcastically.

Bonnie decided not to answer that, beginning to climb through the vents in a hurry. As she began to climb up the ladder created by iron bars, Goldie grabbed her ankle.

"Hold up a sec, what are we even looking for? How are we going to know when we find whatever it is? For Gods sake Bonnie, communicate!"

"Just find the others, I can't explain it".

As Bonnie began to make her way up the ladder, Goldie followed Sparky at the other vent, exceptionally confused. Sparky asked as he had what they were looking for, and all Goldie could do was shrug.

"That rabbits one confusing thing. But I kind of like that about her, keeps everything more exciting" he confessed.

Bur Bonnie knew exactly what she was doing. The puppet wouldn't know what hit him...

Back at the Puppets Lair

The Vixen strutted up to the terrified Jeremy, his eyes wide with fear. She bent down delicately and carelessly ripped the tape off his mouth, making him wince in pain.

"Shout and I'll kill you" she hissed under her breath.

He daren't say anything in fear of his life.

"Now, you're going to help me fix your son of yours. He's been through the wars with Foxy, that little shit, and we need him when your little rabbit and her friends come and find you. And you will help me, or those wires won't be the only thing I'll be cutting" she growled.

Jeremy nodded briskly whilst she pulled out a pair of handcuffs and a long chain from her arm. She used her mangled state to her advantage, each hole becoming a purse that never left her side, that way she wouldn't lose anything important. She slit the duct tale on his wrist, replacing it with a cuff, but only one one wrists. He needed his arms for the work, but he'd try to escape if he was free. She cut the tape from his ankles before pulling on the chain, forcing Jeremy to stand up and follow her. He gulped as he laid eyes on the puppet, his horrifically doll like face staring him straight in the face. She led him right in front of Fritz, observing his expression in hope of a dramatic reaction. He face was blank for a few moments, before tears began to brim from his eyes. This was his son, this bear was his son. Jeremy began to unload the tools from the box and began to fix his body, fighting back the tears as he did. The Vixen and The Puppet watched in happiness as he repaired the bear. They'd sent the other two to patrol the vents above them for any intruders, but their slightly timid nature made them rather useless guards. But they were all they had, they couldn't complain.

With them on his mind, the puppet listened out for thuds in the ceiling over the noise of Jeremy screwing in bolts. He caught onto a noise approaching the right vent, Toy Bonnie was climbing back towards them. He made his way over to the grate to greet him, wanting answers immediately. As a flash of blue emerged from behind the slightly rotting silver, he noticed the rabbits face was nervous, and he was panting quickly.

"Well? Any news?" he asked, prompting him.

"They're coming".

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